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Even if Kawhi shot doesnt get like his last playoff run all year long how did anyone though Westbrook was better than him 11:43 am Mon Oct 26 EDT

r/titlegore 3

When was the last time a team scored 150 in regulation 11:22 pm Wed Oct 28 EDT

Thunder dropped 142 in regulation last year I think 1

Serious What can the Warriors do before the trade deadline to become better 11:35 pm Tue Nov 3 EDT

Korver on the warriors isn’t a bad idea. Kyle deserves a ring 1

im convinced Drs did numerous lab tets on Joels feet under a Cameron room as an adolescent6:55 pm Wed Nov 18 EDT

My friend Cameron said they didn’t do any test on Joel in his room... 1

Do blow for Bol Bol 6:25 pm Tue Dec 1 EDT

I bet Bol Bol likes a good egg 1

Has a player ever pulled up for a half court heat check 12:40 pm Sun Dec 13 EDT

There’s been a few shots from the logo this season, not sure about true halfcourt 1

Serious Do you think it would improve tha product uh NBA games if they went back tuh tha 2 uh 3 free throw rule 10:05 am Mon Dec 14 EDT

r/titlegore 1

The Raptors is the next trade destination for AD5:02 pm Mon Feb 3 EDT

ADs probably gonna buy a house in LA next to kawhi’s -1

Can someone whos good at it an not at work make a list of a the past few seasons team record changes 3:51 pm Sun Feb 9 EDT

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Donte Divincenzo10:54 pm Sat Feb 29 EDT

Jazz 0

Nearing 2 million subscribers 11:58 pm Mon Mar 16 EDT

You’re missing a /s somewhere in there 1

Ben Simmons is really the exact opposite player to put around Joel embiid7:47 pm Sun May 17 EDT

No ones had this take in the last month /s 2

How much is Uncle Dennis worth to Kawhi 3:36 pm Tue Jun 2 EDT

2 1sts, maybe an expiring and a 1st. Who knows 1

Tim Duncans mother died one day before he turned 14 During a playoff game in 1999 Kevin Garnett allegedly said to Duncan Happy Mother s Day Mother as the Spurs legend lined up for a free throw6:47 pm Mon Aug 17 EDT

Jesus Christ 10

Tim overpaid Hardaway Jr vs Portland tonight 29 points on 9 16 from the field and 5 8 from three12:16 am Sat Jan 18 EDT

Man, he is a fun player to watch. Love him in this offense 1

Where were you when you heard the news 10:59 am Mon Jan 27 EDT

High as shit in my room. Thought I was legit tripping, unbelievable. 3