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If Kawhi does join the Lakers I am sure folks will say that LeBron is unselfish humble and willing by ceding the spotlight to Kawhi just like they did for Steph right That seems like the correct logic based on what I was told the last 5 years about S12:30 am Sat Jul 11 EDT

Yeah except LeBron has at least a 15 year history that says otherwise. 0

NBA now has become the duo league who has the best duo in the league 11:26 am Sat Jul 11 EDT

LeBron is a poor defender now and has a lot of minutes on his body coming off his major injury. Who knows what part of his body AD will injure this time? It’s definitely Kawhi and George. Both elite scorers and defenders. 0

Western Conference seeding projections12:39 pm Sat Jul 11 EDT

Like much of the projections, Lakers too high, Warriors too low. 2

Relationship between Paul George and Doc Rivers8:46 pm Sat Jul 11 EDT

I don’t care what anyone says, men enjoy soap opera more than women. 4

Top 7 All-Time Players in Modern NBA History Since 1980 12:19 am Sun Jul 19 EDT

Lol, where’s Bird? 3

Kobe Fans2:30 am Sun Jul 19 EDT

Kobe doesn’t have much of a case for top 10. Somewhere in the 11–15 range is reasonable though. 0

Kobe Fans2:30 am Sun Jul 19 EDT

As I said, he has a case but not much of one since Hakeem easily slides in with the other 9 you listed. 11-15 range is where he belongs for me. 1

All time player rankings on this sub are stupid yall never even seen Jordan Magic Bird Kareem etc play10:47 pm Tue Jul 28 EDT

You shouldn’t be proud of ignorance. 0

In no particular order are these the ten best players of the 2000s 10:21 pm Sat Aug 8 EDT

It’s tough. I went into this list trying to fit in Dwight and Wade, but I don’t think I can justify taking anyone out of that top 10. I guess people are already forgetting how awesome Howard was. He was really good in those 5 seasons and that last yea 1

Tim Duncans mother died one day before he turned 14 During a playoff game in 1999 Kevin Garnett allegedly said to Duncan Happy Mother s Day Mother as the Spurs legend lined up for a free throw6:47 pm Mon Aug 17 EDT

Not convincing when your source says it’s a completely unconfirmed rumor and doesn’t even say where the rumor “allegedly” started. 3

Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan who would you draft 7:48 pm Sun Sep 6 EDT

You’d upgrade to fan of the game itself though. 1

Does anyone know the score of the Miami game Are they up 6:42 pm Sun Nov 8 EDT

Good to see the so-called high IQ Houston basketball team is still jacking up and missing 3 after 3. 1