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carmelo on who he play for 7:11 pm Mon Jan 21 EDT 2 ups @ 0.67 Removed

can teams pay players extra through tv deals 10:25 am Tue Feb 5 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

draft penalty for finishing with worst record10:29 pm Mon Feb 18 EDT 0 ups @ 0.38 Removed

wow allen iverson is 4th all time in MPG for his career8:02 pm Sat Mar 9 EDT 8 ups @ Removed

idea to stop load management DNPs6:39 pm Mon Apr 15 EDT 0 ups @ 0.36 Removed


Why don t NBA games get played during the daytime 9:00 am Sun Nov 24 EDTRemoved

i said the same thing. i even responded to some feedback questionnaire last year with that. as a dad with 3 youngish kids, a saturday or sunday game starting at 730 does not work. nba on nbc back in the day used to have triple headers every sunday star 1

Post Game Thread The Brooklyn Nets 14-18 defeat the Los Angeles Lakers 18-13 115-110 extending their winning streak to 69:58 pm Tue Dec 24 EDTRemoved

he has done a great job but you also have to credit ownership. other owners dont open the wallet when the teams are bad. prokhorov agreed to take the long bad contracts back with the draft picks which helped rebuild this team 1

Im not so sure the lakers without lebron are better than cleveland 3:55 pm Sun Jan 6 EDTRemoved

the lakers have talent..as did the last few cavs teams but the way lebron plays, it makes it extremely difficult for the team to play without him. he holds the ball and either scores or makes the assist. guys are sitting in a corner twiddling their thum 1

Is it time to move back the 3 point line to Save the game 2:15 pm Thu Jan 24 EDTRemoved

didnt gleague experiment with only having 3 pointers in the last 2 minutes of quarters? 1

If the Lakers win the lottery should they trade the pick or keep it 9:33 pm Sat Feb 23 EDTRemoved

i honestly think that if lakers miss the playoffs and get the first pick, lebron will even further push to trade that for AD 4

If the Lakers win the lottery should they trade the pick or keep it 9:33 pm Sat Feb 23 EDTRemoved

i dont doubt that but lakers would be dumb to make that trade. if zion is what everyone says he is, your championship window just went from 5 years of lebron to 15 years of zion. i just dont think lebron would care 1

Kings fans had to get up early for a 9AM tipoff due to a noon game against the Knicks at the Garden12:29 pm Sat Mar 9 EDTRemoved

i guess it would get annoying after a while but i was on the west coast for business and woke up on sunday to football on. awesome. first game on right when you wake up. 2nd game at lunch and evening game at dinner and go to bed at a good time. flip s 1

Holy shit LeBron is bad12:31 am Sat Mar 23 EDTRemoved

he has been a little questionable in the 4th quarter. part of me wonders if he sees more value in losing in the 4th quarter rather than winning 1

idea to stop load management DNPs6:39 pm Mon Apr 15 EDTRemoved

i would agree with you however people shell out big money to see lebron or curry. maybe teams should include a return policy. teams also advertise the other teams stars to force people into ticket packages. want to see lebron? you have to buy the suns 1