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NBA and Asia 2:15 am Wed Oct 14 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed


If Kawhi makes his decision while I m watching Spider-Man in a theater is it my duty to walk to the front and make a formal announcement to the audience 12:03 pm Fri Jul 10 EDTRemoved

They always ask what it do babyeee but never how it do babyeee 15

Giannis is the goat if he gets the jumpshot and if Ben Simmons gets a jumpshot and plays next to giannis they will three peat10:40 pm Mon Jul 20 EDTRemoved

Wishful thinking 1

Face the facts Lebron James is the best basketball player of all time8:09 pm Wed Jul 29 EDTRemoved

What about Brian Scalabrine 1

I find it annoying how we criticize players for not meeting our own sometimes unrealistic and uninformed expectations 4:47 pm Thu Jul 30 EDTRemoved

Thats life 1

I think Jordan is better role model than Lebron 11:46 pm Fri Jul 31 EDTRemoved

Didnt u watch the espys when he addressed the treyvon situation? 2

Why is Kobe Bryant considered a top 10 player 1:07 pm Sat Aug 22 EDTRemoved

The only nephews are people that use the word nephew -1

If McGrady never got injured 10:48 pm Sun Aug 23 EDTRemoved

Goat 1

Would you rather have Jordan or any two other NBA players in history 12:49 am Thu Sep 3 EDTRemoved

Lebron and Shaq? Pippen and kobe? Hakeem and magic? The possibilities are endless. Waiting for someone to pick Jordan and explain why 2

What has lebron done currently do better than giannis that justifys people putting lebron over him 3:25 pm Tue Oct 13 EDTRemoved

Shoots better than giannis too 2

The NBA doesn t need China12:06 am Thu Oct 22 EDTRemoved

So police are killing protestors in China? And Lebron started a movement here for black people getting shot by cops? 1

Is Zach Lavine the closest thing to TMac in terms of playing style 3:30 pm Mon Nov 30 EDTRemoved

Kd is probably closest. Lavine doesnt have the post up game as tmac plus hes smaller. Pg has better defense and tmac was far better offensively. 1

Do yall seriously think Harden is better than Wade 1:11 am Sun Dec 6 EDTRemoved

I mean it probably goes Jordan kobe Wade harden 1

Predict Will LeBron finish his career with the Lakers 2:05 pm Sat Dec 12 EDTRemoved

He should end it on cavs 4

Crisis on infinite earths3:06 pm Mon Dec 14 EDTRemoved

Why is this in nba. /arrowverse 3

Crisis on infinite earths3:06 pm Mon Dec 14 EDTRemoved

Yeah but the women on there. Nina dobrev, Melissa Benoist, Katherine McNamara. Damn. 1

NBA Videos 5:34 pm Thu Dec 17 EDTRemoved

Im gonna subscribe because Im feeling spontaneous today. Lucky you 1

Is it weird that I m a Rockets fan and even I don t think Harden deserves all this newfound love he s getting 3:12 pm Sat Jan 4 EDTRemoved

Hes fun to watch. Probably the most fun since 06 kobe. But he aint winning a chip anytime soon. 2

Why doesnt Bradley Beal demand a trade He seems bored and not interested to be on court 8:37 am Wed Jan 8 EDTRemoved

Lol these people think its a crime to like switch teams or not play for one team their whole career. Open your eyes bud, if it aint working out it aint working out. -4

Longest NBA name chain3:37 pm Fri Jan 24 EDTRemoved

Enes Kanter? 1

Video request The Jumps Scottie Pippin saying Zion is gifted below the waist 3:39 pm Mon Feb 3 EDTRemoved

I doubt it 1

Serious lakers are really good but are there any teams in the west that can realistically beat them1:02 am Thu Feb 13 EDTRemoved

Golden state if healthy 0

There is nothing more annoying than arguing with 25 year olds on Instagram4:01 pm Sun Apr 12 EDTRemoved

Only place to argue is here on /nba 1

Can we agree that as a person LeBron James is better than MJ 8:16 pm Sat Apr 18 EDTRemoved

Does Lebron gamble? 0