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Boogie Cousins have torn achilles torn quad and now torn ACL is he done 1:43 pm Thu Aug 15 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Is Boogies ex partially to be blamed here 2:03 am Wed Aug 28 EDT 0 ups @ 0.26 Deleted

Which scheme was more cunning Kawhi leveraging OKC to force trade of PG13 to Clippers or Antonio Brown leveraging Oakland Raiders while faking CTE insanity to get himself to the Patriots 5:55 pm Sat Sep 7 EDT 0 ups @ 0.46 Removed

Which player will end up NOT being able to hold back and say tweet something that will trigger the China CCP again 11:32 pm Tue Oct 8 EDT 2 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Serious How many people actually know about Hong Kong protest and what they were protesting before Moreys tweet 11:27 pm Wed Oct 9 EDT 0 ups @ 0.46 Removed

Serious Does Lebrons latest comment hurt or enhance his brand 11:49 pm Mon Oct 14 EDT 0 ups @ 0.43 Removed

Serious Did LeBron and his camp really didnt foresee the backblash he is facing now with the statement he made 10:23 am Tue Oct 15 EDT 7 ups @ 0.89 Removed

How soon will Lebron regain his popularity in r nba 1:41 pm Tue Oct 15 EDT 3 ups @ 0.80 Removed

ESPN Nobody knew what to do if this was tweeted by the Grizzlies GM or Phoenix it wouldnt have caused the same impact 10:19 pm Tue Oct 15 EDT 2 ups @ 1.00 Deleted

Could Victor Oladipo have been a bigger star as singer than as an NBA player 4:45 pm Thu Oct 17 EDT 1 ups @ 0.60 Removed

What star players could David Griffin have gotten for Zion before his injury 6:01 pm Mon Oct 21 EDT 0 ups @ 0.27 Removed

Contrary to popular belief Chris Paul is still really good10:51 pm Wed Oct 23 EDT 3 ups @ 0.80 Removed

Rui Hachimura underrated ROY candidate10:12 pm Fri Oct 25 EDT 4 ups @ 1.00 Deleted

Is this going to be the best season Westbrook ever had 11:08 pm Mon Oct 28 EDT 0 ups @ 0.43 Removed

Chase Center has been a Feng Shui for the Warriors 12:41 pm Thu Oct 31 EDT 0 ups @ 0.38 Removed

Miami Heat dropped 46pt after one quarter shot 62 5 from 3s and 69 6 overall6:43 pm Sun Nov 3 EDT 8 ups @ 0.90 Removed

Was Pat Riley right in not giving up Justice Winslow Bam or Herro for Westbrook 6:45 pm Sun Nov 3 EDT 6 ups @ 0.81 Removed

Houston Rockets finally scored 50 for the game after 30 minutes of regulation while Miami Heat dropped 50 after 13 minutes7:45 pm Sun Nov 3 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Houston Rockets will be fine Remember they started the season 11-9 in their first 20 games last season 10:46 pm Sun Nov 3 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

NBA is cracking on PED use1:26 pm Tue Nov 5 EDT 10 ups @ 0.92 Removed

Frank Ntilikina is on a potential 5x5 watch with 14pts 6rebs 4asts 4stls 3blks10:50 pm Fri Nov 8 EDT 37 ups @ 0.84 Removed

Can Lebron James average a triple double for a season if he really tries 4:08 pm Mon Nov 18 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed


Is my 510 Asian friend good enough to be in the NBA Highlights inside 11:26 pm Wed Aug 14 EDTRemoved

looks good tho, he is looking flame and dominating against 5 5 players 5

Lets not forget DeMarcus Cousins is an asshole2:15 pm Thu Aug 15 EDTRemoved

too soon 3

Did AB just pull off a bigger power move than anyone in the NBA has 6:02 pm Sat Sep 7 EDTRemoved

He "Kawhi"ed his way to the Patriots -1

Life or Death could you name 15 EPL teams with no google obviously 11:34 pm Wed Sep 25 EDTRemoved

chelsea liverpool man u man city spurs everton crystal palace 1

Since yall are so compassionate towards Hong Kong how do you feel about Crimea 10:11 am Mon Oct 7 EDTRemoved

Tencent doesnt broadcast games in Crimea, so we good 7

Darrell Morley4:48 pm Mon Oct 7 EDTRemoved

bad pasta 3

a lot of NBA player look like hypocrites for doing business in China not because of HK11:15 pm Wed Oct 9 EDTRemoved

did anyone eat food grown from Monsanto seeds tonight? or did we drive cars using Saudis oil? 1

Serious How many people actually know about Hong Kong protest and what they were protesting before Moreys tweet 11:27 pm Wed Oct 9 EDTRemoved

Yes. I have a ton of coworkers who are upset. It’s uncomfortable at times lol. 3

Why are LBJ posts getting deleted as soon as they re posted 11:31 pm Mon Oct 14 EDTRemoved

LeDefense 0

Which was worse Kobe s sex scandal or Lebrons China Remarks 1:32 pm Tue Oct 15 EDTRemoved

/r/nba is in peak form 1

I hope no one else ever takes LeBron s social justice cries seriously anymore1:30 pm Tue Oct 15 EDTRemoved

he built a school tho 1

Doesnt Daryl Moreys apology prove that LeBron is right about Morey not being educated informed on the matter at hand 5:57 pm Tue Oct 15 EDTRemoved

> Morey was instructed to say and then went on to say as instructed, thats okay? so if it turned out Lebron was instructed by NBA or Nike to put out the statement, then he will be forgiven? 1

Can r nba add a Filter China button Like the filter out buttons on r worldnews 10:26 pm Tue Oct 15 EDTRemoved

OP is Lebron 6

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander just passed his career high and currently has 25 points in the 3rd 10:46 pm Wed Oct 23 EDTRemoved

Westbrook who? 2