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QUESTION At what point in NBA history would a prime Diana Taurasi be competitive 3:17 pm Fri Sep 25 EDT

In 1955....she could maybe come off the bench in garbage time 2

It makes me feel bad when people call KAT soft because its very hurtful in my opinion6:50 pm Fri Sep 25 EDT

Ok KAT 2

Overpaid or not Johnathan Issac11:13 pm Fri Sep 25 EDT

Rookie contract nephew 1

New Tampering Rules2:04 am Sat Sep 26 EDT

43 1

Stephen Curry is the Player Of The Decade3:30 pm Sat Sep 26 EDT

Cocaine is a hell of a drug 1

Question before preseason starts6:43 pm Sat Sep 26 EDT

Streams are bad mmkay 2

Does this team win the title12:42 am Tue Sep 29 EDT

*Rick Adelman has entered the chat* 3

Kyle Kuzma on Twitter Internet apparently know more about myself then I do 5:22 pm Tue Sep 29 EDT

️epsi 1

New KD burner account may have been found last night 8:05 pm Tue Sep 29 EDT

Probably just an average Nets fan 1

Unofficial off-season trash talk thread8:58 pm Tue Sep 29 EDT

Kevin Love is a busta 1

Whats more impressive a 4-peat or 2 three-peats 9:19 pm Tue Sep 29 EDT

A churro 1

75 Greatest Players in NBA History12:03 pm Thu Oct 1 EDT

26. Del E. Tethis 1

What it do its Paul Wall Im the peoples champ3:03 pm Thu Oct 1 EDT


Am I shadow banned 6:28 pm Thu Oct 1 EDT

Yuh 1

The Los Angeles Lakers4:38 pm Fri Oct 2 EDT

Hoes mad 1

Am I supposed to Believe this is all a Coincidence 4:47 pm Fri Oct 2 EDT

Being gay isn’t genetic nephew 12

jharden13 song in instagram stories11:15 pm Fri Oct 2 EDT

Big Star by Kenny Chesney 1

OPINION Everything MJ did Kobe did better 5:28 pm Sat Oct 3 EDT

https://media.giphy.com/media/l4Ki2obCyAQS5WhFe/giphy.gif 1

Marcus Smart is aggressively ugly12:00 am Wed Oct 7 EDT

Aight 1

Damian Lillard gets handchecked by Andre Iguodala at the end of Game 2 of the 2019 WCF 4:33 pm Wed Oct 7 EDT

Doesn’t matter what rules they used, Portland was gonna get clapped regardless 3

Feel really bad for Paul George9:30 pm Wed Oct 7 EDT

Aight 3

Let s come up with some fun iterations of Ripcity 10:32 pm Wed Oct 7 EDT

If you go to Seattle you’re in dripcity 0

The LeBron-AD lineup lost to the bench lineup 101-104 in the Lakers Scrimmage8:38 pm Thu Oct 8 EDT

The Dream Team lost to a bunch of college players in a scrimmage 8

Im gonna miss not having Rubio on my Jizz 10:57 pm Sat Oct 10 EDT

Come on OP you ain’t slick 8

Lebron James is a great basketball player who currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers12:07 am Mon Oct 12 EDT

Velocity 1

NBA Adam Silver are getting way too much flak for the China situation2:25 am Mon Oct 12 EDT

Shut up Harden 6

Nash Joe Johnson Marion Amare11:23 am Mon Oct 12 EDT

Mike Antoni 1

Stand with the Southern Conference SouthVsNorth11:37 am Mon Oct 12 EDT

The south will rise again 2

Why arent we boycotting 5:01 pm Mon Oct 12 EDT

Ball is life breh 1

NBA Fans its time the league hear our voice12:11 am Tue Oct 13 EDT

“I’m so thicc” -Jamal Murray 1

Whos better Jayson Tatum or Dangelo Russell1:05 am Tue Oct 13 EDT

Kareem Rush breh 0

Knicks are still the biggest brand in basketball5:52 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

Hoes mad 1

Is it too premature to say Ben Simmons is better than Michael Jordan 8:23 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

Nah bro he’s already better 1

Why are you all acting so surprised that the NBA isnt as progressive as you thought 8:18 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

No time to talk about that. Simmons made a three 0

Was Ben Simmons 3 Pointer planted to distract us from the China Controversy 8:43 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

Ben Simmons Chinese Spy confirmed 3

Adam Silver Appreciation Thread8:44 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

Maurice Podoloff GOAT 1

The Knicks will have a better record than the Nets next year8:57 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

Sobrino 1

Marcus Morris actions really need to be more severely punished by the NBA he possibly even should be charged criminally9:38 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

Morris is an asshole but criminal charges? Nah man 3

Where is Michael Porter Jr 11:27 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

He’s chilling on my couch watching Family Guy 1

Which player will end up NOT being able to hold back and say tweet something that will trigger the China CCP again 11:32 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

Malik Monk 1

When you say fuck China do they mean general Chinese ethnic group Chinese government CCP or Chinese top class people who are in charge 12:07 am Wed Oct 14 EDT

They’re referring to China Anne McClain 1

Daryl Morey deserves the Nobel Peace Prize12:46 am Wed Oct 14 EDT

Fuck it give him the Medal of Honor too 2

O God Hes Arrived 11:35 am Wed Oct 14 EDT

Delete 2

If Daryl Morey went to china how would he be received 11:54 pm Wed Oct 14 EDT

Firing squad 0

Steve Kerr should resign as head coach3:35 pm Thu Oct 15 EDT

Sobrino 1

Lebron James jumpshot hesi move How it is done 8:25 pm Thu Oct 15 EDT

https://i.ytimg.com/vi/qjRcTiwVEwo/hqdefault.jpg 1

Is Kawhi Leonard a bust 11:57 pm Thu Oct 15 EDT

Yeah I’d say he is 2

Did China tell Nike to ban ninja-style headbands3:32 pm Fri Oct 16 EDT

China made me forget to take out the trash 2

The Charlotte Hornets have a legitimate shot at winning the championship4:06 pm Fri Oct 16 EDT

https://youtu.be/ZqBrgvRkeKo 1

Trump tweeting about Kerr again 1:06 am Sat Oct 17 EDT

https://media3.giphy.com/media/2Utf1IaT7hnm1peaDT/giphy.gif 3

Let s revive r nbaart with drawings of our own using the notes app 2:16 am Sat Oct 17 EDT

No, I don’t think I will 1

NBA will have a lock out within 2 years GURANTEED 1:12 am Sun Oct 18 EDT

Aight 1

Kawhi got 6 assists in 11 minutes vs the Nuggets Triple double season inc 6:06 pm Sun Oct 18 EDT

Nephews gonna nephew 2

Would you rather have Jayson Tatum or Jonathon Isaac on your team for the future 11:17 am Mon Oct 19 EDT

Lemme get uhhh Tony Delk 1