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Request Serious Post Game Threads9:43 am Mon Apr 15 EDT 6 ups @ 0.80 Removed


How badly are the Spurs choking right now 12:59 am Tue Oct 29 EDTRemoved

idk. just ask in the game thread instead. 1

Andre Drummond ejected from PHI DET9:36 pm Tue Oct 29 EDTRemoved

is there a video? 1

Whats up with the Rockets 10:09 pm Fri Nov 1 EDTRemoved

Our defense is trash right now. I know people are going to immediately point to Ariza and Luc but they would not help right now. The biggest issue is losing Jeff Bzdelik. He was our defensive guru and it is costing us. Our communication is poor, we arent 1

James Harden has surpassed Hakeem as the Greatest Rocket ever12:41 pm Fri Nov 8 EDTRemoved

Ya not till Harden can deliver back 2 back championship should this even be a debate. 1

Post Game Thread Ted Cruz pulls out a clutch victory against Beto ORourke 51 1 to 48 1 11:27 pm Tue Nov 12 EDTRemoved

Beto2020 6

If you started your job as GM tomorrow and you had a pick of any player but Lebron giannis and AD who are you taking to start a franchise 11:50 pm Sun Dec 8 EDTRemoved

gerald green 6

Post Game Thread The Houston Rockets 12-14 defeat the Portland Trailblazers 15-12 111-104 behind a triple double from CP3 10:20 pm Tue Dec 17 EDTRemoved

Yo I know its one game but when Harden wasnt in the game, that ball was on a string. It just kept moving and the second Harden came back in, it would just stop. 3

Mike DAntoni created the trend of extremely fast pace of play now hes creating the trend of 3 is always more than 212:24 pm Thu Jan 17 EDTRemoved

As a Rockets fan, I really dont. I wish we had more ball movement and would take some mid rangers. I understand the math behind it and what not, but sometimes forcing a bad three is worse than taking a mid range shot. Especially when you have good shooter 3

Why do people act like Michael Jordan could average as many points as harden does while playing dpoy defense 3:47 pm Sun Feb 3 EDTRemoved

MJ averaged 35 points in 1987 and won DPOY.. 3

Unpopular opinion Mark Jackson isnt that bad as a color commentator9:41 pm Sat Feb 9 EDTRemoved

I like him and JVG. They arent the best but they entertaining to me. I dont care to hear their analysis, I like to be entertained daddy. 1

Clip Request Karl-Anthony Towns goaltend9:10 pm Wed Feb 13 EDTRemoved

lmao even the rockets announcers were saying that was a terrible call. 1

Coach Bud mic d up talking to Steph Curry Steph said James told me he loves the way we move the ball but he would rather play hero ball 12:52 pm Sat Feb 16 EDTRemoved

are you dumb? he said james told him he’s tired of playing like that. source: https://twitter.com/kingtisemedia/status/1096830616765689856?s=21 5

I Miss Adidas sleeved jerseys2:10 pm Fri Feb 22 EDTRemoved

It was cool concept, terrible execution IMO. 3

Do the Rockets play better with CP3 running the offense than with Harden 11:24 pm Sat Feb 23 EDTRemoved

I just think players like playing when Chris is controlling the offense, not saying they dont like playing with Harden though. He just looks to get everyone involved and people get their touches. That just keeps other players more engaged and lets be hone 1

Serious LeBron s racist graffiti incident probably never happened Police found zero evidence and LeBron said he had it painted over it before they arrived like that makes sense 10:02 pm Thu Feb 28 EDTRemoved

Checked post history and he made a post about Jamarcus Russell having better QB rating than Tom Brady in 2018. lmao. 2

Players Only broadcasts are horrible 11:11 pm Tue Mar 5 EDTRemoved

10000 posts every Tuesday night about how players only sucks are horrible. 1

Post-Game Thread The Chicago Bulls 19-47 comeback and defeat the Philadelphia 76ers 41-24 with final score of 108-10710:35 pm Wed Mar 6 EDTRemoved

Lol Jimmy Butler is mad. 1

Feels good to be Rockets Fan rn12:47 am Fri Mar 8 EDTRemoved

wym we, u aint even flaird up. 12

The OKC Thunder are gonna lose in the 1st round again12:01 am Thu Apr 11 EDTRemoved

Idk anyone thinks we will run over the Thunder. All our games have been close this year besides first one when they ran through us. OKC matches up well against us. It would be 6/7 game series. 1

OC The Rockets defense is much worse than last year and its going to hurt them in the playoffs 7:13 pm Fri Apr 12 EDTRemoved

IIRC, last game we played we had our main core players. Harden, CP, Clint, PJ, EG. I think we might have been missing 1 or 2 role players but not sure. 1

OC The Rockets defense is much worse than last year and its going to hurt them in the playoffs 7:13 pm Fri Apr 12 EDTRemoved

Yes over the whole season we werent as good. But weve had lot of turnover in our roster from November/December, so that doesnt really mean much. Id look at stats post ASB or even after Feb. Only stat that really stands out to me is the defensive reboundi 2


bruh stfu. its one game. 138


I’m very nervous 1

The Utah Jazz have shot over 4x the amount of free throws as the Rockets10:35 pm Sun Apr 14 EDTRemoved

lmao linebacker. 18

Request Serious Post Game Threads9:43 am Mon Apr 15 EDTRemoved

Thanks! Didnt know that sub existed. 2

Request Serious Post Game Threads9:43 am Mon Apr 15 EDTRemoved

Oh Im not saying create a specific SPGT for each game. Last year it was [like](https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/8f314k/next_day_thread_serious_post_game_discussion/) this, and I think it worked great. 1

James Harden is 0 6 from the field with 3 turnovers in the first 9 minutes of game 5 8:31 pm Wed Apr 24 EDTRemoved

> I dont really know what im trying to achieve by posting this to be honest with you. then why post it? 19

Watching a team with 4 All-Stars celebrate like they won the finals while barely beating the 8th seed is borderline pathetic10:48 pm Fri Apr 26 EDTRemoved

excuse him for being fired up during a big playoff game 60

Dame got too cocky after last game He forgot he still has to play another series because hes so bad now 12:18 am Tue Apr 30 EDTRemoved

why do i ever sort by new 43

Daryl Moreys legacy7:34 pm Thu May 9 EDTRemoved

I feel like there are 25 other teams that would love to be in the Rockets position. 6

Serious Stop assuming the Warriors are going to make the WCF 1:17 pm Fri May 10 EDTRemoved

Lol you are nit picking at comments. There are over 2 million people subbed to r/nba. Most of them know its not over till its over. 1

Trade Idea Between Rockets and Timberwolves11:13 am Thu Jun 6 EDTRemoved

ya no thanks 3

Kawhi bringing a chanpionship to Toronto is bigger than LeBron winning one for Cleveland 11:48 pm Fri Jun 7 EDTRemoved

nah 1

The Am I being Biased game - post a statement that you firmly believe in but you also understand that you might be being biased Then other people will comment and tell you if you are being biased or not 3:11 pm Mon Jun 10 EDTRemoved

Harden is better overall player than Steph. Obviously there are certain areas Steph is better at (shooting), I just think if I was starting a team Im taking Harden over Steph. Steph has just had a better team/system/coach around him. -2

The biggest bust in NBA history3:42 pm Fri Jun 21 EDTRemoved

Man I missed it. What was it? 1

Stein Danny Green is signing a 4 year deal with the clippers worth 44 Million 10:33 pm Mon Jul 1 EDTRemoved

Marc Stein isnt part of espn? 1