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Tyler herro is going to be a future nba all star in the future10:28 pm Fri Sep 17 EDT

The *future* future? 2

Russ makes 45 million He put up 30 FGA in Jan Feb and then only 18 FGA in playoffs 10:44 pm Sat Sep 18 EDT

They made the Capela trade for Russ. He was supposed to thrive in this environment? At some point we have to stop with the excuses and call Russ for what he is- a really good player who will never be the #2 on a championship-level team. 1

Russ makes 45 million He put up 30 FGA in Jan Feb and then only 18 FGA in playoffs 10:44 pm Sat Sep 18 EDT

I heard you the first time. 1

Can this sub please take a break from trashing players 11:01 pm Sat Sep 18 EDT

OP deletes in 5 4 3 2 1... 1

Does anyone like Pat Beverly or respect his game as a player 9:29 am Wed Sep 22 EDT

Dirty player, hustle can’t hide that. Reminds me of a dude I played ball with in college, he got kicked off the team for throwing a baseball at an ATM. 7

What do you think Game 1 Lakers Nuggets is going to look like tonight 10:54 am Fri Sep 24 EDT

Game one is a feel out game for Bron, don’t be surprised if he puts up a cool 20/10/10 and let’s AD and the rest of the cast find their footing. 1

Do people really think Scottie Pippen was better than AD 10:16 pm Mon Sep 27 EDT

Dudes a Lakers fan, he’s just trying to unnecessarily big up AD. 1

Both Laker and Nuggets has had 113 free trows attempted so far in the series dead even Can Nuggs fans chill now 9:39 am Fri Oct 1 EDT

Them boys need a wahburger and some French cries. 3

What be more damaging to Lebrons legacy another loss in the finals or a win but Anthony Davis wins Finals MVP1:05 am Sun Oct 3 EDT

A loss, but I don’t see that happening. He’s getting better every series and this past game he showed why he’s just *different* than any other superstar. 1

What team do you predict Bradley Beal will be on next season 1:41 am Sun Oct 3 EDT

Wizards 2

Replace Westbrook with1:43 am Sun Oct 3 EDT

Bout the same distance imo 1

I m putting Scottie Pippen on blast What s the deal with former players opening their mouths about current players who are better than they were 2:56 pm Wed Oct 6 EDT

Such a foreign concept to nephs 2

Bush league move 10:49 am Thu Oct 14 EDT

Lmao y’all are wild. 1

I know its impossible and I dont care8:16 pm Thu Oct 14 EDT

Yeah it would be cool if y’all could make this a competitive series. But, in all reality it will be a gentleman’s sweep tomorrow. 1

Only 5 times has a player averaged 10 or more assists during the season then won the championship 11:15 pm Sun Oct 17 EDT

Hot take: Jerry West is the most underrated player of all-time, but most overrated front office exec of all-time wrapped into one. 1

ESPN please focus more on a team that just won their championship11:32 pm Sun Oct 17 EDT

Don’t worry we are more than focused on that 2

Jordan will always be better than LeBron2:38 pm Tue Oct 26 EDT

This why they need to open schools back up. 18

Eric Gordon and PJ Tucker for Al Horford and two seconds Who says no 6:41 pm Tue Oct 26 EDT

God damn, you call yourself a Rockets fan? Never seen a dude try to fleece his own team 5

ETC Podcast Kevin Durant - People try to discredit my rings but honestly I feel like theyre the most valuable of our era People argue LeBron is the GOAT but I beat him in back to back finals what does that make me 2:18 pm Tue Nov 2 EDT

He’s being the “real KD” lmao 2

ETC Podcast Kevin Durant - People try to discredit my rings but honestly I feel like theyre the most valuable of our era People argue LeBron is the GOAT but I beat him in back to back finals what does that make me 2:18 pm Tue Nov 2 EDT

Jesus Christ. 2

Serious Why do so many seem to fawn over LeBron being a lead on a championship team at his age when MJ was the same age 35 when he won his last title 10:26 pm Thu Nov 4 EDT

Trash 3

Steph Curry lost 2019 Finals I bet he felt sad Well I feel the same way Why does r warriors hate me so much I love Warriors and NBA just want to share 6:03 pm Sun Nov 14 EDT

Lmao this might be the most nephew post I have ever seen. 3

Did James Worthy retired by thinking Im not worthy anymore 6:38 pm Sun Nov 21 EDT

Maybe English isn’t his first language 2

If I am Philly there is absolutely no way I am trading Embiid or Simmons for Harden3:56 pm Mon Nov 22 EDT

This is why you don’t make decisions. 3

If Harden goes to Brooklyn LeBron will be responsible for three super teams being formed to stop him10:24 pm Mon Nov 22 EDT


This upcoming season will have a strong say on Curry s Legacy on his ability to lead and carry a team 12:00 pm Thu Nov 25 EDT

Steph can’t carry a team, bro. But, you are right, he doesn’t have to prove shit. -5

Lakers had a perfect offseason1:32 pm Mon Nov 29 EDT

The Lakers posts on this sub have been OD af. 1

In 1994 amp 1995 Scottie Pippen was charged with battery against his fiancee amp arrested on gun charge12:15 pm Mon Dec 13 EDT

Jordan stans saw that Pippen article and decided to do some digging of their own. 3

Harden to Portland why it makes sense for all involved3:40 pm Mon Dec 13 EDT

If I’m the Rockets I’m rejecting the fuck out of this trade. Sure the picks are nice and CJ is a good player, but Zach Collins and Nasir Little? Cmon man. 9

Obligatory Lebron James Comment 9:53 am Tue Dec 14 EDT

What’s the point of this? 3

The New York Knicks have been eliminated from Championship Contention6:39 pm Fri Dec 17 EDT

Same 1

How many wins would a team of Paul-George-Love-Gay-Favors win 2:05 pm Sat Dec 18 EDT

One more 1

There should be a Lebron flair10:25 pm Mon Dec 20 EDT

Can we make one that just says: bronsexual? Please mods, it’s all I want for Christmas. 12

James Harden looking extremely out of shape10:21 pm Tue Dec 21 EDT

I asked my girlfriend she said it’s probs just a bad angle. 1

Which NBA players are into anime 11:30 am Wed Dec 22 EDT

KAT seems like an anime guy, idk why but I definitely get those vibes from him. 2

What is the status of LeBrons hair 10:35 am Thu Dec 23 EDT

He gone 0

James Harden is a yo can you clock me in ass dude4:42 pm Thu Dec 23 EDT

Get em rocketman 1

LaMelo Ball first four games 26 fg 11-424:29 am Sun Dec 26 EDT

Didn’t hit right the first time apparently 5

What do yall think of James Wiseman in garbage time 11:45 pm Tue Dec 28 EDT

Too early to tell, but didn’t look bad at all. 2

Because the Lakers have tied the game up against the Clippers the Clippers have officially blown a double-digit lead for the fifth straight game11:46 pm Tue Dec 28 EDT

They just need a playmaker man, It’s their one glaring weakness. 2

Discussion The Heat deserve to play the Lakers on Christmas2:49 pm Thu Dec 30 EDT

I like Heat v Celtics better tbh 2

Greek Athletes Would Compete In Near To Completely Nude If NBA Teams Did The Same Which Team Would You Watch 10:44 am Sat Jan 1 EDT

The Oubre’s 3

With 26 minutes tonight Lebron ties Kobe Byrant for 8th all time in minutes played12:04 am Mon Jan 3 EDT

RIP legend. 3

What is the collective opinion on Giannis s performance tonight 10:44 pm Tue Jan 4 EDT

Whoa whoa whoa...that’s NBA CHAMPION Kostas to you buddy. 1

Lamelo Ball vs the Mavericks 22 9 5 with 70 80 100 shootng splits11:08 pm Wed Jan 5 EDT

I did my best, but church league defense these days is incredibly intense. 7

Was prime Goran Dragic as good as Kyrie 9:16 am Thu Jan 6 EDT

Nope. 2

The Knicks core of Austin RIvers Elfrid Payton and Julius Randle is nasty9:43 pm Wed Jan 6 EDT

Damn I can literally see the flairs switching before my eyes 1

Duncan Robinson Sets a Screen for Bam Adebayo brilliant use of a shooters gravity 2:26 pm Thu Jan 7 EDT

You mean like every other shooter in the league? 2

Is Christian Wood what Jahlil Okafor was supposed to be 2:05 pm Sat Jan 9 EDT

Lmao what a shitty post 1

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Anthony Davis have the same dunk rate10:46 am Wed Jan 13 EDT

Doesn’t mean he’s better at it. You can literally just watch Giannis/AD and tell which one can shoot and which one can’t. No offense, Giannis is an amazing help defender, scorer, rebounder and a decent facilitator, but he can’t shoot like AD. 7

OKC s George Hill regarding COVID Im a grown man so Im gonna do what I wanna do 7:41 pm Thu Jan 14 EDT

Hill’s logic makes sense, but why not rather be safe than sorry? 1

I called off work to watch basketball all day Happy Martin Luther King jr Day 8:01 am Mon Jan 18 EDT

Must be nice 0

15 to make an all-time team 10:33 pm Sun Jan 24 EDT

What is this? bleacher report? 2

How different would Lebrons career be viewed if he never scored a single point or assist in OT 4:28 pm Thu Feb 11 EDT

Weirdos 1

Advice for butt plugs 9:44 am Sun Feb 14 EDT

Hater 3

How is Embiid the favorite for MVP 9:48 pm Sun Feb 21 EDT

LeBron and Embiid are both at the top currently, one or two games does not knock someone out of contention. Injuries, or 2-3 week skids usually knock players out of contention. And to be fair to KD he’s still being considered imo, id say he and Jokic ar 2

James Harden Tonight 37 11 7 on 13 25 shooting 4 9 from three and 7 11 from the line10:32 pm Sun Feb 21 EDT

Username checks out 1

When players are on minutes restrictions why do teams not stagger the minutes so that the player can finish the game 10:39 pm Sun Feb 21 EDT

Cause you gotta keep it within striking distance for them to be a viable option to use at the end of the game 1

Ben Simmons just followed up the best game of his career with 18-5-1-1 8-10 FT on 78 1 TS Since February began Ben Simmons is averaging 21 3 8 5 8 5 Are we witnessing Ben making a leap 11:19 pm Sun Feb 21 EDT

I love when he plays aggressive on offense, the closest thing to a prime LeBron attacking the rim that we will ever see. 1

WSB had their revolutionary GME rise can we cause the same to the refs REFS HAVE TO BE FINED 11:22 pm Sun Feb 21 EDT

Wut 1

Has a player as talented as KD ever been such a vestigial part of his teams 11:22 pm Sun Feb 21 EDT

He’s definitely been one of the more *fortunate* superstars that we have seen. -1

The Heat have won 8 of their last 11 games and have tied with Celtics and Knicks in the 6th seed10:40 pm Wed Feb 24 EDT

People were really saying the Heat were tanking? A year after making it to the finals? Lmao 10

Post Game Thread The New York Knicks defeat the Pistons 109-90 to go above 50010:23 pm Sun Feb 28 EDT

I love what’s happening in NY right now 2

If LeBron had called Dames shot a bad shot would the reaction be as overblown or the issue be forgotten 11:12 am Tue Mar 9 EDT

Why does LeBron’s name get put everywhere that it shouldn’t be? Yeah, if he said this shit he’d catch backlash because it’s stupid af. Any shot that Dame pulls past half court is a good shot, especially in the 4th. 3

Is it fair to say jimmy butler is on par with kawhi at this point 5:13 pm Mon Mar 15 EDT

Lmao hell nah fam 1

Is James Harden carrying the Nets 1:40 pm Wed Mar 17 EDT

I honestly think Kyrie has been the best of the 3 so far, maybe I’m in the minority, but god damn that mf can hoop. 2

Is James Harden carrying the Nets 1:40 pm Wed Mar 17 EDT

Facts, KD’s defense has been solid this year. 2

Is James Harden carrying the Nets 1:40 pm Wed Mar 17 EDT

Thanks for breaking this down bro, I didn’t realize Harden was dickin em down like that. 1

Why does being all defense matter in the MVP race this year when the consensus this year is that everyone is having an all time great season offensively 6:59 pm Fri Mar 19 EDT

....you’re making a point for defense mattering more and you don’t even realize it lmao 18

Why does being all defense matter in the MVP race this year when the consensus this year is that everyone is having an all time great season offensively 6:59 pm Fri Mar 19 EDT

Well that’s probably why you don’t have a vote my man 5

Should Julius Randle be top 5-7 in MVP ranking right now 9:19 pm Tue Mar 23 EDT

You could make a case for top 10 1

I miss Lebron I miss the LeVity The LeVelheadedness The domination of the LeAderboards Even the LeIsurewear 8:57 am Fri Apr 2 EDT

Sorry that we take care of our stars 0

Is luka better than prime Kobe right now 11:35 am Thu Apr 8 EDT

Nah we ain’t having this 20

Draymond Green on gender inequality within sports They re not laying out the steps they can take to change that and so it s coming off as a complaint 2:50 pm Thu Apr 8 EDT

Say it louder for the dumbasses in the back 7

Russell Westbrook since All-Star Break 21 12 11 9 on 44 35 67 shooting splits Is shooting 35 on 5 attempts per game 3:30 pm Thu Apr 8 EDT

It’s crazy that these are efficient #’s for Westbrook. Nonetheless he’s had some great outings since the ASB. 5

Why are Lakers fans so kind 6:04 pm Wed Apr 14 EDT

Honestly as a Lakers fan on r/NBA these mf’s are savages. If I was sensitive I would’ve left when I first made an account, because y’all just shit on anything Lakers related...meanwhile in our sub we big up most of the teams/players we go up against 2

Clippers are 13-2 in their last 15 games10:30 pm Wed Apr 14 EDT

They *good* good 2

Steph Curry tonight 42 PTS and 11-16 from 3 There are only 3 times where a player hit 10 threes in consecutive games10:53 pm Wed Apr 14 EDT

I really think this sub needs to appreciate the legends while they are here. Bron, Steph, KD etc..we will sorely miss these guys sooner than we know and they are the Jordan, Magic and Larry Bird of our generation (rough comparisons dont kill me for it). 1