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Cascades of empty blue seats booing AD every time he touches the ball9:47 pm Fri Feb 14 EDT 0 ups @ 0.40 Removed

On this date 21 February should be especially poignant for r nba2:01 am Thu Feb 27 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Did Mark Jackson just say this is still a big mans league 9:40 pm Thu May 7 EDT 12 ups @ 0.80 Removed

Who put up a better fight in their 4-1 defeat the 7-seed Orlando Magic or these Celtics 9:01 pm Wed May 13 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

Whats the big market angle now 10:36 pm Tue May 19 EDT 0 ups @ 0.33 Deleted

If the Bucks sweep this series it will be the 4th time the last 5 seasons Toronto got swept out of the playoffs 9:00 pm Fri May 22 EDT 0 ups @ 0.33 Deleted

State Farm ad where Rockets mascot starts firing tshirts after hearing start of HT song10:39 pm Sat May 23 EDT 1 ups @ 0.67 Deleted

James Harden amp Russell Westbrook hold the top 5 slots in single-season turnovers7:12 pm Fri May 29 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Deleted

This is the facility tomorrows NBA Awards will take place3:10 pm Sun Jun 28 EDT 0 ups @ 0.44 Deleted

24 7 media has ruined NBA free agency season10:07 pm Sat Jul 4 EDT 0 ups @ 0.38 Deleted

Did Adam Silver make a phone call before the start of HOU-GSW 7:17 pm Wed Dec 30 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

1987-88 was the last time 12:30 am Fri Jan 10 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Deleted

Back in the early 1970s the NBA playoffs would already be starting now9:24 pm Tue Mar 24 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Deleted


Kobe was definitely the best player in league From 06-106:02 pm Sun Jan 26 EDTDeleted


What happened to Rose5:11 pm Fri Feb 14 EDTDeleted

The fan vote doesnt matter anymore now that players pick the teams. 0

Anthony Davis asked for a trade Not demanded Big difference 10:04 pm Fri Feb 14 EDTDeleted

Seriously. NBA is not basketball so much as its a business. Weve heard players say "this is a business" time & time again. If youre unhappy with your employer, youre allowed to ask to leave, under contract or not. Whats so wrong about that. 4

Big Baller Brand should use footage of Zions Nike shoe ripping apart as marketing footage5:58 pm Thu Feb 27 EDTDeleted


META Do we really need all these Zion Williamson posts 6:16 pm Thu Feb 27 EDTDeleted

Hes more of an NBA prospect than the other Ball brothers, but that doesnt stop people here. 0

Would you rather be locked for 24 hours in an abandoned mental asylum with Quin Snyder or in a regular-sized jail cell with Bobby Portis 1:01 am Mon Mar 9 EDTDeleted

Lets be real, someone will eventually stop by & help a white guy holding a JD degree holed up in an asylum. Portis is a black dude without a college degree. We all know who fares better here. -2

Who deserves to be in the playoffs the most Orlando Charlotte or Miami 7:49 pm Tue Mar 10 EDTDeleted

Charlotte just so we can see contract year playoff Kemba go off. 3

Larry Bird Captial One Commercial10:20 pm Fri Apr 3 EDTDeleted

Good to see Larry actually loosen up and do a commercial after all these years. 2

Who Are Your Top 10 Point Guards All Time 12:17 pm Sun Apr 5 EDTDeleted

In no order- Magic, Stockton, Isiah, Payton, Nash, CP3, Walt Frazier, Oscar (more of a combo G but idc), Kidd, Kevin Johnson. 0

Better All-time Power Forward 1:16 pm Thu Apr 9 EDTDeleted

Ill start - Bird was a SF most of his career. 29

Whats your take on Westbrook and the Thunder 2:47 pm Sat Apr 11 EDTDeleted

> Is it possible that Billy Donovan cant figure out how to use his team? I think its more that other teams are figuring out how to beat them. Two guys averaging 20+ppg, a solid bench scorer, and a big man doing all the dirty work. Sounds like a simila 1

Nick Young on Space Jam 2 - If you want to sell tickets you got to have me I could give them swag once they get their powers taken They could come to me I could be like a sorcerer of swag and I could like hand it out to them give them hope 5:18 pm Sat Apr 11 EDTDeleted

SJ2 is becoming so desperate they just might consider it. 1

Serious Suns get 1 pick in the draft 1:36 am Thu Apr 16 EDTDeleted

Draft Zion or Barrett and dangle them as trade bait. Or draft Ja and keep him/Booker backcourt. 1

Why did Michael Carter-Williams shake hands and exchange hugs with Raptors players after the game 10:41 pm Tue Apr 21 EDTDeleted

Hes not a heartless Dbag. 1

Are commentators physically capable of talking about seth Curry without mentioning his family 12:55 am Wed Apr 22 EDTDeleted

*INcapable* 1

Is it possible to build a successful team around Russell Westbrook 1:00 am Wed Apr 22 EDTDeleted

*Mr. Now I Do What I Want has left the chat* 1

Who is this fan screaming in the Trailblazers vs OKC game12:58 am Wed Apr 22 EDTDeleted

Gary Payton 3

Who would you rather have on your team today 2002-2003 Tracy McGrady or 2008-2009 Dwyane Wade 11:56 am Thu May 7 EDTDeleted

Gotta go with Wade here. The 3pt % is offset by a solid midrange and all-around game. 1

Jim Harden averaged 36 1 PPG in the regular season but hasnt even reached 36 points in a playoff game yet this season 12:39 pm Thu May 7 EDTDeleted

Ames Har_en 1

Did Mark Jackson just say this is still a big mans league 9:40 pm Thu May 7 EDTDeleted

Its a decent mix though. Guards have won 8 of the MVPs since 2005. 1

Kyrie Irving is highly overrated9:59 pm Thu May 7 EDTDeleted

How many points did Kyrie dump on your team. 1

True False Sunday is the biggest game in Toronto Raptors franchise history 11:02 pm Thu May 7 EDTDeleted

2001 EC semi Game 6 1

Where did all these raptors haters come from 11:35 pm Thu May 7 EDTDeleted

LeBronto bout to become Embiidto 1

Lets say youre the Lakers and you cant get a top FA star this summer why not just trade Lebron and try to get back good young talent and grow from there I can think of maybe 5 or 6 teams where it makes sense for all three parties 12:15 pm Sat May 9 EDTDeleted

Seven Lakers are off the books this summer. Hes the only one making more than $8.7M next year (Lonzo). If they let those players walk this summer they can surely afford that "good young talent." Players eventually flock to him, just as many top tier stars 1

If harden mainly does step back 3s and gets distance from his defender then how is he fouled the most when shooting 3 pointers 12:18 pm Sat May 9 EDTDeleted

What about when he doesnt sell the contact and a defenders pinky finger gently grazes his elbow after the shot. 1

Does anyone not think Draymond Green is a dirty player 11:01 am Sun May 10 EDTDeleted

This sub wants Draymond thrown in jail so bad lately lol. -3

If the NBA had a Comeback Player of the Year like the NFL who would it be this year 12:39 pm Tue May 12 EDTDeleted

MIP doesnt count? 2

What is your NBA fact that would surprise someone who just started watching the basketball 4:25 pm Tue May 12 EDTDeleted

The Miami Heat & Orlando Magic could have, conceivably, played each other in the 1991 NBA Finals. Orlando played that season in the old Midwest Division. Miamis inaugural season was also spent in the Midwest Division, 1988-89 (Magic werent around yet) 1

Most important game of the season so far tonight and most East Coasters wont be able to watch it7:12 pm Wed May 13 EDTDeleted

This sub gets a complaint every week about 10:30 start times now? 1

I genuinely feel bad for LeBron7:43 pm Wed May 13 EDTDeleted

Spicy take: Magic gets way too much credit for getting LeBron to LA. Bron made his decision well before that late night meeting last summer. 1

Michael Jordan averaged 33 4 points per game in the playoffs for his whole career 10:02 pm Wed May 13 EDTDeleted

And he did it without jacking 11 threes a game. Not that hed make them much. 1

Kyrie Checks Out Of The Game With 15 PTS and 1 AST on 6 21 shooting and 1-7 from 310:14 pm Wed May 13 EDTDeleted

Blow this team up, starting with him. 1

Should there be an Offensive Player of the Year Award 5:48 pm Tue May 19 EDTDeleted

Everyone gets a trophy! 1

I know for a fact the Bulls will get the number one pick 6:31 pm Tue May 19 EDTDeleted

Im feeling Chicago or Dallas. But since Gilberts yet again ~~exploiting~~ trotting his ill son out there the Cavs will likely get it. 2

Most rigged draft lottery since 8512:55 pm Wed May 20 EDTDeleted

And if NY or LA won the lottery wed find ways to claim that was rigged too. 1

Reminder Zion still hasn t hired an agent1:10 pm Wed May 20 EDTDeleted

He has until May 29 to do such. 1

Serious Is there any realistic scenario where Memphis trades the 2 overall pick for Anthony Davis 5:28 pm Wed May 20 EDTDeleted

Did he specifically state he wanted to go to a bigger market? 1

Serious Is there any realistic scenario where Memphis trades the 2 overall pick for Anthony Davis 5:28 pm Wed May 20 EDTDeleted

Id also be wary of Memphis for FA/trade destinations as they dont even have a coach yet. 1

Bloomberg NBA Is the Real Loser After Failing to Send Zion to New York or L A 9:37 pm Wed May 20 EDTDeleted

Jesus Christ, STFU with this. Had NY or LA won the lottery we would have bitched about how the NBA doesnt reward small market teams. 1

Serious BESIDES AD who are some players the Lakers should target in the trade market 9:57 pm Wed May 20 EDTDeleted

Shooters. And maybe a good stretch 4 like Tobias. 2

It s Been A Long Time Coming The 2019 Eastern Conference Champion will either be a first time finalist or a team that hasn t made it in almost half a century 10:05 pm Wed May 20 EDTDeleted

"East still goes through Cleveland." 1

Where the hell did the idea of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving going to the Knicks come from 4:51 pm Thu May 21 EDTDeleted

ESPN hack ~~journalists~~ clickbait entertainers 1

Do Knicks fans have the right to be as angry as they are Compared to the Cavs and Suns 6:40 pm Thu May 21 EDTDeleted

Fun fact third overall is the highest Knicks draft position since some dude named Patrick Ewing went #1. Their fans might be disappointed, but are just fine. Missing out on Zion isnt absolute devastation for them. 1

Bunch of nephews here dont remember what real tanking looked like Let me present to you Heat vs 76ers Game 82 of the 2015 season 7:30 pm Thu May 21 EDTDeleted

Was this the game the refs blew a whistle and MCW just chucked the ball up in the air. 1

would lebron kawhi and AD be the best nba trio ever 8:35 pm Thu May 21 EDTDeleted

The LA wall mural vandalism would be even more epic. 0

Patrick Ewing is an underrated great 5:51 pm Sat May 23 EDTDeleted

In 94? Game 7 Ewing went for 24pts, 22rebs, 7ast & 5blks. 2

Steph exploding and leading the team back to the Finals is the nail in the coffin for Durant in the Bay 10:37 am Sun May 24 EDTDeleted

Especially with these double-digit deficit comebacks. 1

Greatest PF Debate1:14 pm Mon May 25 EDTDeleted

Duncan. 2

Won my first playoff series at 24 Went on to become the greatest player of all time Who am I 1:48 pm Mon May 25 EDTDeleted

Well its not Kareem, who did that at 22 and won a championship at 23. 1

NBA Fun Fact7:07 pm Mon May 25 EDTDeleted

We didnt start tracking games started until the 1980s. Someone like Kareem won 122 his first two seasons, and I cant imagine the Bucks brought him off the bench for much of those wins. His first NBA game ever he went for 29-12-6 in 48 minutes. 2

What s the most important aspect of basketball 2:18 pm Tue May 26 EDTDeleted

Flopping as a means to get the ball back or get to the line. 1

Drakes really feeling himself10:10 pm Tue May 26 EDTDeleted

How far out onto the court is he allowed to go? 9

Why does everyone hate the Rockets 11:00 pm Wed May 27 EDTDeleted

Lol, Giannis isnt doing anything close as Harden when it comes to selling the whistle. And nobody hates on them. They just know DAntonis style doesnt translate to championships. 0

Isnt it strange Dell Currys sons become NBA stars but not Michael Jordans10:51 pm Wed May 27 EDTDeleted

Mj was more concerned about his empire than he was being a parent. Commerce over conscience, remember. Theres a reason hes divorced from his kids mother. 1

Where does FVV rank all time 9:41 pm Sat May 30 EDTDeleted

GOAT player with "Van" in his surname. Sorry Van Arsdale bros. 6

If Raptors Win do they visit the Prime Minister of Canada rather than the President of the United States1:05 pm Sun May 31 EDTDeleted

BlueJays did both, and frankly its not a requirement to do either. 19

Why was Kyle Lowry drafted in the first round if at all 2:53 pm Sun May 31 EDTDeleted

Probably backed behind a deep Villanova tourney run. He wasnt very good that tourney if I remember. 0

What if NBA players had to play for the state they were born in 5:09 pm Mon Jun 1 EDTDeleted

All-time Mike, Kareem, Dr. J plus more than 10 other HOFers - New York whoops that ass. 1

Hypothetical would KD have been able to bring this Toronto team the Finals like Kawhi did 6:36 pm Wed Jun 3 EDTDeleted

Without All-league help? Maybe, but he might need more games to do it. -1

GAME THREAD Golden State Warriors 57-25 Toronto Raptors 58-24 - June 02 2019 6:58 pm Sun Jun 7 EDTDeleted

And sports media will collectively shart itself tomorrow morning. SAS will be insufferable. 1

Why arent fans from the US banding together to root for the Warriors like Canadians are for the Raptors 7:42 pm Sun Jun 7 EDTDeleted

Thats just not how NBA fandom works. Every Raptors playoff series ever was never a Canada vs USA thing. 1

Was Kevin Durant s Game 3 Performance in the 2018 Finals the Greatest Single Game Performance in Finals History 11:40 pm Sat Jun 13 EDTDeleted

62 Finals Elgin Baylor 61pts, 22rebs 11

Was Kevin Durant s Game 3 Performance in the 2018 Finals the Greatest Single Game Performance in Finals History 11:40 pm Sat Jun 13 EDTDeleted

Fine. 03 Tim Duncan 32pts 20rebs 7blks 6ast 3stls. Or maybe the closeout of that series, 21-20-10-8. 1

How come Kawhi gets a pass for refusing to work while making millions 2:48 pm Sun Jun 14 EDTDeleted

Who hurt you? 4

People who dont have steph as the greatest shooter of all time why do you believe that 5:42 pm Sun Jun 14 EDTDeleted

Mostly oldhead purists who think since Curry is playing in a more relaxed era defensively. Like its somehow his fault he was born when he was. 1

How did you follow NBA news before this subreddit existed 2:41 pm Mon Jun 15 EDTDeleted

CBSsports.com, Twitter, RealGM 3

How did the Warriors let the Cavs get 2 wins in the 2015 Finals 6:24 pm Mon Jun 15 EDTDeleted

Did you *see* Lebrons statlines? And TT was a Windex Man. 10

How did the Warriors let the Cavs get 2 wins in the 2015 Finals 6:24 pm Mon Jun 15 EDTDeleted

Definitely that series. Went from a $5M season in 15 (on his rookie contract) to $14M the next. 1

What was Jordans WORST finals performance 10:47 pm Mon Jun 15 EDTDeleted

96 Game 6. 5-19 shooting. 41

What was Jordans WORST finals performance 10:47 pm Mon Jun 15 EDTDeleted

Good point. Forgot G4 where they got BTFO. Overall this might have been Mikes worse series, but his supporting cast wasnt much better. Pippen & Kukoc both shot like crap. At least there was defense & rebounding to save the day. They were up 3-0 th 1

All that and they only beat the raptors by 1 11:52 pm Mon Jun 15 EDTDeleted

Just take the L. Theres no contest how many points you win by. 80

As a Canadian before being a Raptors fan I would like to apologize to the world for the way the fans acted when KD got injured 9:25 am Tue Jun 16 EDTDeleted

Eh, this also isnt the first time fans cheered an opponents injury, across any sport. Theres just more pearl-clutching nowadays thanks to social media. 1

Who s at fault for KD s injury 10:01 am Tue Jun 16 EDTDeleted

Ah, the finger pointing era. What a time to be alive. 1

Would Derrick Rose be a viable option for Lakers PG situation 10:15 pm Mon Jun 22 EDTDeleted

I can see Rubio landing in LA. Rumor has it theyre re-signing Rondo though. 1

True or False1:53 am Wed Jun 24 EDTDeleted

Go to bed. 2

How did James Worthy win the 1988 finals MVP 6:49 pm Sat Jun 27 EDTDeleted

Hey if you think Magic should have won it in 88 then under your same metric Kareem should have won it in 80. 2

Why are so posts getting gilded 10:07 pm Sat Jun 27 EDTDeleted

Desperate validation. Someone wasnt hugged enough. 1

Ranking Lebron s shitty career decisions 7:05 pm Tue Jun 30 EDTDeleted

And subtly blamed racism for its criticism. 1

Would a team of females in the NBA win the 2020 championship 10:24 pm Wed Jul 1 EDTDeleted

Can F5 season just start already. 1

Stephen A Smith just said on his radio show that 1:19 pm Thu Jul 2 EDTDeleted

NY media is gonna chew both these sensitive, flippant divas right up & spit them out. Cant wait. 1

Serious Imagine you have Rob Pelinkas job How would you fill out the Lakers roster 10:46 pm Thu Jul 2 EDTDeleted

Lebron needs shooters to be successful. Try to get Lamb & Hood for starters. Beverly at PG would be nice if Rondo moves on. 1

How is it not obvious Kawhi is leaving Toronto 2:35 pm Fri Jul 3 EDTDeleted

> Why would he take meetings with other teams if he was planning on staying? Because hes a free agent and he can. Thats literally how this process works. 7

Who has been talking out of his ass since he s been on TV9:13 pm Sat Jul 4 EDTDeleted

I mean we can just fact check him now right? Were quick to do it with SAS. 1

The mass hysteria surrounding Kawhis free agency is fucking insane2:39 pm Wed Jul 8 EDTDeleted

You must have slept through 2010. 1

The end of the James vs Jordon debate 3:26 pm Wed Jul 8 EDTDeleted

*Reaching* the finals is somehow *just as good* as winning it? 1

why Kawhi will never join the Lakers7:13 pm Thu Jul 9 EDTDeleted

*why Boston wont win a title for another 20 years* 36

So just to clarify KD joins the Warriors and forms a super team during his FA and he has disgraced the integrity of the nba PG requests a trade during the first year of his deal and forms a super team with the FMVP and he s a genius savior to the n7:38 pm Sat Jul 11 EDTDeleted

Who said PGs a "genius savior?" 44

Whoever guesses who has the worst record next season i will give them 20 correct record as well 5:36 pm Wed Jul 15 EDTDeleted

Hornets & Suns 23 wins. 1

Be honest Kobe wouldn t be as highly regarded as he is all time if he stayed with Charlotte 7:13 pm Wed Jul 15 EDTDeleted

Hornets won 54 & 51 games his first two seasons, so who knows. Later they picked up Baron Davis so that woulda been a nice backcourt. 4

Magic and Kareem Kobe and Shaq now LeBron and AD1:14 pm Thu Jul 16 EDTDeleted

Jesus, can they at least win a ring together first? Yall probably got a mural of them somewhere in LA already. 1

If Shaq signed with the Chicago Bulls in the summer of 1996 as a free agent how many rings would him Jordan and Pippen have won together How dominant would they have been 2:27 pm Sun Jul 19 EDTDeleted

Is Krause still the GM? Then 3. 2

Im 6 2 and 13 can I make the NBA2:31 pm Sun Jul 19 EDTDeleted

Sure, if you follow this one (1) simple trick: get off reddit & get into the gym. 50

MJ Overrated nowadays12:19 pm Thu Jul 23 EDTDeleted

> he would get destroyed now compared to then You literally cant touch anyone these days. Imagine MJ patrolling the court unencumbered in a league where a defender grazing a finger draws a whistle. 1

With 1 week left in the 1986 season the Cleveland Cavs held the 8th playoff seed They ended up missing the playoffs and then won the lottery for the 1 pick 4:20 pm Fri Jul 24 EDTDeleted

The Clippers actually won that lottery and the Cavs got the pick through a couple trades that started back in 79 with the Clippers trading Kobes dad to Philly. 1

Do you think Kawhi Leonard is 2nd greatest player in Spurs history 11:19 am Fri Jul 31 EDTDeleted

> whos only relevant for being destroyed by Hakeem after winning MVP lol just stop. 2

What does Bill Russell do with his spare ring 1:14 pm Fri Jul 31 EDTDeleted

Who woulda thunk it. 1

Is Donald Trump a Knicks fan 4:39 pm Sun Aug 2 EDTDeleted

Which team has the most white players? 2

Why is Dirk Nowitzki not viewed as a top 10 player of all time after winning 2011 ring 3:00 pm Thu Aug 13 EDTDeleted

Just 4 all league first teams and 0 defensive teams might be a hindrance. 2

What if Donald Trump owned an NBA team 1:58 pm Fri Aug 14 EDTDeleted

It would go bankrupt. 3

Prime MJ and 2013 Lebron vs a WNBA team8:45 pm Fri Aug 14 EDTDeleted

> with unlimited motor that can play 48 minutes 2013 Bron didnt even average 38mpg. We get it tho you hate womens hoops. 4

If Ben Simmons shot 0 from three this year at a minimum of 6 attempts that would be completely normal 8:44 pm Tue Aug 18 EDTDeleted

Wed still give him ROY 7

Ten years later and still no sufficient evidence Do you believe Delonte West had sexual relations with that woman 5:21 pm Wed Aug 19 EDTDeleted

People who cant let go of the past, clearly. 2

Who was a better signing for LA Lakers Kwame Brown or Dwight Howard 1:33 pm Tue Aug 25 EDTDeleted

Didnt Kwame come in a trade? 1

What is the single most bright-white surface-of-the-sun hottest take that you 100 believe in 12:50 pm Thu Aug 27 EDTDeleted

Boogies career is finished. 5

Jordan faced difficulty being defended by two guards both shorter lighter and significantly less athletic than him Wouldnt it be fair to say he would struggle more against Kawhi prime Bron Tony Allen 12:52 am Fri Sep 4 EDTDeleted

These kind of cross-era discussions always fall under the assumption that X-elite player from the past is somehow too stupid to adjust his game to match up against bigger, maybe better defenders than what he faced. These guys are HOFers for a reason, and 15

Jordan faced difficulty being defended by two guards both shorter lighter and significantly less athletic than him Wouldnt it be fair to say he would struggle more against Kawhi prime Bron Tony Allen 12:52 am Fri Sep 4 EDTDeleted

Yes, he would have had similar success. He had to score against defenders all over - not strictly just smaller SGs because thats the position he played. Defensive rotations and offensive movement dont mean guys like MJ were guarded only by smaller players 1

Jordan faced difficulty being defended by two guards both shorter lighter and significantly less athletic than him Wouldnt it be fair to say he would struggle more against Kawhi prime Bron Tony Allen 12:52 am Fri Sep 4 EDTDeleted

Also Jordan [averaged 31.1ppg against Dumars](https://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/tiny.fcgi?id=KM7cI) - including a 61pt game - so maybe he was just being facetious in his "praise" of Dumars. 1

Celtics 17-4 in the finals Lakers 16-15 Which is better 7:17 pm Tue Sep 15 EDTDeleted

When did they "dominate" in the 60s, 70s, and 90s? -1

Celtics 17-4 in the finals Lakers 16-15 Which is better 7:17 pm Tue Sep 15 EDTDeleted

Depends if you value simply reaching the Finals as being just as good as winning it. Lakers 15 Finals losses is more than double the next in line (Knicks & Sixers with 6 Finals losses each) 2

In the last two seasons James Harden has shot more threes than Larry Bird did in his entire 13-year career 1:18 am Sun Sep 20 EDTDeleted

Hardens also the first player in league history to attempt 1000 threes in a season. You might think Curry or Klay or maybe even Reggie did it first but no. 5

In the last two seasons James Harden has shot more threes than Larry Bird did in his entire 13-year career 1:18 am Sun Sep 20 EDTDeleted

really started blowing up late 80s-early 90s when Bird was at the tail end of his career. Nobody even attempted 300, 400, 500 threes until Michael Adams, Dale Ellis, and Danny Ainge (among others) did right around the time Larry was about to hang em up. B 2

How comes that a 42-year-old Vince Carter still plays while a much younger Carmelo Anthony is out of NBA 10:50 am Mon Sep 21 EDTDeleted

Every single one of these "why isnt Melo playing" posts consistently fail to address Melos accountability in all this. Because its someone elses fault, part of some grand conspiracy, and Melo is somehow totally absolved of it all. 1

What is a good nickname for Anthony Davis aside from The Brow 10:05 pm Sun Sep 27 EDTDeleted

The Daydream 1

LeBron has pushed the more than an athlete campaign more than anyone yet he has been silent 12:25 pm Mon Oct 12 EDTDeleted

This must be Skips burner account. Find a way to drag LeBron into this. 5

Game 1 of the NBA Finals will be on June 4 2020 31 years to the day after the Tiananmen Square Protests 9:32 pm Tue Oct 13 EDTDeleted

> why was this post deleted mods? Weve stoked the fire enough. 1

Marcus Morris actions really need to be more severely punished by the NBA he possibly even should be charged criminally9:38 pm Tue Oct 13 EDTDeleted

Lets dig into his tweets from a decade ago so we can find something mean he said and then "cancel" him. 3

Wnba championships9:35 pm Tue Oct 13 EDTDeleted

Espn relegates a potential title-clinching WNBA Finals game to Espn 2 so they can show a preseason NBA game on Espn. -1

Thoughts on this 1:52 am Mon Oct 19 EDTDeleted

Skip sees LeBron getting injured in his bajillionth season as a weakness so absolutely hes gonna claim Kawhi is automatically better now. Both Skip and Shannon get paid to have opposing views with one another. Lets just remember that. 1

Do you think a healthy Steph Curry is the only superstar who never choked in the playoffs 11:55 am Mon Oct 19 EDTDeleted

2014 Game 7. 2

Who are the best HE STAY HE GONE candidates for this 2019-2020 season 5:48 pm Mon Oct 19 EDTDeleted

I can see Whiteside tweeting "i dont wanna be here." Or Dragic, Roberson, Clarkson. 1

Why its immature putting the China NBA issue on the players6:01 pm Mon Oct 19 EDTDeleted

Because its not their job to handle the PR nightmare those above them started. -1

Why are the mods deleting all Lebron China posts 10:18 pm Mon Oct 19 EDTDeleted

Youre not allowed to be critical of LeBron on this sub. Thought everyone knew that by now. 1

Coaches Challenge8:54 pm Sun Nov 1 EDTDeleted

How long do you want the games to be? 1

Was Jordan right all along 12:11 pm Mon Nov 2 EDTDeleted

Did his career prior to this season just magically never happened now? 3

Agree or disagree LeBron should lose 10 pounds12:13 pm Mon Nov 2 EDTDeleted

If he misses a good chunk of the season again it might be something to look into. But Father Time doesnt care who you are or what shape youre in. 1

Why exactly did the NBA use to have more white players then today 6:20 pm Tue Nov 3 EDTDeleted

I would say the draft rules played a part. For the longest time you couldnt declare until your college class graduated. A lot of black players come from disadvantaged homes/locations so the chance at making millions to help your family at 19/20 outweighs 0

MJ is the goat and there is no counterargument 3:14 pm Wed Nov 4 EDTDeleted

Hell get dismissed with a wave of the hand soon enough, just like Wilt, Russell & Kareem all eventually did. 1

KATs instagram manager says Embiid deleted his comment himself on KATS posts10:14 am Thu Nov 5 EDTDeleted

We men. 0

Why is nobody talking about James Harden scoring 59 points last night 10:44 am Thu Nov 5 EDTDeleted

Fights>>>game featuring celebrity all star game "defense." 3

At halftime Nikola Vucevic has 17 7 2 on 8-12 shooting while Nikola Jokic has 4 2 1 on 1-5 shooting7:09 pm Sat Nov 7 EDTDeleted

How many Nikolas are in this league? 1

Hating on load management makes you look old and outdated12:42 am Sun Nov 15 EDTDeleted

> how is it any different than a baseball player getting a day off? NBA players dont play 24 games a month, many of those on consecutive days. 2

Hating on load management makes you look old and outdated12:42 am Sun Nov 15 EDTDeleted

How does taking a load management day off in early November affect your game come May/June though? 1

What is a bigger contributor to the Luka hype his race or his age 4:08 pm Thu Nov 26 EDTDeleted

His tattoos. 1

I put you guys down as my favorite website on my Princeton application If it doesnt work out I know who to blame6:23 pm Thu Dec 17 EDTDeleted

Predictable Ivy League elitist displacement! 3

Los Angeles Clippers should move to Seattle1:23 pm Mon Dec 28 EDTDeleted

Isnt LA already building them an arena in Inglewood? 1

Who tf decided to have the raptors wear black in a Christmas Day matchup with the celtics 12:42 pm Wed Dec 30 EDTDeleted

Cant we just be grateful theyre finally on national TV Christmas Day. 10

Why did the Raptors get a Christmas game 2:01 pm Wed Dec 30 EDTDeleted

Defending champs and their fans whine about it every year. -13

Possible 4 out of 5 blowout games on christmas4:20 pm Wed Dec 30 EDTDeleted

The bitching & spicy takes are gonna be epic. Then itll be New Years Eve and well all stop caring until next Christmas. 4

I need the truth I m not expecting it but I do look forward to it11:26 pm Fri Jan 10 EDTDeleted

The Washington Bullets once suspended a guy named John "Hot Plate" Williams for being overweight. 1

Serious Why isnt the WNBA having success while the NBA is 12:29 am Sun Jan 12 EDTDeleted

Misogyny and not enough basketball fans care about womens hoops. -5

whats one MIND blowing stat fact that you cannot get over8:40 pm Sun Jan 12 EDTDeleted

55 rebounds by one player -- especially since these days most *teams* dont even yank down 50 boards per night. 2

Jimmy Butler VS Kyrie Irving Who is the biggest cancer to their team in a losing situation 4:50 pm Sun Jan 19 EDTDeleted

Stephon Marbury. 2

Would you really want James harden on your team Be honest8:54 pm Sun Jan 19 EDTDeleted

Weak offenses like the Magic, Cavs, Knicks and Hornets sure could use him.Would also put more butts in seats for some of them. 2

Should the league move tomorrow night s 7 00 ESPN game from clippers heat to Nuggets Pelicans 6:40 pm Thu Jan 23 EDTDeleted

Theyre definitely gonna rearrange the sked so long as Zion is active. 1

Why is Americas National Anthem sung in the Raptors stadium 7:27 pm Mon Feb 10 EDTDeleted

They do it in all Canadian NHL arenas too. 1

What was the point of the bobcats changing their name to the Hornets a previous franchise that the Pelicans once were2:18 pm Mon Feb 17 EDTDeleted

Michael Jordan submitted an application to formally change the name. You gonna say no to Michael Jordan? David Stern certainly wasnt. It helped recapture their past history. 3

Who would you rather build a team around- Ben Simmons or Trae1:26 am Fri Feb 21 EDTDeleted

I would love to see what Simmons can do when his best teammate isnt a 24/12 defensive big man that can hit threes 10

Would you consider James Harden a system player 4:01 pm Fri Feb 21 EDTDeleted

I think its more of a sign that a good 6th man got the ultimate green light somewhere else. Sorta reminds me of Dale Ellis path. From 15-18mpg and 7ppg off the bench for the Mavericks to 25,26,28ppg for the Sonics in his first three years in Seattle. 1

How would the Celtics have done if Kemba Walker was healthy and playing 7:15 pm Sun Feb 23 EDTDeleted

Missing a 20ppg scorer and losing a close game like that? I dunno man. Remember Boston whooped their ass last month at home. 7

LeBron was 11 years old when Jordan won his last title8:55 pm Sat Mar 21 EDTDeleted

"a shop window on the street..." I know youre being facetious but that...wasnt happening in the late 1990s. Maybe in the 50s. 1

Tiago Splitter will always be known as the guy who got stuffed at the rim by LeBron What other NBA players will be known for one specific play 9:48 pm Mon Mar 23 EDTDeleted

Alton Lister, the guy Shawn Kemp pointed to after his dunk [sent Lister to the floor.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2GaAWdHwsw) 2

In Hindsight what grade would you give the Houston Rockets selecting Akeem Olajuwon first overall in 1983 ahead of Michael Jordan 8:32 pm Tue Mar 31 EDTDeleted

It was still a big mans league back then. Theres a reason why Mike also went after Sam Bowie. 6

Where would you rank Oscar Robertson all-time 4:34 pm Sun Apr 12 EDTDeleted

Ive seen a few lists here that didnt even have him in their top 25. 1

Which month is the most likely that we could realistically see play resume 1:08 pm Tue Apr 14 EDTDeleted

Ask the virus. Or maybe some scientists. 2

Should the Los Angeles Lakers be awarded the NBA title if the seqaon is cancelled 8:26 pm Tue Apr 14 EDTDeleted

No because the Rockets lawsuit will see you in court. 1

Why hasnt LeBron financially contributed to coronavirus 7:07 pm Mon Apr 20 EDTDeleted

How do you know he hasnt? 2

Which NBA players have the most game with women 8:51 pm Thu Apr 23 EDTDeleted

Calvin Murphy had 14 kids with 9 women. 1

Did Jordan Release The Last Dance To Diminish Lebrons Legacy 10:55 pm Tue May 5 EDTDeleted

Thats the agenda many want you to believe. 2

Is Lebron a bigger figure today than Jordan was in the 90s 8:27 pm Sat May 9 EDTDeleted

The 24/7 media today plays a major role in this. Things Mike did you only found out on 11pm Sportscenters or the morning paper. 5

Is AD already the best PF of all time 5:59 pm Thu Jun 4 EDTDeleted

Win some things first. 2

Draft rookie Giannis or KD 7:43 pm Wed Jun 10 EDTDeleted

This is the only kind of question where doing 30-14-6 at age 25 on a team with the best record in the league can be met with replies basically saying *"meh."* 1

Do you think Kawhi Leonards 2019 ring is more impressive than LeBrons 2016 ring 6:29 pm Sat Jun 13 EDTDeleted

Kawhi wasnt down 3-1 to the defending champs, having to win game 7 on the road. 4

From 2008 to 2010 the LAL went to 3 straight NBA Finals and won 2 of them2:53 pm Sat Jun 20 EDTDeleted

NBA Champion Adam "The Stache" Morrison. 1