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Kawhi Leonard and the Trade deadline4:07 pm Sat Feb 8 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Deleted

If the East Playoffs were between cartoon characters11:44 pm Wed Apr 15 EDT 2 ups @ 1.00 Deleted

The only reason I hate the Boston Celtics is because I hate Boston Bruins10:13 pm Tue Apr 28 EDT 0 ups @ 0.25 Removed

Trade Scenario The Pelicans trade 4 pick Moore and Solomon Hill to OKC for Steven Adams 12:08 pm Thu Jun 25 EDT 0 ups @ 0.14 Deleted

Reminder The reason we know shit about the Lakers free agency activity more than any other team is because they are incompetent at controlling their leaks8:23 pm Fri Jul 3 EDT 0 ups @ 0.21 Deleted

5 years ago KD called Kawhi a system player After finally getting out of Spurs and Raptors system Kawhi may have proven it on the Clippers12:01 am Wed Sep 16 EDT 14 ups @ 0.75 Removed


40 minutes later why has no one corroborated Mackels bombshell 5:26 pm Mon Feb 10 EDTRemoved

LaVar Ball is gonna filibuster the trade. 1

Pelicans are playing with fire11:35 am Tue Feb 11 EDTRemoved

There will be more teams in the summer other than Boston. If Philly cant get past the second round, they might put ben simmons on the table or Portland might put Dame Lillard, who knows. Playoffs change a lot of things. Its not the end of the world for Pe 5

Which NBA conspiracy do you believe 11:41 pm Tue Feb 11 EDTRemoved

>Paul Pierce shit his pants Why is this a conspiracy? 1

Which NBA conspiracy do you believe 11:41 pm Tue Feb 11 EDTRemoved

da fuq? ​ 1

CMV The Bucks are going to the Finals1:00 pm Thu Feb 13 EDTRemoved

Oh man, the raps started an arms race when we got Kawhi Leonard (possibly only a rental) and now everyone is stacking up 1

Which nickname would we give to Golden State City9:11 pm Sun Feb 16 EDTRemoved

Fog City 1

The Celtics and the Sixers should be better than this8:57 pm Tue Feb 18 EDTRemoved

Kawhi: [https://streamable.com/osq3j](https://streamable.com/osq3j) 1

Fun fact The 2019 NBA Finals will be the first finals to not feature LeBron James or Kobe Bryant since 200612:55 am Tue Feb 25 EDTRemoved

Delusion 9

Since the Knicks notified teams of Porzingis alleged rape is it possible that the Mavericks were the only team that was willing to trade for him 10:05 pm Sat Apr 4 EDTRemoved

Wait what does that mean? 1

If the East Playoffs were between cartoon characters11:44 pm Wed Apr 15 EDTRemoved

BrooklynKnight? 1

The OKC Thunder are gonna lose in the 1st round again12:01 am Thu Apr 16 EDTRemoved

How do you like the Spurs? If Manu shows up, Harden might get PTSD 1

Joel embiid is better than kareem and heres why6:25 pm Sun Apr 19 EDTRemoved

Joel Embiid is better than Wilt Chamberlain. ​ ​ ^(Because Wilt Chamberlain is dead.) 1

Kyle Lowry vs Russel Westbrook11:21 am Wed Apr 22 EDTRemoved

kyle lowry aint no spot up shooter he aint gotta run to the corner to shoot like hes some 3rd option bitch this aint jj redick this is a fuckin god human steph curry come again only this time hes not a fuckin pussy pull up from the fuckin logo and fig 0

Is there a compilation of all of Westbrook s dodged questions by Barry Tramel1:34 am Sat Apr 25 EDTRemoved

I have always wondered, did his article drive away KD? Or is that too much of a stretch 1

Which team should I support 7:45 pm Sat Apr 25 EDTRemoved

Raptors. We got a British player. 3

Klay Thompson at the half 27 points 10 14 FG 2 2 FT 5 6 3PT 4:49 pm Sun Apr 26 EDTRemoved

Whats this 0

Kawhi tonight 8-11 FG 5-5 3PT 6-6 FT 27 PTS 38 -9:42 pm Tue Apr 28 EDTRemoved

Garbage time lineup really helped 3

Thank you Raptors and Blazers10:21 pm Sun May 17 EDTRemoved

Fuck you man. I love the sixers. Fuck the Celtics 1

Adam Silver just brought up in-season tournaments for the NBA What would r nba like to see 8:25 pm Tue May 19 EDTRemoved

Isnt that want division banners were for? 1

Best AD trade packages now 8:55 pm Tue May 19 EDTRemoved


Seriously FUCK Drake 11:11 pm Tue May 26 EDTRemoved

hes our global ambassador, why wouldnt he be there. 2

Where was the raptors hypeman commentator Jack Armstrong today 11:32 pm Sat May 30 EDTRemoved

It was unfortunately sportsnet today 1

Changes that would benefit the league if I were commissioner for a day 2:22 am Tue Jun 2 EDTRemoved

Not really, if the salary cap exists. if NY gets the best rookie in year 1, they probably wont have space to get the best rookie in year 2. Teams have to show rookies they are a good organization and good player development process. Rookies are less likel 3

That crowd seemed kinda quiet tonight1:06 am Fri Jun 5 EDTRemoved

I think you are watching on SportsNet which dampens the crowd noise for the commentators. 1

It seems that at least half the fans on the Warriors subreddit are unable to admit that they got beat fair and square and are blaming the refs or saying it s bad luck1:23 am Fri Jun 5 EDTRemoved

most of them are new to the world. 4

Wiggins is insanely underrated on this sub6:16 pm Tue Jun 9 EDTRemoved

blup. 1

Wiggins is insanely underrated on this sub6:16 pm Tue Jun 9 EDTRemoved

Wiggins for Tatum and Brown straight up. Go pitch that. 1

Was Chris Bosh a solid player before joining up with LeBron James amp Dwyane Wade at Miami Heat 8:34 pm Wed Jun 10 EDTRemoved

He was the franchise player for Toronto. Unfortunately, we got winced and drafted Bargnani 3

Shoutout to the Nets4:45 pm Thu Jun 11 EDTRemoved

Like all these clippers and nets praisers are becoming super annoying. Like all they have done is gather young players and assets which is what you are supposed to do if you are barely making the playoffs. They get no points for managing their money eithe 1

If the Raptors win the title they will have been handed the championship12:50 pm Sat Jun 13 EDTRemoved

Stop saying dumb shit with a Vladdy Jr username. 1

The darkest timeline2:16 am Fri Jun 19 EDTRemoved

they cant do that. 0

2019-2020 NBA I ll delete my account if thread9:03 am Fri Jun 19 EDTRemoved

If kawhi leaves toronto raptors 1

Whats stopping Kyrie from joining LAL 11:27 pm Sat Jun 20 EDTRemoved

Roc Nation 1

Just a reminder that it has been 69 days since the end of the regular season and we still don t know who the regular season MVP is 11:21 pm Mon Jun 22 EDTRemoved

nice. 9

Alleged video of Kawhi and daughter apparently enrolling in a school6:55 pm Tue Jun 23 EDTRemoved

That is tabletop in Niagara 1

Everyone keeps saying that Kawhi wants to be THE guy 10:46 pm Tue Jun 23 EDTRemoved

People go to Lebron for championships. Kawhi already has two. 2

Trade Scenario The Pelicans trade 4 pick Moore and Solomon Hill to OKC for Steven Adams 12:08 pm Thu Jun 25 EDTRemoved

Include the 21st pick? -7

If the Canadian Federal Election was taking place this summer could Kawhi Leonard leverage his fame and basketball skills to become Prime Minister of Canada by threatening to leave otherwise 2:55 pm Thu Jun 25 EDTRemoved

Well he would have to join a party first, find a riding to run from and prove his majority 1

The Pelicans are going to be a bad team next year6:44 pm Fri Jun 26 EDTRemoved

pretty sure jah would start -1

Kwahi Stay12:13 pm Sat Jun 27 EDTRemoved

Man you consistently spell his name wrong. Its Kawhi not kwahi 1

Masai got robbed10:49 pm Mon Jun 29 EDTRemoved

Regular season. AMJ is what we focused on 1

Is the lack of respect going to make Masai leave for Washington 11:03 pm Mon Jun 29 EDTRemoved

He already won before. 1

Do you think that a shot that bounces around the rim and drops has a chance to be named the Kawhi over shooter s bounce 3:52 pm Wed Jul 1 EDTRemoved

I called it the rim job for a while but it didnt stick 1

A What if scenario Kahwi Leonard5:54 pm Fri Jul 3 EDTRemoved

Yeah cuz its been spammed for so long mods delete it immediately 3

How often does one get banned 9:31 pm Fri Jul 3 EDTRemoved

I got banned for non basketball reasons 1

This would never happen but would this not be the best outcome for the Lakers from a pure roster standpoint 6:27 pm Sat Jul 4 EDTRemoved

Who the fuck is the ball handler? 1

OC A close friend of Butler tweets out an interesting thread suggesting Butler and Kawhi are headed to the Clippers One hour later Marc Stein reports the Clippers are interested in pairing them together 9:27 pm Sat Jul 4 EDTRemoved

I think the only thing that we can conclude is that stein sources his clippers kawhi things from this dude 3

Which move was worse Kawhi s tampering or PG s trade demand 10:29 pm Sat Jul 11 EDTRemoved

Bitch you have Lebron and AD. Grow up 12

Should the Boston have a second team in the NBA 7:34 pm Sun Jul 12 EDTRemoved

Pretty sure Chicago would have a second one before that 1

OC Andrew Wiggins to the Warriors The Ultimate Reclamation Project12:59 am Wed Jul 15 EDTRemoved

i think this would need 2 more first round picks for this to work 6

Sam Presti managed to turn Serge Ibaka into 6 unprotected 1st rounders 2 picks swaps a top 14 protected 1st rounder Shai Gilgeous Alexander and Danilo Gallinari3:48 pm Wed Jul 15 EDTRemoved

Yeah but Serge won us a championship 2

The NBA should let its teams social media accounts go unfiltered for one day a year2:27 pm Thu Jul 16 EDTRemoved

Watch the Kardashians if you want interesting things from the social media. This is the NBA, man. Watch the goddamn basketball for once. Everything else is in the periphery -1

CP3 for Wiggins 2 first rounders at the trade deadline this year who says no 9:50 pm Thu Jul 16 EDTRemoved

If CP3 got 2 picks, why wouldnt Houston try to involve Minnesota. 2

If the Lakers decisively lost the Clippers in WCF because LeBron showed his age or got hurt would they consider trading LeBron for Beal LeBron goes out MJ style in the Nations Capital and Lakers get a young core with Beal AD Kuzma10:22 pm Thu Jul 16 EDTRemoved

My favorite timeline is AD walking next summer to the Knicks and Lebron demanding a trade to the Knicks. 0

Trade Idea OKC offers Denver Chris Paul for Garry Harris Will Barton and J Hernangomez Who says no 9:26 am Fri Jul 17 EDTRemoved

Lol, they already have a point guard. His name is jokic. 2

I hope India jumps in and takes over the Asian NBA market 1:05 pm Tue Oct 13 EDTRemoved

The Indian market will never be good as the chinese market for basketball. Basketball is the most popular team sport in china which means NBA would have an easier time penetrating the chinese market. Whereas in India, its cricket. All the other sports pic 1

In game 7 of the ECSF Kawhi Leonard outscored every other raptor combined minus Serge ibaka10:47 pm Fri Oct 16 EDTRemoved

Lol I didnt know the rest made that much. Kawhi manhandled the city of liberty for 7 games 2

Post Game Thread The Phoneix Suns 2-1 defeat the Los Angeles Clippers 2-1 130-122 behind 30 6 8 from Devin Booker 12:50 am Sun Nov 1 EDTRemoved

The fuck just happened 1

What is your guys overreaction after the first 2 games of the seasons5:53 pm Sun Nov 1 EDTRemoved

Siakam for MVP 1

Mike Conley some 2nd round picks for Chris Paul who says no 6:33 pm Tue Nov 3 EDTRemoved

I mean even then, Chris Paul fits with the timeline of Gobert and Mitchell better than Conley. -4

Is there anyway the NBA can flex the Raptors Bucks game on tomorrow to national TV instead of Nuggets Magic 6:58 pm Fri Nov 6 EDTRemoved

Bucks and Raptors have more national games than those team. Probably a balance of scheduling thing 1

A New York Knicks Rebuild Plan5:42 pm Sat Nov 7 EDTRemoved

Lol, you literally have 4 power forwards. Sometimes the best thing to do is just let them grow organically. If you had kept Porzingas, he would have paired well with RJ. Instead, you fantasized about KD and Kyrie who left you at the altar. 2

Any admiration for how easily Harden drops 30 Or are you part of the side that has caveats to his every scoring performance 10:19 pm Wed Nov 11 EDTRemoved

The ugliest 30 points if you ask me. 2

Why is Kawhi sitting out 10:31 pm Wed Nov 11 EDTRemoved

Youre new 11

As a Mavs fan to other Mavs fans The Trae Slander Stops Now1:44 pm Wed Nov 18 EDTRemoved

You even know which hand lol 8

Giannis Antetekunmpo is averaging 1 airballed freethrow per game this season 10:51 pm Mon Nov 23 EDTRemoved

Still remembers drake laughing -2

Are the Spurs already out of playoff contention 11:25 pm Mon Nov 23 EDTRemoved

Is the falling out of the sky 1

What if 3 pointers were worth 4 points and 2 pointers were worth 3 11:30 pm Mon Nov 23 EDTRemoved

Currently 3 pointers are worth 50 percent more 3

Melo is stinking it up right now9:40 pm Tue Nov 24 EDTRemoved

What are they gonna do without him? Lose more 2

Real Deal Bradley Beals Last 5 Games 37 PPG 4 6 RPG 8 APG on 689 TS 9:31 pm Fri Nov 27 EDTRemoved

lets get bradley beal to luka 1

Is it even possible for Deandre Ayton and Marvin Bagley to EVER not be considered a disappointment compared to Luka Donic and Trae Young 3:46 pm Sun Nov 29 EDTRemoved

I feel like bagley has been underused 1

Whats up Clipper sub2:35 pm Mon Nov 30 EDTRemoved

I didnt know r/nba became the clippers sub 7

Drake scored as many points as Joel Embiid tonight10:00 pm Mon Nov 30 EDTRemoved

Yeah but Drake had less turnovers *taps head* 1

What Siakam did at the end of the Sixers-Raps game was hillariously disrespectful10:02 pm Mon Nov 30 EDTRemoved

Spice the Redeemer 1

The Toronto Raptors 13-4 defeat the New York Knicks 4-14 handily by a score of 126-989:53 pm Wed Dec 2 EDTRemoved

I love how Malcom Miller just twisted the knife to take out the trash 1

NBA is rigged - prove me wrong1:17 am Tue Dec 8 EDTRemoved

The Knicks continue to lose... 5

The new lottery just made bad teams more depressing10:16 pm Sat Dec 12 EDTRemoved

I think the Knicks have shown enough to say that they are able to botch up the player development of even the most bust-proof players. 1

Post Game Thread The Philadelphia 76ers 17-7 defeat the Toronto Raptors 15-7 behind 26 points and 5 rebounds from Tobias Harris and 20 points from rookie Matisse Thybulle 5 3PM 8:32 pm Sun Dec 13 EDTRemoved

You do the airplane and get meek mills to write a diss track 1

Hypocrisy of Raptors Fan base To Their Players10:41 pm Mon Dec 14 EDTRemoved

I never heard this before 2

Windhorst Lakers-Kings trade idea 12:03 pm Fri Dec 18 EDTRemoved

Lol kuzma going to sacremento is the best 2

Giannis exits the game with 42 14 4 1 1 on 15 28 shooting 11 15 from the line 10:20 pm Mon Dec 21 EDTRemoved

#FreeGiannis 0

Its funny how Bill Simmons makes so much fun of Kobes 6 24 in game 7 of the 2010 finals but completely praises Kawhis game 7 against Toronto despite his 10 39 shooting they both shot 25 1:51 am Wed Dec 23 EDTRemoved

Kobe got his numbers wrong 4

Biggest Coincidence in Basketball History 10:19 am Wed Dec 23 EDTRemoved

Steph 1

Serious Is anyone currently watching The Jump right now 3:23 pm Fri Dec 25 EDTRemoved

Sounds about right. 3

Which team gets better in a Ben Simmons for Jamal Murray and Juancho Hernangomez trade 8:10 pm Sun Jan 5 EDTRemoved

Sorry about the nephews Philly fans. 0

The top 6 Eastern Conference teams records against each other9:58 am Thu Jan 9 EDTRemoved

The heat has been the healthiest of all the 6 teams 2

WHAT IF Rockets traded for Russ Schroder Adams Draft pick for Harden instead of CP312:27 pm Fri Jan 10 EDTRemoved

By a firing squad. 7

Would you consider Jay Morant an all star 2:33 pm Sun Jan 12 EDTRemoved

That player doesnt exist 12

Whats a NBA fact that 99 of this subreddit doesnt know 6:35 pm Mon Jan 13 EDTRemoved

This seems possible next year. All depends on the final form of KP. 23

The revisionist history on here about Luka is getting ridiculous3:23 pm Sun Jan 19 EDTRemoved

So even the mock draft knew kings were dumb enough 1

Does Derrick Rose SERIOUSLY deserve to be an all star this year 8:09 pm Thu Jan 23 EDTRemoved

No. 3

Joel Embiid and Pascal Siakam are the first international duo from the same country Cameroon to be All Star starters together 3:45 pm Fri Jan 24 EDTRemoved

Man I would love to see both of them play together. Are they gonna play for Cameroon Olympic team? 3

I can t believe simmons isn t a starter because most morons here like flashy stats on losing teams11:00 pm Sat Jan 25 EDTRemoved

Yeah. Philly at 6 with with 2 all star starters seems egregious. I would give it to them if they were 2nd or something. 1

The Pelicans have a worse record than the Suns and Ingram has worse stats than Booker6:24 pm Thu Jan 30 EDTRemoved

But I would still give booker the wildcard spot over any of the forwards. 1

Where does Kobes death rank in comparison to 2pac Biggie and Michael Jackson 10:25 pm Fri Jan 31 EDTRemoved

The fuck kind of evil do you need to be to rank deaths. 1

If the Grizzlies want Iggy to play they have options 12:55 am Tue Feb 4 EDTRemoved

Ill trade him to the Knicks. He wants a big market after all. 2

Stein Two longtime Ujiri-watchers whom I trust deeply for their reads on this situation have been telling me since December when the Knicks fired Coach David Fizdale after a 4-18 start that Ujiri intends to maneuver his way to the Knicks8:22 pm Tue Feb 4 EDTRemoved

What the fuck is a ujiri watcher? 11

Why did Houston just give up Capela and a 1st for Robert Covington 12:52 am Wed Feb 5 EDTRemoved

And getting under the tax 1

Tonights win boosted Toronto s record to 37-14 the franchise s best mark after 51 games 10:57 pm Wed Feb 5 EDTRemoved

Kawhi left a dynasty 56

This is not the year for the Heat to go for broke and try to win a championship12:13 am Thu Feb 6 EDTRemoved

This is all to keep a mean and lean squad for 2021. Players are not going to non playoff teams in free agency. Pat Riley did the same thing for the Big 3 free agency. Kept a lean squad around Dwayne Wade and got him playoff reps and then Lebron and Bosh j 1

Schoch Let s look at the bright side Despite the Pistons possibly not dealing Andre Drummond or Derrick Rose this deadline at least they publicly dangled one of their best young players in Luke Kennard which I m sure he enjoys2:25 pm Thu Feb 6 EDTRemoved

Still half hour left. 1

The starters for the All Star Game are literally just East vs West 7:18 pm Thu Feb 6 EDTRemoved

I really thought he would pick kawhi. But I guess hes not into the whole load management thing 1

The Athletic Andre Iguodala discusses move to Heat with Sam Amick9:26 am Mon Feb 10 EDTRemoved

If anything Morant and Brooks are Gen Z 6

Idea Change Dunk Contest to Dunk Tournament2:20 am Sun Feb 16 EDTRemoved

Or Atleast judges who arent ex teammates. 1

Serious What was Kemba doing 11:53 pm Sun Feb 16 EDTRemoved

Bro its an all star game let it go. 2

This All-Star game was great for the Bucks chances to re-sign Giannis 11:52 pm Sun Feb 16 EDTRemoved

Yeah because Giannis will only see Nick drawing up plays when they are on the same team 1

Velazquez Giannis on his teams approach in the 4th Offensively we were just trying to find whoever James Harden was guarding that s who we thought we were going to have an opportunity to score on Obviously you cannot go wrong Kemba Kyle Joel12:49 am Mon Feb 17 EDTRemoved

I think it was their best option. Harden has the chances of sagging off the most out of Paul, James, Davis and Leonard 1

What do you think was the main reason why Team Giannis lost 12:59 am Mon Feb 17 EDTRemoved

Yo stop man. Go to sleep. If Vogel lost, mavs fans would have been all over him for benching Luka. Sixers fans would have pointed out 17/6/5 for Ben Simmons. -1

Did Giannis Slam the ball intentionally on harden when they played in October 1:19 am Mon Feb 17 EDTRemoved

yeah that shit would be behind a paywall 1

What fanbase has the most nephews 6:15 pm Tue Feb 18 EDTRemoved

Heat. 9

What fanbase has the most nephews 6:15 pm Tue Feb 18 EDTRemoved

Yeah, no pull out game in south Florida. 3

MRP Most Regressed Player1:01 am Wed Feb 19 EDTRemoved

MJ dumb. 1

Jimmy Butler out tonight v Cavs for personal reasons 7:04 pm Sat Feb 22 EDTRemoved

People need to stop this bullshit. 1

What are your predictions for the Lakers Blazers series moving forward 12:02 am Wed Aug 19 EDTRemoved

Lakers in 2 after Adam Silver steps in 9

Sup with Playoff P 6:42 pm Sun Aug 23 EDTRemoved

Paul George has less points than Al Horford and Tobias Harris combined 1

When did r NBA start wanting referees to gift game winners 6:13 pm Thu Sep 10 EDTRemoved

Well Celtics should have closed it off in OT. Our guys were gassed. Kemba shot 18% the whole game. -6

Who is the better player Zubac or javale Mgee 12:56 am Sat Sep 12 EDTRemoved

There is literally everything else you can do in the world than compare Zubac and Mcgee. Play some video games, do a show and tell. I cant think of two more inconsequential players to discuss than those two. 0

The Clippers are the boy-band of the NBA3:53 pm Sun Sep 13 EDTRemoved

They acting like Kawhis chips are theirs. They forgot they also have Sweet Lous chokes and Playoff P 3

If you are Adam Silver and the Nuggets win game 7 wyd 4:15 pm Sun Sep 13 EDTRemoved

Game 7 Scott Foster. 1

Buha Paul George on the Clippers mood in the locker room We re still in the driver s seat It s not panic mode 8:52 pm Sun Sep 13 EDTRemoved

He may be in the drivers seat but jokic is the driving instructor with the training wheels brake. 17

Fan asks Damian Lillard if Paul George hitting nothing but the side of the backboard was a good shot Dame responds Look good to me 11:48 pm Tue Sep 15 EDTRemoved

Paul George gets into the drivers seat. Lo and behold, the car is European, Jokic is actually in the drivers seat, a second Jokic pulls him out of the car, a third Jokic helps the second stuff him in trunk with Harrell already stuffed in and the first 6