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Khris Middletons per 36 stats 24 7 points 7 2 rebounds 4 9 assists 50 FG 42 3P 89 FT12:59 am Sat Jan 25 EDT

Per 100 > 1

Serious Whos better this year Dame Dolla or Beastbrook 12:12 am Mon Feb 10 EDT

That last bit makes it ez Dame dolla baby 7

Has Kawhi become underrated 8:18 pm Tue Feb 11 EDT

His health issues hold him back imo. Giannis is above him imo and im still waiting to see if playoff Lebron can return this year 4

Why do so many good players have J as the first letter of their first or last name 3:54 pm Wed Feb 26 EDT

Jawhi Jeonard 1

Is one ring enough for Harden to surpass Hakeem as the greatest Rocket ever 12:42 am Sat Feb 29 EDT

Anyone who rates him over Hakeem is delusional. Even if Hakeem didnt win any rings 16

Is one ring enough for Harden to surpass Hakeem as the greatest Rocket ever 12:42 am Sat Feb 29 EDT

I watched him play, and an all time dpoy that can get you 25 is worth more than what Harden does. And then you look at his back to back title runs where he somehow elevated his game. Harden doesnt even come close 6

Danny Ainge just said Antetokounmpo is the best player in the league8:27 pm Sat Feb 29 EDT

He been consistently better than him for the past two regular seasons. I guess its enough to change peoples minds. If he wins it all this year a lot will probably think hes number 1 2

How good is Shake Milton 4:18 pm Sun Mar 1 EDT

God 2

Why do people rate Kevin Garnett above Dirk who earned a title w o a super team 3:15 pm Thu May 14 EDT

KGs better passing and defensive abilities helped his team out a bit more. KGs teams were also straight up worse & youre underrating Dirks surrounding talent 1

My all-time top 104:53 am Tue May 19 EDT

Why is Tim Duncan only on there once 1

My NBA HOF8:22 pm Sun Jul 12 EDT

Wheres Kevin Garnett. This list is hot trash 1

My NBA HOF8:22 pm Sun Jul 12 EDT

You should take duncan off to make it more inflammatory 1

Why you and everyone else get the MVP discussion wrong4:19 pm Fri Jul 24 EDT

And just like that.. Its gone 1

Impossible to watch NBA 9:55 pm Tue Jul 28 EDT

Youre exaggerating 1

Fck the trash refs and fck the fake crowd9:19 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT

All i hear is wahhhhhhhhh wahhh 5

Did Hardens Hairline Recede 9:33 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT

He looks like a 70s nba player 2

I tried to argue why Giannis shouldve fouled out and the moderators have banned me multiple from posting it 9:35 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT

Wahhhhhhh 0

Jayson Tatum stats tonight in a close loss to the Bucks 32 minutes 2-17 from the field -13 plus minus9:39 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT

If Tatum changes his hairstyle back the league is FUCKED 2

MPJ posts support of Jonathan Isaac s choice to stand rather than kneel for the national anthem9:38 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT

Ok vegan 1

Is The NBA Bubble Environment amp WholeNewGame Factor Overrated 9:50 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT

Lebron was cheeks offensively I think the players who benefit the most are those with the nicest bubble butts whoevers the most cheeked up in the bubble will win the championship 3

Is The NBA Bubble Environment amp WholeNewGame Factor Overrated 9:50 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT

Raptors fina 2 peat with peach king 1

Are all sports fans this reactionary 11:14 pm Sat Aug 1 EDT

Idk but raptors sweepin LA in the finals 2

Seriously how much longer will Kendrick Perkins dumb ass be allowed on TV10:11 am Mon Aug 3 EDT

As long as his names in your mouth Everytime you talk bout him youre supporting him by givin him more energy 1

Dear jimmy butler 4:38 pm Tue Aug 4 EDT

a mans hair grows how it grows. He should be proud 1

Today on Lowe Post Zach defends Damian Lillard7:34 pm Fri Aug 14 EDT

If you swapped Lillard for George in some of those series the Blazers could have won 3

Both Porzingis Technicals Highly Questionable7:48 am Tue Aug 18 EDT

k 0

The NBA marketing Zion instead of Luka Doncic is a big example of why its ratings are going down 10:19 pm Wed Aug 19 EDT

No. Its cable cutting for its key demographic and thats it 2

American took a W tonight with the Clippers beating the Mavs and their racist fanbase6:11 pm Sun Aug 30 EDT

I dont think it was Mavs fans. Think it was anti left nuts brigading 1

Trade Idea courtesy of Zach Lowe Caris Levert for Victor Oladipo5:42 pm Thu Sep 3 EDT

Gogurt would be spicy on the Nets. They already have Allen tho. Maybe they move Allen or just always have one of em out there 2

Jay Williams12:20 am Fri Sep 4 EDT

Didnt he get in a motorcycle accident? Gotta respect those that are physically disadvantaged 1

Race and Employment Outcomes Evidence from NBA Coaches12:18 am Fri Sep 4 EDT

Well I heard that one time a black coach was offered a lot of money, even more than a white coach, but he refused. This must mean that racial prejudice against African Americans doesnt exist 0

Race and Employment Outcomes Evidence from NBA Coaches12:18 am Fri Sep 4 EDT

If thats what you want to believe lol 2

Race and Employment Outcomes Evidence from NBA Coaches12:18 am Fri Sep 4 EDT

Once again.... If thats what you want to believe.. Idk tbh. All I know is that this country has big issues with racism... And maybe that doesnt apply to the nba. Idk. I do know that Avery Johnson was unfairly fired but hey so were a lot of white coaches. 1

Ja Morant or Trae Young 12:09 am Fri Sep 4 EDT

Kawhi leonard. When you look at Kawhi Leonard and what hes done to his franchise... Hes changed everything. And when you think of Kawhi Leonard.. What a classic human being he is. It was 201 years ago that Beethoven performed Symphony 3 in D Flat. Which u 0

Which champions do you hate seeing in ranked because they feel so ineffective in team fights 4:49 pm Mon Sep 7 EDT

Houston in 7 1

How did OKC not win a championship when they had Durant Harden and Westbrook together10:20 pm Tue Sep 8 EDT

Let Harden go before he reached his prime. They simply did not value him enough 0

Am I reaching or does it seem like most white coaches are Xs and Os coaches while most black coaches are called players coach 4:42 pm Thu Sep 10 EDT

funnily enough, this Steve Nash signing is mostly because hes going to be a players coach 1

How to fix Reggie Miller and Chris Webber Just make it a trio2:15 pm Sun Sep 13 EDT

Favorite thing about Reggie is his enthusiasm and praise for the game. 3