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Watching this Lakers vs Wolves game and I just noticed that Lebron has some of the worse body language when things go wrong 7:46 pm Mon Nov 4 EDT

Hes phenomenal, but good lord he leaves his team hanging sometimes. If he misses a shot or doesnt get a call, the guy does not get back on defense. 10

Will Harden go down in NBA history as a trend setter 2:25 am Sat Nov 16 EDT

I mean, youre forgetting the OG of flopping, Mr. Vlade Divac. 5

Is Zion the most athletic powerful NBA prospect ever 8:06 pm Tue Nov 26 EDT

Shaq bruh. The most dominant athlete in nba history. Go back and watch his gametape. Dude was literally unstoppable in the post. Agile and coordination of a guard, and the strongest player on the court at all times. Zion is a freak, but he doesnt compare 1

Meta Can posts here be made in other languages1:50 am Tue Dec 17 EDT

Sorry buddy, we only speak American on r/nba ​ /s 1

So I wrote some bars about the season so far 1:03 am Sat Jan 4 EDT

Lit yuh aye skrrt adlib yuh aye 2

If 18 year old Lebron was in the upcoming draft class would Zion still go No 1 5:20 pm Thu Jan 10 EDT

No. Even with social media nowadays, I have never seen a more hyped basketball prospect than Lebron. Not only was he more hyped, but he was a way more advanced/skilled prospect than Zion at the same age. Lebron goes #1 easily. 3

Why is Steph the only player that gets a pass for putting up big numbers vs bad teams but looking lost vs actual good teams 10:25 pm Sat Feb 2 EDT

Lakers have good talent, but theyre not a good team. 2

Are the Sixers better worse or the same with Conley instead of Simmons 2:48 am Fri Apr 12 EDT

Embiid would be better off with a PG who can shoot and create off the dribble, like Kemba or Lillard, than Simmons. Simmons would be better off with a shooting big like (prime) Nowitzki. 1

Donovan Mitchell tonight 19pts on 7 18 shooting 0 assists 5 turnovers12:04 am Mon Apr 15 EDT

Its not surprising since they rely so heavily on him to score. They dont have many other players who can create their own shot, so the Rockets can make life a living hell for Donovan. Hes good enough to overcome the pressure, but Utah needs go get anothe 3

The whole world is down on Simmons When Giannis is actually the same 10:43 am Mon Apr 15 EDT

L. O. L. If Ben attacked the paint half as much as Giannis did, he would improve so fucking much. They have different mentalities. Giannis is a killer who will do whatever it takes to takeover a game. I feel like he and Joel compete the same way, thou 1

The whole world is down on Simmons When Giannis is actually the same 10:43 am Mon Apr 15 EDT

Bens to blame for not having a floater or midrange to play like a normal PG. Thats why there are always 2 guys waiting for him in the paint. Its not Embiids fault he occupies the space that a normal center should. Its a point-guards responsibility to kn 1

The 76ers just outscored the Nets 51-23 in the third quarter10:06 pm Mon Apr 15 EDT

Is Brett Brown the Greatest Coach of All Time? 4

Kenny Atkinson just let the Sixers go on a 21-2 run in the first 4 minutes of the 2nd half without calling a timeout9:43 pm Mon Apr 15 EDT

Brett Brown-esque 1

Serious How are the Warriors not built the right way 11:54 am Tue Apr 16 EDT

Thats just nonsense. They didnt tank, they drafted so well to the point where they could get any FA they wanted because they were so damn good. I blame KD for taking the "hardest road," but I was actually a fan of Warriors before they got him. Thought th 1

The overreaction to Nets-Sixers Game 1 should go down as one of r nbas all-time worst9:47 pm Thu Apr 18 EDT

chill 1

Is Ben Simmons better than Russell Westbrook 10:30 pm Thu Apr 18 EDT

that username tho 1

is joel embiid overrated 10:36 pm Thu Apr 18 EDT

oof. 2

Jamal one of the best under-25 talents in the league Murray averaging 15 5 ppg 1 3 rebounds and 2 asissts on 46 TS these playoffs2:49 am Fri Apr 19 EDT

Yeah hes a bum, should send him to the Sixers for Furkan. 2

Does DAngelo Russell get the max 3:58 pm Thu Apr 25 EDT

Was it really disastrous? I thought he was decent. Def below his normal standard, but still effective. Considering his age and the fact that hes already an all-star, Id say he could get close to a max. Certainly seen way worse players get max deals. 1

Is Steph this subs least favourite Superstar 11:49 pm Sat May 4 EDT

It seems with KD cementing himself as the alpha on the team and Steph taking a backseat, people are really underrating dude. If KD leaves, people will realize again how great Steph is and how important he is to that team simply by being on the court. Its 1

Do you think a 42-year-old Vince Carter wouldve actually made the dunk Curry missed 1:56 pm Sun May 5 EDT

[TJ GOAT](https://youtu.be/Ky40AvcaNJE?t=8) 2

Is Steph a front runner 1:54 pm Sun May 5 EDT

Hes literally the worst. -1

Is Brad Stevens done for 1:33 pm Thu May 9 EDT

Too many knuckleheads and egos in that locker room. Coach can only do so much. I think all of their chemistry issues are solved if they part ways with Kyrie and Rozier. Will the team be objectively worse? Of course, but Id trust Ainge to find a starting 2

Mad props to this community not destroying the Sixers Embiid and Philly fans2:47 pm Mon May 13 EDT

People were predicting a sweep. We took it took 7. Nothing to be ashamed of. God, how did that go in thoughhhhhhhh? 8

Jimmy butlers latest Instagram post10:27 pm Thu May 16 EDT

*prepares to perform seppuku* 2

Can Warriors win the championship without Durant 10:03 am Tue May 21 EDT

of course 2

If Raps made it to the finals with Siakam as their second best player how does that not make him the best second fiddle in the east 4:55 pm Mon May 27 EDT

Robert Horry GOAT 1

Do most teams hate the Lakers because of their past championships 10:10 pm Wed Jun 12 EDT

I hated them more than anything as a youngin back when they stomped us in 01. Could. not. stand. them. I had no beef with their fans though because online forums werent a thing back then, so not much opportunity to talk shit. But that was almost 2 decade 1

You ever sit at home and fantasize about beating casuals in nba debates 3:21 pm Mon Jul 29 EDT

Good lord no lol. I remember watching the Rose vs Rondo series back in 08? 9? with my roommates who didnt know anything about sports. They were perplexed at how an NBA player could ever miss a free throw. I spent a good 30 mins trying to explain how h 1

A little thought about the recent China-NBA incident from a common Chinese fan9:01 pm Tue Oct 8 EDT

As a Korean, nah son. 1

Allen Iverson has became criminally underrated7:03 pm Fri Oct 18 EDT

You fail to mention the 42 mpg for his career. Far more impressive to me than his ppg. He was inefficient as fuck, but he was relentless on offense and hustled on both ends of the court. Dude seems to be portrayed as a chucker, but I think that title is 19

Realistically speaking Bucks window is 2 years 5:59 pm Fri Oct 25 EDT

Bucks window is open as long as they have Giannis. 1

Clip request Ben Simmons chokes Karl-Anthony Towns in an NBA game8:37 pm Wed Oct 30 EDT

Looked like KAT started it. Start shit get choked. 1