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How does Kawhi Leonard eat Pringles 10:41 am Sat Jul 3 EDT 0 ups @ 0.33 Removed

Grayson Allen is a Mormon not a moron12:43 am Fri Jul 16 EDT 0 ups @ 0.13 Removed

NBAs official Chinese social media account said it was extremely disappointed by Daryl Moreys inappropriate tweet about Hong Kong which severely hurt the feelings of Chinese fans8:51 am Mon Oct 11 EDT 4 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Joe Harris on players being at risk while in China I know a lot of the stuff has been blown out of proportion but I don t think guys felt uncomfortable or unsafe 10:26 pm Wed Oct 20 EDT 22 ups @ 0.89 Removed

Congratulations Mallory Edens NBA Champion 12:30 am Wed Jul 21 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed


Could a hilights power-poster maybe put together a tutorial on efficiently clipping hilights so more folks can do it 12:28 pm Wed Nov 17 EDTRemoved

What Im curious about is why the highlight clips look like it isnt HD anymore. Ballhog Gloves not being a sponsor is probably a factor but that has yet to be confirmed. 1

Doncic is good but does he have much room for improvement 8:23 am Sun Nov 28 EDTRemoved

Luka is kinda like Gohan. What you see is what you get and he just needs to go "Ultimate Luka" to unlock the full potential of his skills. Hes strong but needs to get strong enough to complement his excellent defensive footwork so he could keep guys off -1

Russillo Rumour Joe Ingles slept with a teammates wife 2:37 pm Wed Dec 1 EDTRemoved

*You played saxophone at my sisters wedding, man.* 2

Is Maxi Kleber the worst player in the league 6:39 am Sat Jan 1 EDTRemoved

Hes the Mavs best defender. Probably just a bad matchup with bully ball expert Randle and obviously AD, but most nights hes pretty darn good. Can guard well in space and is a fantastic rim protector but maybe not the strongest post defender. 5

Is Maxi Kleber the worst player in the league 6:39 am Sat Jan 1 EDTRemoved

Yeah, just a bad matchup. He looked helpless against Simmons too in China when he was posting him up but in general, Kleber is pretty good. Most of the road commentators even mark out whenever he would recover from getting beat off the dribble to stuff th 1

Mavs fans young Dirk or Luka 10:39 pm Sun Jan 17 EDTRemoved

Young Dirk by light years. And Im not even going to sugar coat or pre-empt it with *"I love Luka and all but..."* 6


Got to be the Paul George stans, amirite??? 1

So many Luka posts12:27 am Mon Feb 1 EDTRemoved

Sad that this was downvoted. Like the guy who went to Mexico to bring a "smidge" of marijuana. 2

Salary Cap Situation for Dallas might be tricky but the results could be promising 5:09 pm Thu Feb 4 EDTRemoved

dressed in a dress 1

Is this a way of getting around the Stein Rule 2:55 pm Mon Feb 8 EDTRemoved

*"They say all picks are created equal but you dont need for the equinox to rotate at a 360 axis to see the big dipper. No, no, no."* 1

John Wall s contract has the potential to be one of the worst contracts in NBA history 5:52 pm Tue Feb 9 EDTRemoved

> potential 1

D Why there is bad blood between the NBA and Pelicans First Stern burn the franchise by vetoed trade now Silver forcing to play injury prone best asset in Pelicans history to potentially ruing any return for Pelicans Do NBA want to move franchise to 9:52 am Sat Feb 13 EDTRemoved

We should plant "inceptions" on every registered account explaining that the NBA owned the Pelicans during the Chris Paul trade. 1

What player do you think is the most entertaining to basketball oblivious people 2:41 pm Sat Feb 13 EDTRemoved

Chandler Parsons 2

Why does the WNBA still exist 12:51 pm Wed Jun 16 EDTRemoved

Katie Lou Samuelson 0

If Kobe is Vegeta to Jordans Goku who is 3:32 am Mon Jun 28 EDTRemoved

Pau Gasol is Android No. 16 1

Would team africa beat USA 11:59 pm Wed Jun 30 EDTRemoved

Yo check this out! Black guys play the game like bam-bam-boo-bam. But white guys they play the game like dupee-doo, dupee-do adidididiiiii. 1

In your opinion who s the most attractive player in NBA history 12:09 pm Thu Jul 1 EDTRemoved

Chandler Parsons 2

How does Kawhi Leonard eat Pringles 10:41 am Sat Jul 3 EDTRemoved

Excuse me sir, a what? 1

Why was Kobe so inefficient 12:07 pm Sun Jul 4 EDTRemoved

Not sure about the percentages but he took a shit ton of really tough midrange shots (just a foot or two from the 3-point line) usually contested or fading. 1

Where does Dirk Diggler rank all time 2:03 am Mon Jul 19 EDTRemoved

Im guessing second to Duncan? Because Malone didnt win a ring? 4

After John Amaechi came out of the closet there was general support for him throughout the league But LeBron had this to say With teammates you have to be trustworthy and if youre gay and youre not admitting that you are then you are not trustworthy 9:22 am Thu Jul 22 EDTRemoved

The one that stood out the most (and not included in the quotes) was T-Macs response: He said hes fine with a gay teammate as long as they dont "touch" him or anything. That was really facepalm-worthy then and even more so now. edit - Found it. > **[ 2

After John Amaechi came out of the closet there was general support for him throughout the league But LeBron had this to say With teammates you have to be trustworthy and if youre gay and youre not admitting that you are then you are not trustworthy 9:22 am Thu Jul 22 EDTRemoved

I was going by memory but the message remains the same. The implication that just because someone is gay theres an expectation that theyre going to "try it" with you when theyre just like normal human beings and not some uncontrollable rapist. 1

Why cant the Phillipines be a respectable team in world basketball 10:49 am Mon Sep 6 EDTRemoved

What bothers me about the Philippines (this iteration of Gilas at least) is that theyre already small and unimpressive physically enough as it is yet suck at what they should be good at - shooting and ballhandling. Height isnt a big deal anymore these da 1

What do Mavs lack in order to be the next GSW 10:23 pm Sun Nov 28 EDTRemoved

I think theyre lacking one more piece. Could be a third star that could help with rebounding and interior scoring ala Kevin Love or a very good defensive wing like Porter. 0

The Harden Luka comparisons are whack11:53 pm Fri Dec 3 EDTRemoved

Luka only needs to learn how to hook peoples arms and jump and the metamorphosis is complete. 2

Should Porzingis focus on developing a skillset more similar to KD than Dirk 9:18 pm Thu Dec 30 EDTRemoved

Dirk actually started as a wing type in the vein of KD before gradually working on an inside-outside style. Analysts are just old fucks that want a certain height to play a certain way. 1

How is Covington s perimeter defense 11:52 pm Tue Feb 9 EDTRemoved

RoCos overrated in the sense that hes perceived as a needle-moving elite individual defender when hes more of a "rug" that ties the room together. Hes not worth Capela or one of your main core because it drastically alters your team, but certainly some la 1

How does Rudy Gobert keep getting away with goaltends 7:19 am Sat Feb 13 EDTRemoved

Reputation, which is something most vaunted defenders used to have until its something a select few players are known for nowadays so its easier to focus on Gobert. 1

Who is the dirtiest player in the nba right now 2:13 pm Tue Sep 7 EDTRemoved

It is not. I resent that. Slander is spoken. In print, its libel. 1

Are there any women queer basketball commentators or YouTube channels 3:41 pm Tue Sep 21 EDTRemoved

Since they supply a bunch of them in addition to steers, I think a Texas channel? 1

Do you think that Melo has all star potential 4:41 pm Fri Nov 26 EDTRemoved

Phoebe, Im sorry, but I think Fab Melo is dead. 0

Why do people hype up Michael Jordans baseball career when he was a complete scrub 2:32 pm Sun Dec 5 EDTRemoved

"Do people"? *"Do people"?* 2

Why dont they lower the rims and shrink the court in the WNBA 3:18 pm Thu Apr 8 EDTRemoved

I think they should clone Katie Lou Samuelson and form a basketball team with 5 of her. 1

Anthony Davis Ask-Me-Anything was a disgrace and Klutch AD should be ashamed 11:22 pm Tue May 4 EDTRemoved

AD is still getting back into shape. Give it a few and hed be able to perform better. 1

Why doesnt the NBA have tablets for players on the benches 10:31 pm Sat May 29 EDTRemoved

Because **[this will happen](https://youtu.be/tMq4-lgiptI)**. 1

This Rachel Nichols Situation is Crazy What does everyone think 4:10 pm Wed Jul 7 EDTRemoved

#Woken 2