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Is LeBron currently having the best season ever by a player in a Lakers uniform 11:58 pm Thu Nov 18 EDT

Bruh, you dont even deserve a "nephew", this shit not even "second cousin". 1

That L for the Raptors was Lowerys fault11:41 pm Mon Jun 14 EDT

Kaua’i 3

Is there footage of Drake s immediate reaction to KD s injury 11:42 pm Mon Jun 14 EDT

Either way...he was probably in his feelings. 1

KD will come back fine from an achilles injury 12:25 am Tue Jun 15 EDT

We don’t know...you telling yourself that he’ll be fine doesn’t change that fact. 1

OC Why I won t be missing Al Horford former player of the Boston Celtics 9:58 pm Sun Jul 4 EDT

This fool putting the “neph” and the “ew” in “nephew”. 0

My personal opinion on the D-Lo trade 11:12 am Mon Jul 5 EDT

Bruh...”never gave a hint at wanting to play with Steph, Klay and Dray”? You about to get called for a foul with all that reaching. 3

Kawhi is bringing new balance to the league12:48 pm Sat Jul 10 EDT

NB nephew bots out in full force today. 1

The Lakers finish tonights game against the Pistons with 20 blocks Davis 8 McGee 6 and Howard 5 combine for 19 blocks 12:34 am Mon Jan 11 EDT

Someone called the SWAT Team to Staples. 24

What would happen if a top 5 player punched a ref in the face 9:29 pm Wed Jan 13 EDT

Lol I remember that. Then the NBA shot back with a “ban on air punches”. Hahahaha ^Piercestillabitchwhoshithispantsthough 2

Post Game Thread New York Knicks 11-27 upsets Miami Heat 27-12 121-124 with Julius Randle leading the way with 26 8 46:07 pm Sun Jan 17 EDT

This fool talking about dignity with a reply like “lol Heat”. Breh 1

The 2015-2016 Warriors went 41-5 against teams over 5005:58 pm Sun Jan 17 EDT

Lol @ “outside of top 10” instead of “lottery” so that Klay can be included in your argument. Steph and Barnes both went Top 10 and Klay went 11th. From there you traded for Iggy and Bogut (established talent who guess what, both went Top 10) an 1

Should the Warriors vs Lakers game get flexed on February 8th for Raptors vs Nets1:04 am Tue Jan 19 EDT

No...the world wants to see Dwight launch more threes. 6

Lakers have recorded their first loss against a under 500 team this season12:52 am Thu Jan 21 EDT

Rim will be drug tested. 1

The west is honestly a joke11:18 pm Sat Jan 23 EDT

Don’t judge the rest of us because one nephew got out. 0

It is amazing to think that Lebron is a Kyrie Love injury unprecedented cap spike Kyrie trade demand and a 3 game out of body experience meltdown away from having 8 championship rings 7:10 pm Fri Nov 26 EDT

If Grandma had balls would be Grandpa. 2

One Sided View On Playoffs12:05 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

Suns only made it to the big stage because they played against depleted teams throughout the West. No one is betting on the Suns against a healthy Lakers, healthy Nuggets or healthy Clippers squad. Congrats to their premature parade after winning the 2

One Sided View On Playoffs12:05 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

Lol deleted your post. Hahahaha 1

Will Chris Paul get any sleep tonight 12:04 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

Ah fuck...if he ends up here I gotta delete so many posts from this postseason. 1

Chris Paul s career12:17 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

Would you say he “pulled a Chris Paul”? 1

The Lakers first year without Lonzo they win a championship and Jrue Holidays first year without Lonzo he wins a championship12:16 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

I applaud your commitment to shitposting immediately after the trophy presentation. The offseason is officially here boys. 2

Despite being the only player on either team with previous Finals experience Jae Crowder becomes the second player to lose the Finals on three different teams 12:30 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

Big Smooth never safe from catching strays. The one guy I felt bad for when the Lakers beat the Pacers in ‘00. 1

Shouting at your friends 2 more is not a support its a jinx 1:04 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

Slap them like they slapped hands with fans during their premature WCF parade or slap them like Jrue kept slapping the ball out of his hands? 1