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Did GSW offensively neuter Wiggins 12:23 am Sat May 22 EDT

If Wiggins took 20 shots instead of 15 that’s just more shots bricked, idk wtf this question is lmao 12

The play in sucks 1:51 pm Sat May 22 EDT

I mean we were the 8th seed and lost to the 9th seed, kinda shows we didn’t deserve to be there. I do think maybe it could be a best of 3, but that adds more mileage and increases the gap between reg season and playoffs 2

Anthony Edwards Michael Jordan comparison 3:48 pm Wed May 26 EDT

He’s more of a Wade if anything 1

On April 22nd Butler said about the playoffs We get there us as a team I ll handle the rest the Heat are now down 3-0 to the Bucks10:07 pm Thu May 27 EDT

If by “I’ll handle the rest” he meant brick nearly everything to help the Bucks win, then yes he succeeded 8

Am I a fake fan 1:23 am Mon May 31 EDT

People on Instagram comments sections have a collective IQ of 13, ignore them 2

Yes the fans are crazy but admit it you absolutely love it 1:27 am Mon May 31 EDT

Did you not hear about what happened in Utah? 2

Yes the fans are crazy but admit it you absolutely love it 1:27 am Mon May 31 EDT

Yeah Morant’s dad. Sorry if I came off aggressive, but I thought it was well known. 2

Every NBA team has been swept at least once but 5 teams have never swept anyone Nuggets Clippers Grizzlies Timberwolves and Raptors3:30 pm Wed Jun 2 EDT

Curry has been swept in play-in games. Checkmate pleb /s 6

Luka Doncic in the 4th quarter of tonights win Two points scored on 1 8 shooting12:54 am Thu Jun 3 EDT

Probably fatigued as hell 4

Serious It is time to start questioning the legitimacy of the bubble championship11:18 pm Thu Jun 3 EDT

Well for the Lakers they do have the valid injury excuse 4

How badly will the suns rout the nuggets 2:52 am Fri Jun 4 EDT

It’ll go 6 but suns come out on top 1

REMINDER LeBron James has not gone through the first round without JR Smith since 2015 4:05 am Fri Jun 4 EDT

Nah James Jones carried him 1

Kawhi Leonards series game averages vs Mavericks through 6 games 33 points 8 rebounds 4 assists 2 steals 1 block on 60 43 88 splits11:50 pm Fri Jun 4 EDT

When he’s aggressive yes 12

Was Micheal Jordan inefficient 7:10 pm Sat Jun 5 EDT

61% TS without many threes is very impressive 1

So how many games will it take the Jazz to beat the Clippers I m gonna say 5 games 6:03 pm Sun Jun 6 EDT

But they have a *much* better overall offense, along with depth 8

Possibilities of Expansion6:54 pm Sun Jun 6 EDT

None of what you said made any sense. The NFL conferences don’t have regional bias lmao, the divisions within each conference do. And the Vegas Raiders are in the AFC west 3

NBA fans are a little crazy this postseason but at least they are better than soccer fans1:45 am Mon Jun 7 EDT

The Mexican fans were absolutely classless, glad Pulisic shut them up at the end Also it was a piss bottle thrown, not a soda 5

Space jam 2 I mean 2:04 am Fri Jun 11 EDT

Can’t believe Lebron thinks he’s a bunny 2

Multi-national conglomerate Disney is cheap 11:19 pm Fri Jun 11 EDT

Better than TNT using What’s Next every damn time 1

Quinn Former Celtic Glen Big Baby Davis tweets then deletes apparent joy at Kyrie Irving injury That s the same ankle Irving stomp on Lucky with Lucky got his get back 12:36 pm Mon Jun 14 EDT

Grown men crying about paint on the ground is pathetic -1

Harden still isnt explosive9:02 pm Thu Jun 17 EDT

Doris on Reddit during the game? 1

Joe brick harris11:29 pm Sat Jun 19 EDT

If you mean reacting to this entire playoffs then yes, it is reactionary 2

Kevin Durant in his first playoff run post-Achilles injury 34 9 4 on 51 40 8711:46 pm Sat Jun 19 EDT

His was ACL not Achilles I believe 5

Suns winning in 64:06 pm Sun Jun 20 EDT

Bruh we’re one quarter through the first game calm the fuck down 5

Doc Rivers has not made it past the second round since 2012 despite having Chris Paul Blake Griffin Paul George Kawhi Leonard and Joel Embiid on his teams at various points 10:39 pm Sun Jun 20 EDT

Yeah it must’ve been really hard to coach 4 hall of famers 35

Ben Simmons is more like Draymond then a Superstar 10:49 pm Sun Jun 20 EDT

People forget he likely would’ve gotten finals MVP had we won that game 7 4

Are the Hawks going to win a game this series 12:47 am Tue Jun 22 EDT

They’ll get one or 2 when they get hot from shooting 1

Why is everybody up in Dennis Schroders case for wanting the most money possible 12:44 am Wed Jun 30 EDT

Was it a smart financial decision when he turned down around the same amount of money last year? 3

Charania NCAA says college athletes will be able to benefit from their name image and likeness beginning Thursday 6:02 pm Wed Jun 30 EDT

Didnt think this would ever happen, good shit Kavanaugh lmao 3

Cp3 is having his Dirk moment 1:02 am Thu Jul 1 EDT

Not even close 31

What championship is widely considered an asterisk among nba fans11:15 pm Sun Jul 4 EDT

Bro please stop making us look bad 7

What championship is widely considered an asterisk among nba fans11:15 pm Sun Jul 4 EDT

Nah it’s just you being a fucking dumbass 6

Sullivan Nash took KD out for a drink and said do you know what I respect about Lebron 3:19 pm Mon Jul 5 EDT

Well that’s just sad

What size jersey should I buy5:43 pm Tue Jul 6 EDT

That’s completely normal what are you talking about 1

I know it s probably common thought but I think Patrick Beverley and his outstanding love for the game and straight up passion for life make him a great future potential nba head coach3:21 pm Wed Jul 7 EDT

He would get ejected after 7 minutes 2

The ten second countdown for Giannis freethrows are annoying 9:36 pm Thu Jul 8 EDT

Yeah it’s definitely lost its luster for me 5

Giannis has now put up more 40 point games in the Finals than Kobe who appeared in 7 Finals and played a total of 37 finals games 10:55 pm Sun Jul 11 EDT

Why are you taking it so personally he’s literally just listing a fact 5

Can we now say Giannis is better than Harden 10:54 pm Sun Jul 11 EDT

“Not only that, but to be elite on the defensive end as well” ..no 2

With a combination of all the Fouls Ads and timeouts this game was borderline unwatchable for me 11:35 pm Sun Jul 11 EDT

After watching soccer so much for the past few weeks with no commercials the NBA has been very unbearable for me 3

Budenhoser Budenwhining3:10 am Thu Jul 15 EDT

My lifespan has decreased by several years as a result of seeing this dumb shit 8

Yalllll go right ahead and play around with that vaccine if you want to -Kamiah Beal Beals wife via Twitter in January of this year Now Beal is unable to play in the Tokyo Olympics because of Covid 4:11 pm Thu Jul 15 EDT

Most brain dead idiots don’t have the reach that nba players do 1

Should the Heat trade for Damian Lillard with a package centered around Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro 12:53 pm Sat Jul 17 EDT

ain’t no way you just compared Bam to Embiid 1

If Giannis wins Game 6 and becomes Finals MVP is he a top 20 player of all time 1:49 pm Sun Jul 18 EDT

I’d say top 25 2

Who would win in a pickup game 1 Nate Robinson sized shaq or 1 Shaq sized nate Robinson 3:51 pm Tue Jul 20 EDT

Obviously a shaq sized Nate 3

Need some site to watch game 66:12 pm Tue Jul 20 EDT

Prob gonna get banned if I suggest you one 6

Earvin Magic Johnson Watch out LeBron KD and Giannis are right there coming for your throne 12:51 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

Curry, KD, Kawhi, Jokic all better RIGHT NOW imo 0

Giannis or curry all time2:05 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

Kd was injured for one of them you casual 2

Giannis or curry all time2:05 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

I think your boy James needs to make a finals first before you can talk 2

Giannis or curry all time2:05 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

Raptors fan wants to talk about injuries? Hilarious… 3

NBA Arena camera operators - what are your priorities with putting people on the Jumbotron 11:00 pm Wed Jul 21 EDT

He also said “kids, bros, hoes, and old people” as if that doesn’t describe the entire human race 1

Who was better Giannis in 2021 finals or Lebron in 2016 1:28 pm Thu Jul 22 EDT

He would’ve deported himself back to Greece 4

Who was better Giannis in 2021 finals or Lebron in 2016 1:28 pm Thu Jul 22 EDT

Do you realize defense is part of basketball or are you just fucking stupid? 2

Who are your top ten players going into next season 3:04 pm Thu Jul 22 EDT

No Dame??? 0

Is there any hope for any team next season 1:28 am Sun Jul 25 EDT

There’s more of a chance that kyrie and/or harden are injured again than there is of them going 16-0 6

Is there any hope for any team next season 1:28 am Sun Jul 25 EDT

Exactly lmao, they’re the favorites but they are not unbeatable 1

My NBA 1st round Draft grades10:41 pm Fri Jul 30 EDT

F for Kuminga, what? if you claim to incorporate potential into it that’s bullshit 4

Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett we re roommates in Duke Who do you guys think had the most girls 1:17 pm Sat Jul 31 EDT

Eye bleach requested 5

Is Lowry-Oladipo-Butler-Ariza-Bam the best defense in the league 3:44 pm Sun Aug 1 EDT

Bucks> 1

Who would you prefer for ur NBA team Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi 12:13 am Mon Aug 2 EDT

I feel like Messi finally winning the copa confirmed him as superior to Ronaldo 1

Why can t the Lakers just re-sign Dennis Schroder 4:52 pm Tue Aug 3 EDT

Considering the Lakers are still paying luol deng, nah 3

Sylvander Victor Oladipo has signed with the Miami Heat on a one-year veteran minimum deal 2:06 pm Wed Aug 4 EDT

Seems like you’re projecting, given how much you comment and post on this sub 18

My Top 25 All Time4:41 pm Thu Aug 5 EDT

I feel like they’re interchangeable tbh. Kobe always needed a great big man (shaq, pau), and Shaq always needed a great guard (Kobe, Wade) 1

serious People need to stop trying to sell women basketball3:08 am Fri Aug 6 EDT

Dear diary 2

Dame is getting exposed in these olympics11:30 pm Fri Aug 6 EDT

I haven’t watched today’s game but against Australia I remember a play where Draymond motioned to dame saying to come up since he was screening and dame just didn’t move, dude just doesn’t give af 1

If Dame requested a trade rank these trade packages from worst to best3:58 am Sat Aug 7 EDT

Not op but NOPE. Great regular season team but come playoffs we’d get abused on defense 2

What s something you despise from your favorite team 2:29 pm Sat Aug 7 EDT

Most aren’t, it’s just the bandwagoners who got spoiled by winning and the Steph stans who think we’re wasting his prime 7

Are we sure Cade should ve went number 1 instead of Jalen Green 2:04 am Mon Aug 9 EDT

Didn’t Trae young shit the bed in his summer league debut? Shit doesn’t even matter 16

Is there anything Ben Simmons can do right 4:42 pm Mon Aug 9 EDT

I don’t think anyone was gonna criticize him for committing to the Olympics… 4

BESIDES NYC LA SF CHICAGO MIAMI AND TORONTO - What are your 5 most desirable NBA cities 3:53 pm Wed Aug 11 EDT

Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Denver, Portland 1

Comparing current rap superstars to current NBA superstars5:07 pm Wed Aug 11 EDT

I actually like it, they all make sense 1

Whos your favorite player 3:51 am Thu Aug 12 EDT

Klay, non-Warriors would be Kawhi or Giannis 1

what is the most earned ring of all time 1:15 am Mon Aug 16 EDT

Dirk and Hakeem are tied for 1 imo Edit: only because their runs up to the finals are a lot more difficult than the Cavs cakewalk through the East 7

Kobes Most Embarrassing NBA Moments3:20 pm Wed Aug 18 EDT

Lookin like Pharrell 1

How good would a starting 5 of your top 5 favorite players be 9:08 pm Sat Aug 21 EDT

If it’s not including my team it’d be DLo, Jimmy, KD, Giannis, Embiid 1

TMZ Steph Currys Mom Sonya Files For Divorce From Dell4:31 pm Mon Aug 23 EDT

What is this comment 1

The malice in the palace4:38 pm Sat Sep 11 EDT

I wish they interviewed him so we could learn wtf he was thinking 2