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u PMmePICSofBAGELS is not right about comment conduct on r nba2:05 pm Tue Nov 19 EDT 0 ups @ 0.18 Removed

With all this KD might leave next year speculation- can we try to get Adam Silver to reopen the Seattle franchise and rename the team Seattle Serpents 11:57 am Fri Nov 22 EDT 0 ups @ 0.31 Removed

If a player made it to the finals every year as the clear leader of the team but never won a ring what would they have to do to be seen as the new GOAT Could it be done 1:14 pm Fri Nov 29 EDT 0 ups @ 0.45 Removed

Unpopular Opinion People should stop being all up in arms about the fan vote 2:58 pm Thu Jan 3 EDT 0 ups @ 0.34 Removed

Which other years would Lebron have won MVP if he didnt coast in the regular season 10:07 pm Sat Feb 2 EDT 0 ups @ 0.40 Removed

Has a trade ever happened for nothing 8:24 pm Sun Feb 10 EDT 2 ups @ 0.75 Removed

OC Building a House with those Bricks1:11 pm Mon Feb 18 EDT 143 ups @ 0.95 Removed

If you had to move the Warriors core to different teams where would you place them so all of them could shine and what would their ceilings be 1:52 pm Sun Apr 28 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

Who would you pick first for your team in an all-NBA redraft 9:21 pm Tue Apr 30 EDT 3 ups @ 0.64 Removed

Serious We had 2 Game 7s today both close and competitive Neutral fans which one did you enjoy watching more and why 9:49 pm Sun May 12 EDT 3 ups @ 0.80 Removed

VOTE How did the refs do today 12:30 am Sat Jun 8 EDT 2 ups @ 0.75 Removed


Does LeBrons stint with the Lakers prove he cant play out West 10:18 am Mon Nov 11 EDTRemoved

Tell me Draymond, Klay, Bogut, Barnes, Iguodala is a worse supporting cast than Delly, TT, Shumpert, JR, Mozgov. What a bunch of nonsense. 1

u PMmePICSofBAGELS is not right about comment conduct on r nba2:05 pm Tue Nov 19 EDTRemoved

But you did, and thats what matters. :) Shout out to /u/PMmePICSofBAGELS for the set-up, everyone send him bagel pics! 0

If Curry lost his exceptional 3 point shooting how good would he and the Warriors be 2:27 pm Thu Nov 28 EDTRemoved

Your comment gave me an idea. [Based on the data from the 2017 season to present, whenever Curry shoots between 30% to 35% from 3, the Warriors are 14-6 or 0.700. ](https://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pgl_finder.cgi?request=1&match=game& 3

Hayward Brown Rozier Sacremento 1st Round Pick Grizzlies 1st Round Pick Clippers 1st Round Pick Celtics 1st Round Pick for Luka Doncic salary filler Who says no 6:56 pm Fri Nov 29 EDTRemoved

> who is set to become the Mavs franchise player for the future This kind of answers your question. Its a hard pass by the Mavs. > + salary filler. Why would you need salary filler if this trade goes through? You unload 3 players. 2

Should the Celtics make a trade package10:43 am Mon Dec 2 EDTRemoved

Did you mean fair weather fan? Unless were referring to the Boston Peacocks of course. 1

James Harden GOAT of Offense8:06 am Wed Dec 4 EDTRemoved

James Harden isnt even the greatest offensive player in his own time lol 1

The Spurs should consider firing Popovich1:21 pm Sat Dec 7 EDTRemoved

Ironically OPs complaint is about the lack of offense, and here you are giving it to him. How kind of you. 4

Why did Lebron lose the 2011 Finals 5:42 pm Tue Dec 10 EDTRemoved

Its a tough one to write about? Its pretty much the arc that caused him to re-evaluate his mentality and become the player he is today. 1. Dwane Casey gets mocked for how much Lebron steamrolled him with Toronto, but Dwane Casey drew up the defensive sc 1

With the Mavs down 8 with just over 2 minutes to go Luka Doncic went on an 11-0 run by himself 8:24 pm Sat Dec 14 EDTRemoved

In less than 70 seconds 35

Doncic Vs Fox 10:08 pm Sun Dec 22 EDTRemoved

Nah sorry dont you know that if you watch a rookie play against your team and your team wins, that means the rookie is now a bust and Adam Silver executes him the next morning? Maybe learn the rules of the NBA before posting on this subreddit bud. 5

If the Pelicans offered Ad for dirk do the mavs do it 10:43 am Wed Dec 25 EDTRemoved

Youre right. Dirk literally told Cuban back in 2007: "Look, if you can trade me for Kobe, youve gotta do it." And Cuban said lol no Dirk would be even more willing now. This type of loyalty is rare. 4

Should Coaches stand behind their players no matter what4:06 pm Sun Dec 29 EDTRemoved

I dont think a coach should stand by their player if they do something blatantly wrong. You yourself admit that he deserved the tech and possibly the ejection so Im going to take your word for that. I dont think Malone should stand by his guy if thats act 6

Im very happy for Luka Doncic fans4:27 pm Sun Dec 29 EDTRemoved

What the fuck is up with this subreddit and bringing up race Lukas a good player, who cares what race the person is that recognizes that fact? 14

Regarding the confusion around Lebron s comments12:48 pm Mon Dec 30 EDTRemoved

Or, maybe he just apologized because he didnt mean to offend anyone and it has nothing to do with the jewish makeup of the organization hes a part of? Jeez, apologizing doesnt need its own justification, let alone a nonsense one such as this. 2

Post-game thread The Dallas Mavericks 18-19 defeat the Charlotte Hornets 18-19 122 to 849:17 pm Wed Jan 2 EDTRemoved

Can the Hornets thanos the Nuggets now? 1

Why is the Houston crowd always so terrible 8:53 pm Wed Jan 9 EDTRemoved

I remember reading some comments a while back talking about how a lot of the tickets are given away to a bunch of people and businesses and so its not really loud fans that fill up the stadium. Dont know how true those comments were though, so take this 16

Unpopular Opinion Despite James Hardens incredible legendary scoring consecutive streak so far this season the Most Valuable Player Award will be given to Giannis Antetokounmpo 5:54 pm Thu Jan 24 EDTRemoved

But will they be surprised because Harden outright deserves to win over any other contender? Or will they be surprised because the media is committed to the Harden hype over anyone else over the past few weeks, and so thats whats fresh in peoples minds? 1

What happens if a player has a heart attack while going up for a dunk and is fouled 1:59 am Mon Feb 4 EDTRemoved

Kardashian sisters are our universes Misa Amane and have a second notebook, except their death note just kills careers. 2

Make your dream team of starting 5 based on traditional positions PG SG SF PF C No overlap or he couldve played this position 5:11 pm Sun Feb 10 EDTRemoved

Assuming all players are in their primes PG: Steph Curry SG: Michael Jordan SF: Lebron James PF: Dirk Nowitzki C: Shaq You surround James with amazing shooters that spread the floor, and then Shaq just eats everyone in the post. 1

Theory Brad Stevens made the Celtics falling apart6:45 am Mon Feb 11 EDTRemoved

9/11 never really happened on Sept 11th, it actually happened on 11/9, they faked the original footage by flying Stanley Kubrick up to the dark side of the moon and filming fake footage there, that way airports could close and then the rest of day they us 3

Why Kobe is still ahead of LeBron in the GOAT conversation5:32 pm Fri Feb 15 EDTRemoved

Guys players today are all about actually playing basketball to be considered the GOAT Im sure if I chose to go play basketball instead of just sitting on the couch I could have, my gift is just sitting on the couch watching more One Punch Man. And Im a 2

ls there a tendency to harshly judge players solely on their elimination games 2:47 pm Sun Feb 17 EDTRemoved

Yes, but 2011 also happened, so... 2

ls there a tendency to harshly judge players solely on their elimination games 2:47 pm Sun Feb 17 EDTRemoved

Heres a serious answer boo Yes, we tend to judge players more harshly on their elimination games, but thats also because those are arguably the most significant games. Those are the games were you win or you die. The opposite is also true though - if a 2

ls there a tendency to harshly judge players solely on their elimination games 2:47 pm Sun Feb 17 EDTRemoved

Im not being fair that Harden is a choker? Harden choked. That doesnt mean hes not a great player, just that when his performance matters to make it out of elimination, he cant seem to push through. I can sympathize with that feeling of not being able to 1

OC Building a House with those Bricks1:11 pm Mon Feb 18 EDTRemoved

Melos house is still technically in progress, but his ability to supply bricks is so high now that no one is contracting him unfortunately. :/ 1

OC Building a House with those Bricks1:11 pm Mon Feb 18 EDTRemoved

Dont listen to /u/mrsuns10 lets do it, I could clearly use some company lol 1

OC Building a House with those Bricks1:11 pm Mon Feb 18 EDTRemoved

Sure Heres westbrook, with a [quaint 980 sq ft building](https://www.theplancollection.com/Upload/Designers/100/1052/29273_Elev_381_251.jpg). 1

OC Building a House with those Bricks1:11 pm Mon Feb 18 EDTRemoved

30 for 30: What if I told you that a legacy wasnt the only thing Kobe was building? 1

OC Building a House with those Bricks1:11 pm Mon Feb 18 EDTRemoved

Actually, if Russ and Harden decided to be roommates, their house would still only be 50 sq ft larger than Kobes right now. 1

LeBron is in Lebronto mode7:24 am Thu Feb 21 EDTRemoved

Oh hey look its our nephew Travesty Scott 1

Why didnt the Heatles win 4 straight Makes no sense 8:25 am Thu Feb 21 EDTRemoved

If the Lakers make the playoffs, Rockets better the ones to boot him out. Yall need to get in on this Houston! 2

The Chicago Bulls and the Atlanta Hawks just had the highest scoring game of the 21st century and the 3rd highest scoring game in NBA history The final score was 168-161 11:16 pm Fri Mar 1 EDTRemoved

Thanks for actually waiting for the final score before making your post. 23

The similarities between LeBron and Ronaldo are insane 4:33 pm Wed Mar 13 EDTRemoved

LeBRonaldo Meme math checks out 3

The similarities between LeBron and Ronaldo are insane 4:33 pm Wed Mar 13 EDTRemoved

Does Ronaldo have a history of being clean? 1

Tell me why this wouldn t work reverse lottery10:57 pm Mon Apr 1 EDTRemoved

smh theres always someone who suggests this exact idea thinking theyve cracked the lottery the whole reason why the bottom seeds get the best odds at higher picks is because theyre bad teams - if you just give it to mediocre teams, then bad teams stand n 9

Dirk Nowitzki or Dwyane Wade 11:03 pm Wed Apr 3 EDTRemoved

> Besides the 2011 championship, he never really made noise in the playoffs. Oh you a nephew 10

What happens if there s a three-way tie between Por Hou and Den 12:18 am Wed Apr 10 EDTRemoved

Essentially what happens is their best players (Dame, Harden, and Jokic) will have to pick up weapons that best resemble attributes about them. Dame will get a small purse, aka a clutch. Harden will get a pair of sandals, aka flip-flops. And Jokic wil -1

GOAT8:16 am Sun Apr 14 EDTRemoved

How you gonna talk about Big 3s as a Spurs fan when you had one of the biggest Big 3s in the modern era? 1

About the 4 1st-round upsets yesterday9:53 am Sun Apr 14 EDTRemoved

no way something was repeated on reddit? 1

What if we misunderstood Brandon Jennings Bucks in 6 comment What if he didnt mean 6 games 4:01 pm Mon Apr 15 EDTRemoved

I got this guys: Shitpost on r/nba in 6 1

What happened to updated scores on the top of r nba 4:20 pm Thu Apr 18 EDTRemoved

Theyre still around but they clear it after a while to reflect the upcoming games of the day. Just gotta check early enough bud. 6

Giannis or Doncic to build your franchise around 3:16 pm Sun Apr 21 EDTRemoved

Bruh You take the guy thats proven himself already Giannis is an MVP, as good as Doncic might be, youre making a foolish decision if you dont pick Giannis This is the family guy mystery box argument smh 1

It was JUSTICE that KD went to the Warriors 9:11 am Tue Apr 23 EDTRemoved

Wait so is Russell Westbrook literally the worst basketball player ever or a possible key piece of a dynasty? Reddits been confusing me with their hot takes recently 1

It was JUSTICE that KD went to the Warriors 9:11 am Tue Apr 23 EDTRemoved

> Do you remember how Lebron played in his first Finals? In Lebrons first finals, he averaged 22/7/7 with a steal but with 6 turnovers. He was 2nd in points, 4th in rebounds, and 1st in assists among *all* players of that series. Its funny that youre 1

It was JUSTICE that KD went to the Warriors 9:11 am Tue Apr 23 EDTRemoved

lol youre a clown if warriors win in 2016 KD still leaves but he goes to Cleveland - it wouldve helped Lebrons legacy cause guaranteed KD + Lebron take all the rings 2

Lebrons best game last playoffs 51 points in 48 minutes 60 shooting Durant this game 50 points in 40 minutes on 62 12:32 am Sat Apr 27 EDTRemoved

No if you like KD you must hate Lebron if you like Luka you must hate Trae if you like Simmons you must hate Mitchell if you like Westbrook you must hate Westbrook these are just a few of the binaries that we have tacitly agreed to as NBA fans. 1

Im tired of commentators specially former players saying teams need to stop shooting 3s every single time they are losing6:40 am Fri May 17 EDTRemoved

> A lot of times, the players are just taking the open shot. Should they stop taking the open shots that they have taken all season long efficiently? Sometimes? There are times where shooters go on cold streaks, just like how sometimes they get a hot 1

Skip Bayless just completely shit on Kawhi Leonard on Twitter 1:50 am Sun May 26 EDTRemoved

Looks like Kawhi has finally made it boys 2

Is there a reason why Steph and LeBron arent close friends anymore 11:24 pm Wed May 29 EDTRemoved

To be fair I dont think that was because of Steph but rather the guy attacking Steph lol, pretty sure he wouldve stuck up for almost anybody 4

We need to dispel this notion that the Warriors have an unfair advantage as a result of having 5 All-Stars 9:55 am Mon Jun 3 EDTRemoved

Cause were addicts to basketball content even though we know theres not gonna be any good stuff, some stuff is better than no stuff 5

The Box-1 defense is a middle school level scheme If a superstar can be utterly negated by it that s not okay 7:25 pm Mon Jun 3 EDTRemoved

Its not a triple team because by that logic a zone defense is technically double teaming all 5 players cause someone "could always be waiting." You cant "double team" every single opposing player. Double teaming is when you have two guys actively guardin 3

In light of the shoving incident with the Warriors owner and Lowry Drake needs to be in attendance court-side for Game 4 to act as protection for the Raptors 12:39 pm Thu Jun 6 EDTRemoved

> should be forced to give his ~~seats~~ ownership to Drake really make things spicy 4

What if Zion Williamson is LeBrons illegitimate child 11:28 pm Thu Jun 6 EDTRemoved

Sorry time is a circle, Zion Williamson is actually so talented that he went back in time and slept with Gloria Zion is Lebrons dad. 2

Are we done giving Curry a pass 10:21 am Sat Jun 8 EDTRemoved

Curry has 33 points on 42/36/93 shooting these past 4 games. Westbrook had 23 points on 36/32/88 shooting in the playoffs this year. Where are you getting the idea that Curry is shooting like Westbrook is? If you want to argue that there should be a hi 2

There need to be a diversity quota in the NBA 10:12 pm Sun Jun 9 EDTRemoved

Should GMs and front offices not judge who theyre taking by their skin color? Yes of course. Should there be quotas in sports based purely on skin color? Fuck no 15

Unpopular opinion I hope the Warriors win tonight10:49 am Mon Jun 10 EDTRemoved

There are two kinds of Lakers fans. The newer ones fatigued over the last 9 years of not having a championship. And the older ones who have gotten bored of having a 3-peat and then a back to back. So heres a refresher from a Mavs fan - when you win 2

Did the crowd cheering for KDs injury affect the Raptors players 10:11 pm Mon Jun 10 EDTRemoved

Nah, its more that Cousins came back and is playing like Boogie 1

Did 12 mins of a still ridiculously hurt KD show us that this would have been a sweep for GS if KD was even 70 percent healthy 12:32 am Tue Jun 11 EDTRemoved

No, because Warriors fans have always been quick to say that a game where Kawhi was injured by Zaza after the Spurs were up double digits is not an indicator that the Spurs wouldve won the series 1

Need more mods of color in here2:15 am Thu Jun 13 EDTRemoved

> erasure of black culture for white profit (see the dress code) i dont know about yall but im redditing in the nude right now, mods please dont ban me 3

You can t put an asterisk on a championship but man a dynasty shouldn t end because of injuries The Raptors had the luckiest path to a championship in a long time7:33 am Fri Jun 14 EDTRemoved

The raptors were not the picture of health lol Danny Green and Kyle Lowry both had hand issues One of their role players in OG Anunoby was out for a while and by the time he was ready to come back they werent sure if they wanted to risk incorporating hi 6

OC The case against NBA commissioner Adam Silver2:06 pm Sun Jun 16 EDTRemoved

> He merely fined Dallas for a massive decade-plus long sexual harassment suit against them while the NFL forced a similar owner (Jerry Richardson of the Panthers) to sell his team. wow its almost like Mark Cuban wasnt doing the harassment himself lik 3

2003 nba draft Redraft does LeBron go 1 5:13 pm Wed Jun 19 EDTRemoved

lol wtf the only reason that Wade has as many titles as lebron is because of lebron delete this grandnephew 27

somewhat serious If Kobe was white would he have been more popular or less popular 1:25 am Sun Jun 23 EDTRemoved

Yall forgot about dirk fucking quickly man hasnt even been retired for a year -2

Discussion How do the Bucks end up with 3 awards when they couldnt even get 3 wins off the Raps 11:00 pm Mon Jun 24 EDTRemoved

lmao for someone who just won a ring you bitter as fuck 2

Serious Imagine you have Rob Pelinkas job How would you fill out the Lakers roster 10:46 pm Thu Jun 27 EDTRemoved

1. Go for Kawhi. 2. Surround Lebron and AD with the best shooters you can regardless of what happened with step 1. 5

spurs are 100 to blame if the LBJ AD kawhi big 3 actually happens8:30 am Sat Jun 29 EDTRemoved

Whats to stop the Lakers from just adding AD the next offseason then, when hes a free agent? 0

Serious Would the Lakers 3-peating be enough to move Lebron above Jordan 7:26 pm Sat Jun 29 EDTRemoved

He gets it off of 3 4-0 sweeps from the Toronto Raptors, with each game being won by an even more ridiculous game winner than the last Im talking 1 handed grandma shots from half court to seal the win 4

Why hasnt Klay Thompsons contract been announced yet 8:23 pm Sun Jun 30 EDTRemoved

I have it on good authority that he either stays with the Warriors or doesnt so no worries 3

KD and Kyrie joining can be considered a new Redeem Team since their hard earned championships were regarded as not theirs 9:11 pm Sun Jun 30 EDTRemoved

who the fuck thinks kyrie didnt earn his ring? thats a nonsense take 86

Where is KD s THANK YOU Warriors 10:53 pm Sun Jun 30 EDTRemoved

Its in the rafters showcasing back to back years 2

Wojnarowski Kawhi Leonard has officially reached an agreement to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers on a 4 year 128 million deal league sources tell ESPN 7:13 pm Mon Jul 1 EDTRemoved


Unpopular Opinion Lakers should NOT have targeted Kawhi Leonard and should ve instead used their cap space to sign quality starters and role players 7:53 am Tue Jul 2 EDTRemoved

> They’re about to have bench quality players starting for them Well if they get Kawhi, then 4 out of their 5 starters will indeed be starters 7

Kawhi is playing 4D chess7:58 am Tue Jul 2 EDTRemoved

Genuine question - do you think youre clever for thinking of this, or do you know that this is reposted every 5 minutes? 35

Bobby Marks is challenging Ryan Hollins for stupidity 11:51 am Tue Jul 2 EDTRemoved

Claiming that the Warriors - who lost one of their best players in FA and the other due to injury and is trying to substitute that with a newly minted PG that people are already talking about trading away midseason - wont make the playoffs is not worse th 5

The NBA must give a cash award to fans of the NBA Champions3:59 pm Tue Jul 2 EDTRemoved

Why should the cash be split among the winning team? All fans contribute to this lol 2

Very interesting detail about Kawhi to the Lakers possibility 11:53 pm Thu Jul 4 EDTRemoved

this is the worst one 3

Im 100 certain Kawhis signing with the Lakers12:12 am Fri Jul 5 EDTRemoved

> This is not a conspiracy theory. sure, you literally describe that people are conspiring to make a "show" but ok 2

Im 100 certain Kawhis signing with the Lakers12:12 am Fri Jul 5 EDTRemoved

yes because when people say conspiracy theory they only refer to the criminal definition of conspiracy op quit bein a clown 1

Kawhi to announce he s signing with the Raptors within the next 90 minutes 8:12 am Fri Jul 5 EDTRemoved

but dude is username is raptors inside source, you cant just grab a username like that for free 12

If the Lakers land Kawhi how stupid must Tyronn Lue feel 8:15 am Fri Jul 5 EDTRemoved

Not stupid at all, the dude is a championship coach who wanted to be respected and didnt see that respect coming from the organization he planned on working for, so he walked out. Thats a gutsy move in and of itself. I cant tell you how many times Ive sig 6

MJ s ACTUAL postseason averages vs Lebron s Jordan s 1989 averages 36 7 7 2 6 8 2 8 while shooting 514 FG Lebron s averages from 2009 35 3 9 1 7 3 1 6 shooting 510 FG 10:48 am Fri Jul 5 EDTRemoved

Its not cherrypicking to use per 100 possessions instead of per game, its just a different way of looking at the statistic Just because someone posts stats that disagree with your narrative doesnt mean the stats are cherrypicked 1

Laker Legend Traitors 2:04 pm Sat Jul 6 EDTRemoved

tbh the real traitor is you for rejecting them even though they won you rings 3

Why was kawhi allowed to talk to a player with a 4 year contract and basically force his team to trade him 7:54 pm Sat Jul 6 EDTRemoved

Salty Lakers fans aside, players are allowed to talk to each other I believe 6

Why was kawhi allowed to talk to a player with a 4 year contract and basically force his team to trade him 7:54 pm Sat Jul 6 EDTRemoved

Like what? Kawhi: Hey dude I wanna play with the Clips would you be interested in teaming up? PG: Yeah that would be awesome but Im under contract Kawhi: Ah thats a shame, if only you could push for a trade like AD, I bet Presti is more competent about 5

The Knicks need to trade for 2 stars right away10:27 pm Sat Jul 6 EDTRemoved

> The Knicks have the assets to get Beal and Westbrook Show your work 16

Did everyone forget what PG did to his new coaches daughter 4:24 pm Sun Jul 7 EDTRemoved

something something pay for abortion she said no though! 3

Why isnt there an investigation into if the Clippers and Kawhi committed collusion broke league rules 8:40 pm Mon Jul 8 EDTRemoved

bullshit, mueller report NBA edition would get ESPN ratings for weeks, itd be the new deflategate 8

Serious Players have the right to play where they want to 6:51 pm Wed Jul 10 EDTRemoved

Honestly just because you put a serious tag doesnt mean what you have to say is more valuable. This take is already widely agreed upon and youve brought nothing fresh to the discussion. We all understand players make millions but they still have their ri 1

What if Michael Jordan was White 10:14 pm Wed Jul 10 EDTRemoved

I mean we were one pick away from him, we shouldve offered a future first and pick swapped, MJ and Sam Perkins wouldve been the original Luka vs Trae 1

What if Michael Jordan was White 10:14 pm Wed Jul 10 EDTRemoved

He wouldve had 2 3peats with the MLB but retired in the middle to play in the NBA 3

does westbrook going to the rockets increase or decrease hardens chance at an mvp next year 9:01 pm Thu Jul 11 EDTRemoved

Theyll be the first duo to ever put up quadruple doubles, getting 10+ in points rebounds and assists and then 10 more in stealing the ball from each other 4

The OKC Thunder ended Kobe Dirk and Tim Duncans playoff careers1:14 am Sun Jul 14 EDTRemoved

But people arent saying they ended PG and Westbrook. Theyre saying they ended the current iteration of the Thunder, which is likely true. 4

What is your definition of a contender 1:11 pm Mon Jul 15 EDTRemoved

I think the consensus agreement at least on this sub is 04 right? 1

We should relegate the worst team in each conferences flair in favor of a poop emoji with their teams name1:33 pm Mon Jul 15 EDTRemoved

youre a coward for making this post and not having a flair yourself 3

LA team swap in 2021 Kawhi Leonards and Paul Georges contracts perfectly align with Lebrons3:05 pm Mon Jul 15 EDTRemoved

wait what do you mean november, doesnt the season start in october? 7

Where do you think Giannis will play next 8:01 am Tue Jul 16 EDTRemoved

> Cuban has no shame hell probably max the little kid. ok timeout why are you saying this like Giannis wouldnt get the max somewhere else, explain that one 1

How many all-time great legends did LeBron stop from winning NBA title in 2010s 2:27 pm Tue Jul 16 EDTRemoved

Not many tbh Westbrook and Harden I guess since neither have seen the finals since, Paul George for sure, Derozan with the Raptors but I wouldnt say hes an all-time great most of the people he faced had won it before or after 3

How many years left does LeRoid James have of being a top 5 player 7:27 pm Wed Jul 17 EDTRemoved

Your dad beat you year after year over and over and then when he finally left you, your stepdad showed up for one year, gave you a really delicious piece of candy that youll remember for your whole life, but then laughed in your face and left too, and you 7

Do you think Dirk Nowitzkis 2011 Championship is the greatst accomplishment in NBA history 2:06 pm Thu Jul 18 EDTRemoved

Hakeem had to beat the top 3 seeds in his conference and then the best seed in the East In theory its literally the hardest path through the playoffs 4

LeBroom is known for quitting on his former team the Cleveland Cavaliers during the final two postseasons of his Cavaliers career LeBroom is no where near Kobes level because LeBroom has 0 rings and Kobe has 5 12:32 am Sat Jul 20 EDTRemoved

yo are totally right, lebroom does have 0 rings but lebron has 3 rings and that kills you doesnt it lol oh and speaking of brooms how did your 2011 playoff run against us go, i really hope you enjoyed that kobe vs lebron matchup, oh wait we fucked that 3

If the young Hawks led by Trae Collins Hunter Huerter made the NBA Finals this season upsetting Bucks 76ers would they be the most shocking team in NBA history If not what team was more shocking 7:04 am Sat Jul 20 EDTRemoved

also with the way that players are willing to bounce quickly if they dont see any advancement in their team, its nice to show that your team is able to pull a free agent and get yourself into the playoffs, or snag a smart coach and get yourself into the p 1

If the young Hawks led by Trae Collins Hunter Huerter made the NBA Finals this season upsetting Bucks 76ers would they be the most shocking team in NBA history If not what team was more shocking 7:04 am Sat Jul 20 EDTRemoved

i guess i just define "unproven" differently than you because I dont take it to mean "unproven at doing a repeat performance." dude was pretty consistent throughout the year, i see no reason to suspect that his game will decline. MCW had a shoulder surger 1

Do you think Nerlens Noel could win a 1v1 against a smaller dominant C 7:45 am Sat Jul 20 EDTRemoved

6 months is fine and all but can they do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke is my question 5

LeBron s career stats vs MJ s rookie numbers5:49 am Sun Jul 21 EDTRemoved

Why does winning not count except if its the finals? Also, why are you deluded enough to think that Lebron will get to 3 finals in this loaded west, but then also think hell lose to a "weak East" team every time? 0

Serious LeBron James backwards is semaJ norBeL 8:37 pm Sun Jul 21 EDTRemoved

mods honestly you should ban this for the use of the serious tag 2

So since this sub believes consensusly that Wades 2006 ring was rigged why is he ranked so high 1:03 pm Mon Jul 22 EDTRemoved

Mavs fan here Even among fans its pretty split about it being rigged, but the people who believe it BELIEVE it if that makes sense, while everyone else is kind of like "meh whatever we got our ring" 2

Fans hoping Kawhis contract gets voided are delusional8:49 am Tue Jul 23 EDTRemoved

Nephews making posts claiming fans are hoping Kawhis contract gets voided are delusional 6

If Karl Malone led the Jazz to titles with Stockton would he be considered among the GOAT conversation 4:22 pm Thu Jul 25 EDTRemoved

If Post Malone played Jazz at the Stockton festival on sept 28th, would he be among the GOAT musician conversation? -1

Guys I think Anthony Davis is a better basketball player than I am 12:08 pm Fri Jul 26 EDTRemoved

tbh im better than anthony davis, they asked me to play for USA this year and the NBA as well but I wanted to spend time focusing on my family 8

Does anyone but Orlando fans believe their team is anything more than average 3:02 pm Sat Jul 27 EDTRemoved

> theyre building a great foundation to possibly attract a few to come down and join them > footsteps of the Nets and the Clippers I think the big difference though is that Miami isnt a shoddily run organization, they also have a good core with a -2

What if in a attempt to gain more viewers Steph Curry plays in a few WNBA games 8:22 am Tue Jul 30 EDTRemoved

That would be the worst possible pick what youre saying is that in order to be *charitable* to the WNBA you want to send Steph Curry? hell miss every shot 1

Video Edit Request Make LeBrons dunk on Draymond in the closing seconds of game 7 of the 2016 NBA finals actually go in 9:53 am Fri Aug 2 EDTRemoved

Why would OP tell you lotto numbers if he has a time machine lmao, hell just get himself the money and go to the game 1

So tired of all these X is pulling out of the US national team posts7:13 pm Sat Aug 3 EDTRemoved

https://streamable.com/l7np8 3

Do you think there will ever be a female player in NBA Not a biological woman but a male who identifies as female perhaps with wig and makeup too 8:20 pm Sun Aug 4 EDTRemoved

I dont think this is true - I dont think the NBA has any particular rules against a woman playing in the league. The WNBA does have rules against men playing. 2

How good would the 2019 Raptors be if everyone was in their prime 10:04 pm Sun Aug 4 EDTRemoved

FVV post-3rd child birth for MVP? 2

Haynes Durant Hell no How can you blame the Warriors Hell no 5:27 pm Wed Aug 7 EDTRemoved

protip- if you want to know what kd actually thinks then just look at the comments in the article with suspicious usernames 1


Ah yes, the original nephew post. 9

Lebron deserves the Nobel Peace Prize IMO8:55 am Sun Aug 11 EDTRemoved

groin strain 3

Where can I find a list of the most 40 point games in nba playoff history 5:12 pm Wed Aug 14 EDTRemoved

https://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pgl_finder.cgi?request=1&match=game&is_playoffs=Y&age_min=0&age_max=99&season_start=1&season_end=-1&pos_is_g=Y&pos_is_gf=Y&pos_is_f=Y&pos_is_fg=Y&pos_is_fc=Y&p 3

Where can I find a list of the most 40 point games in nba playoff history 5:12 pm Wed Aug 14 EDTRemoved

no, it shows every single player that scored 40 in a playoff game, specifically citing which game as well, you can switch the criteria to total games if you want the count for each player 2

OC There has never been a BOOBIES or BOOBS lineup in NBA or ABA history 11:27 am Thu Aug 15 EDTRemoved

Probably a better chance than one day you deciding to lighten up apparently 7

If Michael Jordan is to basketball what the Beatles were to music 2:33 pm Sat Aug 17 EDTRemoved

A mariachi band 3

Borrow Sign Cut Pasty White Guy Edition Doncic Porzingis Jokic12:13 pm Wed Aug 21 EDTRemoved

> kill Porzingis You think you can take on [Ivan Drago](https://streamable.com/u4cil)? Good luck mate 1

Borrow Sign Cut Pasty White Guy Edition Doncic Porzingis Jokic12:13 pm Wed Aug 21 EDTRemoved

> (I believe the allegations) Is there any particular reason? Most of what Ive heard points to a lot of credibility questions for the accuser. 1

Borrow Sign Cut Pasty White Guy Edition Doncic Porzingis Jokic12:13 pm Wed Aug 21 EDTRemoved

For the uninitiated: https://youtu.be/lqVz7Hpq8WY 1