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Post Game Thread The Orlando Magic beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 120-999:11 pm Thu Mar 14 EDT 3 ups @ 0.67 Removed

Post Game Thread The Denver Nuggets 46-22 beat the Indiana Pacers 44-26 thanks to Paul Milsaps game winning layup11:26 pm Sat Mar 16 EDT 16 ups @ 0.90 Removed

Post Game Thread The Orlando Magic 33-38 beat the Atlanta Hawks 24-47 101-918:15 pm Sun Mar 17 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Deleted


Here is another thread about the All-Star Voting Returns2:48 pm Thu Jan 3 EDTDeleted

Vucevic should be in the top 10 based on his play and not gordon hayward 2

I am at a basketball game in America right now It is much more boring than American football I do not enjoy it9:04 pm Mon Jan 21 EDTDeleted

Very cool kanye, thank you for sharing! 2

If AD goes to the Lakers what number will he wear 9:33 am Mon Jan 28 EDTDeleted

69 8

started watching NBA this past fall how much did i miss 3:07 pm Wed Jan 30 EDTDeleted

Litterally he will be good for millions of years to come, he did a half court 360 between the legs dunk, he just held back his potential power so he wouldnt get the all time scoring leader in 1 game 6

Is Boogie the most intimidating player in thr league 10:36 pm Sat Feb 2 EDTDeleted

No, DJ wilson is 12

Should NBA just do 3 quarters 3:43 pm Sun Feb 3 EDTDeleted

it aint broke so dont fix it 2

If the Phoenix Suns are willing to rent Anthony Davis for a year la Toronto-Kawhi they could offer the best package10:09 pm Thu Feb 7 EDTDeleted

But why? 6

Did anthony davis get traded8:56 am Sat Feb 9 EDTDeleted

I mean you could have just looked it up or look at any other thread on this subreddit but no 1

Is basketball the only major sport where so Much people look to the past as being better 5:30 pm Mon Feb 11 EDTDeleted

Not really, the basketball today has been made to be as efficent as possible so they can beat most teams from the 90s only a few teams from the 90s have a chance against todays top teams 1

One-Handed Long Shot 8:48 pm Mon Feb 11 EDTDeleted

I think thats ben simmons 5

Serious answers only who is better Siakam or Tatum10:19 pm Wed Feb 13 EDTDeleted

Kuzma 2

Are there any subreddits where we can have real NBA discussions 6:35 pm Fri Feb 15 EDTDeleted

pretty sure its more like 12 2

Is Scott Foster the GOAT NBA Ref 3:50 pm Sat Feb 23 EDTDeleted

Both tony brothers have something to say about that 3

Luke Walton needs to be fired9:55 pm Sat Feb 23 EDTDeleted

Ok then you do it 2

Post Game Thread The New York Knicks 12-48 defeat the San Antonio Spurs 33-28 130-116 behind fantastic games from DSJ Dotson and Robinson 9:53 pm Sun Feb 24 EDTDeleted

Dotson MVP in 2023 @ me 1

Fans are very split on which nickname to use for Jokic The Joker or Big Honey Why not call him The Honey Joker instead 8:41 pm Mon Feb 25 EDTDeleted

Just call him Honey Nuts 1

Would Shaq be able to play at an All Star level in the NBA if he was given 1 month to train 1:21 pm Wed Feb 27 EDTDeleted

Are you shaq or something? 2

The New York Kickerbockers Can Afford 2 Maximum Contracts Who Do You Think They Get 2:17 pm Wed Feb 27 EDTDeleted

shaq and charles 1

Predict Brandon Ingrams points and assists tonight and I will give you 100 8:38 pm Sat Mar 2 EDTDeleted

19 points 4 assists 5

What players are on the All-NBA Thicc Squad 3:44 pm Mon Mar 4 EDTDeleted

Chris Paul Kyle Lowry James Harden PJ Tucker Zion 6th man is Nurkic 1

Lets say you addicted Lebron Giannis Curry Durant and AD on crack for one year Would they be able to win team of healthy Ny Knicks 1:18 pm Tue Mar 5 EDTDeleted

dont sort by new please 3

Gordon Hayward continues to get worse Let s see how he compares to a young player with the same archetype via Twitter8:30 pm Tue Mar 5 EDTDeleted

ellenson is actually an nba player though 15

Serious If in the 1st quarter in tonights LAL vs DEN game Jokic accidentally injures LeBron before he passes Jordan in Career Points and LeBron is forced to retire and never pass MJ will you still love Jokic 10:47 am Wed Mar 6 EDTDeleted

Yes i would still like jokic because it was an accident 8

The Return of the Bigs OC Comparing Then and Now A Glimpse at the Future of Basketball3:21 pm Wed Mar 6 EDTDeleted

Good list but Zion will be a Charles Barkley or a lebron type player 2

Lebron s Instagram post on passing MJ1:06 pm Thu Mar 7 EDTDeleted

I strive for being a kid from akron 3

LeBron vs Jordan debate LeBron has 19 more points on 1 240 fewer shot attempts 2 148 more rebounds 2 951 more assists and is also doing this in an era with zone defenses and freak athletes not an era where a former garbageman won 3 straight MVPs 5:17 pm Thu Mar 7 EDTDeleted

You have a lakers flair, totally unbiased 2

Which team has the best core of white guys 5:56 pm Thu Mar 7 EDTDeleted

charlotte hornets for sure 5

JVG just said that Lakers should seriously consider to trade Lebron James8:47 pm Sat Mar 9 EDTDeleted

trade him for 13 year old jayson tatum and the draft rights to bronnie 2

How would LeBron do if he quit the NBA and played for an over 30 YMCA Mens Rec League 12:10 am Mon Mar 11 EDTDeleted

27/7/7 6

Why did Karl-Anthony Towns not start in College 10:55 pm Mon Mar 11 EDTDeleted

In his freshman year, Kentucky used a unique "platoon system" that limited the minutes of each player, and he subsequently averaged 10.3 points and 6.7 rebounds in 21.1 minutes per game. This was from wikipedia 3

Could the TNT broadcast team beat the Warriors 12:08 pm Tue Mar 12 EDTDeleted

ernuh 4

How will the Warriors get bailed out this year 1:41 pm Wed Mar 13 EDTDeleted

ill take kawhi for 400 please 3

Stephsexuals were out last night 12:57 pm Thu Mar 14 EDTDeleted

Nice but next time call them Stephuals 2

Post Game Thread The Orlando Magic beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 120-999:11 pm Thu Mar 14 EDTDeleted

dude i know i cant believe it either better then beating the warriors 2

Why is Wilt not considered a GOAT 11:54 pm Fri Mar 15 EDTDeleted

He played in an easier era and a faster pace, adjust minutes and pace and his stats are very good but not legendary 7

I dont think the Lakers will make the playoffs this year11:31 am Sun Mar 17 EDTDeleted

He should have signed with the Guangdong Southern Tigers 8

How Nikola Vucevic cost me my house4:46 pm Sun Mar 17 EDTDeleted

thats a #puremagic moment 7

There are a lot of teams that need to show up and prove themselves in this years playoffs And a lot of them will inevitably disappoint 8:44 pm Sun Mar 17 EDTDeleted

This is the first season of the nuggets contending so I dont think they should be up here, also they have all their guys under contract, the teams that need to show are the celtics and sixers IMO 1

Would you rather see Zion Williamson play on the Cavs next year or play at Duke again10:42 pm Tue Mar 19 EDTDeleted

just look over the good late 80s teams and also you used the wrong your 1

Which Team fits my style 9:49 am Wed Mar 20 EDTDeleted

Well the Magics leading scorer is 20ppg and are top 10 in team assists, they are top 10 in defensive rating, they are an east team, also near disney, and we have been in 9th for a large portion of the season so I think we are underdogs 2

If you had to ballpark how many players in the NBA are on HGH 7:49 pm Wed Mar 20 EDTDeleted

probably most "athletic" type guys 1

Chances that Zion Williamson becomes a bust 9:21 pm Wed Mar 20 EDTDeleted

The only way i see him being a bust is if he gets injured tbh at the very least he looks like he can be a rim runner type guy 3

Why isn t Ja Morant seen as just as good if not better of a prospect as Zion Williamson 6:43 pm Thu Mar 21 EDTDeleted

Probably because hes played against scrubs until right now 24

Player A or Player B 8:43 pm Thu Mar 21 EDTDeleted

player b 2

Harden now has 7 of the top 10 scoring games this season Table inside 11:01 pm Fri Mar 22 EDTDeleted

watch out for award galore, but seriously thats crazy 5

How comes that Magic Johnson is viewed as a top 10 player OAT despite not being a great defender 2:56 pm Sat Mar 23 EDTDeleted

Because you dont get points by making the other team miss shots 3

On February 21st Lebron activated Playoff Mode Since the Lakers have gone 3-12 and have been eliminated from the playoffs 7:18 pm Sat Mar 23 EDTDeleted

he meant JR Smith playoff mode*** 5