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Trae Youngs google headshot4:37 am Sat Oct 17 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed


Post Game Thread The Toronto Raptors 23-7 defeat the Golden State Warriors 19-10 113-9312:50 am Thu Dec 17 EDTRemoved

iMaGiNe WhAt WoUlD hApPeN iF cUrRy WaS pLaYiNg 2

In a world where LeBron can be traded and the Pelicans demanded an AD for LeBron trade straight up do the Lakers do it 2:13 pm Mon Feb 10 EDTRemoved

No. AD is great. But even he doesnt have the value that LeBron does. 3

These refs are trash11:34 pm Wed Jun 10 EDTRemoved

Been bad both ways. 0