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If Steph LeBron Jokic4:41 am Thu Sep 24 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed


Celtics fans what is the least you would accept in a trade for Gordon Hayward 9:09 pm Mon Jul 13 EDTRemoved

A bicycle 1

Kawhi has sealed LeBrons fate to forever being behind Jordan1:12 am Thu Jul 30 EDTRemoved

Stupid easy when Kawhi clip I’d LeBron can I’d not 1

Who is better player A or B1:15 am Thu Jul 30 EDTRemoved

LeBron wow left a 17 1

OC Straight up trade Andrew Wiggers for Devin Boogins who says no 5:05 am Thu Jul 30 EDTRemoved

Wow cool story bro 1

Serious Dwight homophobic jokes are getting really old10:31 pm Wed Sep 9 EDTRemoved

Thanks for the update dweeb -1

Help For School Project3:50 am Tue Sep 15 EDTRemoved

Nationality: Duck 2