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D Rose Back 11:27 pm Sat Oct 23 EDT

Username does not check out 1

Carmelo Anthony late stage Kobe12:30 am Sun Oct 24 EDT

What the hell do you even think the Rockets brought him to do 3

Nobody is mentioning that Zach Lavine dropped 41 4:45 am Tue Nov 9 EDT

Because apart from Lavine the rest of the players had me wanting to wash my eyes with bleach. Missed layups, stepping out of bounds, silly fouls, butterfingers at catching passes/rebounds....I swear my mind was supplanting the commentary with the Benny H 2

Arent chances pretty high that Zion Williamson will end up like Jabari Parker 9:47 am Wed Nov 10 EDT

I highly doubt Zion can be as useless as Jabari Parker on defense. And Zion Williamson weighs about 270-285lbs. Last I checked, there are only 2 players who could possibly weigh more in the NBA currently. One is Boban for obvious reasons, the other is Ju 2

As the first option on a team would you rather have Klay Thompson or 2012-13 Knicks Melo 11:15 am Thu Nov 25 EDT

Look at the Warriors bench unit with Klay as the primary option, its not a trainwreck but honestly would that really be an offense you want to rely on for the majority of the game? Klay is probably going down as one of the greatest 2nd options ever, but 1

The Spurs should consider firing Popovich1:21 pm Sat Dec 4 EDT

Theres been a shit ton of dumb threads today, but congratulations this is by some distance the worst one yet 2

How s Gordon Hayward Doing 1:16 am Tue Feb 2 EDT

Hes had 22 games this season that hes scored less than 10pts, dont think hes right mentally as he shies away from contact and is nowhere as aggressive attacking the basket as he was in Utah 3

Why didnt the Knicks trade for AD Possible trade10:36 pm Thu Feb 4 EDT

>This way NOLA gets what they are after, a future superstar and a chance to rebuild around him Yeah for about 18 months before KP fucks off because he will take the QO to be a UFA in 2020. 1

Its a damn shame 10:07 pm Sun Feb 7 EDT

Especially in the 2003 playoffs, dude was carrying the Spurs so hard Im surprised his back didnt give out 1

The Pelicans are smart to wait3:19 am Tue Feb 9 EDT

AD doesnt like the Celtics, Ainge wont offer a kings ransom for a rental. 1

Media obligations should be a discussion at the next CBA meeting 2:23 am Thu Feb 11 EDT

Or just mumble his way through it, I know Shaq often resorted to that when he didnt feel like it 1

Is lebron max contract lowkey among one of the worst in the league 11:22 pm Tue Feb 16 EDT

>I foresee a future where the lakers trade him Trade LeBron when he hasnt requested for one, and watch free agents avoid your franchises front office like the plague 10

Demarcus Cousins will cost the Warriors the NBA title10:01 am Fri Mar 12 EDT

He can be mad all he wants, he aint gonna be back next season anyway. Besides, if the benching gets him a ring, I dont think Cousins will care either 1

Demarcus Cousins will cost the Warriors the NBA title10:01 am Fri Mar 12 EDT

Subscribe 1

Sixers should target Frank Ntilikina12:18 pm Sun Mar 14 EDT

> they can go down at a high rate under good circumstances Even Javale McGee can make 3s "under good circumstances" Frank was showing some improvement to his jump shot until injuries fucked him, but lets not kid ourselves, he is a loooooong way from 1

Sixers should target Frank Ntilikina12:18 pm Sun Mar 14 EDT

>Hes the perfect type of point guard to pair with Ben Simmons and Embiid Because fuck spacing eh? >3&D type He shot 32% from 3 last season and 29% this season. 1

What s a fun underrated team to watch in the west 12:37 pm Sun Mar 14 EDT

Kings are seriously fun to watch, especially when DeAaron Fox gets a runway and starts turning on the jets. 1

Lakers vs Knicks 11:29 am Sun Mar 21 EDT

The only way they could make it worse is to let some guy like Frank Ntilikina or Luke Kornet go off on them for a breakout/career game 1

His legacy is already cemented Not making the playoffs 1 year means nothing 1:13 am Sat Mar 27 EDT

OP had us in the first half 1

Everyone so quick to judge LeBron after this 1 season10:29 pm Sat Mar 27 EDT

> LeBron needs a shooter like Anthony Davis Wat 13

Everyone so quick to judge LeBron after this 1 season10:29 pm Sat Mar 27 EDT

AD makes his free throws though, will never fit in on the Lakers 1

As a non-pacer fan or watcher what has led to their success post Oladipo injury 10:52 am Sun Apr 4 EDT

Myles Turner is a swatting machine Also, Bojan Bogdanovic 2

Let s not get carried away2:26 am Wed Apr 28 EDT

> russell westbrook will go down in history books Yeah, for losing 4-1 to a team starting Enes Kanter at center and getting his ass busted after talking mad shit 1

Serious If PG said Dames game winner was a bad shot why doesnt he tell his own Point guard when he takes bad shots 2:42 am Wed Apr 28 EDT

He can tell Russ that all he wants, but even PG probably knows when push comes to shove and Westbrook goes into his patented "heroball" mode everything is out of the window 1

Rockets are winning this game and game 711:25 pm Fri May 14 EDT

This has aged well, eh 15

Why is Giannis so scared 10:58 pm Sat May 29 EDT

Giannis is driving into a brick wall, Raptors have the personnel to defend his drives probably better than any Eastern playoffs team so far 1

Gianniss Free Throw percentage in 4 straight losses against the Raptors 47 17 36 11:23 pm Sat May 29 EDT

Giannis just Nick Anderson-ed the Bucks when they needed him to make those free throws 1

Opinion Regardless of potential victory Raptors might be in a lose-lose situation here 11:18 pm Wed Jun 9 EDT

Lmfao as if the Raptors will give a fuck how they beat the Warriors 1

What is your team s starting lineup gonna be next season 3:59 am Thu Aug 5 EDT

Well since Kris "contested mid-range babyyy" Dunn hasnt been launched to the moon yet....though hopefully Im wrong and Satoransky starts? * Dunn/Lavine/Porter Jr/Young/Markkanen Ideally I want this lineup * Satoransky/Lavine/Porter Jr/Markkanen/WCJ 2

What is your team s starting lineup gonna be next season 3:59 am Thu Aug 5 EDT

Glenn Robinson III for the SF spot? Though I agree on McKinnie as he might be more familiar with the Warriors system and thats what Steve Kerr wants 2

Which teams will surprisingly disappoint 10:05 am Sun Aug 8 EDT

Youll be fine if Terry Rozier chucks up 20 shots a night sub-40% Though that cant be great for the development of Monk/Bridges etc..... 1

Kobe So that s the psychology of it Growing up I used to hear kids say all the time I can t guard you but you can t guard me And when I hear somebody say that I see it as an opportunity OK So you re conceding the fact that you 11:37 pm Mon Aug 16 EDT

Why the hell would you even tell someone you cant guard them lmao, thats just asking for buckets to be dropped on you 1

Who says no BOS-DET-GSW-ORL 11:41 pm Wed Aug 18 EDT

Go back to playing 2K where the trade finder is broken af, Detroit is not trading you one of the top rebounders in the league who is only 26 for basically DAngelo Russell Also Orlando says GTFOH on losing Gordon for more trash big men 1

Who says no BOS-DET-GSW-ORL 11:41 pm Wed Aug 18 EDT

Lmfao Orlando gonna tell everyone to get the fuck outta here, they lose their best player in Gordon and get garbage back 2

The 2004 US World Cup Team had AI Starbury Melo Stoudemire Wade LeBron and Tim Duncan and lost three games 2019 team is lead by Kemba Walker Donovan Mitchell and Khris Middleton 3:20 am Thu Sep 9 EDT

And a whole load of nothing in terms of spacing and fit I mean come on the 3 best 3pt shooters are likely Marbury, Iverson & LeBron. They also took Stoudemire who thrives in P&R system, and the roster is filled a bunch of isolation players. 1

Carmelo Anthony is not a Hall of Fame player 9:00 pm Mon Sep 20 EDT

And considering Melo entered the league at 19, thats still 16 years hes spent in the league. 2

The flagrant two called against Mike Scott was the right decision 9:00 pm Mon Nov 1 EDT

That was just a standard bump to stop a fastbreak bucket If that is a flagrant 2, everybody in the league about to get ejections 0

Debate Teams dont need money to build around superstars 8:57 pm Mon Nov 1 EDT

>Isaiah Thomas, Troy Daniels, Wesley Matthews, Ryan Anderson, and Dwight Howard If there is an 0-82 lineup, this might be it 1

I ll admit I didn t know how good AD was till this year11:41 pm Tue Nov 2 EDT

And people were saying AD was mentally checked out Mentally checked out and still dropping 30? Well sign me the fuck up 2

BballBreakdown Russ can t shoot 3s He s average at the rim No floater game Defense is poor Decision making struggles What is he really elite at 7:45 pm Tue Nov 9 EDT

Plenty of insane athletes have passed through the NBA tbh, some even more athletic than even Westbrook but without any of the requisite skills to stick in the NBA Westbrook is a flawed player, but you dont play 11 years in the league going purely on athl 1

Why are people outraged only when Harden tries to draw fouls 11:57 pm Fri Nov 12 EDT

I think its more that Embiid and Giannis drive to the hoop a lot more, its only natural that there will be contact as people try to wall them off from scoring. Harden is flopping his ass on almost every 3pt attempt to try and get his 3 free throws. Im s 1

Steven Adams is having the best rebounding season of his career while Clint Capela is having one of the worst rebounding seasons of his career10:10 am Sun Nov 14 EDT

I mean, I dont think 6ft tall Chris Paul is about to break any guard rebounding records any time soon so I guess Steven Adams can gobble up the boards he wants 0

Could you name the current Grizzlies coach on the spot right now 1:56 am Tue Nov 16 EDT

I can name the Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins, but I needed to google who the hell is the Hornets coach (apparently James Borrego) 1

Does anybody feel like Giannis is devaluing basketball 8:13 pm Thu Nov 18 EDT

If being a freak athlete is all is takes [DJ Stephens](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHwoNNNSL1Y) would be the best fucking player in the league considering he recorded the highest ever(?) vertical at the combine with a 46-inch leap If being a freak a 0

How is Jeremy Lin not in the NBA 10:42 am Fri Nov 19 EDT

Lin admitted himself that he didnt play well at all for Toronto, in fact he was so bad that Nurse barely even looked his way during the playoffs unless the game was already done 2

Who s the worst Head Coach in the NBA currently In your opinion 6:02 am Sun Nov 21 EDT

I wanna say that bald fraud Boylen But then I also witnessed Fizdale call a timeout, draw up a play that has Julius fucking Randle shooting a fadeaway as their go-to option vs the Hornets 3

What happened to Lauri Markkanen 6:12 am Sun Nov 21 EDT

Hell no lmao, he had a great opening night with a 35/17 against the Hornets Since then hes been hot garbage with his 3pt shot, the only decent shooting game he had was a 4/7 showing vs the Hawks. He shooting 37% from the field, and is ice-cold with 28% 2

Luka Doncic 33 5 6 AT THE HALF8:49 pm Wed Nov 24 EDT

[He about to Kobe the Warriors](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWcCVWpXInw) 1

Who is the Mvp2:04 am Thu Nov 25 EDT

*waves in Nic Batum having a $27m player option for next season* 1

Since the Bucks will use Giannis like LeBron in the playoffs as their PG and primary ball handler what purpose does Eric Bledsoe serve since hes a bad off ball player Why not deal Bledsoe for a legit three point sniper like Danilo Gallinari 3:09 am Thu Nov 25 EDT

And Giannis is one hell of roll man to pass to, if hes open just lob that shit anywhere vaguely near him and let him do the rest 3

Since the Bucks will use Giannis like LeBron in the playoffs as their PG and primary ball handler what purpose does Eric Bledsoe serve since hes a bad off ball player Why not deal Bledsoe for a legit three point sniper like Danilo Gallinari 3:09 am Thu Nov 25 EDT

Lmfao the Bucks are not gonna start Kyle Korver, and Gallinari is of no value to them considering Ilyasova is a 3pt threat and actually tries on defense (taking charges) Bucks giving up way too much for Gallo 4

Since the Bucks will use Giannis like LeBron in the playoffs as their PG and primary ball handler what purpose does Eric Bledsoe serve since hes a bad off ball player Why not deal Bledsoe for a legit three point sniper like Danilo Gallinari 3:09 am Thu Nov 25 EDT

Bucks arent gonna give up Bledsoe for a 1-year rental when they going fine at 10-3 right now 2

Is there any doubt that Giannis is going to Miami Heat in Summer 2021 Heat roster is like the 2019 Bucks on steroids The Bucks need to do something Drastic to make sure they win a chip in 2020 or 2021 or Giannis will take his talents to South Beach3:51 am Thu Nov 25 EDT

Or that might be his ceiling, who the hell knows. The guy is like less than 20 games into his NBA career, we have no idea how many of the Heat rookies are gonna pan out in a couple of years. Signs are very positive so far yes, but there is so much that 3

Is there any doubt that Giannis is going to Miami Heat in Summer 2021 Heat roster is like the 2019 Bucks on steroids The Bucks need to do something Drastic to make sure they win a chip in 2020 or 2021 or Giannis will take his talents to South Beach3:51 am Thu Nov 25 EDT

Dropped 55 points as a rookie, everyone thought Jennings was the next great guard of his draft class Turns out it was actually some kid with glass ankles who played at some mid-major college. Shit, Steph actually shoots a higher percentage from 3 for his 1

What NBA Players has played Football 11:49 pm Sun Nov 28 EDT

$34m in salary from his NBA career, no wonder he told the NFL to go suck it 3

What NBA Players has played Football 11:49 pm Sun Nov 28 EDT

AI was a dual-sport star at high school. Dude started at quarterback and point guard for Bethel, led both to state championships in his junior year. Willie Cauley-Stein played wide receiver for his high school as a senior. 3

Post Game Thread The Washington Wizards 7-13 defeat the Philadelphia 76ers 15-7 by a score of 119-113 9:29 pm Thu Dec 9 EDT

Chat shit, get banged (by Bertans) 1

CBA fines former Celtics Guerschon Yabusele for not raising his head during national anthem7:48 pm Sun Dec 12 EDT

Was that the one where Wade was doing layups in the background when the anthem was going on? 1

Why are people so shocked at luka having insane counting stats when he has the ball in his hands 24 7 9:36 pm Sun Dec 12 EDT

I stopped reading right there Lmfao MJ & Kobe were probably amongst the most ball-dominant players to ever play the game, gtfoh 4

Why are people so shocked at luka having insane counting stats when he has the ball in his hands 24 7 9:36 pm Sun Dec 12 EDT

Expecting r/nba to actually watch games? Blasphemy 4

If there was an NBA draft of current players who would you pick first James Harden or Steph Curry when he can play in a couple months 1:23 am Sat Dec 18 EDT

Else everyone would most likely pick LeBron anyway -1

What is your starting five that cannot shoot three pointers 2:03 am Sat Dec 18 EDT

Cant shoot or wont shoot? Because Jimmy Butler is averaging the most 3PA of his career so far (apart from that 10 games he played during "YOU FUCKING NEED ME"), just that his percentages suck right now (30%) Sabonis also actually has a half-decent 3pt sh 3

Is Giannis the MVP10:35 pm Thu Dec 23 EDT

He just dad-dicked the Lakers and put up a similar stat-line to AD while playing 10mins less This dude be pulling from 30+ft like he Steph Curry, but 611. League fucked. 1

I worry that the refs will rig the playoffs against the Rockets5:45 am Wed Dec 29 EDT

Refs made you miss 27 straight too, eh? Maybe if your star player didnt based a major part of his game trying to bait foul calls you wouldnt be worrying about the refs swallowing the whistle (of which they already do to some extent in the playoffs). I th 6

Why is Dirk Nowitzki so overrated on this sub 10:53 pm Fri Dec 31 EDT

>The Mailman was a force for twenty years and a true class act on and off the court. Nice try, Karl Malone 4

Is saying that Ben Simmons hurts Embiid by allowing him to get doubled due to Ben s lack of a shot a bad take 12:35 pm Sat Jan 1 EDT

Embiid sometimes loitering around the perimeter essentially being a 7ft tall shooting guard is evidence of that. Yeah I get that Embiid has some shooting ability, and him spacing the floor isnt a bad thing. But he really isnt the same kind of shooter as 1

Will Deandre Ayton Ever Play Again 12:29 pm Mon Jan 3 EDT

Your fantasy team can get fucked, Ayton needs to prioritize his own health 1

I hear a lot of people think middle late 1sts are overrated Tell that to Nuggets Executive Tim Connelly who since 2013 drafted Rudy Gobert 27th Donovan Mitchell 13th Gary Harris 19th Jokic 2nd round MPJ 14th McDermott 11th and Monte Morri8:09 am Wed Jan 6 EDT

We gave up Nurkic & Harris to move up for it too Fuck me how desperate were we for Doug McDermott 1

Which player do you think is the biggest thot guy who gets around with lots of women ie Instagram models 2:20 am Thu Jan 7 EDT

JJ Barea knocked up 2 Miss Universes, does that count? 2

Why is it that this sub in general devalues players mostly stars that have unorthodox playstyles or aren t analytic darlings7:52 pm Sun Jan 10 EDT

So Butler plays like an old-school small forward, whats so unorthodox about that. Weve had plenty of those. Corey Maggette spent the entire 2000s doing exactly that. The only difference is Butler is a more willing passer. 2

Why is it that this sub in general devalues players mostly stars that have unorthodox playstyles or aren t analytic darlings7:52 pm Sun Jan 10 EDT

What are you on about LeBron & Hardens advanced metrics are ridiculous for their usage rate and how much attention defenses give them. People rag on Harden for his flopping not his advanced stats. Butler has always ranked highly in defensive & p 2

Do you think Kawhi regrets not signing with the Lakers 7:53 pm Sun Jan 10 EDT

>He would have been the best player on their team, face of franchise etc You do realize LeBron is still around, right 0

All-Star Dunk contest participant Height Limit8:42 pm Mon Jan 11 EDT

And small guys = guaranteed good dunks? Im still counting how many attempts DSJ needed last year. We just need good dunkers, I dont give a shit how tall they are as long as they can jump really high & dunk. 2

Westbrook-CP3 all time bad trade 9:58 pm Tue Jan 12 EDT

We gave up Gary Harris + Jusuf Nurkic just to move up a couple spots in the 2014 draft, so we could draft Doug McDermott. Dougie McBuckets didnt even finish his 3rd season in Chicago before he was also traded away, predictably for garbage. The Rockets es 1

I care way too much about all stars so out of curiosity which players would you exclude from the All Star game based on this list 11:20 pm Tue Jan 12 EDT

Ingram, Booker, Mitchell Bam (not enough hype, might not get enough votes), Tatum, Brodgon, Harris & 17-20 I think Bam has more than earned his All-Star selection but I fear casual NBA watchers may not know enough about him to vote him in. 1

I care way too much about all stars so out of curiosity which players would you exclude from the All Star game based on this list 11:20 pm Tue Jan 12 EDT

Hope so, hes been a stud for Miami 1

I almost forgot that Harden also used to play for the Thunder10:46 pm Thu Jan 14 EDT

This is basically brought up every time OKC gets shit on, I dont know how anyone can possibly forget Harden used to play for OKC 3

the stripes the on jerseys are horrible10:21 pm Thu Jan 14 EDT

The curious thing is, wasnt David Stern vehemently opposed to any sponsorships on an NBA jersey? The only exceptions were for the leagues logo & maybe the jersey supplier How ironic that the NBA try to commemorate him by putting something on the jers -1

So who has best reception for former player 10:35 pm Thu Jan 14 EDT

Chicago will always have love for Derrick Rose Hometown guy and the only person not named Michael Jordan to win MVP as a Bull after all 3

So who has best reception for former player 10:35 pm Thu Jan 14 EDT

Which I always found strange as I dont recall Derrick Rose ever asking to be traded. The trade return wasnt great either. We also basically gave him away to the Knicks as an expiring deal and gave them a 2017 2nd round pick too for whatever stupid reason 0

Russell Westbrook has 1513 more points and 1554 more rebounds in his career than Chris Paul despite having played 135 less games10:01 pm Sun Jan 17 EDT

Westbrook is a great rebounder for his position Id give him that. But CP3s usage rate peaked at 27.5% during the 08/09 season when he was an MVP candidate. His career usage rate is about 24%. Westbrook peaked at a hilarious 41.7% during his MVP year, an 0

I have no idea how I missed it but did PG13 really for 2-16 in a playoff elimination game 8:13 pm Thu Jan 21 EDT

He got Jingled like the friccin moron he is 3

Post Game Thread The Los Angeles Clippers 29-13 beat the New Orleans Pelicans 16-27 behind Kawhi Leonard and Lou Williams6:13 pm Sat Jan 23 EDT

2 girlfriends that know of each others existence, man has ice in his veins 4

Offensive Coordinator Mike Dantoni 10:42 pm Sat Jan 23 EDT

Lmfao the 7SOL Suns were nothing like the Rockets now The 7SOL Suns are remembered so fondly because they were incredible entertainment every night. Nash ran an offense that had the ball moving, he definitely wasnt iso-ing for a jumper for 23 seconds eve 6

Offensive Coordinator Mike Dantoni 10:42 pm Sat Jan 23 EDT

They were average to slightly below average at defense, ranking at about 16th for all 4 full seasons that DAntoni coached. Hardly a no-defense team idiots like you paint them out to be Stop talking out of your ass and making yourself look stupid. 3

Offensive Coordinator Mike Dantoni 10:42 pm Sat Jan 23 EDT

Their average defense is more down to personnel than DAntoni, you can only hide so many poor defenders in a lineup. Their approach of playing at a breakneck pace & scoring was probably a better bet than trying to play defensively with a 67 Marion as 1

Michael Porter Jr just logged a double double in the first half vs the Timberwolves9:12 pm Mon Jan 25 EDT

They gonna be crying if MPJ stays healthy. MPJ is that scoring wing that can also slide up to play the 4 the Nuggets have so desperately needed. Barton is decent at the 3, but that dude is about 65 & 180lbs soaking wet. He is a shooting guard masque 3

Kobe Bryant would struggle in this era3:03 am Tue Jan 26 EDT

>Kobe relies heavily on post ups and mid range jump shots Kobe is 11th in 3s attempted for his career, nephew. Watch some basketball before talking out of your ass. The post-up and fadeaway was a big part of his game, but Kobe was perfectly willing t 2

Overshadowed by Jamal Murray contract is Gary Harris making nearly 20M a season for 11 PPG on 52 TS9:52 pm Tue Jan 26 EDT

And they just discovered that playing Michael Porter Jr 20+mpg is really dope, theyre fine 8

Does Kobes other daughter Natalia not play basketball 7:24 am Sat Feb 6 EDT

[Natalia chose volleyball](https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/natalia-bryant/Z7iECcgWEeiAxKkkK9HIDg/default.htm) 1

Who is better Eric Gordon or Damian Lillard 2:04 pm Sat Feb 6 EDT

Is it off-season already 1

Post Game Thread The Portland Trail Blazers 23-27 defeat the Utah Jazz 32-17 124 to 107 behind a 51 point and 12 ast performance by Damian Lillard12:50 am Sun Feb 7 EDT

Hes already within likes 45 3-pt makes of his season high (set last season at 237 makes) And he still has 32 games to go, Lillard gonna try and make a run at Stephs 402 if he keeps this up 3

Post Game Thread The Portland Trail Blazers 23-27 defeat the Utah Jazz 32-17 124 to 107 behind a 51 point and 12 ast performance by Damian Lillard12:50 am Sun Feb 7 EDT

Man is channeling 06 & 13 Kobe Dame gonna try and drag this Blazers team kicking&screaming into the 8th seed, and he doesnt give a shit how many insane 3-pointers he has to hit to get it done 7

Who says no to this trade between Boston Houston and Orlando 1:06 am Sun Feb 7 EDT

Who the fuck is getting bought out that would justify trading away Capela And what the hell are the Rockets gonna do with Aaron Gordon, or the Magic with Hayward + Hartenstein. They already have a project big in Bamba they dont need another. Danny Ainge 1

If Derrick Rose is worth a lottery pick what s Lowry worth 2:06 am Mon Feb 8 EDT

Well duh the Pistons arent gonna say "hey just give us garbage and well give you Derrick Rose" They just setting the bar high so when it gets negotiated down its still a good haul for them, if any team comes in with a 1st round pick Rose is gone from Det 2

Shab I m azz Muhammad8:26 am Mon Feb 8 EDT

I thought Michael Beasley was gonna be a star after his ridiculous season with Kansas State 3

My proposal to make the trade deadline more interesting trading seconds 1:14 am Tue Feb 9 EDT

Man who the fuck is your weed dealer because thats some strong ass stuff 1

Why doesnt Sportscenter get criticized for turning into Gianniscenter the same way people called them Lebroncenter for years 7:46 pm Tue Feb 9 EDT

MVP of the league gets featured a lot, shocker Besides who the hell even watches Sportscenter these days 1

Possible 4-team trade thoughts 7:48 pm Tue Feb 9 EDT

For real, OP actually gave some level of thought into this trade I was expecting the usual nonsense where one team fleeces everyone (like the one the other day where Celtics essentially trade Kanter for Capela straight up) 3

Why is Memphis trying to get into this pissing match with Iggy They tried to outsmart people by holding him instead of buying him out in hopes to get a first round pick and thats fizzling So why keep this nonsense going Buy him out and get on with your2:05 am Wed Feb 10 EDT

They offered him a buyout in exchange for him leaving some money on the table (as is usual with most buyouts, see Melo being bought out by the Hawks), but Iguodala wanted all of his $17m In that case, why the hell would Memphis pay him his full salary to 10

Tell me drummond to the rockets doesn t make complete sense2:36 am Wed Feb 10 EDT

What are they even gonna trade to match salaries, Capela isnt on the Rockets anymore 1

Since Chuck and Shaq left him out of their ALL-STAR reserves list Nikola Jokic is putting up stellar performance 26 7 PPG 10 6 RPG 8 9 APG 55 37 92 63 7 TS 1 block and 2 1 steals per game In that span of 7 games he carried Nuggets to a 5-2 record 3:01 am Wed Feb 10 EDT

Probably salty that Jokic is as out-of-shape as late-career Shaq/Chuck but plays at an All-NBA level -2

With the recent trade situation in mind let it be known that Shabazz Napier is one of only 23 plays this year to get a triple double 4:08 am Wed Feb 10 EDT

I dont think they wanted to pay either of Malik & Juancho anyway, both were RFA going into the summer 0

Name the thiccest nba player in history7:17 am Wed Feb 10 EDT

Oh lawd he comin 2

IT to Lakers 1:38 am Fri Feb 12 EDT


Observation i made tonight about our so called NBA fans1:50 am Fri Feb 12 EDT

Lmao Gobert couldnt do shit against Tucker, and the Jazz as a team got less offensive boards than PJ Tucker on his own (2 for the Jazz, 3 for PJ) 2

Post Game Thread The Brooklyn Nets 25 28 defeat The Toronto Raptors 40-15 101-91 snapping their 15 game win streak 9:50 pm Wed Feb 17 EDT

3 years in the league 3 rings, numbers dont lie thats a 100% winning rate 1

Who is worse Nets minus Kd and Kyrie or Warriors minus Steph and Klay11:50 pm Thu Feb 25 EDT

Nets are literally a playoff team while the Warriors look like some Frankenstein G-League squad led by Draymond, gtfoh with Nets are worse 2

If Klay didn t get hurt in the finals do the Warriors still lose 12:58 am Fri Feb 26 EDT

I fear no man, but game 6 Klay, it scares me 1

Who is the one player if you take them out they go from contenders to struggling to make playoffs 11:33 pm Mon Mar 1 EDT

Not really a contender per se, but remove Donovan Mitchell from the Jazz and I think their offense gonna become a big yikes 1

Who is the one player if you take them out they go from contenders to struggling to make playoffs 11:33 pm Mon Mar 1 EDT

Yeah I just went through the Jazz roster, apparently your backup big is....erm....Ed Davis? Who the fuck is Tony Bradley And shit, Royce is playing PF but is closer in height to Donovan than he is to Bojan. 2

Have players always teamed up like they do today 1:24 am Wed Mar 3 EDT

Malone retired after that season at 40, Payton dipped for Boston before playing out the final 2 seasons of his career at Miami They were both already old as shit when they got to LA 1

Grizzlies are spooky11:19 pm Wed Mar 10 EDT

Uh oh is it pasta time? 1

How long before you can declare a player a bust 11:20 pm Wed Mar 10 EDT

Bennett was cut by the fucking Timberwolves, this was after being thrown in with Wiggins in the Kevin Love trade Man got a 4-year rookie scale contract and only made it to year 2. 3

Should the warriors consider trading Curry while his value is high 11:04 pm Thu Mar 11 EDT

Also on crack for 15 years if you think the Warriors will trade Steph 1

White NBA players11:41 pm Mon Apr 12 EDT

Dirk played like crap in that series vs the Warriors, Don Nelson knew exactly how to fuck him up and just so happen to have the personnel to execute that plan He played well below the MVP level he was in the 06/07 regular season, no shit people were ques 0

Who are the biggest wastes of talent in NBA history 7:06 pm Thu Apr 15 EDT

So much talent that we never got to see fully utilized Beasley could have been as much a walking bucket as KD, but never had that same kind of drive & dedication to get there. 2

Begley Contract extension talks stall between Pacers and Oladipo after a 4 year 80 million extension was approached11:51 pm Fri May 7 EDT

Hes still the highest paid player currently on the Pacers, and Oladipo has only played 46 games since his all-star season in 2018 (and not at the all-star level he was that year) Hes had some horrendous injury luck since 2018, of course the team is exerc 2

The whole Lebron vs Jordan argument is stupid because Lebron wasted 7 years of his prime in Cleveland Meanwhile Jordan had an elite team built for him in Chicago You cant compare the two players outside of counting stats which Lebrons longevity is lik12:38 am Wed May 12 EDT

Being bounced by the Celtics/Pistons dynasty is a bit different to the joke of a Eastern conference that was the mid-2000s 1


>The man threw ice at Charles face Thats where that man done goof-ed You do not throw shit at 1990s Chuck and not expect to given ALL the smoke 3

Who is better the player that can get you to finals or the player that helps you win the finals 10:33 pm Sat May 15 EDT

MJ will always take the last shot, hell Phil Jackson once gave the last shot to a rookie Toni Kukoc instead of Pippen 1

Who is better the player that can get you to finals or the player that helps you win the finals 10:33 pm Sat May 15 EDT

We already saw what Pippen-led teams did, sure they won 55 games but the offense was wasnt as effective without MJ. Then proceeded to get smacked in the playoffs as other than Pippen no one could really get buckets. 1

KD is the only superstar in NBA history to not pull hoes 11:50 pm Mon May 17 EDT

Hes a multi-millionaire NBA player, he has to be getting mad pussy but he just aint talking about it I refuse to believe that any professional athlete cant get laid. 4

Does Derrick Rose have the most dedicated fan base of any surefire non hall of fame player ever 12:25 pm Sat May 29 EDT

Rose definitely aint gonna be first-ballot, you can bet your house on that But I could see him sneaking in, possibly after a longer period of time during a lean year for candidates. But yeah Roses case isnt strong apart from his MVP, his career accolad 1

What do you think Malik Monks role will be when he is in his prime 2:24 am Mon Jun 21 EDT

Narcos 2

Why does Sacramento have a basketball team 12:18 am Thu Sep 23 EDT

At least the Kings made it to a NBA Finals even if it might as well be a thousand years ago Clippers got less banners in the Staples Arena rafters than Taylor Swift lmao 1

How would David Robinson do in todays league 12:10 am Fri Sep 24 EDT

Robinson had the size, a polished mid-range J, the mobility to run the floor as well as any wing & was a great rim protector The Admiral would feast on small-ball lineups that are en vogue today, his speed which was an underappreciated aspect back in 1

Lets look in the future 2023 FA - Luka Doncic landing spots 1:22 am Fri Dec 10 EDT

Restricted free agency, ever heard of it? 1

What pieces do the Knicks need to build around Randle 10:12 pm Sun Dec 19 EDT

If youre building around Dubious Handles, you might as well be tanking for another #1 pick Human Beyblade aint no franchise player, that dude gone the moment the Knicks can get someone to give them draft picks. 2

Why do people act like Anthony Davis wasn t on trash teams a majority of the time while he was with the Pelicans11:21 pm Mon Dec 27 EDT

Eric Gordon wasnt so much actively trying to leave as he never even wanted to be there in the first place, he was part of the Chris Paul trade and on the last year of his rookie deal when he got there He then got an offer sheet from the Suns, told the Pe 1

The Los Angles Lakers are your 2020 NBA bubble champions9:10 pm Mon Jan 4 EDT

And a dial-up connection 1

Yahoo Paul George says he is experiencing more trash talk than ever before because I was down It feels like a direct response to his revelation about mental health struggles inside the bubble and that is an uncomfortable NBA conversation A line can10:16 pm Thu Jan 7 EDT

Thats more an indictment on the Suns ownership/front office pre-James Jones than it is Booker. Also, PG actually played well and beat the Suns. Tf is he getting triggered at some smack talk for lmao, he won the game and dropped 39 points. 1

What do you think of the following trade 12:59 am Tue Jan 12 EDT

Idiotic trade for both teams Lakers losing a lot of depth as Schroder/KCP/Kuz are significant parts of their rotation, all for a player who despite being brilliant might go AWOL without warning. Nets signed KD to pair him with Kyrie, they dont care for 2

Who is the best player that is NOT in the HoF Conversely who is the worst player that IS in the HoF 9:17 pm Wed Jan 13 EDT

Even discounting Yaos international achievements for China and his prior career in the CBA, the mans NBA career was pretty good on its own. Injuries limited the games he could play, but when he did play he was pretty good. Hes hardly the worst player to 1

LeBron against the Thunder in YEAR EIGHTEEN 27 points 6 rebounds 7 assists 9-20 from the court 5-8 from three10:07 pm Wed Jan 13 EDT

Even if he at 27/7/7, he probably gonna go and get himself one more assist just to spite us 1

Should shooting fouls give only 1 FT 10:18 pm Wed Jan 13 EDT

Give up 2 points on an open layup/dunk....or foul the shit out of them and only give up 1 point at most. You didnt think this through, did you? 1

Is Harden Durant as a duo underrated 9:49 pm Sat Jan 16 EDT

I mean weve already seen Harden and KD on the same team before, KD can play off-ball and Harden is a good passer/playmaker who draws a lot of attention. The fit of those 2 together are fine for the most part The problem is when you add the Kyrie to the e 1

Wiggins Oubre - gritty gym rat hustlers11:23 pm Mon Jan 18 EDT

[Tony Snell once played 29mins and recorded nothing except one foul](https://www.basketball-reference.com/boxscores/201702240MIL.html) 1

Does Marv know Chris Webber is there 9:21 pm Thu Jan 21 EDT

I would prefer my commentator to not be senile tbh 1

Whats Schroders real height 9:59 pm Thu Jan 21 EDT

[Here a photo of him standing next to Chris Paul (and other OKC players)](https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/steven-adams-terrance-ferguson-dennis-schroder-chris-paul-danilo-picture-id1172916484) I think Schroder is 6, he looks about the same height as 1

Why is Coach Bud so stubborn on guarding the 3 point line 10:13 pm Thu Jan 21 EDT

I mean its a viable strategy for the Nets when they have probably the 3 best iso scorers in the league 3

According to the Warriors broadcast Draymond Green s technical will be retroactively overturned he won t be fined but he will remain ejected 11:39 pm Thu Jan 21 EDT

Unless team mates are legit trying to punch each others lights out, I think the refs/NBA shouldnt even be interfering on internal team matters Draymond yelled a bit at his rookie, big fucking deal. Not like he went full on Latrell Sprewell on Wiseman 1

Draymond s in-game coaching is bad for the Warriors9:25 am Fri Jan 22 EDT

Damn even refs got burner accounts now? 1

Chicago Bulls are limited to 33 points by halftime against the lakers10:17 pm Sat Jan 23 EDT

Im not entirely surprised, we dont have a single guy that has a prayer of matching up with AD lmao 1

Why is Dennis Schroder still starting 9:28 pm Sun Jan 24 EDT

There is no point starting Harrell, his poor defense is better hidden against bench bigs who he can feast on offensively. 4

Why does most people hate LeBron4:45 am Thu Jan 28 EDT

Helps when your team has won a majority of those tbh 1

Do NBA players not defend their teammates anymore 9:41 pm Thu Jan 28 EDT

Nobody wanna gets suspended, that shit costs money And nobody actually be throwing punches anymore anyway, when was the last fight in the NBA where you saw guys actually be swinging at each other and not the usual "hold me back fam" schtick? CP3 vs Rondo 1

Who has the most punchable face In the league Name a few11:19 pm Fri Jan 29 EDT

Every time I see Pat Bev my mind goes to that "look at me, Im the captain now" meme 1

Who has the most punchable face In the league Name a few11:19 pm Fri Jan 29 EDT

Dude looks so stoned all the time, I dont wanna punch him I wanna know who his dealer is lmao 1

Are the Rockets a superteam 11:59 pm Sun Jan 31 EDT

Wood is the only legit All-Star level player on that team. Oladipo & Wall are not All-NBA caliber players since their injuries, still good players but nowhere near the stars they once were Cousins is barely good enough to be starting at center these 3

The Nets are worried more about being relevant in New York than actually winning a title1:44 am Wed Feb 10 EDT

You literally got a trio of which 2 guys who are top-15 players in the league, and another who is near that. And you got 2 of those guys in free agency, gave up nothing except DAngelo Russell in a sign-and-trade who isnt looking so hot right now in Minne 0

Usain Bolt as a Basketball Player7:03 am Thu Feb 18 EDT

Weve already seen Bolt dabble in both football/soccer & basketball, wasnt a pretty sight in either sport Turns out running fast while a good start isnt a magic cure-all to having little skill in said sport 1

I am flabbergasted as to how a NBA team could be as clueless as the Warriors are when it comes to defending1:09 am Fri Mar 5 EDT

Thats because the Warriors you saw tonight wasnt an NBA team, its basically the Santa Cruz Warriors + Andrew Wiggins 2

How many times has Harden been robbed of the MVP 1:04 am Fri Mar 5 EDT

Westbrook was the first MVP since Moses Malone in 1982 to be a 6th seed, no other MVP in between Moses & Westbrook was anything less than a 3rd seed (Jordan in 1988) It was an absolute outlier and they gave it to him on account of that triple-double 2

Would this trade work 2:59 am Wed Mar 10 EDT

This trade doesnt work, Mavs dont have enough cap space to swallow 3 albatross contracts (Love $31m, Drummond $29m & Oladipo $21m) They only gave up $29.5m in KP, $19m in THJ & $11m in Powell. Bey & Terry are on miniscule rookie deals Also i 1

Post Game Thread The Charlotte Hornets 25-22 defeat the Washington Wizards 17-30 114 - 1049:25 pm Tue Mar 30 EDT

Dame of the East 4

Chicago Bulls starters tonight vs Phoenix Satoransky Williams Young Markkanen Vucevic9:41 pm Wed Mar 31 EDT

League aint ready for Point Thad 4

The biggest bust in nba history10:34 pm Sun May 23 EDT

Bennett got cut by Minnesota, who had just lost Kevin Love to the Cavs. How bad do you have to be to get cut after just 2 years of your rookie contract, and by a team that desperate for any young pieces at all 4

Kristaps Porzingis caught at the strip clib with no mask 2:01 am Mon May 24 EDT

Wizard fans cries tears of joy as they wont need to deal with Alex Len fumbling the ball anymore 4

The Clippers are now 0-2 against the Mavericks in the first round and have to go on the road for the next 2 games1:08 am Wed May 26 EDT

This some next-level high IQ tank though 13

This Clippers crowd is a serious disadvantage I kinda feel bad 1:00 am Wed May 26 EDT

Maybe thats why Luka busted out a one-legged 3pointer lmao, man thought he was at a scrimmage 16

In a pivotal Game 2 ECSF Coach Bud of the Bucks plays Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton 30 and 33 minutes respectively 10:04 pm Mon Jun 7 EDT

15 minutes is kinda generous considering they were getting pounded 19-36 after the 1st quarter 5

Intentional fouls8:45 pm Wed Jun 16 EDT

Just shooting 50% from the line would net your team 1 point per possession, while not great by any means its just about enough to nullify this Hack-a-Shaq strategy Its a not pretty strategy to watch, I agree. But coaches will do whatever it takes to give 1

Thoughts on a SGA and Ben swap 11:15 pm Wed Jun 16 EDT

Presti not gonna pick up the phone 1

It funny how Ben Simmons keeps playing like a role player but NBA fans think he is a star 8 points in 38 minutes in a game where Embiid needed him I really dont get it what does Ben Simmons do that everyone is so high on him every season10:38 pm Wed Jun 16 EDT

To be fair people always compared him to LeBron, except they never specified exactly which LeBron Coincidentally LeBron also put up 8 points vs the 2011 Mavericks, being guarded by....*hmm checks notes*...ah yes noted 510 DPOY-candidate JJ Barea 11

Does anyone really want to make the Finals 11:56 pm Wed Jun 16 EDT

KD with a 49/15/10: "Am I a joke to you?" 4

oe Harris in the last 5 games of the series 8 33 from 3 24 11:35 pm Sat Jun 19 EDT

My man here had one job (hit 3s) and was shooting Giannis percentages KD gonna be heated when he sees Harris shooting splits for the series 5

Does stats matter in game 7 MIL won a Game 7 with Jrue and Khris playing 100 minutes and shooting 14-49 FG Thats insane 11:41 pm Sat Jun 19 EDT

Nothing matters in game 7 apart from getting the W 1

SERIOUS Was Steve Nash fit to coach this Nets team 11:46 pm Sat Jun 19 EDT

On the evidence of Doc Rivers not being able to punish the Hawks running a back-court of Lou Williams & Trae Young, I think the Nets were right to take a chance on someone new 1

2 years ago Jared Dudley calls Ben Simmons An Average Player If You Keep Him in Half Court 9:37 pm Mon Jun 21 EDT

[This photoshop is gold](https://trashtalk.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Couverture-12.png) 1

I lost so much respect for Doc Rivers11:02 pm Mon Jun 21 EDT

Lmao yall first time dealing with Doc Rivers? People think hes a way better coach than he actually is because of that 2008 ring with the Celtics. 0

Why Do You Enjoy Watching Luka but not James Harden 12:24 am Sat Jun 26 EDT

I mean it was pretty effective most of the time, why wouldnt he just keep doing the same thing Wasnt there a stat that said a Harden iso produced more points per possession than some teams entire offense, the Rockets could basically give Harden the ball 1

Worst NBA MVPs and the Best of The 2000s11:15 pm Mon Jun 28 EDT

Lol this dude really dissed Steph (low ppg), Kobe ("average" numbers) & Dirk (no playmaking) then went and ragged on Westbrook for stuffing the stat-sheet. What is it you want, fool And that Harden take, single dumbest paragraph Ive read on this subr 1

Worst NBA MVPs and the Best of The 2000s11:15 pm Mon Jun 28 EDT

Statistics dont tell the whole story. Apart from Kobes 2008 MVP, Rose in 2011 & maybe Westbrook in 2017 I dont see a compelling argument against the rest of the so-called "worst" MVPs because you dont even present alternatives on who should have won 1

Jeff Van Gundy I am sick of the sissification of the game 11:26 pm Mon Jun 28 EDT

JVG when he isnt fucking whinging at everything used to be a pretty decent commentator But god damn the man wakes up and decides he hates everything these days 14

Why is everybody up in Dennis Schroders case for wanting the most money possible 12:44 am Wed Jun 30 EDT

Dude played like ass and has the cheek to demand executives back up the Brinks trucks No one is gonna look at his recent performances and say "yeah Imma pay that dude $120m" 4

Does Adam Silver suffer from cancer 2:57 am Wed Jun 30 EDT

Sometimes one has such a shit hairline that honestly they might as well just shave it off, and he looks good bald anyway 3

Who do you think is the G O A T argument 3:14 am Wed Jun 30 EDT

Jordan, LeBron & Kareem are the only ones with the GOAT argument. Rings, accolades & stats are present for all 3. Maybe Bill Russell too if you value winning above all else, man literally has more rings than he has fingers to put em on. 1

What is your top 10 of most controversial nba players 4:18 am Wed Jun 30 EDT

Tony Parker - cheated on Eva Longoria with team mate Brent Barrys wife Ty Lawson - multiple DUIs Jason Kidd - domestic abuse, DUIs Gilbert Arenas - bringing a gun into a locker room Latrell Sprewell - choked out his coach, turned down a 3yr/$21m deal 3

I think its fair to say most of us are going to be rooting for the Hawks over the Suns if they get passed this Bucks team 12:00 am Thu Jul 1 EDT

Speak for yourself, I want the Suns to win this year The Hawks are a bright young team, they will be back for more in the following years 2

Can any team win a championship without an elite floor general like Chris Paul 11:54 pm Wed Jun 30 EDT

Kidd was pretty old by that time Ill give you that, but Billups was literally in his prime during the Pistons run 1

Patrick Beverley Appreciation12:21 am Thu Jul 1 EDT

Ty Lue did him a favor taking him out of the rotation for the Mavs series, I wanted to see Luka bully him more 2

What fact about the NBA today would have shocked fans in 2003 11:49 pm Thu Jul 1 EDT

Id imagine telling someone in 2003 that Kobe Bryant will have a long & illustrious career ending up as a Hall of Famer, but wouldnt live to see his own HoF induction would be pretty shocking Or the that the Sonics would not exist by 2007 1

Who is the better team Lob City Clippers or 2021 Clippers 2:12 am Fri Jul 2 EDT

That is not a historic Spurs team gtfoh lmao. Kawhi hadnt yet taken the leap in 2015 and was still a 16ppg scorer And the Lob City Clippers had no depth whatsoever. They were a 7-man deep rotation, or 8 if you wanna count Big Baby Davis playing 10mins a 1

Y all need to go back to kindergarten10:55 pm Thu Jul 8 EDT

>**Opposing fans** when Giannis is on the line Well no shit What does he want, a cookie? 2

Did the Bucks really come back from 0-2 these playoffs 11:38 pm Thu Jul 8 EDT

Wild to think Bucks wouldnt even be here if KDs feet were 1 size smaller lol 4

The Bucks could have signed Brogdon for a cheaper contract than Jrue and have kept all their picks for more moves12:09 am Fri Jul 9 EDT

Letting Giannis walk isnt an option either, do you think MVP-caliber players just grow on trees? 2

Jrue Holiday deserves better11:20 pm Sun Jul 11 EDT

Bucks paying that man $160m, I think they want him to be a bit more than just Tony Allen They want the Jrue Holiday that showed up tonight, not whoever the fuck was that clown in game 1 1

why is torrey craig a nba champion 12:20 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

You know people can make bullshit edits to Wikpedia, right 1

Why doesn t a team sign Kenneth Faried 10:10 am Sat Jul 24 EDT

The same reason most players dont get signed Cos they ass 1

Would you rather have OG Anunoby or a 6 10 Andre Roberson 10:01 am Tue Jul 27 EDT

Man, just say Ben Simmons and get it over with 1

Got to respect Pat Riley paying Duncan Robinson I m not sure other teams would offer him a contract that high1:12 am Tue Aug 3 EDT

Heat kinda dodged a bullet considering we ended up paying Wade $16m to fuck off somewhere else 2

Other than Shai who was the last guard to get paid this much 120-170M without making any real impact in NBA1:32 am Tue Aug 3 EDT

Shai put up 24/6 on 62% TS before OKC shut him down for the season due to injury Lavine put up 27/5 on 63% TS this past season They arent too far away from each other tbh, SGA is a marginally better passer/defender while Lavine has a higher ceiling as a 1

My wife knows like 4 things about NBA basketball But she inferred alot from that malice at the palace Docu 6:17 am Mon Aug 16 EDT

Lol that dumbass doesnt realize how lucky he is that Jermaine ONeal slipped 8

Why aren t most of the fastest athletic guards elite defenders 12:52 am Wed Aug 18 EDT

Iguodala average athlete lmao [Tell that to Yao Ming](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUNks91tlQc), or whatever [this bullshit was](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8PvdCtot5Y) OP you aint seen shit if you think Iguodala is an average athlete lmao, mayb 2

How good would next years Chicago Bulls team be if they acquired Rudy Gobert 12:39 am Wed Aug 25 EDT

Our perimeter defense is gonna fucking suck ass if we swap P-Will out and put Vucci Mane at the 4 Gobert gonna have PTSD of his Jazz guys screwing him in the Clippers series 1

The Cavs gotta start all 5 big men at once Old school style 10:22 pm Tue Aug 31 EDT

Give me Point Tacko or give me death 1