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FIBA World Cup MVP9:26 am Tue Sep 10 EDT 0 ups @ 0.40 Deleted


Karl Anthony Towns flirts with a 5x5 game with 34 points 18 rebounds 7 assists 3 steals and 6 blocks8:38 pm Sun Jan 5 EDTDeleted

Bro u’re spamming this in multiple threads just take the L 1

Cowherd Yeah I said it Right now James Harden is a stat monster Right now Kirk Cousins is a stat monster Both are highly compensated both have let their fanbases down in big spots 10:39 pm Fri Jan 4 EDTDeleted

Kirk cousins is fucking 4-26 against teams with winning record 2

Wiggins continues his hate against OKC with 24 pts at the half 8-15 FG9:08 pm Tue Jan 8 EDTDeleted

Just you I think. But he finally makes them so I guess thats why they look different to you 5

In the first half of the Ryan Saunders era Andrew Wiggins has 24 points on 8 15 6 6 on free throws with 5 rebounds and 2 assists9:07 pm Tue Jan 8 EDTDeleted

He’s more aggresive and puts in more effort than I’ve ever seen under Thibs. 6

Taurean Waller-Prince gets a quick two technical fouls and gets ejected by Scott Foster vs Spurs9:01 pm Wed Mar 6 EDTDeleted

Taj Gibson just got a flagrant 2 for accidentally elbowing Drummond on a boxout lmao and Saunders got Td up right after that 1

What if Pelicans package AD and Zion together12:14 am Wed May 15 EDTDeleted

May I interest you in 1 Andrew Wiggins? 6

Lebron AD amp Kawhi VS 2012 Miami Heat Super Team Who wins and why 7:03 pm Sun Jun 30 EDTDeleted

If lakers sign kawhi theyre gonna 5peat lmao 1

FIBA World Cup MVP9:26 am Tue Sep 10 EDTDeleted

technically correct, but I just got off work and couldnt think of anything that would contribute to the discussion. im sorry :( -6