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NBA and Asia 2:15 am Wed Oct 9 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed


If Kawhi makes his decision while I m watching Spider-Man in a theater is it my duty to walk to the front and make a formal announcement to the audience 12:03 pm Fri Jul 5 EDTRemoved

They always ask what it do babyeee but never how it do babyeee 15

Giannis is the goat if he gets the jumpshot and if Ben Simmons gets a jumpshot and plays next to giannis they will three peat10:40 pm Mon Jul 15 EDTRemoved

Wishful thinking 1

Face the facts Lebron James is the best basketball player of all time8:09 pm Wed Jul 24 EDTRemoved

What about Brian Scalabrine 1

I find it annoying how we criticize players for not meeting our own sometimes unrealistic and uninformed expectations 4:47 pm Thu Jul 25 EDTRemoved

Thats life 1

I think Jordan is better role model than Lebron 11:46 pm Fri Jul 26 EDTRemoved

Didnt u watch the espys when he addressed the treyvon situation? 2

Why is Kobe Bryant considered a top 10 player 1:07 pm Sat Aug 17 EDTRemoved

The only nephews are people that use the word nephew -1

If McGrady never got injured 10:48 pm Sun Aug 18 EDTRemoved

Goat 1

Would you rather have Jordan or any two other NBA players in history 12:49 am Thu Aug 29 EDTRemoved

Lebron and Shaq? Pippen and kobe? Hakeem and magic? The possibilities are endless. Waiting for someone to pick Jordan and explain why 2

What has lebron done currently do better than giannis that justifys people putting lebron over him 3:25 pm Tue Oct 8 EDTRemoved

Shoots better than giannis too 2

The NBA doesn t need China12:06 am Thu Oct 17 EDTRemoved

So police are killing protestors in China? And Lebron started a movement here for black people getting shot by cops? 1