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Ranking Giannis soon to be 2019-20 MVP season on an all-time scale5:05 pm Sat Aug 8 EDT 0 ups @ 0.22 Deleted

Would you guys agree with putting Jokic in the very top tier of basketball players after this series 12:43 am Wed Sep 16 EDT 5 ups @ 1.00 Removed


I constantly see Lebron fans calling Kevin Durant weak 2:19 pm Sat May 23 EDTRemoved

After replacing Harrison Barnes who was awful in the 2016 finals with Kevin Durant, the best scorer of his generation? Uhh.... yeah? 2

Why is scoring just measured by ppg now 4:20 pm Mon May 25 EDTRemoved

I hardly see people do this anymore 1

Should Ben Wallace be in the Hall of Fame 4:53 pm Mon May 25 EDTRemoved

Without a doubt Imo Wallace at his peak might be the best defender in NBA history 1

Best Center ever 12:13 am Mon Jun 1 EDTRemoved

Somewhat controversial but Hakeem 4

Prime Bynum vs Prime D Howard vs Rudy Gobert8:46 pm Mon Jun 1 EDTRemoved

Dwight and it isn’t even remotely close 8

Will Giannis s tattay be shot in the playoffs 2:17 pm Thu Jun 4 EDTRemoved

Bro what 1

Why has the East been so much weaker than the West in the last 20 years 5:22 pm Thu Jun 4 EDTRemoved

The East was pretty good up until the 2003-04 season when LeBron entered the league, since then its been dogsh*t -1

Urgent Help please7:27 pm Fri Jun 5 EDTRemoved

Memphis 2

If Patrick McCaw becomes a great player how much would you value his rings 8:44 pm Tue Jun 9 EDTRemoved

I wouldn’t 3

Is this player a superstar First ever playoff stats below1:08 pm Wed Jul 1 EDTRemoved

It’s Jokic and if he can play at that level for a couple more playoff series then yes 1

2016 Draymond was a better player than any version of Charles Barkley and KD4:04 pm Thu Jul 2 EDTRemoved

Draymond dropped 32/15/9 in G7 of the NBA finals, when has Barkley done that? Checkmate! 0

50 GREATEST Players2:33 pm Mon Jul 6 EDTRemoved

Rose had the weakest MVP season of any player this past decade, even if you value peak over longevity (which I strongly disagree with) Rose isn’t close to top 50 2

Why isnt Frank Vogel in the COTY discussion 5:08 pm Sat Aug 8 EDTRemoved

He’s mediocre at best, they have LeBron and AD lul Vogel still runs 2 center lineups with LeBron on the floor & probably thinks Rondo is a good basketball player. Gross. 1

Create your starting 52:35 pm Thu Aug 13 EDTRemoved

KG/SGA/Smart/Burke/Bertans 1

Since we all know Lebron will avg his playoff numbers in the playoffs how concerned are you on the Lakers other players 3:40 pm Thu Aug 13 EDTRemoved

I’m most concerned on what lineups Vogel plays in the playoffs tbh 7

Now that it s confirmed it s Lakers vs Blazers what will LeBron s excuse be if they lose 5:19 pm Sat Aug 15 EDTRemoved

I’m not sure, but I know that as long as the Lakers don’t win the title, it’s legitimate, according to LeHaters. 1

The Lakers could face the same road as the Warriors did last year 7:50 pm Sat Aug 15 EDTRemoved

Yeah those teams definitely didn’t change players or anything 1

In Kristapz Porzingus first playoff game he receives his first ever ejection 10:46 pm Mon Aug 17 EDTRemoved

That weak ass shit completely shifted momentum 10

In Kristapz Porzingus first playoff game he receives his first ever ejection 10:46 pm Mon Aug 17 EDTRemoved

Stfu 2

In his first career playoff game Porzingis gets his first career ejection10:52 pm Mon Aug 17 EDTRemoved

They don’t call him Kawhistle for nothing brotha 3

LeBron James on activating playoff mode Im going to continue to say this its different This is a game with no fans 1:11 am Wed Aug 19 EDTRemoved

Post the rest of the quote LMFAO 11

What is Tatum like is he is the clear number one option for a team 9:29 pm Wed Aug 19 EDTRemoved

Just because he has a good supporting cast doesn’t mean he isn’t their clear 1st option 5

NBA is so soft9:48 pm Thu Aug 20 EDTRemoved

People gonna downvote but at this point I agree 2

Do you think that Luka is proving to be a better player than Lebron was at 21 so far 6:57 pm Sun Aug 23 EDTRemoved

As a LeBron fan myself, yes. He’s the best 21 year old in NBA history 3

Do you think that Luka is proving to be a better player than Lebron was at 21 so far 6:57 pm Sun Aug 23 EDTRemoved

Sophomore is easily Luka As a 21 year old I think it’s pretty close and won’t argue otherwise, I personally have Luka slightly better tho 1

Raptors with NBA record 100 bench points 9:11 pm Sun Aug 23 EDTRemoved

LAL’s bench scored 90 points through 3 games against Portland, take that Raptors 14

Would you take Luka over LeBron in the playoffs right now 1:38 pm Mon Aug 24 EDTRemoved

No, its been 4 games. There’s nobody in the league I trust more in the postseason than LeBron. 10