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Mildly Amusing Los Angeles Lakers currently have the same exact record as the Cleveland Cavaliers at 0-3 a piece 2:16 pm Tue Oct 27 EDT 0 ups @ 0.48 Removed

Mildly Interesting Klay Thompson just had a game with more assists 5 than field goals made 4 10:42 pm Thu Jan 30 EDT 10 ups @ 0.73 Removed

Mildly Interesting Theres a 4 way tie for the 4th to 8th seed in the Western Conference each team sitting at 42 wins and 30 losses 12:02 pm Fri Mar 27 EDT 2 ups @ 0.75 Deleted

Mildly Interesting Jimmer sharpshooting Fredette is currently averaging more turnovers than points in the 18-19 NBA season 11:28 am Sun Mar 29 EDT 0 ups @ 0.32 Removed

Kawhi Leonards playoff stats excluding his flu game 34 4 pts 7 reb 3 ast 1 stl on 63 53 86 shooting splits 12:05 pm Mon May 11 EDT 3 ups @ 0.62 Deleted

In the last 10 games that a healthy Devin Booker played he was able to put up 34 pts 4 5 reb 7 2 ast on an amazing 50 fg shooting Suns have a sneaky shot to hit 8th seed in the west in the 18-19 season 12:33 pm Fri Jul 17 EDT 0 ups @ 0.40 Deleted

OC Hakeems Tesla stocks are worth 5 763 465 12 12:11 pm Wed Feb 5 EDT 0 ups @ 0.24 Deleted

With the 76ers win over Clippers last night 76ers now have the best home record 25 wins and 2 losses 93 win rate at Home 12:05 pm Wed Feb 12 EDT 0 ups @ Deleted

Serious Who do you think are the top 10 PGs in the NBA right now 2:31 pm Mon Feb 17 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Deleted


I just got out of prison4:21 pm Wed Nov 4 EDTDeleted

Bucks 1

King Kyrie Irving I felt disrespected after the game So your career-high ball goes in the stands 6:24 pm Tue Nov 10 EDTDeleted

Salt is real. 6

Who Would Be Your All NBA Handsome Team 1:25 pm Wed Nov 11 EDTDeleted

PG: Rubio SG: Korver SF: Parsons PF: Oubre Jr. C: Love 0

Is Butler playing tonight 6:35 pm Mon Nov 16 EDTDeleted

no, hes starting Wed 3

How about this trade for a Rockets solution 2:57 pm Fri Dec 11 EDTDeleted

How does that help Rockets defense at all..? 9

Stop trying to force this Steph Curry gt Kevin Durant stuff6:48 pm Wed Dec 16 EDTDeleted

jebaited 1

BREAKING Lebron Will Not Retire As Soon As He Has Led Us To Believe6:54 pm Wed Dec 16 EDTDeleted

Its not really breaking... with the way hes going I can see him playing to his late 30s to early 40s... 4

Kevin Durant against the Wizards 21 points 5 assists and 3 blocks10:21 pm Thu Jan 30 EDTDeleted

Dudes been cruising. 1

Why would the Pels want Kuz instead of Ingram 2:03 pm Mon Feb 3 EDTDeleted

> Ingram is like the perfect player -Says a true Lakers fan 19

is Kyrie-Hayward-AD a contender 2:06 pm Mon Feb 3 EDTDeleted

Get rid of Hayward, and you got urself a contending team. 1

Just a reminder James Harden used to play for OKC2:11 pm Mon Feb 3 EDTDeleted

Thanks for the reminder 1

Would a Nets NO trade including Jarrett Allen and Caris LeVert be plausible 2:15 pm Mon Feb 3 EDTDeleted

If Nets somehow acquired AD, I believe they can make it to ECF. 6

The Rockets is the best destination for AD2:34 pm Mon Feb 3 EDTDeleted

r/wtf 4

Mock trades for Anthony Davis1:06 pm Thu Feb 6 EDTDeleted

is this r/WTF? > So LA resigns Kobe Bryant 1

Serious Who are the most polarizing players in the NBA 4:48 pm Wed Apr 8 EDTDeleted

lol 0

Luka is the rookie of the year to me because hes been consistent since day 1 of the season but I said this at draft night and Ill say it again Trae Young will be the better player going forward 11:30 am Fri Apr 10 EDTDeleted

Ah.. the classic Luka vs. Trae post again :) 5

Who are your top 10 point guards in the league 1:52 pm Mon Apr 20 EDTDeleted


Lonzo Ball misses games at the same rate that he makes free throws 40 5:25 pm Fri Apr 24 EDTDeleted

Hot Take 1

Rank these teams from best to worst 1:33 pm Tue Apr 28 EDTDeleted

Mitchell as PG - Worst. 0

James Harden is 0 6 from the field with 3 turnovers in the first 9 minutes of game 5 8:31 pm Wed Apr 29 EDTDeleted

Karma 2

If the Warriors lose game 6 they will lose game 710:41 am Thu Apr 30 EDTDeleted

> Hot Take 1

If you had first pick of any player in the NBA right now to start a franchise with who are you going with and why 12:57 pm Tue May 12 EDTDeleted

Kawhy not? 1

Chris Paul has improved with subtler flopping 2:39 pm Wed May 13 EDTDeleted

Do whatever to win mentality. 2

Game Tying Go Ahead Shots in the Playoffs Last 10 Seconds 4th OT 2:22 pm Wed May 13 EDTDeleted

How about 24? 5

Game Tying Go Ahead Shots in the Playoffs Last 10 Seconds 4th OT 2:22 pm Wed May 13 EDTDeleted

-Mike Scott 2

All season the Celtic fans were clowning Raptor fans saying Kawhi is leaving10:13 pm Wed May 13 EDTDeleted

Watch... if raptors lose... the kawhi to clippers narrative will come back 0

Steph Currys Finals stats so far2:26 pm Mon Jun 8 EDTDeleted

Plus... Curry is literally getting held every offball play + getting doubled/trippled 1

If the snake Kevin Durant bit Sonya Currys left boob do you think Steph would allow Steve Kerr to suck the venom out to win the title 1:56 pm Mon Jun 15 EDTDeleted

Did I just go to r/WTF? 0

I got so much flack for the AD trade but was right the whole time7:14 pm Sat Jun 20 EDTDeleted

/s 3

I really hope the lakers can put together a good team that will have chemistry and can go deep in the playoffs12:01 am Wed Jun 24 EDTDeleted

Any team with LBJ would have a legitimate threat to go deep into playoffs. Before LBJ was injured, Lakers were around 4th seed last year. 1

Serious Could any created team ever beat this one 12:05 am Wed Jun 24 EDTDeleted

So your team has like 19 people..? Each player gets what.. 10 min of playing time? 7

RJ to the Grizzlies12:09 am Wed Jun 24 EDTDeleted

Bye to DSJ again.. 5

What are the odds there has been an NBA player with a micropenis 9:49 am Wed Jun 24 EDTDeleted

lol ban? 2

Unpopular Opinion8:47 pm Wed Jun 24 EDTDeleted

hot take 1

Whats the argument for Rudy gobert being a better player than Marc gasol 10:46 am Sat Jun 27 EDTDeleted

Well Marcs about 2-3 years away from retiring 1

Why do people compare MJ and Lebron 11:01 am Mon Jun 29 EDTDeleted

Kawhai not? 7

Top 5 Reasons Why RJ BARRETT will be James Harden 2 02:31 pm Mon Jun 29 EDTDeleted

#goodone 1

Has OKC peaked as a first round exit Will PG want out Westbrook a negative 1:28 pm Tue Jun 30 EDTDeleted

In before [deleted] 1

Serious discussion Is this a reasonable Westbrook trade 8:09 pm Mon Jul 13 EDTDeleted

Dion Waiters back on OKC, brutal 3

So when the Lakers a below 500 by the All-Star break what will the excuse be 8:07 pm Mon Jul 13 EDTDeleted

injury tbh 10

Am I nuts10:45 am Wed Jul 29 EDTDeleted

Usually when people start with "Am I nuts", usually end up being nuts. 12

Is Curry the greatest PG of all time when it s said and done 2:25 pm Wed Jul 29 EDTDeleted

No, but I would say hes the greatest "shooting" PG 9

NBA Choke Tiers3:34 pm Mon Aug 17 EDTDeleted

> Isiah Your spelling is choke tier. -2

How does it feel to get a butt slap 1:40 pm Wed Aug 19 EDTDeleted

wtf 1

Redrafting the 2016 NBA draft1:36 pm Mon Aug 31 EDTDeleted

Downvotes 12

Would you rather have the ten best seasons of DeMar DeRozan for your team or the three best seasons of Stephen Curry 4:03 pm Mon Aug 31 EDTDeleted

#id rather have Curry 15-16 MVP year than 10 best seasons of DeMar DeRozan 1

Revised top 10 players ever1:46 pm Tue Sep 1 EDTDeleted

> Jermemy Lin Disrespect Nephew 1

Revised top 10 players ever1:46 pm Tue Sep 1 EDTDeleted

Learn to spell, nephew 1

Raptors championship means less than any other championship in NBA history4:14 pm Thu Sep 3 EDTDeleted

wtf 6

My pitch to the Houston Rockets to be their starting center 11:27 am Wed Feb 5 EDTDeleted

Any room for someone 58? 8

My pitch to the Houston Rockets to be their starting center 11:27 am Wed Feb 5 EDTDeleted

Yup. Cause all Im good at are setting screens and rolling to the rim. 6