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Charania Jason Kidd is not part of the Pelicans coaching search SVG is in the lead from 10 15 6:43 pm Thu Oct 15 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Deleted


Warriors cap space if Livingston retires is 81 mil With trading Damian Jones and Jacob Evans away they could create enough cap space to sign a max deal and the resign Klay with Bird Rights 5:20 pm Sun Jul 5 EDTDeleted

Dont you think if this was possible, one of the 1,000 NBA reporters and cap experts would have noted it before you? Come on man, do a little research on cap holds... 1

Raptors and Celtics have the same amount of championships in the past 25 years5:53 pm Sun Jul 5 EDTDeleted

ITT enough salt to bury the state of Massachusetts. -1

Why were Pelicans trash last year with 4 20PPG players 7:40 pm Sun Jul 5 EDTDeleted

Did you...did you watch the league at all last year? Niko was injured for a month and then traded, and AD and Niko basically werent on the team the second half of the season. They barely all played together due to health and trades. 1

Is Zion a lock for ROY 9:37 pm Sun Jul 5 EDTDeleted

No, primary ballhandlers have a distinct advantage, so my money would be on Ja. Zion is also gonna have to share with more guys. 2

What s a deal your team could offer the Pelicans and get Zion Williamson in return with no question 10:14 pm Sun Jul 5 EDTDeleted


Is Ben Simmons the most punchable guy in the NBA 9:38 am Wed Jul 8 EDTDeleted

~~Ted Cruz~~ Grayson Allen would like a smirking word with you. 1