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Raptors All Star Reserves10:13 pm Sun Feb 21 EDT 0 ups @ 0.40 Deleted


Kawhi is 100 leaving12:02 pm Tue Jul 6 EDTDeleted

You know the weather in Edmonton is completely different than Toronto right ? Like literally the exact opposite ? 2

Whats the Song called 4:56 pm Fri Sep 17 EDTDeleted

Darude - Sandstorm 3

Serious Is OG Anunoby actually British 11:04 pm Wed Oct 13 EDTDeleted

His fam came to the US when he was young. His older brother chigbo anunoby (plays in the NFL) still has his British accent but OG has lost his lol 1

The Bulls are just 1 5 games behind the Celtics8:49 pm Sun Feb 21 EDTDeleted

They could really use a 4/small ball 5 that can shoot and block shots! A guy like Myles turner! Oh wait .. 4

Raptors All Star Reserves10:13 pm Sun Feb 21 EDTDeleted

Don’t know what makes you say that other than regurgitating espn nonsense. Siakams numbers are now the same across the board as last year minus a reduction of 2ppg. And he was all nba last year -4