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McGee from BehindTheBucks Greece posting up Papagiannis and having Giannis stand in the corner is a very bold strategy 10:09 am Tue Sep 8 EDT

Playing him at the 3 without shooters is an even bolder one 1

Should Warriors trade Curry for VanVleet 7:39 am Fri Nov 20 EDT

What brain? 3

Sports Illustrated Did LeBron actually win his rivalry with the Warriors 4:43 pm Fri Nov 20 EDT

You can’t be serious. His shooting made 50s players look efficient 5

So a week ago Portland was going to give McCollum up for peanuts 4:32 pm Sat Nov 28 EDT

Do you work for ESPN? Must be the guy that made this top-100 list and ranked him 13th. 1

Is there a less exciting team to watch than the Houston Rockets 10:12 pm Thu Dec 10 EDT

id rather watch paint dry than the Sixers’ halfcourt offense 4

Isaiah Thomas team never been better than 11 7 pts per 100 poss on defense when he was off the floor vs when he was on the floor Atlanta Hawks currently give up 15 more points per 100 when Trae Young is on the floor6:39 am Wed Dec 16 EDT

That only makes it worse 2

Bucks lead is not sustainable9:10 pm Thu Dec 24 EDT

Nephew alert 1


DAE white bald guy GOAT? 2

I m Sick Of The Melo Hate On This Sub1:03 pm Tue Jan 5 EDT

>Melo Was ~~tearing S*** up Recently~~ solid for about 5 games and ~~won~~ was gifted player of The week 1

We should use more precise and accurate stats similar to how TS replaced FG 4:33 am Thu Jan 2 EDT

I knew this post would be about Giannis as soon soon as I read that username. Are there any non salty Harden fans out there? By the way, Harden has a lower contested reb%. Talk about statpadding. He learned from the best. https://stats.nba.com/players/re 1

In your opinion which NBA player is the biggest attention whore 6:07 pm Thu Jan 2 EDT

Kanter 44

Three players might 30 or more ppg That has never happend before 3:50 pm Tue Jan 7 EDT

The year Wilt averaged 50, 4 other players averaged 30+. And that doesn’t include Baylor, who averaged 38, but only played 48 games. https://www.basketball-reference.com/leagues/NBA_1962_per_game.html#per_game_stats::pts_per_g 1

Kenny Smith just said Donovan Mitchell would be an All Star already if he played in a big market like New York do you agree7:12 pm Thu Jan 16 EDT

The Knicks would still be terrible, so I doubt it. 1

Lets vote Alex Caruso into the All-Star Game5:08 pm Mon Jan 20 EDT

No 8

Stephen A Smith is just a joke at this point5:32 pm Wed Jan 22 EDT

And the mods should ban accounts like this varnagel dude that only upload ESPN’s garbage to cause controversy. Wouldn’t surprise me if they are ESPN employees. Despite the consensus here being that SAS is trash, those posts still either make it to 3

Should the league move tomorrow night s 7 00 ESPN game from clippers heat to Nuggets Pelicans 6:40 pm Thu Jan 23 EDT

No 0

Damn Horford can t even stop Giannis10:08 pm Thu Feb 6 EDT

When could he? 3

In the 2013 nba draft the Toronto Raptors nearly drafted Giannis Antetokoumnpo1:51 pm Sat Feb 15 EDT

Big if true 1

Aaron Gordon should never attend the dunk contest again 10:37 pm Sat Feb 15 EDT

Seriously. The best contestant ever and he got 0/3. 1

Clip Request Harden loses the ball trying to draw a foul and Clarkson gets the easy fastbreak dunk 10:16 pm Sat Feb 22 EDT

Bucks flair? LMAO -1

Giannis has a higher usage rate shoots the ball more and attempts more free throws per 36 than James Harden 7:13 am Thu Feb 27 EDT

Time of possession: 8.6 for Harden, 4.5 for Giannis That’s like saying AD is a ball hog and Rondo isn’t Bonus: 51.8 passes made for Giannis, 51.4 received. 48.6 passes made by Harden, **72.6 received** https://stats.nba.com/players/passing/?sort=PA 4

If AD hurts Lebron s MVP chances does Middleton not hinder Giannis at all 6:32 am Mon Mar 2 EDT

Can someone explain to me what’s LeBron’s case without using the words “35 years old” and “Lakers” (which should have nothing to do with the MVP race, but here we are)? Even using purely +/- stats, Giannis still wins. Their already good 5.5 N 2

If AD hurts Lebron s MVP chances does Middleton not hinder Giannis at all 6:32 am Mon Mar 2 EDT

Nobody watches every game of every team. 1

do you believe Wilt Chamberlains achievements should not be on the leaderboard 11:03 am Mon Mar 2 EDT

If we’re just discounting the achievements of any player before the 80s, we should just throw those “best of all time” discussions straight in the trash can. “All time” is essentially just the past 30 years, so who cares? In 10 years people will 1

These Lebron for MVP Posts Are Just Ridiculous 9:26 am Sat Mar 7 EDT

>It’s the literal definition of decency bias. LeBrons decent, ngl 8

Why did Giannis win MVP over Harden last year 5:29 am Tue Mar 10 EDT

Because he deserved it more. Same reason he’ll win this year and you’ll keep being salty for 5 months more at least. -2

Why did Giannis win MVP over Harden last year 5:29 am Tue Mar 10 EDT

Because he led his team to the best record in the NBA with his second best teammate in the regular season being Bledsoe. Was amazing on both ends and again Bud rested him against many bad teams where he could get his stats inflated. 0

Why did Giannis win MVP over Harden last year 5:29 am Tue Mar 10 EDT

Did Horford average 27.7/12.5/5.9 on 64.4 TS% in just 32.8 mpg? Damn, Horford is underrated af. 0

Why did Giannis win MVP over Harden last year 5:29 am Tue Mar 10 EDT

Of course it was. Part of the “led his team”. Why did you pick Horford of all Hawks players? 1

Is Dwayne Wade worse than Hitler 5:05 pm Fri Mar 13 EDT

https://streamable.com/osq3j 1

Just ran into Blake Griffin at my local Whole Foods7:13 pm Sat Mar 14 EDT

I just met him at the grocery store 1

Is there any other MVP in history that can be schemed for as effectively as teams can do to Giannis 3:34 pm Wed Mar 25 EDT

He’ll delete it and make another one in a while, like he always does. I wonder what the mods are doing. 2

2012 Michael Jordans son arrested after Omaha hotel scuffle2:10 pm Wed May 27 EDT

Mods, get his ass 1

Why Was the Lebron Hong Kong Post Removed for Irrelevance12:39 pm Thu Jun 11 EDT

Firstly they locked the comments, then they removed it. 3-6 mafia striking again 1

When did Andrew Wiggins turn into a positive asset 6:10 pm Thu Jul 2 EDT

Would have never guessed so by your username 1

Rachel Nichols interviewed Ja Morant on the Jump asking him if its unfair that the Grizz will have to play a play-in game if any WC team is within 4 games which he doesnt directly answers - but then the following chyron misleadingly poses a question Agre5:53 pm Thu Jul 30 EDT

*acts surprised* 1

Who is the better player Donovan Mitchell or Brandon Ingram 7:37 pm Thu Jul 30 EDT

Ingram 1

MPJ posts support of Jonathan Isaac s choice to stand rather than kneel for the national anthem9:38 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT

Dumb people stick together 0

Is Giannis a dirty player 8:54 pm Sun Aug 2 EDT

Biggest LeBron nuthugger, kobmug or IMAGINE-USING-rNBA? 4

The fake crowd noise is too damn loud10:58 pm Sun Aug 2 EDT

It’s annoying af 2

Donovan Mitchell 23 is way better than Jayson Tatum 22 6:44 pm Fri Aug 21 EDT

Nephew alert 2

Joel Embiid and the 76ers Have Been Swept3:45 pm Sun Aug 23 EDT

That’s an insult to last year’s Celtics 2

Do you think that Luka is proving to be a better player than Lebron was at 21 so far 6:57 pm Sun Aug 23 EDT

That was his 3rd season 1

Do you think that Luka is proving to be a better player than Lebron was at 21 so far 6:57 pm Sun Aug 23 EDT

Playing many more mpg 1

Luka Doncic in his first Playoff appearance 29 3 PPG 9 8 RPG 8 6 APG6:16 pm Sun Aug 30 EDT

Fake news. Doesn’t include game 6 1

Utah Jazz 2018-19 61 W L and 1st round exit Utah Jazz 2019-20 61 W L and 1st round exit 4:46 am Wed Sep 2 EDT

After the Conley trade people did 6