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Giannis missing layups4:26 pm Wed Dec 30 EDT 0 ups @ 0.44 Removed

Can the players hear video board fans 8:26 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed


Will Deandre Ayton Ever Play Again 12:29 pm Mon Jan 4 EDTRemoved

You think you could play through an ankle injury? I highly doubt it 2

Steph Curry needs to return this season to save his legacy3:12 pm Wed Feb 19 EDTRemoved

My exact thoughts when i read “read his 2k player card” 2

If youre the bucks whats the point in even trying to win right now 8:41 pm Fri Jul 31 EDTRemoved

I think they just tryna get in rhythm in real speed because preseason not the same. It’s been a while for everybody so they are most likely just seeing how everybody legs feeling right now. Also probably trying to get a win to start off bubble because e 10