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Why would it take realistically for Rockets to trade up from 2nd pick to 1st pick 12:09 pm Tue Jul 13 EDT

It would take another lottery caliber pick to move up. 2

Crazy how Rockets fans tried to tell everyone that CP3 is unreliable in big games since 2019 vs the Dubs11:49 pm Wed Jul 14 EDT

Game 5: 4/3/2 1

Klay Wisemen and their two 1sts this year for Dame Do the Warriors do that and does Portland take that 3:23 pm Fri Jul 16 EDT

Get me housing in Portland and I’ll move with the team. 1

Pistons Warriors Trade4:24 pm Fri Jul 16 EDT

Would much rather keep the #7 pick and Wiggins. 9

Pistons Warriors Trade4:24 pm Fri Jul 16 EDT

Wiggins contract sucks if you have to trade him. Otherwise the Warriors can just eat the tax. 1

Looking towards next year are the Zards going to be the sneakiest dark horse team 4:42 pm Sat Jul 17 EDT

‘Zards def a sneaky ‘Yoffs team. 2

A thread on how big of a choker CP3 is and the countless postseason chokes he s been a part of 11:36 pm Sat Jul 17 EDT

Just work on the formatting. Content is great tho. 1

Where did suns in 4 come from 7:00 pm Sun Jul 18 EDT

Suns need to get back to playing defense and passing the ball. CP3 and Booker low key starter gunning for the FMVP and that got the Suns out of rhythm. 2

Chris Paul choked the fuck out of this series4:18 pm Wed Jul 21 EDT

No way Lowry gets them the 2nd seed. 1

Is Luka the best player at the olympics when you consider that he is used to FIBA rules 8:34 pm Fri Jul 23 EDT

[This dude better](https://c8.alamy.com/comp/TYXCDR/kevin-durant-of-the-united-states-celebrates-with-his-gold-medal-after-the-game-against-serbia-in-the-mens-basketball-gold-medal-game-between-serbia-and-the-united-states-at-carioca-arena-1-at-the-2016-r 1