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After removing comments on the first article they wrote The Athletic are now running all their China-related articles with no comments8:45 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT 13 ups @ 0.84 Removed


Are the 76ers a superteam now 12:55 pm Sat Nov 14 EDTRemoved

So possibly never then 1

Kevin Durant is the best player in the NBA Change my mind 12:50 am Tue Dec 1 EDTRemoved

Im taking LeBron, Curry and Giannis over KD this season. LeBron just is the best player around, while Giannis is doing all that Durant is doing but with better rebounding, efficiency and far better defense. We already know how Curry changes this GSW team 0

Have the Raptors turned choking into an art form 10:19 pm Thu May 7 EDTRemoved

I know what you mean but reactionary exclusively means someone who is right-wing or conservative. Everybody says this when they mean somrthing like knee-jerk. -5

Who do you see Toronto getting next year to replace Kawhi next year if he leaves for LA like a lot of people think 10:15 pm Thu May 7 EDTRemoved

With the best will in the world, no stars are going there as an FA. 1

Heres how tonights game is gonna finish9:38 pm Sat May 9 EDTRemoved

Nah, the buzzer is going to go off when the game clock runs down. 1

Does Kyle Lowry need to go nuclear like that every game for the raptors to have a chance 11:07 pm Wed May 20 EDTRemoved

Their bench just isnt good, and isnt suddenly going to come out and play well against one of the better benches in the league. Id wager Lowry plays closer to his playoff average of 12pts than putting up 30 every night this series. Siakam had a down game 2

Watching Inside the NBA 11:23 pm Wed May 20 EDTRemoved

>Or the Blazers for that matter? Are you asking whether people believe the Bucks can beat the Blazers here? Or if the Blazers can beat the Warriors? If its the former, then lol... 3

Are we sure Kawhi is good 9:13 pm Fri May 22 EDTRemoved

Hes great, but you are right about those two things. Theyre the weakest points to his game, for sure. 2

Who do you think has a better chance to come back10:01 pm Fri May 22 EDTRemoved

Raps have no bench and are only getting more tired playing a team who have a great bench which is also deeper. Blazers are playing the best team of all time. Its happened before but it seems very unlikely that it will happen in these cases (sorry). 0

The six guards picked to the three All-NBA teams over Thompson were Steph Curry James Harden Damian Lillard Kyrie Irving Russell Westbrook and Kemba Walker Now instead of 221 mil over 5 yrs as a potential offer his max contract is now worth 1906:45 pm Thu May 28 EDTRemoved

Beal and a healthy Oladipo are also better than Klay. Non issue. -1

i thought giannis was supposed to be the mvp this year and i am embarrassed by that he is not the mvp and he showed it tonight 11:44 pm Thu May 28 EDTRemoved

Didnt know you needed a 3pt shot to win awards. Its a regular season award, dumbass. And Giannis has gotten just as far as Harden did in the playoffs anyway. 2

Hardens lowest points scored vs the Warriors 29 Giannis highest points scored vs Raptors so far 3011:18 pm Thu May 28 EDTRemoved

I hope Giannis yells Fuck the Rockets when he gets that MVP trophy. Toxic fanbase, boring basketball, shitty flopping whingeing stars. -5

The Raptors were up 14 points with 4 32 remaining in the second quarter They were then called for 7 of the next 8 fouls 10:34 pm Wed Jun 10 EDTRemoved

Raps fans are easily the whiniest in the league. Jeez, give it a damn rest for once. 0

Warriors GM Bob Myers is in tears at the podium now saying if you blame anyone for KDs achilles injury to blame him12:13 am Tue Jun 16 EDTRemoved

If his achilles is torn then hes not opting out of 31.5mil next year lol. 1

Regarding Kelvin Dorrant and his torn Hercules 5:36 pm Tue Jun 23 EDTRemoved

[Hercu-Hercules!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TOB2McGSVw) 3

Statistically it is a fucking DISGRACE that James Harden is not the 2018-19 MVP 11:38 pm Mon Jun 29 EDTRemoved

Oh shit yeah, that all important post-defense. I forgot that we live in 2003. Take the massive L. 2

LMAO ok offseason Lebron rich paul Story Time5:36 pm Tue Jun 30 EDTRemoved

lmao "we dab up" 2

Going from Milwaukee to Barcelona has to be the biggest city upgrade available in NBA6:58 pm Sat Jul 4 EDTRemoved

itt: Americans insisting that any American citiy mentioned is better than any European city 5

RDA breaking the AL Horford News9:07 pm Mon Jul 6 EDTRemoved

Explain him breaking the PG to OKC news then. 1

Unless the insider Lakers source gets reports 15 hours before any other reporter his Kawhi report is BS10:19 am Tue Jul 7 EDTRemoved

Could be technically a done deal but Kawhi is just going to meet with the Raps to tell them before its all official. 7

This is amazing2:04 pm Wed Jul 8 EDTRemoved

Ah, but the Lakers *can* dictate what random people on Twitter make up. Cool. 1