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After Giannis won his first ring did James Harden punch the air like Cuba Gooding Jr did in Boyz n the Hood after his encounter with the self hating cop 11:04 pm Wed Jul 21 EDT

"self hating cop"? What you talking about? 1

Should the NBA have the Suns and Bucks redo their series in case it was a big fluke 10:51 pm Wed Jul 21 EDT

>its just not fair. Suns were outplayed the last four games. Whats so unfair about that? 1

If you replace Giannis with 2009 LeBron do the Bucks go 16-2 in the Playoffs 11:59 am Fri Jul 23 EDT

How about if you replaced him with Magic at that same age? Or Larry Bird? Or Jordan? Magic won a championship playing Center for the final game. 1