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1994 duck sized Hakeems or one 2000 pound Shaq 8:35 pm Tue Jul 7 EDT

2 bad memes come together to make an unfunny post 0

Why I think Leonard will play for the Heat8:01 pm Thu Jul 9 EDT

if I was a mod half this sub would be gone 1

Whos the hottest player in the game rn 8:45 pm Thu Jul 9 EDT

John Wall or Jimmy Butler maybe Giannis since he got jacked 1



With the Lakers acquisition of Green Cousins Cook and resinging Rondo have they regained the position of favorite for the title 3:00 pm Sat Jul 11 EDT

no -1


mods do your fucking job 1

Would Stephon Marbury Allen Iverson Tracy McGrady and Gilbert Areanas be more or less successful if they were in today s NBA 1:13 am Tue Jul 14 EDT

good lord 1

Why do people hate Chris Paul so much more than Grayson Allen 12:18 am Fri Jul 17 EDT

cause his parents are black 2

I don t think Grayson Allen is a malicious player11:54 am Fri Jul 17 EDT

because chris paul is black 1

Unpopular Opinion I like Grayson Allen 2:52 pm Fri Jul 17 EDT

tbh a lot of people hated hitler so hes pretty cool in my eyes gotta counter le reddit circlejerk 3

Do you think Russell Westbrook was better than LeBron in 2016-2019 5:04 pm Sat Jul 18 EDT

2016 arguable, 2017 easily 2018 and 2019 fuck no 1

Do you think Russell Westbrook was better than LeBron in 2016-2019 5:04 pm Sat Jul 18 EDT

how was 2017 LeBron better than 2017 Harden or Westbrook lmao 3

Do you think Russell Westbrook was better than LeBron in 2016-2019 5:04 pm Sat Jul 18 EDT

26/8/8 really blows 31/10/10 out the fucking water and the 12-1 run LeBron had in the East is overrated when the best team he played was a Celtics team that lead the East with 53 wins and had its only offensive threat in IT without a hip -1

Do you think Russell Westbrook was better than LeBron in 2016-2019 5:04 pm Sat Jul 18 EDT

very easily, yes 2

Do you think Russell Westbrook was better than LeBron in 2016-2019 5:04 pm Sat Jul 18 EDT

https://www.basketball-reference.com/pi/shareit/bFhth Westbrook wins PER, WS, WS/48, BPM and VORP, almost an advanced stats sweep LeBron is obviously more efficient Jazz series was 2018 so thats a swing and a miss 1

Grizzlies are poverty franchise for holding iggy hostage12:06 am Sun Jul 19 EDT

someone should hold you hostage in a bunker in North Korea for this dumbass post 1

Serious We wouldn t feel so bad for Markelle Fultz if he looked differently than he actually does1:48 am Tue Jul 21 EDT

I mean, this sub does shit on nonattractive people, thats just a fact Windhorst and Lue get tons of memes about how theyre fat or a fish 15

How many years left does LeRoid James have of being a top 5 player 7:27 pm Wed Jul 22 EDT

You sound like a petulant child. 11

Who is the 5th greatest center of all time 12:27 am Wed Jul 29 EDT

imagine missing the best center of all time 6

If Steph can get 1-2 more mvps or fmvps he will be better than Kobe 6:21 pm Wed Jul 29 EDT

with 2 FMVPs hed have 5 rings, 2 FMVPs and 2 MVPs, which is equal to or more than Kobe for each -5

Sorry but peak Kyrie Irving is better than peak Steph Curry 8:54 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT

youre doing it wrong 14

If the Knicks could redo the 2017 draft would they still pick Ntilikina Who would they pick instead 5:09 pm Wed Aug 5 EDT

oh for sure thats a no brainer 1

Melo to Denver6:30 pm Thu Aug 6 EDT

does Denver have anyone worth waiving to throw minutes at Melo? 3

Is Carmelo Anthony ranked higher all-time than Vince Carter 6:44 pm Fri Aug 7 EDT

easily lol 6

On January 2 1956 the Philadelphia Warriors scored 130 points on 25 4 from the field 1:49 pm Sun Aug 9 EDT

he looked at the royals lol 4

Who s better LeBron or Larry Bird 3:44 pm Wed Aug 12 EDT

Savage Mamba mentality clutch Gene 0

Is Damian Lillard a role player 11:18 pm Thu Aug 13 EDT

is bread a meat I define meat as something which is tasty and I can feed to my dog so by definition, bread is a meat 2

Whats this subs best copy-pasta 6:22 pm Mon Aug 17 EDT

thats the only good copypasta on this sub 5

Tim Duncans mother died one day before he turned 14 During a playoff game in 1999 Kevin Garnett allegedly said to Duncan Happy Mother s Day Mother as the Spurs legend lined up for a free throw6:47 pm Mon Aug 17 EDT

why not -2

Tim Duncans mother died one day before he turned 14 During a playoff game in 1999 Kevin Garnett allegedly said to Duncan Happy Mother s Day Mother as the Spurs legend lined up for a free throw6:47 pm Mon Aug 17 EDT

tfw both Garnett and Duncan deny this happening 9

When teams clog the paint what does Giannis do 8:41 pm Mon Aug 17 EDT

hes a troll whos gotten banned like 4 times lmao 7

Can the Nets make a deep playoff run with Kyrie and Melo next season if they sign Melo 5:01 pm Wed Aug 19 EDT

stop posting please 3

Who is better Siakam or Paul George 5:16 pm Wed Aug 19 EDT

hes an OKC fan whos likes Uzi 2

Why is Kobe Bryant considered a top 10 player 1:07 pm Sat Aug 22 EDT

people on this subreddit hate Kobe Bryant. 18

Serious can you play gobert in the 4th in a close playoff game 8:22 pm Tue Aug 25 EDT

yo mods, I know its off-season and all and yall have lives, but could you do your fucking jobs 3

Why is Devin Booker the most polarizing player on r NBA 9:56 pm Wed Aug 26 EDT

last year he had a post where he talked shit about pickup players and r/NBA got its feelings hurt also he has a face that people on r/NBA would love to punch despite never being in a fight he scores a lot of points on a team no one watches so people can 5

Why is Devin Booker the most polarizing player on r NBA 9:56 pm Wed Aug 26 EDT

so if I made a post talking about how Gobert is a player who the jazz shouldnt build around because hes been outplayed by Capela two years in a row, you and any jazz fans wouldnt respond because if so, you found the answer to your question 2

Why is Devin Booker the most polarizing player on r NBA 9:56 pm Wed Aug 26 EDT

not the question I asked -1

Why is Devin Booker the most polarizing player on r NBA 9:56 pm Wed Aug 26 EDT

its not made to be an accurate statement, its made to be one that Jazz fans would reply to because its clearly incorrect no shit if you make a post about Booker Suns fans will respond. who are you expecting, Heat fans? and you didnt make a statement at a 2

Why is Devin Booker the most polarizing player on r NBA 9:56 pm Wed Aug 26 EDT

bitch does it look like I post in r/Suns maybe because in a shit season with a shit roster with literally nothing Im the immediate future to look forwards to, 70 points is a pretty good milestone to get when youre on track for 60 losses and if 70 points 2

Why is Devin Booker the most polarizing player on r NBA 9:56 pm Wed Aug 26 EDT

you are the literal only person who Im not willing to have a conversation with Booker on this entire fucking sub you are the u/forfunzi of Suns fans and any messages you have on this conversation are a waste of server space 0

What is the single most bright-white surface-of-the-sun hottest take that you 100 believe in 12:50 pm Thu Aug 27 EDT

so is this supposed to be a "direct your shitposts"here thread or "popular unpopular opinion thread of the week #23" thread 4

If every NBA team signed their starting center from the 2012-13 season and had to start them this year5:48 pm Fri Aug 28 EDT

pretty sure RoLo was the starting center for the Pelicans in 12-13 2

If every NBA team signed their starting center from the 2012-13 season and had to start them this year5:48 pm Fri Aug 28 EDT

yeah, they were the then Hornets, whose starting center was still Robin Lopez, not AD. didnt say Hornets cause that wouldve been confusing 0

Is James Harden already a Top 5 SG of all time 9:25 am Sun Aug 30 EDT

Harden could retire right now and hed be top 5 very easily. 2

Markazi Ice Cube gets why Kawhi Leonard and Paul George chose the Clippers over the Lakers Those championship banners and those jerseys are looking down at you when you play for the Lakers and it s probably easier to play if you cover those up for11:58 pm Wed Sep 2 EDT

waaaah clippers bad 8

Skill wise Giannis or Michael Jordan2:28 pm Thu Sep 3 EDT

hey, I went to the Pelicans subreddit yesterday and the stickied post was a Pol Pot appreciation thread you guys should get that checked out tbh 3

The Toronto Raptors are your NBA Champions Here s some Raptor love for every franchise11:04 am Thu Sep 10 EDT

I feel like Ive seen these before 1

10 APG is equivalent to 30 2 PPG and 11 31 APG is equivalent to 32 95 PPG 3:42 pm Fri Sep 11 EDT

> There have been 62 seasons where a player has averaged 10 or more assists per game, and 62 seasons where a player has averaged more than 30.2 PPG. Therefore it is as just as difficult to average 10 APG as it is to average 30.2 PPG. They are equivalen 6

10 APG is equivalent to 30 2 PPG and 11 31 APG is equivalent to 32 95 PPG 3:42 pm Fri Sep 11 EDT

eh, thats a slightly different argument because you could use the fact that since this acts on a larger sample size, its less disingenuous. also because its more of a linear translation from one individual accomplishment to another instead of an absolute 1

How come so few racist incidents happen at Blazers games 6:49 pm Fri Sep 11 EDT

california has the highest population for a lot of things like people 8

To the people who dont feel bad that Lin wasnt signed because he made like 100 million I think youre missing the point8:20 pm Sun Sep 13 EDT

2/10 6

France just beat team USA8:51 am Wed Sep 16 EDT

r/NBA in a nutshell 1

Regarding the anti-Kobe bias on this sub2:15 pm Fri Sep 18 EDT

rip royzin 2

Regarding the anti-Kobe bias on this sub2:15 pm Fri Sep 18 EDT

smh not knowing the only good pasta on this sub 1

0C American NBA players are disproportionately born in March10:37 pm Sat Sep 19 EDT

you might wanna repost with [OC] so its easier to find with filters/engine 1

Carmelo Anthony is not a Hall of Fame player 9:00 pm Mon Sep 21 EDT

hot 6

Why arent GSW called 15-9 team instead of 73-9 team after losing NBA Finals 7:35 pm Tue Sep 22 EDT

can u cop a burrito at the store 1

Which fanbase other than the Lakers or Celtics do you dislike most and why 4:16 pm Thu Sep 24 EDT

fuck chicago 1

The NBA legend who never shouldve been LOCKED UP FOR LIFE 2:41 pm Fri Sep 25 EDT

ok ill fax this to adam silver asap 0

BR listed the top 50 greatest players ever Notable kind of surprising selections Manu Ginobili 37 Dwyane Wade 21 Dirk 17 KG 16 KD 15 Kobe 14 Curry 10 amp Lebron 2 two left completely off the list were Allen Iverson amp TMac 10:11 pm Thu Oct 1 EDT

with all time projections hell probably end up past dirk, but not yet 1

LeBron has now played with FIVE HOFers The but Jordan had better supporting casts argument is over 3:48 pm Fri Oct 9 EDT

lebron went to 40 finals undisputed goat 6

Morey might have lost the rockets millions of fans in China 11:37 am Sat Oct 10 EDT

i think the timberwolves dont give too much of a fuck how big their chinese brand is 2

Is Kobe overrated 11:17 pm Sat Oct 10 EDT

what if my favorite player is someone clearly better like Jordan, or LeBron -1

As a subreddit we should all get together in solidarity of Daryl Morey and stand against China9:35 pm Sun Oct 11 EDT

I cant tell if this is sarcasm 14

What message is NBA sending to its citizens are people around the world 8:51 am Mon Oct 12 EDT

boycotting the NBA doesnt do shit 1

I believe that after today NBA has lost all credibility on social issues 12:18 pm Mon Oct 12 EDT

thank u for this idea deserving of its own post 3

NBA banned in CCTV Chinese netizens We will just watch pirate streaming NBA wont receive even a cent 10:28 am Tue Oct 13 EDT

fuck china is gonna blow up the spot 4

What has lebron done currently do better than giannis that justifys people putting lebron over him 3:25 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

playboi still on gianniss dick fishing for downvotes 2

In case you havent heard this is how the NBA will become non-competitive if we let China censor affect the league 9:18 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

what 1

Was Kevin Durant only great in NBA Finals since he played against bad defensive teams 10:16 am Wed Oct 14 EDT

no thats a shit take who the fuck were Miami doubling in 2012 if not Durant 7

Is Steph curry the most unclutch Star of all time 9:08 pm Thu Oct 15 EDT

relevant username 2

In the 2018-19 season Rudy Gay played 69 games 9:56 pm Thu Oct 15 EDT

bad post 1

r NBA get to know each other thread10:13 pm Thu Oct 15 EDT

can you get me some fresh 2k3 flysteppers all white 3

Do you think Kevin Durant would be a GOAT-level scorer even w o floor spacers around him 8:37 am Sat Oct 17 EDT

trash 1

Whats the NBA manlet cutoff 11:11 pm Sun Oct 18 EDT

ok pussiboi lmao imagine not being a 63.5" pussycrushing testosterone machine like me 4

Who would have the worst record in a 1v1 tournament Kobe KD MJ LeBron 1:48 pm Mon Oct 19 EDT

"so much higher than LeBrons" doubt 2

Youngmisuk LeBron James on China So many people could have been harmed not only financially physically emotionally spiritually So just be careful what we tweet and say and we do even though yes we do have freedom of speech but there can be a l1:31 am Tue Oct 20 EDT

r e p o s t 1

see their morals their code its a bad joke dropped at the first sign of trouble Heath Ledgers Joker Quote applicable to the current NBA-China controversy9:58 am Tue Oct 20 EDT

fucking please start the season already 16

see their morals their code its a bad joke dropped at the first sign of trouble Heath Ledgers Joker Quote applicable to the current NBA-China controversy9:58 am Tue Oct 20 EDT

I got into a fucking argument in another sub where someone said completely straight-faced that Kanye was the single biggest media icon of our generation. this shit needs to stop 1

Lets punish LeBron for licking CCPs ass11:29 am Tue Oct 20 EDT

thatll show him 3

When asked to clarify in the presser how Morey was misinformed LeBron James more or less admitted he was doing the same thing he was criticizing Morey for That s just my belief I don t know 2:01 pm Tue Oct 20 EDT

stop with these single fucking posts god its like everyone who posts this exact thought line for line thinks theyre the only one who feels this 0

Who do you want in a Game 7 Michael Jordan or LeBron James 3:46 pm Tue Oct 20 EDT


The LeBron Situation Made Me Think Of These Lyrics From Run The Jewels11:43 am Wed Oct 21 EDT

ok 0

I have a question about this whole China thing 12:22 am Thu Oct 22 EDT

I mean LeBron was probably prompted via question but the response was still a clip to his own leg. Couldve opted to say nothing 5

Why has no one brought up the fact that Hong Kong protestors are rioting 1:28 pm Thu Oct 22 EDT

1/10 bait 3

Peoples Daily official newspaper of China support Lebron James and mock US in their weibo Chinas Twitter Basketball teaches us what is Double Standard 1:59 pm Thu Oct 22 EDT

aight switch to a clippers flair or get the fuck off the pot 4

Steven Adams or Patrick Ewing 4:31 pm Fri Oct 23 EDT

0/10 5

What rookies can you see becoming a bust 9:00 pm Sun Oct 25 EDT

call the mods 3

Why hasn t a team ever secretly paid an in demand coach to get hired by another team but to have said coach destroy this team from the inside out Is this not brilliant 10:05 pm Sun Oct 25 EDT

why hasnt a team just hired a guy to shoot the opposing player 1



Frank Vogel is the problem1:35 am Wed Oct 28 EDT

its a good thing 1 game is all the sample size we need to make a clear cut rational decision 5

Kyrie Irving records the first 50 point 0 turnover game since Damian Lillard in 201710:27 pm Wed Oct 28 EDT

at least you have Kemba 1

Is Donovan Mitchell a top 15 player as of right now 8:54 am Thu Nov 5 EDT

nope 4

Do you think Kevin Durant is a leader or not 8:57 pm Wed Feb 19 EDT

here we see the redditor in his natural habitat 4

As Someone who Recently Started Watching Basketball how much Better was Prime Lebron compared to Giannis 12:15 pm Sun Feb 23 EDT

lebron was just a lot more well rounded than giannis at his peak similarly good finisher, despite not attacking the rim at the same volume, better in the post, pretty good from 3 in Miami, similarly as versatile as a defender, more accurate passer giann 7

My Los Angeles Lakers vs the Los Angeles Clippers 12:20 am Sat Feb 29 EDT

this is a new and interesting take on a question ive never considered thanks 8

Andrew Wiggins should go by Andy or Drew to rebrand himself1:32 pm Wed Mar 4 EDT

bad post 13

The Toronto Raptors have officially clinched a playoff spot1:01 am Thu Mar 5 EDT

im gonna need to see some math 16

A player hasnt been fined for flopping in almost 4 years 2:30 pm Thu Mar 5 EDT

copypasta time 1

Lebron should have gotten the 2018 MVP hands down 3:42 pm Thu Mar 5 EDT

> I dont care what anybody says, then shut the fuck up and keep these thoughts in your head 17

Lebron should have gotten the 2018 MVP hands down 3:42 pm Thu Mar 5 EDT

no, Id say its dumb as shit, but youre not currently accepting feedback at this time so ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ 1

Why we should be skeptical of each Eastern Conference contender6:46 pm Thu Mar 5 EDT

stick your hands in a blender 1

Matisse Thybulle or Terence Davis 11:30 pm Thu Mar 5 EDT

no more posts for u today bro 4

Would Joel Embiid be as popular if his name was Joel Embit 5:33 pm Sat Mar 7 EDT

this isnt even a good shitpost 9

What is Wuggins ceiling with the Warriors 5:36 pm Sun Mar 8 EDT

heehee hoho u spelled the name wrong on purpose 11

Time to panic Embarrassing loss to Suns extends Bucks losing streak to longest of the season8:34 pm Sun Mar 8 EDT

yes bucks bad upvote to the left 5

Is Kyrie Irving the 3rd best player on the Nets 1:21 pm Tue Mar 10 EDT

lmao absolutely not please someone on r/nba say otherwise 5

Potenial Giannis Trade to the Wizards2:11 pm Tue Mar 10 EDT

crunchy pb on whole wheat bread with the little sprouts 1

Is anyone enjoying these MVP debates as much as me 6:27 pm Tue Mar 10 EDT

2017 was a great year 1

Are 17 year olds allowed to declare for the draft if theyre smart af 7:41 pm Tue Mar 10 EDT

bro stay in school 1

Do you think Kobe Bryants helicopter was shot down by a domestic terrorist group with a rocket launcher in retaliation for the killing of Qasem Soleimani 1:41 pm Wed Mar 11 EDT

mods, if this man doesnt get permanently banned, I will lose all respect for you and actively break the rules in the future 19

How do you spell this name 12:51 am Thu Mar 12 EDT

honest question you make the exact same thread joke once a week and then delete it before the mods remove it and so people cant trace it in your profile whats the endgame here its not karma because you gain it too slowly you delete the posts so no one 9

How do you spell this name 12:51 am Thu Mar 12 EDT

no hes done this for like 3 fucking months Im talking to u/outsider_123x, the man behind the screen what the fuck are you doing with your life we got a fucking pandemic going on and youre twiddling your dick making old ass memes on r/nba 2

Any chance we get more LBJ KD freestyle this shortened season 11:08 am Thu Mar 12 EDT

insert overused sicko mode joke here 2

The NBA in a month or two should have a 1 game elimination play-in with the 7-10th seeds in each conference that sets up a 1 or 2 game elimination Sweet Sixteen tournament 11:28 am Thu Mar 12 EDT

>1 game elimination the Indiana pacers are your 2020 NBA champions 2

What if every NBA team was named after the top Pornhub result 1:35 pm Sun Mar 15 EDT

if u beat ur meat to the dude from Detroit become human you are beyond basic 1

Corona Virus is the Pokerus in real life1:03 am Mon Mar 16 EDT

damn u probably dont even know about dvs smh 2

make your All-NBA players-as-animals team10:31 pm Mon Mar 16 EDT

cmon bro marc gasowl bradley beel anthony davis 2

UPDATED FIXED If NBA Players Spelled Their Names the Way Dwyane Wade Does10:46 pm Mon Mar 16 EDT

its wild that in times without basketball, the perfect time to learn about basketball, r/NBA tries its absolute hardest to talk about anything not basketball 3

Now we know why Spencer Dinwiddie left KD hanging9:56 pm Tue Mar 17 EDT

repost 2

Tatum is extremely overrated7:51 pm Wed Mar 18 EDT

the next time u think about posting just slam ur head against the nearest wall until the bad thoughts go away 5

Tatum is extremely overrated7:51 pm Wed Mar 18 EDT

no shitposting aloud srs basketball only 1

Do people ACTUALLY think Bucks have a chance to win it all 1:12 am Sun Mar 22 EDT

bro this way too much effort for a comment for a post of this caliber 1

Do people ACTUALLY think Bucks have a chance to win it all 1:12 am Sun Mar 22 EDT

Id like to give a quick shoutout to the mods they might be seen as power tripping assholes by a lot of this sub but I wouldnt get paid to clean up the radioactive creative wasteland that is r/nba/new its posts like this that remind me that being a mod o 5

Do people ACTUALLY think Bucks have a chance to win it all 1:12 am Sun Mar 22 EDT

naw you have kids hiding in cubbies and shit and going on hunger strikes during lunch cause they dont want to eat their mashed potatoes cause it touches the broccoli 1

Interesting anagrams for 29 players3:17 pm Mon Mar 23 EDT

nag a ram 1

Is there any other MVP in history that can be schemed for as effectively as teams can do to Giannis 3:34 pm Wed Mar 25 EDT

at that point just report the user for excessive shitposting 1

Do you think Lebron gave Kevin Love monachopsis 9:00 pm Fri Mar 27 EDT

because ur a pussy 2

Do you think Curry saying This is my fucking house in the 2018 WCF caused KD to leave 7:36 pm Sat Mar 28 EDT

another bad post batting 1.000 3

Would a prime Kevon Garnett be able to play today 6:10 pm Sun Mar 29 EDT

how good was demar cuscusins 2

Why are my post being removed 11:14 am Thu Apr 2 EDT

uhhh are there any links to Reddit threads that dont use the np.reddit thing thatll probably do it 0

Who would have thrived in the lax defensive rules of the 80 s 7:49 am Fri Apr 3 EDT

the free throw rate is lower now than its ever been in the 80s lebron would be like 40 pounds heavier than anyone who guarded him and would get more free throws than ever 1

What would you think of Giannis if he left the Bucks for the Warriors in 2021 1:28 pm Mon Apr 6 EDT

I would wonder how we would be able to afford him but itd be pretty cool 5

Who are the 5 most hated and least hated teams in the NBA 2:34 pm Mon Apr 6 EDT

fuck the bulls 3

If theres no way that the season will resume any time soon then instead of compromising the following season with shortened training camps summer league how about the league just crown the Bucks as the 2020 Champions 1:28 pm Tue Apr 7 EDT

bro u are not good at trolling -nba flair -name with 0 vowels -trying way too hard 2

PC AK Blue Laminate with harp of war holo9:28 am Fri Apr 17 EDT

mods this man is planning to shoot up the sub 1

If the 2011 Mavs would have faced the 2012 Heat who wins 2:47 pm Fri Apr 24 EDT

heat 1

Last dance episodes 3-82:53 pm Sun Apr 26 EDT

for sale bitch u act like i dont have google 3

Last dance episodes 3-82:53 pm Sun Apr 26 EDT

yeah i suck dick bitch what else u gonna do chew 1

Who would be a better second option to LeBron in the modern era Michael Jordan or Kevin Durant 12:48 pm Tue Apr 28 EDT

michael jordan is literally god and if u disagree u are probably 12 -4

LeBrons 2017-18 Season is the Greatest Individual Season of All Time5:46 pm Thu Apr 30 EDT

>2nd in mvp voting reported 2

Why are Euro Players considered soft 4:34 pm Sat May 9 EDT

white 2

When people bring up LeBron s 6-16 record over Kobe why does no one bring up the fact that half of those wins came from a super team Yet when people bring up Steph s 21-14 record people are quick to jump and justify it Are people on this sub biase5:05 pm Sun May 10 EDT

ive never seen those records ever 3

I met James Harden at a Gun Range Today 12:35 pm Sat May 16 EDT

good pasta 5

Serious 2013 LeBron or 2018 LeBron Am I smoking crack if I choose the latter 11:22 pm Sun May 17 EDT

yes 1

Kevin Durants stats in the three full NBA finals that hes been a part of 2012 - 31 6 2 1 1 on 55 39 84 65 TS 2017 - 35 8 5 1 2 on 56 47 93 70 TS 2018 - 29 11 8 1 2 on 53 41 96 65 TS 12:14 pm Sat May 23 EDT

if ur team is too good u are automatically banned from "real ring" status to this date the only man who has ever truly won a championship is dirk 8

Lebron s Free Throw Shooting is why he ll never be the GOAT9:29 pm Thu May 28 EDT

what the fuck does this sentence mean 3

Will Kevin Love make the Hall of Fame 12:14 pm Tue Jun 2 EDT

I wish one day wolves k love would come back 3

Pacers Beat Writer I keep getting Blake Griffin comments over this It was NOT him PG is referring to Anthony Davis who had a year left on his deal 5:38 pm Tue Jun 23 EDT

bro how were the pacers gonna get anthony davis 2

Who are some players you dislike 5:04 pm Wed Jul 1 EDT

the nba is like a mountain 1

Hold up people actually listen to Nick Cannon8:54 pm Wed Jul 15 EDT

there are other antisemtic groups or people than the noi 1

Why is it such a popular narrative that Dwyane Wade is the 3rd best shooting guard ever over T-Mac What can Wade do that T-Mac cant do and better 11:26 am Fri Jul 17 EDT

bad bait 5

Who else is hyped for the restart 9:26 pm Sun Jul 19 EDT

not me 2

Mitchell Robinsons 74 2 FG this season is the highest in NBA history topping Wilt Chamberlains record Rudy Gobert currently at 69 8 will have to shoot 88-for-88 in Orlando to beat the mark 5:31 pm Mon Jul 20 EDT

ok imagine it like this. say rudy came into the bubble shooting 0-100 if he went 88-88 in the bubble hed end up 88-188: 46% if he went 20-20 hed end up 20-120: 16% 7

How many of the bums on Miami other than Butler will get overpaid 10:42 am Sun Jul 26 EDT

u should try typing but instead of using a keyboard use broken pieces of glass 1

Should the Celtics sack Brad Stevens is they are under achieve in the playoff1:46 pm Sat Aug 1 EDT

for sure they should hire george karl 3

Joel Embiid finished a game high 21 in the loss vs the Indiana Pacers Al Horford finished -26 game low A 47 on-off swing 9:42 pm Sat Aug 1 EDT

this makes me giggle 1

Whos your top five point guard of all time 9:51 am Fri Aug 7 EDT

people talk reckless on Nashs head 1

Is there anything more overrated than the New Orleans Pelicans Young Core 4:27 pm Sat Aug 8 EDT

what made you think this was something you needed to post like did this cross your mind and you said "the world needs to know" 8

I want to punch Damien Lillard in the face9:50 am Sun Aug 9 EDT

yeah and mods too lazy to actually ban him so hes been around for months 3

nba players you hate for petty unreasonable reasons 10:32 am Wed Aug 12 EDT

that sounds like a you problem tbh 3

Anybody want to see Caris LeVert game footage breakdown 4:17 pm Fri Aug 14 EDT

yes 0

There are only three T J S in the NBA T J Warren T J McConnell and T J Leaf All 3 of them play for the Indiana Pacers 4:40 pm Fri Aug 14 EDT

solomon, george grant? 1

Non-LeBron fans what are your thoughts on LeBron always jumping teams and competitiveness 5:39 pm Fri Aug 14 EDT

03 duncan 1

NBA should switch to a playoff format similar to MLB 8:24 pm Fri Aug 14 EDT

no 1

You guys think Adam Silver will update the allowable messages on the back of jerseys to include a message about Cannon Hinnant 11:03 pm Sun Aug 16 EDT

celtics to celtics connection lmao 9

Stan Van Gundy just now on the TNT broadcast Ben Simmons is the best defender I saw this year 9:00 pm Wed Aug 19 EDT

thats not that egregious Simmons should definitely be a fringe dpoy candidate with his skill and versatility 1

Does anybody wonder Why Paul George is so bad today serious 1:47 am Thu Aug 20 EDT

this is this sub in a nutshell in the playoffs WHY PLAY BAD WHEN U CAN JUST PLAY GOOD 2

If jazz had Conley and Bogdan would this series even be close 6:12 pm Fri Aug 21 EDT

what if they had 2 conleys 3

If Boston beats the Lakers in the Finals then they will have beaten 3 of the top 5 most annoying fanbases in their Finals run What is the most number of the top 5 that has been beaten in a championship run 9:48 pm Fri Aug 21 EDT

why did you think this was worth a post 1

Serious Question What is the actual argument for Lebron being ahead of Kobe in the Top 10 Debate 10:01 pm Fri Aug 21 EDT

>serious 3

Illegal defense10:03 pm Fri Aug 21 EDT

what do you mean its 1996 2

I Really Dont Want an LA Team to Win This Year9:17 am Sat Aug 22 EDT

thank u for telling us how u feel 11

Why exactly is the penalty for a clear path foul two free throws and possession 9:59 am Sat Aug 22 EDT

>If a player from the other team has a clear path to the basket, but youre able to catch up and commit a foul to prevent them from getting an uncontested dunk, youre supposed to just let it go and let them score? yes 26

Why exactly is the penalty for a clear path foul two free throws and possession 9:59 am Sat Aug 22 EDT

ding ding ding clear path fouls are insanely punitive for a reason 19

Donovan Mitchell is hella overrated 7:09 pm Mon Aug 24 EDT

theres games on right now theres no excuse for you to be this bored 2

Heat Center Bam Adebayo is 1 of 2 players this season to average at least 15 pts 10 reb 5 assist 1 block amp 1 steal per game this season The other is Giannis Antetokounmpo8:16 pm Mon Aug 24 EDT

he did it last year too -1

A possible Embiid Beal swap7:02 am Tue Aug 25 EDT

why would the wizards trade their 2 best players for players no one wants 2

Should I become a Nets fan 2:25 pm Wed Aug 26 EDT

iunno im not ur mom go ask yourself not a bunch of nerdy fucks on reddit 1

GAME THREAD Portland Trail Blazers 35-39 Los Angeles Lakers 52-19 - August 26 2020 8:00 pm Wed Aug 26 EDT

whos gonna tell him 6

Do you predict the season gets cancelled 8:01 pm Wed Aug 26 EDT

yeah itd be pretty bad if like 1/3 of the us just fucking exploded 1

Why is the NBA trying to play buddy-buddy with Jacob Blake 9:50 pm Fri Aug 28 EDT

im about to make a poor choice by shooting you in the spine 7 times 2

sub pls6:41 pm Sat Aug 29 EDT

bro this isnt even a basketball channel get out of here 3

Which two teams do you have making the finals 2:39 pm Mon Aug 31 EDT

heat jazz 0

Stan Van Gundy Just a thought if you re interested in protecting yourself from great bodily harm you don t cross state lines with an assault rifle to patrol the streets during a protest This kid got exactly what he was looking for a c5:33 pm Mon Aug 31 EDT

uhhhhhh milwaukee/kenosha? 0

Trade ideas for Horford Gobert5:41 pm Mon Aug 31 EDT

pelicans say no for losing jrue and redick, 2 known positives and their best defender for a chance that horford could work there and hasnt aged 20 years from being exposed to radioactive levels of spacing in philadellphia jazz also probably say no for lo 4

Was Westbrook ever Bestbrook 1:18 am Mon Sep 7 EDT

> Is he the most overrated MVP of all time? god forbid a post has a single ounce of nuance 15

Brook Lopez 10:06 am Thu Sep 10 EDT

you post on r/nofap and /r/democrats shut up 0

The Clippers are the boy-band of the NBA3:53 pm Sun Sep 13 EDT

shut the fuck up what does this even mean 8

Whats the argument against steph being top 10 all time 12:35 pm Tue Sep 15 EDT

there being 10 other really good players who played in the league 11