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Can r NBA get the attention of the players to the Akron shooting 10:27 am Fri Oct 16 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Deleted


Is it time to put Harden on the same level as AI and Wade 12:48 pm Fri Jan 10 EDTDeleted

Different era with emphasis on efficiency, not to mention Dantoni offense giving more possessions. Per 100 possessions -   **Wade 08-11:** 39.2 / 8.8 / 12.2 on 49/31/76 (57% TS%), 13.6 DWS, 1.8 DBPM   **Harden 15-18:** 39.2 / 7.7 0

Is it time to put Harden on the same level as AI and Wade 12:48 pm Fri Jan 10 EDTDeleted

>All of your arguments are wrapped up in “different era”. Yes, because it is true. Look at possessions per game. >Harden was way better offensively and the difference defensively isn’t big enough to matter. The #s I showed you above... sho 0

Is it time to put Harden on the same level as AI and Wade 12:48 pm Fri Jan 10 EDTDeleted

I mean Wade has also won a ring before, with one of the best Finals performances in the last 15 years or so outside of LeBrons run... so lets not act like Wade hasnt done shit without LeBron. >Harden is more efficient and is doing so on a higher volu 1

It s interesting that the Lakers will have just one week to sign their entire roster7:01 pm Thu Jul 2 EDTDeleted

Decisions 1.0 (a week after the FA began) and 2.0 (july 11th or something like that) 1

Why did Barclays sponsor the Barclays centre2:03 pm Mon Jul 6 EDTDeleted

They have a huge presence in the corporate / investment banking and sale & trading. Just not retail banking in the US. 8

One of the most interesting developments of the bubble has been that being the 1 seed in the West has actually become undesirable9:49 pm Tue Aug 11 EDTDeleted

Their opponent will have 1, potentially 2 extra games in between their regular season game and game 1. 2

Whos the better player 5:51 pm Thu Aug 13 EDTDeleted

against an all time great team with great defensive scheme, however. 8

Did pre-1990 NBA players not wear underwear 2:51 am Fri Sep 11 EDTDeleted

NBA: Not Bare Ass 1

Guys please stop trolling Kawhi and Paul These 2 local LA boys paid tribute to late great Kobe Bryant 24 points and 8 assist combined 12:19 pm Wed Sep 16 EDTDeleted

but no free throws in the 4th, or assists, or any efforts. 1

Jokic vs Davis is the big man matchup weve been waiting for 10:21 pm Sun Sep 20 EDTDeleted

not at all, they are just clearly better. just as Steph is clearly better than Dame - and it would not be a disrespect to Dame to say that 11

I am sick of this notion that this years Playoff teams are weak This is just a league with parity and No Superteams looks like 12:50 am Mon Sep 28 EDTDeleted

playoffs that looked like Lakers or Spurs from West 12 times in like 15 years? 1

What is the argument for a Finals loss being worse for a player s legacy than losing earlier in the playoffs 9:49 am Mon Sep 28 EDTDeleted

LeBron 2011 and Kobe 2004 are only two I can really think of. Had they lost to the MVP-led teams in their respective conference finals (Rose Bulls and KG Wolves) instead of putting up those bad performances, it mightve been better for their legacy. 1