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If you are going to use your platform to make it seem like youre being profound just every once in awhile throw in something profound - Bill Simmons on LeBron and his impact 1:03 pm Mon Feb 11 EDT 35 ups @ 0.69 Removed

Can we please limit the Zion posts 12:04 am Thu Feb 21 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Deleted


Fisher Mark Cuban tells 105 3 The Fan that this is Dirk Nowitzki s final season He ll work in community relations role with kids and underprivileged He can do whatever he wants Hes earned it 4:31 pm Mon Feb 4 EDTDeleted

Thats awesome that hes gonna stay in the organization and work in the community as he continues to rep the Mavs. Smart move by Cubes 1

The Boston Celtics just discombobulated and blew a 28 point lead in a double digit home loss to the Clippers 10:30 pm Sat Feb 9 EDTDeleted

RIP Celtics 1

LeBron deletes Playoff mode activated tweet4:20 pm Sun Mar 17 EDTDeleted

*Playoff mode deactivated* 1

James Dolan needs to sell the Knicks6:26 pm Sun Jun 30 EDTDeleted

Everyone except James Dolan 3