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Shannon Sharpe telling Kyrie that he should shut up and only play basketball11:47 am Tue Dec 21 EDT

sounds a lot like shut up & dribble shay shay 0

Serious Whats up NBA players affinity for strip clubs strippers 4:48 pm Thu Dec 30 EDT

drinks & broads 2

Luka is an average player if you adjust his stats6:28 pm Thu Dec 30 EDT

i adjusted my stats & now i’m an elite player 14

Imagine only having to show up for work 72 times in 9 months and you cant even do that while being paid handsomely12:16 pm Wed Jan 13 EDT

Social justice is more important homie 1

Why do NBA fans make conspiracies about players real ages 12:58 pm Wed Jan 13 EDT

Shabazz Muhammad lied about his age back in the day 2

When Kyrie miss 10 of the total games 7 games thats equivalent to you and I missing 5 weeks of works What will your employer do if you missed 1 month of work due to feeling lost 12:54 pm Wed Jan 13 EDT

Your not talented enough at your job to do that 40

Can we please give Lebron credit for winning a title with Kyrie 1:31 pm Wed Jan 13 EDT

Can’t act like Kyrie didn’t do his part bruh 1

I miss David Stern3:39 pm Wed Jan 13 EDT

Fuck the owners 5

Kyrie for Westbrook 6:13 pm Wed Jan 13 EDT

No we want to win 2

Soooo Kyries gotta go right 6:33 pm Wed Jan 13 EDT

He’s not leaving doofus 0

Would you tear you ACL and Achilles for 75m 11:50 pm Sun Jan 17 EDT

Amputate my leg for 75m 2

Likelihood of kyrie being traded for Westbrook 4:10 pm Mon Jan 18 EDT


Kyrie Irving bought a house for George Floyds family 10:47 pm Mon Jan 18 EDT

He’s a good fella 0

Would you rather Sign Stephen Curry for free OR increase your team s average 3-pt percentage by 10 11:03 pm Mon Jan 18 EDT

James Wiseman only played 3 college games 1

Lucas behavior rant 1:19 pm Tue Jan 19 EDT

Luca Changretta /. 1

Anthony Edwards vs the Hawks 2-12 shooting 1-5 from three 5 3 1 statline -13 when on the floor 11:34 pm Fri Jan 22 EDT

He’ll be fine ffs 1

How many losses would it take before the Nets start imploding from the inside 12:23 am Sat Jan 23 EDT

Rent free 2

you guys think blake griffin is even trying 1:55 pm Tue Jan 26 EDT

The injuries have piled, he’s entering his lost tape years sadly 2

Its already been 1 year since kobe died9:26 pm Tue Jan 26 EDT

I got jumped, saw the news & ran right back and got stabbed for him <3 4

Has Nick Wright always been a major Lebron fan12:01 pm Fri Jan 29 EDT

he cried at the end of More Than A Game allegedly 5

Who has the most punchable face In the league Name a few11:19 pm Fri Jan 29 EDT

Gordon Hayward 0

So apparently DeAndre Ayton been playing since Bill Russell 9:29 pm Sat Jan 30 EDT

laughed so hard i fell off my dinosaur 1

Do you think Blake Griffin amp Vince Carter were just dunkers at Clippers amp Raptors respectively 11:46 am Sat Feb 6 EDT

Vince was really skilled even when he got drafted. “pure dunker” wtf 1

Serious What is LiAngelo Ball s ceiling 1:26 pm Thu Feb 11 EDT

top tier meme player 1

ESPN seemingly imply that Kobe Bryant was the butterfly who landed on tennis player Naomi Osakas nose 8:23 pm Fri Feb 12 EDT

ruthless lmao 7

What Happened to EVERY FIVE STAR Recruit From The Class of 2016 ft Lonzo Ball amp Jayson Tatum 5:42 pm Wed Feb 17 EDT

Tatum, Fox & Bam are head and shoulders above the rest & it’s not close 2

Raptors All Star Reserves10:13 pm Sun Feb 21 EDT

yes 0

Moore More Trust The pRosas fodder Gersson Rosas said he was introduced to Chris Finch randomly at Summer League 10 years ago The person who introduced the two Sam Hinkie 6:46 pm Mon Feb 22 EDT

#TrustIt 1

Oldest looking but not that old white guy in the league 10:34 pm Fri Feb 26 EDT

Ingles 7

In your opinion who best exemplifies the difference between a star and a superstar 6:59 pm Sun Feb 28 EDT

superstar: superstar star: star hope that helps 2

Rank the top five shooting guards as of right now 1:51 pm Mon Mar 1 EDT

Jaylen Brown top 5 2

Deandre Jordan with Kyrie handle or Javale McGee with LeBron IQ 2:56 pm Thu Mar 4 EDT

Kelly Olynyk with Kevin McHales wingspan 2

Should I sell my Kobe Bryant game-chewed gum autograph HELP 3:58 pm Fri Mar 5 EDT

that’s disgusting 1

Is this the most wide open title chase ever 5:20 pm Tue Mar 9 EDT

there’s really only like 3 contenders 24

So Blake joins the nets If Lakers win a repeat would lebron be considered the GOAT 5:46 pm Fri Mar 12 EDT

Blake isn’t good 6

Lonzo Ball s father insists that the Pelicans have to trade him He cant stay in New Orleans 2:24 pm Fri Mar 19 EDT

Lavar just wants to see a Lonzo-centric offense 2

What merit does Bron have for MVP 6:41 pm Fri Mar 19 EDT

ok let’s give it to Dennis - OP probably 1

More athletic LeBron James or Calvin Johnson 8:34 pm Fri Mar 19 EDT

Bo knows. 1

After several years of being a Dangelo Russell fan I am officially retiring my username in response to his tweet 9:23 pm Sun Mar 21 EDT

pussy 1

Who has the better young core Cavs or Bulls 9:46 pm Wed Mar 24 EDT

Bulls easily 1

Dear Brothers and Sisters of NBA reddit we have a new foe on our hands let us unite and destroy this monster called the Brooklyn Nets7:13 pm Sat Mar 27 EDT

still rather see brooklyn win it than the lakers 1

Are LaMarcus Aldridge amp Blake Griffin the Nets equivalent of Dwight Howard amp Rajon Rondo on Lakers 9:54 pm Sat Mar 27 EDT

it’ll be like this until they play each other 9

Should Nicolas Claxton change his jersey to 17 as a nod to Paul George 4:58 pm Tue Mar 30 EDT

i don’t think anyone’s going give a nod to PG 3

Should Nicolas Claxton change his jersey to 17 as a nod to Paul George 4:58 pm Tue Mar 30 EDT

akekekekekekekekeke 1

How is this Durant and Rapaport convo not a bigger story 5:23 pm Tue Mar 30 EDT

soft -3

Which nba players invoke sheesh he cold vibes 3:16 pm Wed Mar 31 EDT

meyers leonard 4

Which nba players invoke sheesh he cold vibes 3:16 pm Wed Mar 31 EDT

anti-semitism* 3

Who came up with the whole Lemickey thing 6:03 pm Wed Mar 31 EDT

Skip Homer 3

Potential obi Toppin comparison give some feedback11:46 am Sat Apr 3 EDT

Jeremy Evans 1

Is there a reason why the refs hate Jokic 3:54 pm Mon Apr 5 EDT

they don’t like honey 1

Something that is being glossed over with this Paul Pierce Story 8:10 pm Mon Apr 5 EDT

simp 0

Villanova kids are balling this year9:50 pm Mon Apr 5 EDT

Lowry’s still a kid bro 10

Villanova kids are balling this year9:50 pm Mon Apr 5 EDT

r/CollegeBasketball 1

My problems with Ben Taylors Wilt and Russell video 10:02 pm Tue Apr 6 EDT

Ben Taylor conspiracy 4

they called me a madmen10:25 pm Tue Apr 6 EDT

r/nba is full of iron men 1

So how does embiid get so many free throws compared to jokic 10:32 pm Tue Apr 6 EDT

Nuggets need to complain like the Lakers did last season 5

Why did I just saw Caruso had dyed blue hair 11:31 pm Tue Apr 6 EDT

what’s a caruso? 1

Who Are The Le insert name Trolls That Are Everywhere on Twitter 11:07 pm Thu Apr 8 EDT

suburban white kids 0

Does Brian Windhorst know the exact amount of time he s been covering the NBA To what level does that exactness go 7:01 pm Fri Apr 9 EDT

ever since he met lebron 3