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Im sitting next to Torgeir Bryn6:32 pm Thu Jan 2 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Im sitting next to Torgeir Bryn4:16 pm Tue Jan 1 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Deleted

When Shawn Bradley played for the 76ers his jersey number was 76 Hes the only player in NBA history to wear number 76 and he was also 76 tall With the 76ers his average points per 100 posessions was 17 6 In his last game as a 76er before he was trad6:49 pm Mon Apr 15 EDT 4 ups @ 1.00 Deleted

What do you hate the most with the NBA 9:10 pm Sat Jun 29 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Deleted


Bought a used car 2 weeks ago and the transmission is already starting to slip12:16 pm Fri Jun 21 EDTDeleted

How much are the repairs? 1

OC 99 cent store free agents Power Forwards8:15 am Mon Jun 24 EDTDeleted

Lyles is more of a 70 cent FA tbh. I’ve defended him a lot, but every time he has gotten the time to prove himself he has proven me wrong with inconsistency and poor defense. 2