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Why I stopped watching the NBA3:17 pm Sun Nov 1 EDT

I guess Sunday is kind of like a mini offseason 8

With the Cavaliers likely to enter a rebuild what are some of the most likely destinations for Kevin Love 8:59 pm Sun Nov 1 EDT

Maybe the Hornets to play next to Kemba 1

With the Oklahoma City Thunder finally securing a win tonight the Cleveland Cavaliers remain the last winless team in the NBA 9:12 pm Sun Nov 1 EDT

Cavs have a great shot against the Hawks on Tuesday though 2

The D Angelo Russell experiment has gone from being funny to being sad and a debacle for the Nets and the league Who should they replace him with 6:30 pm Sun Nov 1 EDT

Being on someones dick means you like them, not that you hate them. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=On%20My%20Dick 0

KATs parents should ground him and take away his Xbox until he starts taking the NBA seriously again 1:53 am Sat Oct 31 EDT

At this rate Jimmy Butler is going to put him over his knee and spank him 3


Who are you hearing this from? 1

Is it possible Rondo didnt spit but instead there was a second spitter 5:39 pm Sun Oct 25 EDT

*grassy 1

Alabama is about to win their 3rd championship in 4 years Why dont people say they are ruining college football 12:02 pm Mon Nov 2 EDT

>blameshifting and entitlement What a joke. If sports were about ganging up on the weak then that would be the tradition throughout the history of athletics. But its not, because sports is about competition. On the playground nobody pu 2

Alabama is about to win their 3rd championship in 4 years Why dont people say they are ruining college football 12:02 pm Mon Nov 2 EDT

A superstar in the NBA has a much bigger impact on a game than any individual football player. 2

People who post that the Magic started 8-4 last season on every single Kings post what do you get out of it 12:52 pm Wed Nov 4 EDT

This should be the reddit slogan 1

At what point are the Nets going to finally give up on trying to make D Angelo Russell and NBA player 7:58 pm Wed Nov 4 EDT

It is really creepy how much this dude hates Russell 15

It s unbelievable that the Nets keep running the worst player in the NBA in their starting lineup Why are they costing themselves the chance to compete 5:27 pm Fri Nov 6 EDT

Admit it, youre in love with DAngelo Russell 2

Who is more to blame Magic or Luke 10:50 pm Sun Nov 8 EDT

Its not even just the randoms at the 5. Rondo was not needed at all when Lonzo is in place. They needed shooting and didnt add much if any. Randle would have been a great fit next to LeBron and they basically made him want out with the way they treated hi 0

The Nets are in a position to push for the eighth seed if they drop the dead weight that is D Angelo Russell Who should they move him for in order to make their push successful 1:48 pm Tue Nov 10 EDT

I really want to know how DAngelo hurt you. Did he tease you in school? Did he steal your girl? What happened? 5

Magic have the best chance of signing KD besides the Warriors6:21 pm Sun Nov 15 EDT

Yeah they need a point guard so KD is the perfect fit KD/Gordon/Isaac/Vucevic/Bamba starting five looks good to me 2

If there is a God which team do you think he hates the most How about which player 11:28 pm Mon Nov 16 EDT

It blows my mind. Levert looked like a bonafide all star this year. So fucking sad. 1

Jeremy Lin in the 4Q - 2 threes 3-4 shooting and 2 assists in 7 minutes12:56 am Wed Nov 18 EDT

Suns should get him just so they can run a functioning offense until they find their point guard of the future. 2

PSA No one is doubting Melos talent10:44 am Fri Nov 20 EDT

PSA: English motherfuckers, do you speak it? 1

Did anyone notice what LeBron just pulled on Instagram 11:39 am Fri Nov 20 EDT

Dont count your Durants before they hatch 3

Kemba Walkers real first name is Kembert 5:26 pm Sun Nov 22 EDT

"But what about that shadowy place?" "Charlotte is beyond our borders. You must never go there, Simbert." 2

Uhhhhh the wizards are down 20 in the first quarter again7:35 pm Tue Nov 24 EDT

Scots secrit plays were a meme for a reason 1

Why does this sub claim to support mental health advocacy from Players like Kevin Love and DeMar DeRozan 8:37 pm Tue Nov 24 EDT

I think it would be more like Royce White. People didnt dislike him because he had mental health issues, they disliked him because he used those issues as an excuse for his shitty behaviour. If KD were to blame mental health issues for him using bu 0

Trade suggestion Markelle Fultz for Jeremy Lin and filler6:43 pm Wed Nov 25 EDT

Fultz needs to somewhere he can play with the ball in his hands. You already have Trae Young. 5

Fultz for Drew Hansen straight up6:47 pm Wed Nov 25 EDT

Joke misses even worse when you dont get the guys name right 4

Fans of other teams what would you honestly be willing to give up for fultz 6:48 pm Wed Nov 25 EDT

Yeah I think a lotto or top 10 protected first would be a great gamble for you guys. If Pop and Chip cant fix him no one can. 1

Can we pull someone from r NBA to start point guard for the suns 3:58 pm Fri Nov 27 EDT

I doubt they would let you play against the Lakers with that username 6

BREAKING NEWS Kawhi Leonard HATES Kyle Lowry8:59 pm Tue Dec 1 EDT

I also want them to be dipped in honey and fed to the bears 5

Would you rather have current Giannis or Grant Hill at his pre-injury peak 2:49 pm Sun Dec 6 EDT

https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/h/hillgr01.html You can always check under leaderboards, awards, & honors 2

50 point watch Anthony Davis has 17 points in the first5:39 pm Sun Dec 6 EDT

Classic jinx post 7

TRADE ALERT What happens behind the scenes 11:06 pm Sun Dec 6 EDT


Anthony Davis to the Lakers is inevitable5:04 pm Mon Dec 7 EDT

If anyone is living in denial its Lakers fans lol 2

I seem to remember MJ or Kobe or even both stating no one can beat them 1 on 1 That is ridiculous2:48 pm Tue Dec 8 EDT

Lol CP3 shut down KD in the post in the playoffs and you dont think prime MJ could defend KD? MJ would get into KDs ribs and make him cry. 7

I feel like the Knicks are going to start stockpiling assets to make an attempt at getting John Wall3:39 pm Tue Dec 8 EDT

Yeah right out of [the Berman article] (https://nypost.com/2018/12/04/one-time-draft-bust-may-be-playing-way-into-knicks-future/?utm_source=NYPSportsTwitter&utm_medium=SocialFlow&sr_share=twitter&utm_campaign=SocialFlow) lol: >Some in 3

Thoughts on rookie Miles Bridges 10:43 am Thu Dec 10 EDT

Only watched him one game but he seemed a little passive. Not sure if thats just his role (camping out for threes) because his highlights always seem really fun. 1

Just want to shoutout that one guy who seriously asked me how the mavs are any better than the suns1:32 pm Sun Dec 13 EDT

Just respond to him directly dumbass 15

We got to trade Andre5:52 pm Sun Dec 13 EDT

>His stats are the emptiest Ive ever seen >wants to acquire Kanter and THJ 1

Anthony I have to play perfect for us to win Davis finished the game with 6 points 9 rebounds and 4 assists in a 2-7 shooting night in a pelicans win5:57 pm Sun Dec 13 EDT

Davis gets hurt and has an off night and OP is ready to pounce 4

Havent been on this sub since summer whats the perception on DeMar DeRozan 5:14 pm Tue Dec 15 EDT

What are you talking about, LMA has always relied heavily on midrange jump shots. Pop WANTED him shooting more threes: >“That was one thing that [head coach Gregg Popovich] told me, to go home this summer and make sure you shoot [3-pointers] and 1

Havent been on this sub since summer whats the perception on DeMar DeRozan 5:14 pm Tue Dec 15 EDT

Right because when Bryn Forbes is your point guard and youre playing with Aldridge and Gay its so easy to space the floor. Give me a break. 0

So the crypt keeper is going to just let this fuckery between LeBron and James Jones go on 6:52 pm Tue Dec 15 EDT

Maybe wait until a deal is announced before getting hysterical 7

People don t realize how awful the NBA used to be Here s NBA legend Bob Cousey who could only dribble with one hand shred an opponent He s considered one of the best ball handlers of his time 8:17 pm Tue Dec 15 EDT

People realize that the game was just emerging back then. Thats why Cousy is appreciated for what he did for the game back then, not how he would look today. Only a dumb edgy teenager would fail to understand that. 0

How bad would it be for the NBA if Lebron agreed with Curry about the landings 10:59 pm Tue Dec 15 EDT

What a pointless hypothetical 7

The ironic thing about people critizing Curry for believing the Moon landing didnt happen11:53 pm Tue Dec 15 EDT

Wow OP cant beat that logic, where should we send your ribbon? 2

Ben Golliver - Open Floor Podcast Toronto media are sick of Kyle Lowry Youre not good enough to be chippy and pouty to them all the time 12:30 am Wed Dec 16 EDT

"How do you feel about hockey? What do you think of Toronto as a city? Have you ever had poutine?" Hacks 1

Why is everyone so bothered about Curry s thoughts on the moon landing 6:04 pm Wed Dec 16 EDT

Because it spreads bullshit and teaches impressionable minds to ignore facts instead of using critical thinking. 14

Why is everyone so bothered about Curry s thoughts on the moon landing 6:04 pm Wed Dec 16 EDT

Its more harmful than just making himself look bad. You spread this bullshit around that people should ignore facts and you end up with anti-vaxxers and Holocaust deniers. 3

Stop trying to force this Steph Curry gt Kevin Durant stuff6:48 pm Wed Dec 16 EDT

Time to start using the block user function 1

Is Jabari Parker a toxic player 9:37 pm Thu Dec 17 EDT

You ever play with a guy who doesnt play D? Especially one who thinks hes better than he is on offense? Might not be toxic personalitywise but that type of player is definitely toxic to winning and not someone you want to play with. 1

So Im pre coining the name for new LA LeBron Bron and its 6:09 am Fri Dec 18 EDT

Dont drink and reddit 1

With the Lakers looking like they could teach the WCF who says no in a trade of Ingram and a first for Devin Booker and Ariza 10:45 pm Fri Dec 18 EDT

Even if Ariza wasnt already traded this is a laughable idea 1

Young Former Suns GM Ryan McDonough reportedly planned to package the club s pick from Milwaukee and a player taken with the 16th pick to move up and draft Shai Gilgeous-Alexander but was overruled by Robert Sarver11:45 pm Fri Dec 18 EDT

I find it a little sketchy that this was only reported after McDonough was fired and SGA proved to be a player. Not to mention that even if they didnt get SGA he had all summer to find another option and went into camp with Canaan and two rookies. 1

Young Former Suns GM Ryan McDonough reportedly planned to package the club s pick from Milwaukee and a player taken with the 16th pick to move up and draft Shai Gilgeous-Alexander but was overruled by Robert Sarver11:45 pm Fri Dec 18 EDT

Yeah this article is from 10 days ago. Easy karma I guess. 1

Jabari Parker Will Be Traded In the Next 24 Hours12:25 am Sat Dec 19 EDT

Starring Burt Steele as The Murkinator 1

I just feel sad for Lebron James1:46 pm Sat Dec 19 EDT

You feel sorry for someone who has been charge of his own destiny ever since he finished his rookie contract? I feel sorry for you for making excuses for a grown ass man. 1

Why are the Pacers so good 1:55 pm Tue Dec 22 EDT

I hate to say it but this is part of it. They have the second best defensive rating in the league and defense is an area where a coach has real influence. 3

How has no one submitted a post about Blake Griffins extraordinarily rare quadruple-double last night against the Bucks last night 3:50 pm Tue Dec 22 EDT

If I havent seen it then it doesnt exist 6

Can we stop with the pearl clutching 6:54 am Thu Dec 24 EDT

>This sub is getting lame AF Youre not helping 20

Who deserves DPOY so far 4:20 pm Thu Dec 24 EDT

>Also who is a better rapper Kanye West or Tupac Shakur? Tupac and its not even remotely close 31

Who deserves DPOY so far 4:20 pm Thu Dec 24 EDT

Lol 1

Who are the most niggardly players in the league 9:52 pm Thu Dec 24 EDT

Gtfo with this weak bait 3

CMV The Pelicans are probably going to lose their team if AD is gone5:50 pm Sat Dec 26 EDT

Jesus Christ Lakers fans you guys need to stfu already. I hope karma bites you in this ass for all this premature gloating. 2

Hield Buddy Hield s Twitter is almost entirely the same tweet and emojis Thank God for Life Health and Strength 5:04 pm Sat Dec 26 EDT

Thank God For Life, Health and Strength 3

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain 11:08 am Sun Dec 27 EDT

Evans was more of a slasher while Mitchell is more of a shooter. Mitchell averaged 2.4 makes on 7.0 3PA/g (34.0%) as a rook vs 0.5 on 2.0 (25.5%) for Evans. 1

Its a new season and Demar Derozan is on a new team Yet his team still performs better with him on the bench Why 12:51 pm Sun Dec 27 EDT

The same is true for Lamarcus Aldridge (and other regular starters Bryn Forbes and Dante Cunningham). So what conclusion do you draw from that? 7

Its a new season and Demar Derozan is on a new team Yet his team still performs better with him on the bench Why 12:51 pm Sun Dec 27 EDT

Or--stay with me here--the starters face tough competition and the bench does not, which is why Poeltl and Bertans lead the team in on/off netratg. *if anyone is bringing them down, its Dante Cunningham, who is on the bottom 4 and 6/7 of the worst tw 2

Its a new season and Demar Derozan is on a new team Yet his team still performs better with him on the bench Why 12:51 pm Sun Dec 27 EDT

Last year he was a +0.3 in on/off netratg while Kyle was a +0.2. This year Blake Griffin is a -2.2. John Wall is -4.5. Luka Doncic is -1.1. It does not only apply to DeRozan. Lonzo Ball is a -4.8 btw. -1

Its a new season and Demar Derozan is on a new team Yet his team still performs better with him on the bench Why 12:51 pm Sun Dec 27 EDT

He and Aldridge are both big on/off negatives yet the Spurs are two games above .500. I guess Jakob Poeltl at +10.8 and Davis Bertans at +9.7 are the real secret behind the Spurs success this year. /s 0

u LarBrd33 recorded a Celtic-themed podcast with a guy who has been catfishing him for 11 years u BradsBalls Wed post on the Celtic sub but they dont allow podcasts Giving it a shot here Sorry in advance 2:04 pm Sun Dec 27 EDT

People wont have confidence in you unless you have some in yourself. You call yourself a socially awkward nerd, start your podcast by saying its going to be super strange and awkward, probably a disaster, and say you are in a fragile and emotional place r 2

Where do you find video of the NBA in real time to post it on the social networks 4:18 pm Sun Dec 27 EDT

You have to make it yourself. You will need scissors and glue 6

What is Zubac s ceiling 11:11 pm Sun Dec 27 EDT

Did Lebron say that somewhere? 2

Luka Doncic The Great White Hope12:35 am Mon Dec 28 EDT

Please dont embarrass your fellow Raptors fans like this. 18

Why does everyone always say that Jordan played against plumbers while Lebron played against way better defenders12:21 pm Sun Jan 3 EDT

Its also poking fun at the people who always diminish the competition of past eras. In thirty years casuals will probably shit on this era when Shaquille ONeal IV is dunking on robots in zero gravity. 1

Incase you missed it Embiid flops and takes out and injures Rubios knees scary fall12:15 pm Tue Jan 7 EDT

Not even close to Zaza antics, hes going for the ball. Also Rubio is probable for tonight. 5

Whats your crazy NBA trade deadline scenario 12:13 pm Tue Jan 7 EDT

https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/celtics/why-celtics-cannot-trade-anthony-davis-season 1

Celtics Suns Timberwolves Trade3:24 am Wed Jan 8 EDT

Excellent point. This could probably be its own topic of discussion, you should make a post during the day about it. ie which guys would get exposed against elite competition 2

NBA Ask me anything about the NBA then edit it to make me look bad12:57 pm Thu Jan 9 EDT

This would be much better if you had team flair 1

The Anthony Davis doesnt have help narrative is overblown 3:46 pm Thu Jan 9 EDT

>Elfrid Payton is having a career year Elfrid Payton has played in 8 games, dumbass 20

Luka Doncics nickname should be The Don 4:32 pm Thu Jan 9 EDT

Eh its his name but a good nickname is a lost art. OPs is bad but the names from the days of Iceman and Magic and the Glove were really fun. 0

Why do the Raptors ALWAYS choke in big games 12:32 am Fri Jan 10 EDT

Uh we beat the Warriors on the road without Kawhi 3

Blake Griffin At this rate both Lebron and Kawhi will be 3rd Team All Nba 2:44 pm Tue Jan 28 EDT

Drummond isnt that good and the rest of that roster is garbage. Without Blake they would be fighting with the Cavs for worst record in the east. 4

Unpopular Opinion Derozan should get booed Heres why 7:03 pm Fri Jan 31 EDT

You are the worst kind of fan and I am embarrassed that our fanbase has pieces of garbage like you in it. It is not DeRozans fault that he is not the kind of player you want him to be. Go learn something about sports and loyalty you bandwagoni 3

New basketball variant Teams get 1 point for every dribble12:26 am Sun Feb 2 EDT

This is the dumbest hypothetical yet 3

Josh Jackson against Lakers 12 pts 4 15 FG -2712:04 am Mon Feb 3 EDT

It isnt a hot take. Josh Jackson has been hot garbage for 70% of the season. 2

A little bit irony karma whatsoever for Ball family7:49 am Tue Feb 4 EDT

That is not how you use the word whatsoever, but whatever 3

El hassan Again never ceases to amaze me how fans get mad at A- player for wanting to leave B- NBA CBA for not preventing him from leaving C- media for reporting about it D- other teams that try to acquire him BUT NEVER E- ineptly run fav team for flu4:45 pm Tue Feb 4 EDT

The Pelicans FO deserves a lot of blame, but the pill would be a lot less bitter if AD wasnt forcing his way to the Lakers, and another smaller/less-attractive market had a fair shot at him. Thats on the CBA. 1

Holy shit are Knicks fans cancerous6:17 am Fri Feb 7 EDT

Blaming KP over the front office is mindboggling to me. 29

NYK just pulled of a heist5:40 pm Fri Feb 7 EDT

This is like saying they did a great job amputating their leg after shooting themselves in the foot. They were the ones who signed the stupid deals in the first place. Lauding them for using a quality piece like KP to get rid of them is just as dumb 2

Thank you for responding to my post I will try to follow your advice I love the nba I love this subreddit So I wont give up Im always laughing I hope I can make a home here 2:51 pm Sat Feb 8 EDT

My advice is that going forward try to make posts about basketball not about yourself. Unless you are a little old grandma in which case you do whatever you want. 20

Brian Cardinal to Dirk during halftime of game 6 of the 2011 finals YESSS YOU ARE TERRIBLE AND WE ARE STILL WINNING 3:09 am Tue Feb 11 EDT

You would say he "finished the game 9/27" or he "shot 8/15 in the second half" 5

The Pelicans front office isnt being cute anymore 3:14 am Tue Feb 11 EDT

I feel like Im in bizarro land, because everything they have done has been a direct result of the Lakers and Klutch trying to strong arm them from every angle. All the leaks that AD wont sign anywhere but LA? How could anyone possibly blame the Pelicans f 3

Lakers trade package4:33 am Tue Feb 11 EDT

> LA literally offered up all of their young players, cap relief and multiple first round picks Just to be clear, they didnt offer Hart or Zubac, Hill is an expiring next year anyway, and first rounders for a team with Bron/AD are practically wo 1

Pelicans are playing with fire11:35 am Tue Feb 11 EDT

We cant really judge him until after the deadline. If it was a ploy to squeeze out an extra pick or player then it was smart. If not, then he/the organization are foolish. 2

How many people actually watch nba games here The disrespect to two gaurenteed HOF players here is astounding 3:26 pm Tue Feb 11 EDT

Go home OP, youre drunk 1

Fanatics AMA Series Im Luka Don i Dallas Mavericks Rookie AMA 2:06 pm Thu Feb 13 EDT

Whats your favourite American food and your favourite Slovenian food? Is there anything you miss about Slovenia? 6

The ugly truth Players tryhard against LeBron but not against MJ3:03 am Sun Feb 16 EDT

If by unique you mean it was so moronic it made all of us dumber for having read it, then yes it is unique 4

Could you beat LeBron James Jr in a 1 on 1 game 4:00 am Sun Feb 16 EDT

At Connect 4 for sure. Hes no Rajon Rondo Jr 21

If you are going to use your platform to make it seem like youre being profound just every once in awhile throw in something profound - Bill Simmons on LeBron and his impact 1:03 pm Mon Feb 17 EDT

U bum -Confucius 42

Im sorry but Michael Jordan may go down as the greatest but hes the biggest piece of garbage star player out there He cheated on his college sweetheart and mother of his child is an compulsive gambler horrible father shit talks current NBA players a5:31 pm Tue Feb 18 EDT

You clearly dont know shit about MJ. 0

Has Kyrie played his last game as a Celtic 7:01 pm Tue Feb 18 EDT

Have you made your last shitpost or will we have to suffer some more 5

NBA matchmaker no homo 6:36 pm Thu Feb 20 EDT

You ruined a good idea for a thread with a dumb title because youre insecure about your masculinity. 2

keep calling him Big Honey2:19 pm Sat Feb 22 EDT

He himself doesnt like it https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/alw6bt/nikola_jokic_isnt_fond_of_his_big_honey_nickname/ 1

This post will not be popular but Id take Trae Young long term over Luka I think Luka has already reached his ceiling in terms of the player hes going to be and Trae hasnt even scratched the surface Trae has the chance to be a 25 PPG guy and a 10 APG g3:28 pm Mon Feb 24 EDT

Hes averaging 23.5 in February you dumbass 21

Serious Why did the Pistons give the Lakers Reggie Bullock 5:52 pm Fri Feb 28 EDT

No. Literally nothing would be the apotheosis of literally nothing, you dumbass. 5

Okay r nba We fucking get it 12:02 pm Mon Mar 2 EDT

Its "delete this, nephew", not "nephew delete this". You must not come here very often. 28

Predict Brandon Ingrams points and assists tonight and I will give you 100 8:38 pm Sat Mar 7 EDT

18/6 1

Who will be the token white guy who gets his powers stolen in Space Jam 2 11:53 pm Sun Mar 8 EDT

I hope its Jokic. He seems perfect for a fun comedy 7

Serious Brons Plan AKA how to overthrow the Warriors and submit his status as GOAT And its all going right on schedule even missing the playoffs 2:51 am Mon Mar 9 EDT

You honestly think a contender for GOAT would waste a year of his prime so he could film a cartoon? 1

Why are people acting like this year was a failure for LeBron and the Lakers Brandon Ingram has evolved into a monster AD will be joining in the summer a huge FA will sign here too 3:52 pm Tue Mar 10 EDT

If you think the spiteful Pelicans are going to trade AD to the Lakers for less this summer you are even more delusional than most Lakers fans. Theyll trade him to Latvia for some potatoes before they accept that package. 6

LeBrons not the GOAT for choosing LA life even though Jordan literally QUIT BASKETBALL to suck at baseball for his happiness 9:17 pm Tue Mar 10 EDT

> LeBrons teams have been deficient compared to Jordans Bulls. Lol come on now 1

What does James Harden need to do to be considered the GOAT 1:34 am Wed Mar 11 EDT

>Are we seeing the formation of the new GOAT? Did you start watching basketball this morning? 1

NBA fans are so fucking stupid and petty When I saw fans say Kawhi was as good as LeBron amp KD because hes humble and drives a 97 Chevy that was the last straw 2:56 am Wed Mar 11 EDT

So one or two people say something and you lose your mind? I hate that the NBA fan base has dumbasses who pick at minority opinions and blow them out of proportion. 6

Whats going on with the Lakers is so obvious and genius by LeBron but it seems like people here arent getting it Tryhard at the beginning of the season to develop young players - gt tank at end of season to get a great pick from the draft This is how t4:02 am Thu Mar 12 EDT

Must be a sad time in your life for you to troll so much. Hope you find something meaningful to fill the void. 1

Now that lebron is missing the playoffs let s be clear about how much worse this makes him than Kobe and Jordan12:59 pm Thu Mar 12 EDT

Its sarcasm but its also in service of some pretty dumb points. 3

OMG PACERS10:21 pm Thu Mar 12 EDT

Whats it like in a thai prison 2

Cyber X Sources Butler will be Moreys main target this summer and he feels fairly confident it will happen2:28 pm Fri Mar 13 EDT

Cyber has been right and he has been wrong. He wrote this early in the season (Oct 25th): >Also, Rockets know that Hardens injury will be nagging all year unfortunately. To him and Ennis. Will be resting more on B2B... Need JB Harden has shown n 1

Serious We should start referring to Bogdanovic players by their first names 6:10 pm Fri Mar 13 EDT

Bojdan it is 1

The Athletic Magic Johnson Ignored Pleas to Re-Sign Brook Lopez Julius Randle12:04 pm Mon Mar 16 EDT

This really shows why aggregators like Leacher Report are so garbage. In what world is Brook Lopez a "playmaker"? Just use the relevant snippet from The Athletic and source them. [link] (https://theathletic.com/860710/2019/03/11/luke-waltons-last-d 1

Actually the GOAT is not Michael Jordan its 3:33 am Fri Mar 20 EDT

OP is an actual goat using a computer 1

Serious How is being told you forgot your manners a harsh criticism 4:14 am Fri Mar 20 EDT

You are misquoting her. She said some fans exhibit poor behaviour and forget their manners after she had already condemned this specific guy as a racist who had offended practically everyone involved with Jazz. She had moved on to the larger issue at hand 1

When LBJ had 0 rings people shit on him for being ringless When LBJ won rings people shit on him for his Finals record When LBJ went to Miami people shit on him for leaving Cleveland When LBJ went back to Cleveland they shit on him for creating a 3:40 pm Tue Mar 24 EDT

Nobody. OP just needed a straw man. 3

Kyle Lowry is the most overpaid player ever2:23 am Thu Mar 26 EDT

>Im ~~ashing my cig on your mommas tramp stamp~~ drinking Mountain Dew and eating Doritos while playing Halo 4

LeBron LeBron LeBron LeBron LeBron LeBron 12:49 pm Sat Mar 28 EDT

LeBron 1

What happened to Caris Levert6:48 pm Thu Apr 2 EDT

Its kind of a miracle he came back at all this year. I wouldnt expect to see him regain his early season form until next year. 13

That Nets Celtics trade didnt turn out nearly as bad as people thought it would5:44 pm Sat Apr 11 EDT

The Nets suffered through purgatory for years and are only now coming out of it because of Sean Marks. That doesnt make what Billy King did any less catastrophic. 40

Which player will have the best postseason Siakam DLo Aaron Gordon Tobias Jamal Murray or Khris Middleton 11:00 am Sat Apr 18 EDT

Please give a reason why you used such a random assortment of players 1

Does everyone see now that Nate McMillan is not a COTY candidate 3:17 pm Sun Apr 19 EDT

If you expected any better than how you did without a single healthy star, then the problem is your expectations and not your coach. 1

KD is really in a playoff game where his team is up 30 and he has 10 points on 4 shots 12:15 am Tue Apr 21 EDT

Dominance is entertaining when theres a challenge to be overcome. The Bulls and Lakers never coasted the way the Warriors have since KD arrived. 6


>LeBron would humiliate him 1v1 You humiliated yourself with this moronic post 1

Giannis peak is better than Tim Duncans1:56 pm Fri Apr 24 EDT

Not even a good troll post. 1

Pascal Siakam will be the best player on the Raptors next year whether Kawhi stays or not8:53 pm Fri Apr 24 EDT

How do we have so many idiotic fans this year 1

Dudley vs Simmons is the best rivalry in the league4:03 pm Sat Apr 25 EDT

This is like if a young Magic Johnson suddenly had a rivalry with ML Carr. 1

When are we going to realize that we are witnessing the Talent Era 8:20 pm Sun Apr 26 EDT

You can post the most idiotic trollbait on this sub and itll get left up but anything else gets removed on the slightest technicality 4

We Slandered Westbrook because of his inefficient shooting but is James Harden really that much better of a shooter 8:54 pm Wed Apr 29 EDT

1. Its not slander if its true. 2. Harden had a TS% that was **11.5%** better than Russ this year. 2

KD and Kawhi will sign with the Clippers 9:50 pm Sat May 2 EDT

Why do the dumbest posts always come from people without flair 1

I think Kawhi is a better shooter and defender than Michael Jordan only worse in terms of passing jumping speed Kawhi can probably take MJ 1 on 1 10:22 pm Sat May 2 EDT

Sometimes our nephews escape from their timeout rooms 1

How good would a prime Carmelo Anthony Patrick Ewing duo be on the Knicks2:20 pm Wed May 6 EDT

Low playoff seed. The rest of the roster is pretty bad, its not unlike the Pistons with Blake and Drummond. 2

Do the Raptors fire knick nurse after this series loss 12:38 pm Fri May 8 EDT

I hate to say it but he often looks shook when things are going poorly. It doesnt exactly inspire confidence. But hes got a good basketball mind and I hope he can bounce back. 6

Call me a homer I dont care But the hate on Jokic is ridiculous8:22 am Sat May 9 EDT

Reign - what kings do Rein - what horses wear Rain - falls from the sky 3

Rate and Rank Curry without Durant next season12:07 pm Sun May 10 EDT

He just turned 31. Hell still be the best point guard in the league. 4

Rate and Rank Curry without Durant next season12:07 pm Sun May 10 EDT

Yeah its not like they won a championship without him or anything -3

Serious Has Kawhi embraced Toronto more than you initially thought 11:44 pm Sun May 10 EDT

He hugged the CN tower 12

Was r nba tricked into thinking Steph Curry is actually a top 5 player 3:18 pm Mon May 11 EDT

Shit posting is fine. Posting shit is not fine. 17

Stephs wife Ayesha Curry is currently the number 1 trending topic worldwide 2:51 pm Tue May 12 EDT

You guys are totally distorting what she said. She says all the women throwing themselves at Steph has led her to feel insecure, because she gets no male attention, so she wonders if something is wrong with her. Which is an insecurity that I bet any 0

Stephs wife Ayesha Curry is currently the number 1 trending topic worldwide 2:51 pm Tue May 12 EDT

Not upset but insecure. She says "is something wrong with me"? Its a self-esteem thing not a jealousy one. 4

Why do white NBA players decline so quickly after getting maxed 7:48 pm Tue May 12 EDT

Why do you girls make everything about race 2

Incoming delusional Raptor fans who are incapable of rationalizing the fact that the Sixers best player is clearly hobbled and actually think Gasol is an Embiid stopper 10:11 pm Tue May 12 EDT

Dont you have a process to trust 5

Why is Lue considered a great coach now 9:53 pm Wed May 13 EDT

Its the same thing that happened last summer with the Lakers. They were so desperate for hope that every move was spun in the best possible light. 1

Ben Simmons for Mikal Bridges Phoenixs pick this draft as long as its not 1 11:06 pm Mon May 18 EDT

Dont do it. Youd still have Embiid to live for. 3

The NBA is unintentionally ruining itself with a salary cap 9:24 pm Tue May 19 EDT

No you need a hard cap to prevent deep pocketed owners from choosing to pay massive luxury tax. 1

No the new draft system is not a minor success its a failure 11:37 pm Tue May 19 EDT

Yeah people are lauding the new odds this year, but wait a couple more years when bad small market teams are stuck in an even worse rut with no prospects and well see how everyone feels then. The only thing some bad teams have to look forward to is the dr 2

Pelicans did nothing with Chris Paul Anthony Davis and now they won t do anything with Zion 2:27 am Wed May 20 EDT

A pelican obviously 2

Pelicans did nothing with Chris Paul Anthony Davis and now they won t do anything with Zion 2:27 am Wed May 20 EDT

They have a good opportunity to cash in AD for young pieces that fit around Zions timeline. They have a chance to do the proper rebuild that they never really did with AD. I think itll work out. 1

Agree or disagree Undisputed would be a way better show with Shannon Sharpe and Michael Rapaport 11:59 am Wed May 20 EDT

If you want to get brain damage then yes 1

How are bad teams supposed to improve now if their best chance of drafting a player is significantly lowered 3:55 pm Thu May 21 EDT

Indiana who got swept in the first round, hasnt made it out of the first round in 5 years, and last made a Finals almost 20 years ago? 3

With Kawhi now officially leaving the Raptors what is next for Toronto 3:24 pm Sat May 23 EDT

Just another sad, lonely troll. Why dont you go find something meaningful to do with your life? 2

Does KD s chances of leaving the Warriors increase with every game they win without him 11:35 pm Sat May 23 EDT

>Like I’m sure it’s not bothering him a crazy amount I beg to differ. I bet hes firing up the burner accounts even as we speak. 4

Why is nobody talking about the fact that the Warriors have previously won the championship without Durant 2015 2:13 pm Tue May 26 EDT

Spoken like someone who just started watching basketball a few weeks ago. 3

How does everyone here define what a good playmaker is 3:57 pm Tue May 26 EDT

Someone who can make plays for others. I dont think a great iso scorer who makes plays for himself is what we think of when we talk about a good playmaker. 1

Raptors do not deserve to be in the Finals2:02 pm Sun May 31 EDT

Probably too chicken to use his real account 10

Raptors do not deserve to be in the Finals2:02 pm Sun May 31 EDT

Have a nice summer 10

I wish Asur would illustrate the finals mascots this year 2:56 pm Mon Jun 1 EDT

Good for her. If everyone who complained about her absence donated $5 for her time and effort she probably would have had enough to make them. But everyone just wants shit for free. 10

DeMar DeRozan On Instagram Being alone makes you strong - I dont need a friend 1:19 pm Tue Jun 2 EDT

OP is a drama whoring embarrassment 2

AD to Lakers confirmed12:19 pm Thu Jun 4 EDT

Chris Broussard is apparently a redditor 6

CONSPIRACY Is Drake a psychic vampire feeding on the Raptors and other athletes he supports 11:09 am Tue Jun 9 EDT

reddit is a psychic vampire 1

Roses book means Rose will no longer be a Timberwolf Im excited that the Butlerstans and Rosestans will be gone forever 12:39 pm Wed Jun 10 EDT

Really, where? I only heard them asking for Lin when FVV was shitting the bed before Fred Jr was born. 1

The 2019 basketball video game that everyone plays is being sold for 3 online right now1:35 am Thu Jun 11 EDT

Thanks dude. I dont really game but I figure itll be fun to kill some summer hours. 2

u IThedont if you re reading this you owe me my gold after you bet Ben Simmons would make All-Defensive 1st team and you are now ignoring me Pay up3:06 am Fri Jun 12 EDT

You have to tag him like this >/u/ITheDont you are an embarrassment to Sixers fans everywhere 1

Unpopular opinion I think everyone is overreacting about Mark Stevens3:02 am Fri Jun 12 EDT

Youre soft if youre defending someone who shoves a player when he knows the player cant retaliate. Only cowards do that shit. 5

I think the entire Mark Stevens situation is completely overblown1:33 pm Fri Jun 12 EDT

Youre the white knight for defending Stevens, buddy. 2

Hey Warriors karma is a bitch12:20 am Sat Jun 13 EDT

What does that shot have to do with Golden States injuries? -2

The tax rate in Toronto is 53 12:05 am Sat Jun 13 EDT

Its a miracle you can function in day to day life with your kind of mental disabilities 1

The Am I being Biased game - post a statement that you firmly believe in but you also understand that you might be being biased Then other people will comment and tell you if you are being biased or not 3:11 pm Mon Jun 15 EDT

No, not biased. Hes that good. But Simmons forcing him to set up on the perimeter is a limiting factor even when healthy. 0

The Am I being Biased game - post a statement that you firmly believe in but you also understand that you might be being biased Then other people will comment and tell you if you are being biased or not 3:11 pm Mon Jun 15 EDT

Definitely biased. Making the leap from good to great is an incredibly difficult task. 1 superstar wont get you there because I think Doc wrung every ounce of performance out of the roster as assembled. Anything is possible with 2 superstars. 1

The Am I being Biased game - post a statement that you firmly believe in but you also understand that you might be being biased Then other people will comment and tell you if you are being biased or not 3:11 pm Mon Jun 15 EDT

Yes. The guy might be an average starter for a handful of teams. 1

KDs injury might have just created a big 3 in LA 12:52 am Tue Jun 16 EDT

Im telling you LeBron is a redditor 3

Stay classy Raptor fans5:08 pm Tue Jun 16 EDT

They boo their own players and want to talk about class. Yeah we may have embarrassed ourselves yesterday but Sixers fans have been an embarrassment for years. 7

Will Medicine advance to the point where people can donate their Achilles to someone else 8:00 pm Wed Jun 17 EDT

Too bad, we eat anyone named Viola 2

10 reasons why I dislike the Raptors4:26 pm Fri Jun 19 EDT

Stay classy yourself. Dont you have some Sixers players you need to boo? 1

10 reasons why I dislike the Raptors4:26 pm Fri Jun 19 EDT

Rent free. This is legit one of the most pathetic things Ive read here. Why dont you go write a letter to Sam Hinkie telling him how much you miss him. 1

This subs racial bias is showing pretty badly 11:15 am Sat Jun 20 EDT

>Meanwhile, Patrick McCaw is kinda being celebrated, kinda being made fun of. This is largely due to his accidental threepeat. 5

Kawhi Leonard is the most overrated FMVP ever11:51 am Sat Jun 20 EDT

Like a tennis fan knows shit about basketball 3

Raptors fans 5:36 pm Sun Jun 21 EDT

Speak for yourself. Bosh talked shit about Toronto ("it smells different") and no Raptors fan that I know ever supported Miami. -1

Raptors fans 5:36 pm Sun Jun 21 EDT

You dont even have flair you coward 3

Are the raptors fans happy to win the championship 2:48 pm Mon Jun 22 EDT

You mean what the fuck do you forethink 1

Kawhi will not be staying with the Raptors Here s why 8:04 pm Mon Jun 22 EDT

Youre really obsessed with the Raptors huh. You have more posts about our team and players than you do your own. 3

It really seems there isn t as much white American talent as there used to be in the NBA3:49 pm Wed Jun 24 EDT

Really? What privileges do they get? 3

The Phoenix Suns are becoming an alternate dimension Sixers 10:18 am Fri Jun 26 EDT

Mikal Bridges was never really a Sixer. 1

Suns fans are the most delusional fanbase in the game10:24 am Fri Jun 26 EDT

They arent delusional, most of them were super depressed and are just looking for a bright side. Piling on is kind of an asshole move at this point. 1

Did Sacremento just make up a player for their No 55 Pick 10:35 am Fri Jun 26 EDT

The title makes me wish Robert Sacre had played for the Kings 1

The Brooklyn Nets are Russian propaganda11:33 am Sat Jun 27 EDT

Priviet tovarish 7

Why Kawhi is going to be a laker this time next week and why it is the best move for him 1:52 pm Fri Jul 3 EDT

>Lakers are his childhood team. False. Some "Raptors fan" if you dont even know that much. 2

Serious Other than Free Throws what is Jamal Murray good at 12:56 pm Mon Jul 6 EDT

[Serious] U dum 1

If for some reason the Lakers dont three-peat who will get the blame 7:45 pm Mon Jul 6 EDT

Lol when does LeBron ever get the blame. In Miami the fall guy was Bosh and then it was Love. Before that it was his entire supporting cast. -7

Can we abandon the word Nephews 1:07 am Thu Jul 9 EDT

"Apres moi, le nephew" -Lou Will XV 8

Do you think Paul Pierce was a better player than Scottie Pippen ever was 5:42 pm Sun Jul 12 EDT

No they didnt, they lost in the second round both years. https://www.basketball-reference.com/teams/CHI/ 2

MJ Overrated nowadays12:19 pm Thu Jul 23 EDT

This is one of the stupidest arguments in the GOAT debate. You change the era but think the player would not change to adapt to the era? 1

Lebron is sincerely the greatest player of all time and those arguing MJ can only say scoring despite his lack of a 3pt shot while Lebron is as efficient and killer clutch mentality which Lebron has anyway 11:47 pm Thu Jul 23 EDT

"Sincerely" 1

I think my fianc e is cheating on me with an NBA player How do I contact him his agent and tell him to leave her alone 9:43 am Sun Jul 26 EDT

Gordon Hayward will do anything to produce male offspring 4

I always thought my chicken looked like Steve Kerr 12:34 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT

I want to know where Steve Kerr was the night your chicken was conceived 42

Prediction James harden Russel Westbrook and Damian lillard will all retire ringless 11:49 pm Sat Aug 1 EDT

Tell us more, Clairvoyant Bill 3

In 2015 after DeMarcus Cousins learned about the murder of a local Sacramento teen Jaulon Clavo he unanimously decided to pay for his funeral 1:44 pm Mon Aug 3 EDT

It was right there in the article dude. 2

How Did The To Scorers Get Their Buckets 2018-19 Top 50 by Total Points 10:27 am Tue Aug 4 EDT

I skipped past the link bc I thought it was a text post. Might want to put some words in front of the link /u/1mpr2no 1

The Raptors fans dont get enough credit2:12 pm Fri Aug 7 EDT

>~~saltiest~~ largest fanbases 0

Green Klay Curry should turn heel and call themselves the Unholy Trinity then publicly declare they never needed Durant for any of the chips and would have beat Raptors w out him if Klay didnt miss Game 3 and 4th quarter of Game 6 Green should call Dur12:50 pm Mon Aug 10 EDT

I thought it was cute when he wrote "KD is my boyfriend" 600 times 1

Is it too late for me to make the nba3:30 pm Mon Aug 10 EDT

The odds are not good. But the first step is to probably see if you have a shot at making a college team. 6

analytics case for saying Jordan gt Lebron3:21 pm Fri Sep 11 EDT

Your last post was to /r/uofm. At least try a little. 2

I go out of my way to start conversations on Instagram with nearly all of Klay Thompsons publicly known ex girlfriends Ask me anything 7:42 pm Sun Sep 20 EDT

When do you plan on breaking into his house, putting on his clothes, and writing a message in lipstick on the mirror? 1