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They should have performance dunker vs NBA dunkers next year 10:33 pm Sat Feb 16 EDT 0 ups @ 0.33 Removed


Post Game Thread The Cleveland Cavaliers 9-35 snap the Los Angeles Lakers 23-21 100 - 9511:56 pm Sun Jan 13 EDTRemoved

As a bulls fan who wants the other shit teams to win, this is great to see. Go Cleveland Go. 2

Would Melo on the Lakers work if they trade for AD 11:31 pm Tue Jan 29 EDTRemoved

No. AD, Lebron and Melo is not a contending team especially seeing as theyd have so little once/if they trade for AD. These teams need to stop adding these old players to play around Lebron. 1

Who would you rather have on your team Draymond Green or Buddy Hield and Joe Ingles 9:33 pm Sat Feb 2 EDTRemoved

Draymond easily. DPOY and a great fit on many teams. Plus itd leave room star wing players which neither joe or buddy are. If Im sending guys like those latter two out as starters, then Im probably at a disadvantage against true contenders. He would need 6

Is Boogie the most intimidating player in thr league 10:36 pm Sat Feb 2 EDTRemoved

James Johnson actually knows how to fight unlike 99% of nba players throughout history. Or Boban because of his sheer size. Dude dwarfs Cousins. 1

Saints robbed 10:10 pm Sun Feb 3 EDTRemoved

Just stop. If they scored a bunch of points would you say they belonged then? Thats not how it works and their defense, the culprit besides the refs, played great. They belonged. 1

Saints robbed 10:10 pm Sun Feb 3 EDTRemoved

No shit, lol. It shows how great Mcvay really is if Goff can still revert to his 2016 self. 1

Who came up with John Collins dunk 10:09 pm Sat Feb 16 EDTRemoved

Someone who was probably high af. 6

Does LeBron deserve some blame for the Warriors current situation 11:26 pm Thu Feb 28 EDTRemoved

HE DID!? 1

Do you guys think Lebron should retire soon 10:07 pm Sun Mar 3 EDTRemoved

Hes still putting up great numbers. The issue is that he clearly went to the wrong team. Why a 33 year old who wants to win championships now picked a team thats full of very young players Ill never understand. It almost makes me think that winning is no 1

If you were going to start a team who would you choose first Prime Lebron or Prime Shaq 7:03 pm Tue Mar 12 EDTRemoved

What era are we in? Because if its now, Lebron. Back then, obviously shaq. 1

I m probably in the minority in this but I d much rather have Zion over LeBron1:05 am Sun Mar 17 EDTRemoved

Id only rather have him because hes going to be around for the next decade+. I wouldnt put all of this drama on Lebron though outside of Waltons potential firing and his piss effort on defense on several occasions. The lakers as a whole have been trying 1

The Lakers should consider trading LeBron Narrative8:10 pm Sun Mar 17 EDTRemoved

If by the trade deadline next season they arent looking like a championship team, then I think they should as well. Hed be 35 by that point and that means it shouldnt be long until he starts to decline sharply. Especially if they strike out in FA like I t 1

IT says Celtics wouldve won a championship already12:30 am Tue Mar 19 EDTRemoved

If he stayed at that MVP level he was playing at during his celtics stint and if Hayward never got hurt....maybe? 2

Unpopular opinion Magic is still absolutely correct for trading away D Angelo Russell11:57 pm Sat Mar 23 EDTRemoved

Nah, he was he lesser of two evil here. Nick Young was/is a cheating prick and Russell just exposed him for it. It is shady to film someone who without there consent, but I think Id get over it eventually if I were his teammate. Just call it for what it i 1

RIP Charles Barkley8:15 pm Sat Apr 6 EDTRemoved

He;s old but hes not THAT old, lol. 18

RIP Charles Barkley8:15 pm Sat Apr 6 EDTRemoved

Ah man, his eyes are watery and red as well. 2

Who is your perfect ideal coach for your team 7:34 pm Sun Apr 14 EDTRemoved

Pop, Bud and maybe Snyder. 1

Kyle Lowry is proving his haters wrong today8:50 pm Tue Apr 16 EDTRemoved

Why are you acting like he hasnt had a bunch of playoff games in recent years where he was bad? No one thinks he cant have good playoff games, but its fair to think of him as a unreliable star during the playoffs. 1

Why do people bring up Giannis not having playoff success at age 24 when guys like LeBron and Jordan didnt have playoff success until late 20s 8:04 pm Thu Apr 18 EDTRemoved

You can tell the person who created this post probably is very young and wasnt watching the NBA back in 07. 1

Why do most NBA players not have the relentless drive to greatness that superstars like Kobe Jordan have 9:23 pm Thu Apr 18 EDTRemoved

You dont know that. Youre not there watching these players in the off season as they try to work there games. Just because guys like trae may seem laid back, doesnt mean they dont have a relentless drive to be the best players they can be. 1

Pascal Siakam will be the best player on the Raptors next year whether Kawhi stays or not8:53 pm Fri Apr 19 EDTRemoved

Prisoner of the moment....but yeah, hes been awesome for a while now and this game is great example of how good hes gotten. 1

Curry gets praised for his efficiency but no one says a word when he scores 12 points on 37 TS 6:43 pm Sun Apr 21 EDTRemoved

In general, youll rarely see Curry get any criticism. Hes one of the least criticized stars Ive seen. 3

Curry gets praised for his efficiency but no one says a word when he scores 12 points on 37 TS 6:43 pm Sun Apr 21 EDTRemoved

Any of the nba finals for example. People criticize KD for winning on a stack team....but not Curry. Or winning against a Cavs team that had Love and Irving out during that first finals and how he was struggling in the first few games against Delly. Or lo 1

Why is all the national media coverage about the game last night so focused on Westbrook losing instead of Dame winning 8:30 pm Wed Apr 24 EDTRemoved

Hes also always been the target for criticism in OKC. Even when guys like KD didnt do well, youd rarely see them criticize but russ? Almost all the time. 2

Lost on all of this clipper warrior talk1:18 am Thu Apr 25 EDTRemoved

Its weird that one of his girlfriends looked like V.Stiviano and hes on the Clippers.... Anyway, Id be shocked if his bank account didnt tie into this heavily. 1

Shaq Chuck beef1:45 am Wed May 1 EDTRemoved

Damn, I never saw Ernie broken like that before, lol. Loved how chuck and kenny were blaming each other too. That was gold. 9

Am I alone in hoping for a Warriors - Raptors finals Think of the Kawhi narrative 6:44 pm Thu May 2 EDTRemoved

I dont want to see the Warriors in it again. Its beyond freaking old at this point. Houston, Denver and Portland vs any east team are could all make for an interesting finals. -1

Why is Van Gundy such a buzzkill 10:31 pm Thu May 2 EDTRemoved

Hes not a buzzkill. You and Jackson are just far too quick to start talking about him being one of the best bigs of all time which is some nonsense. Slow down. Hes only really played 3 seasons. 1

Why do people feel bad for Leonard 6:15 pm Fri May 3 EDTRemoved

I agree OP. Sure, it sucks that hes putting up big numbers and the rest of the team hasnt helped enough, but hes in a great situation after last years debacle. 1

So jealous of neutral fans2:39 am Sat May 4 EDTRemoved

Tonight was great. My heart would barely be able to take this if the bulls were involved. If it makes you feel any better, us bulls fans will be just as stressed on lottery night, lol. 1

Can anyone explain how KD teaming up with Kawhi on the Clippers will be any different than what he has on the Warriors right now 6:16 pm Sun May 5 EDTRemoved

"Lou Williams/Harrell/SGA/Shamet is at least as good as Klay/Dray/Iggy/Livingston" Yeah, thats a big "wrong" there. And the clippers obviously havent won 73 games and a championship prior. Not the same. 7

Can anyone explain how KD teaming up with Kawhi on the Clippers will be any different than what he has on the Warriors right now 6:16 pm Sun May 5 EDTRemoved

Id need to know the rest of the roster to answer that. 2

Can anyone explain how KD teaming up with Kawhi on the Clippers will be any different than what he has on the Warriors right now 6:16 pm Sun May 5 EDTRemoved

Yes. Theyd have cap space to probably add another players(probably not stars, but nice role players) and Cousins would be there as well probably back to 100% healthy. 1

The bucks have done with Giannis what the cavs have failed to do with Lebron7:28 pm Mon May 6 EDTRemoved

The Cavs didnt really fail lebron. What ruined it for them was KD going to the Warriors. That killed their chances at winning again. Then Kyrie asking for a trade and that trading not working out for them was the frosting and cherry on top. 1

Should brad stevens be on the hot seat 12:34 am Tue May 7 EDTRemoved

Hell no. Its a disappointing season but you dont can someone that quick. 1

Do the Raptors have the worst supporting cast in NBA history 12:29 am Tue May 7 EDTRemoved

Not even remotely close and the Cavs last year minus Love were the worse. 1

Thoughts on this Sixers Lakers trade6:35 pm Wed May 8 EDTRemoved

I think its more clear that Embiids illness has ruined their chances of winning and Ben Simmons just sucks against Kawhi//this matchup. Why the hell would they take a shorter worse version of Simmons with Ball? Especially after Ball has had durability is 1

Replace Clint capela with Orlando Shaq how does this series go 12:48 am Sat May 11 EDTRemoved

Shaq would tear GS up so bad that a case against him for aggravated assault and battery would probably stand a great chance in court. 1

Stop saying Denver could put up a better fight than Portland6:26 pm Sun May 12 EDTRemoved

None of what you said proves Portland is a better matchup against GS. It just proves Denver choked this one away. 3

Parity in the league10:32 pm Sun May 12 EDTRemoved

I hope KD leaves and goes to a team like the clippers and maybe pairs up with someone like Kemba so the clippers can also be a true contender(and so kemba stops wasting his team on the hornets) but besides that I hope the parity continues. 1

Serious What s Kawhi s value this offseason 11:00 pm Wed May 15 EDTRemoved

Hes the best player in the class (yes, better than KD as hes younger and I like his defense more). He should be the highest paid. 1

For those complaining that the new lottery system will lead bad teams to mediocrity 12:56 am Thu May 16 EDTRemoved

Of course its fucked up. The draft is supposed to be their to help the worst teams the most and now they made it harder for those teams to build through it. Teams that are way better like the lakers compared to the knicks, cavs or suns shouldnt be leap f 1

For those complaining that the new lottery system will lead bad teams to mediocrity 12:56 am Thu May 16 EDTRemoved

"No one wants to watch a team that is losing on purpose." You say that as though theyd be a noticeable difference. Teams like the knicks, cavs, bulls and suns would about the same record wise no matter how much they try to change it. You really think peo 1

For those complaining that the new lottery system will lead bad teams to mediocrity 12:56 am Thu May 16 EDTRemoved

But my point is that those teams arent trying to tank and are just that bad. Its not fair to make it harder on them just because some other teams are excessive with their tanking. 1

Where the hell did the idea of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving going to the Knicks come from 4:51 pm Thu May 16 EDTRemoved

Its simply because the knicks are a big market. Youre a laker fan, so you should know all about the media pushing players to big market teams. 1

Where the hell did the idea of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving going to the Knicks come from 4:51 pm Thu May 16 EDTRemoved

Why would going to a team that has almost nothing going for it be a "lock"? 2

Who is the More Disappointing Playoff Team 9:54 pm Fri May 17 EDTRemoved

I call BS on this topic. Portland is actually further ahead than theyve ever been recently with their star big out. Theyve exceeded expectations. And this isnt the same raptor team as all of those other teams. Boston by a mile and a half was the most 4

Who is the More Disappointing Playoff Team 9:54 pm Fri May 17 EDTRemoved

Yeah, thats what I was saying. Besides chuck, no one thought the blazers would make it the conference finals ESPECIALLY after nurkics injury. 2

Why do so many people and teams antagonize LeBron 2:20 am Sat May 18 EDTRemoved

Either its because people are still triggered by the Decision or its because resentment has grown because of how often the sports media talks about him. 5

Why do so many people and teams antagonize LeBron 2:20 am Sat May 18 EDTRemoved

Yes. 1

A little ironic the Warriors 3 homegrown stars are showing out12:25 am Sun May 19 EDTRemoved

I mean, we can respect them, but it still makes the nba very uninteresting when you already know whos going to win. It foolish to think its just "casual fans". 5

Love the fans in the background on Inside the NBA right now 11:15 pm Thu May 23 EDTRemoved

Some dude also has a Shaq Shrek picture. Freaking hilarious. 2

LeBron James made it to the finals in 8 consecutive seasons 11:34 pm Thu May 23 EDTRemoved

It helps that as the years went on, the east got worse while lebron was there. Right now both teams are tired because they both are damn good. 1

You have to applaud Skip and his arguments6:23 pm Fri May 24 EDTRemoved

When you say applaud, do you really mean point and laugh at for how petty and blatantly bias he is? 2

Mike Budenholzer is not a playoff coach11:13 pm Sat May 25 EDTRemoved

You call making it to the conference finals falling apart? 3

Obama will be sitting courtside beside Drake7:34 pm Sun Jun 2 EDTRemoved

I think so. Its one of the benefits for being a ex president, 1

Kawhi is likely going to have as many championships and fmvps as KD without having to join a super team 5:55 pm Mon Jun 10 EDTRemoved

Most of those guys were past their prime tho(still productive though). KD joined Curry, Draymond and Klay in the primes 8

If you start watching Space Jam right now youll have time to piss and make some snacks before Game 6 of the NBA Finals begins 7:27 pm Thu Jun 13 EDTRemoved

Crazy to think kids now probably dont even what looney tunes are. 2

Next year s NBA finals match up 1:46 am Fri Jun 14 EDTRemoved

Rocktes vs Sixers. Idk why people are saying lakers. They havent done shit 1

What happens to the Warriors now 1:39 am Fri Jun 14 EDTRemoved

I think they should just worry about getting KD and Klay healthy as they clearly arent contenders with those injures. 1

Serious Ben Simmons or Markelle Fultz11:15 pm Wed Jun 19 EDTRemoved

[Not Serious] 1

why do coaches wear fucking suits 10:34 pm Mon Jun 24 EDTRemoved

If that were allowed, Becky Hammon would be a head coach in a heartbeat, lol. 1

Why are we ruling out the possibility that players would just rather play on the Clippers than the Lakers 8:19 pm Wed Jun 26 EDTRemoved

And youre lakers have been pretty shitty during much of the 2010s. No reason to hold a teams history against them. -1

OC A close friend of Butler tweets out an interesting thread suggesting Butler and Kawhi are headed to the Clippers One hour later Marc Stein reports the Clippers are interested in pairing them together 9:27 pm Sat Jun 29 EDTRemoved

Itd be better for the NBA if Kawhi and another star went to the Clippers. Could you imagine Lebron and AD vs Kawhi and Butler? If Kawhi went to the lakers, itd make the NBA far less competitive with the clippers and raptors dead in the water. 4

If Kawhi Doesnt Sign With The Lakers Then The NBA Will Be Up For Grabs Next Year6:59 pm Sun Jun 30 EDTRemoved

Well it looks like hes going there, thus replacing GS as the team that is so much better than everyone else. Lol, just when KD leaves the Warriors, we immediately have the competition killed again. 1

Kawhi is single handedly making free agency interesting1:08 am Tue Jul 2 EDTRemoved

Thats not saying much when hes the only big name left besides Cousins. 1

Who do people think that the Clippers are a chance to land a superstar free agent when theyve never been able to attract one in their history 5:31 am Tue Jul 2 EDTRemoved

Because it makes no sense to think a team can NEVER get superstar free agents just it hasnt happened before. 5

People call Shaquille ONeal Shaq for short Why dont people call Hakeem Olajuwon Hak 8:47 pm Tue Jul 2 EDTRemoved

Im pretty sure they called him Keem. Hak is just stupid, lol. 1

Westbrook unfollowed George on Instagram 2:48 am Sat Jul 6 EDTRemoved

PG wanting to leave only a year later after committing to OKC speaks volumes about Westbrook. Dude is pushing everyone away. He needs to change. 1

Why arent players honoring their contracts anymore 11:58 pm Sat Jul 6 EDTRemoved

Loyalty in sports is a farce and vert rare. I hope people realize this soon. 2

Which duos you most excited to see 9:58 pm Fri Jul 12 EDTRemoved

Slay wouldve been better stay. 2

A lot of folks here owe Adrian Wojnarowski an Im sorry 1:14 am Thu Jul 18 EDTRemoved

Its only laker fans who bitched about him. Plus these are the same people who were believing some random person named RDA. Dont pay them no attention. -1

Bulls fans rise up activism against ownership relevance 6:11 pm Mon Jul 22 EDTRemoved

Honestly, who cares if people talk about us? Especially on this sub. iirc, the most popular topic on this sub ever was the paul pierce shitting himself one. Not exactly high standards around here. And you bring up the lakers fans rising up, but they didnt 1

Did AB just pull off a bigger power move than anyone in the NBA has 6:02 pm Sat Sep 7 EDTRemoved

No. because moves in the nfl dont have the same impact as nba moves. A move like KD going to the Warriors basically guarantees the Warriors a bunch of titles. With the NFL, a team can make all sorts of moves and still get bounced out of the playoffs or no 1

Which move is most controversial KD to GSW or Antonio Brown joining the Patriots 11:53 pm Wed Sep 11 EDTRemoved

KD joined a team that he choked a 3-1 lead against and made the nba boring in terms of contention for the most part AB acted insane for weeks over the dumbest shit and tried to end up in New England which happened. Its definitely AB. At least KD left wh 1

If Lebron tweeted Stand with Morey Stand with Hong Kong MoreThanAnAthlete Hed immediately be the GOAT11:24 pm Sun Oct 6 EDTRemoved

I swear if no player, coach or front office personal come to Moreys defense if he gets fired, Im going to be so disappointed and infuriated. 2

Donald Trump just called Warriors head coach Steve Kerr a little boy for not calling out China4:56 pm Wed Oct 9 EDTRemoved

Even though I wish more would come out and back Chinas protesters/Morey, Trump shouldnt be calling anyone a little boy after his history with the NBA/Warriors. I wonder how long this post will say unlocked. Figured to get in here when I could, lol/ 1

Which NBA player would you most enjoy hearing the response of to the Hong Kong drama 11:52 pm Tue Oct 15 EDTRemoved

Charles Barkley. I hope he calls out the nba and the players for their knee bending. 2

Which NBA player would you most enjoy hearing the response of to the Hong Kong drama 11:52 pm Tue Oct 15 EDTRemoved

*sigh* So much for that.... 1

nba is becoming a joke not because of poltical reasons8:46 pm Wed Oct 16 EDTRemoved

I assume he doesnt want his team to overpay players that dont deserve it. 2