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Its kind of sad and messed up that Lebrons block is more remembered that Kyries clutch 3 over Stephen Curry 8:33 pm Wed Nov 6 EDT

The block initiated the momentum. LeBron came down pretty much all 94 feet to get that block, and it was a split second from being a goaltend. His chase down blocks were infamous, but to do it on the biggest stage in game 7... its his career highlight. 1

Its kind of sad and messed up that Lebrons block is more remembered that Kyries clutch 3 over Stephen Curry 8:33 pm Wed Nov 6 EDT

What? lol. Did you watch it? In the huddle, Bron told Lue to let Kyrie take the shot. Bron inbounded, JR got Kyrie the switch, they put Kyrie on the right side, while the Cavs stacked the left side with LeBron in the corner. Kyrie let the shot clock 1

Who is the best player after the undisputed Top 3 of Lebron KD and Steph 6:24 am Fri Nov 15 EDT

They are not a lock. AD is top 3 in the league. 3

Kevin Durant names three players who are above all the rest Kobe Bryant MJ Michael Jordan and Kyrie 7:21 pm Wed Dec 18 EDT

Warrior fans will never admit it, but LeBron been Durants focus for years. Its the main reason he went to GSW and now all these comments lol... 1

Who would you guys say can compare to modern day 2004 Pistons 5:40 pm Wed Jan 2 EDT

My thoughts too. 3

Does Kobe see colors and shapes that only exist in his head 11:37 pm Fri Feb 22 EDT

Jump off the mans dick and ask him yaself 0

LebRon vs jOrDan2:20 pm Thu Mar 7 EDT

Media says whatever for clicks; they salesmen lol. Real talk, as a real bball fan, I dont know how either of these men are hated. Watching both of their careers, its been mesmerizing. 3

Is Lebrons 2014 finals loss overlooked too often when it comes to his legacy 4:10 pm Wed Mar 13 EDT

He played pretty damn well against a team who never tasted finals defeat until the prior year against him, came back with a vengeance playing fantastic basketball... Wade n Bosh disappeared on him that series. So no, not really. The 2011 loss is the o 1

Lakers are done 6:30 am Fri Mar 15 EDT

Bucks ain beatin raps in 7. Gsw better hope they dnt get utah first round, or we could be in for an upset -2

5 on 5 who wins Curry Jordan KD Duncan Shaq vs Magic Kobe LeBron Malone Hakeem4:38 pm Tue Mar 19 EDT

Curry < Magic... he ain fuckin with 69 Magic lol Jordan > Kobe... realistically they will come close to cancelling each other... each team will live n die by these guys shots... KD < LeBron.... Duncan = Malone... fuck what a match-up thi 1

Kd and lebron are what wrong with competition 11:55 pm Fri Mar 29 EDT

how old are you? for real? 3

Serious Why are the Raptors so heavily favored in the likely Sixers-Raps ECSF matchup How many games do y all think the series will go 9:35 pm Sun Apr 21 EDT

Simmons cant shoot, kawhi will handle that. Gasol was brought in for the Bucks size and Embid specifically. If I am not mistaken, some of Embids worse career numbers are against Gasol. 3

Which player signing during 2010s would you have vetoed if you had the opportunity 5:56 pm Mon Apr 22 EDT

Love the mans game, but it would have been funny if the league told Durant "stop being a lil bitch, youre not taking the easy way to the titles" 4

Serious Why is Kevin Durant dominating for a team that wouldn t even piss on him he was on fire 7:23 pm Sun May 5 EDT

Because he cares about his success? When I go out n ball, regardless of who I am playing for, I am out there to compete and take your soul... Its a lifestyle man 1

Kawhi is better than Curry8:54 pm Sun May 5 EDT

Hmm, I agree with the initial statement and the "Replace them with each other. Warriors get better, Raptors get worse.", overall Kawhi is a more complete and ultimately better player than Steph. In saying that.... If you are watching the playoffs, St 1

Is Kyle Lowry better than Kyrie Irving 10:42 pm Wed May 15 EDT

got love for Lowry, but absolutely not lol 2

Is Steph Curry the most abused superstar ever 6:07 pm Mon Jun 10 EDT

Hacked worse than Shaq? Boy you crazy. You ever watch shaq in the 90s?? Curry gets hit going around screens, like everyone else, it looks worse because of his tiny frame. Dehydration is his problem, not other players. 2

How did the Warriors let the Cavs get 2 wins in the 2015 Finals 6:24 pm Mon Jun 10 EDT

Let? LeBron took those 2 game, nearly got a third too. Healthy cavs in that series. 5

does anyone think nba will rig this series for warriors to win in 7 so all the KD news can be forgotten5:29 am Tue Jun 11 EDT

Na the intention behind rigging the finals would be to cement the legacy of one of their biggest moneymakers. -2

I really hope people deliberately mischaracterizing Giannis MVP candidacy doesnt end up impacting his legacy5:24 am Tue Jun 25 EDT

Don’t matter bro, there is always complainers, his name is in the history books for good. Onto the next season 1

Why would Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving go to the little brother team of New York 7:49 pm Sun Jun 30 EDT

Because Fuck Dolan... 1

Im so happy reddit social media was not a thing in the early 2000s8:40 pm Mon Jul 1 EDT

Warrior fans are the worst, the real ones are legit. They got the worse bandwagon fans I’ve ever seen, and a lot of them 5

James Harden or Kawhi Leonard12:27 am Tue Jul 2 EDT

Harden on the 2019 raps does not win the title 2

If lakers win next year with AD and Kawhi how much does it affect lebrons legacy 6:40 am Tue Jul 2 EDT

Everybody remember rings down the road n that’s it 2

Zion is already dominating in the paint hes going to be an utter MONSTER10:52 pm Fri Jul 5 EDT

It’s summer league bruh, calm yaself. Seen dudes dominate there n get checked real quick come NBA season n vice versa. He looking good, you are potentially right but just wait til NBA to make such claims. 1

Marcus Morris agent is Rich Paul LeBron is getting revenge on Pop for that phone call to Dell Demps about trading AD7:11 pm Tue Jul 9 EDT

LeBron a grown ass man with nothing but love for Pop... 0

James Harden gets way too much undeserved disrespect5:44 am Sun Jul 14 EDT

Every player has stans n haters, it’s the era of social media n keyboard warriors 1

Best team in the nba right now9:38 pm Fri Jul 19 EDT

How the hell did he get rusty? Lol 28/8/8 carrying a team at 33 years old. 1

Best team in the nba right now9:38 pm Fri Jul 19 EDT

First year with a new team, young team as well. LeBron was LeBron my bro. 0