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Do you think Kevin Durant development into a dominant playoff performer is thanks to Steph Curry 1:10 am Tue Jun 8 EDT

Its not Curry, its the formula. Your offense gets better with more spacing in the half court. 1

Giannis proves why MJ is the goat1:09 am Thu Jul 22 EDT

You could use a time machine to bring prime MJ to the present and he wouldnt win 6 championships so what are you even doing here? 2

When the war in Afghanistan started Michael Jordan was still averaging 23 ppg in the NBA and LeBron James was a Junior at SVSM9:36 pm Sat Aug 28 EDT

Yep. Here’s an interview of a Carter administration National Security Advisor that someone linked on Twitter last night. https://dgibbs.faculty.arizona.edu/brzezinski_interview > Q : When the Soviets justified their intervention by asserting that 3