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On December 11 we should all spam SpoonInMyButthole87 on Labrons instagram so he knows how it feels to be bombarded by shit posts 8:40 pm Tue Dec 14 EDT

That was so shit 0

Which is the better father-son duo in 2023-2024 season 8:45 pm Wed Dec 15 EDT

Yet you replied.... 1

Do the Brooklyn Nets have a positive defender 6:20 pm Fri Jan 1 EDT

Allen and Durant a little bit, but that’s about it 5

Best teams by point differential 1 Bucks 2 Lakers 3 Sixers 4 Nets 5 Suns4:58 pm Wed Jan 6 EDT

He’s a delusional nets fan who thinks they have an elite defense(LOL) and are apparently locks to the finals even tho bucks sixers are on the same par as them. Don’t pay this clown any attention 2

Can we all agree the days of criticizing ESPN on this sub are long gone If anything this sub validates everything ESPN does 3:02 pm Sat Jan 16 EDT

ESPN doesn’t milk Lebron topics lately, or even the LA “rivalry” like last year so it’s actually watchable for now. It’s undisputed with skip’s bitchass thats unwatchable and cringe asf 0

Point Harden could win the nets a championship7:04 pm Sat Jan 16 EDT

And he’s all of a sudden gonna be fine just catching and shooting? 2

Point Harden could win the nets a championship7:04 pm Sat Jan 16 EDT

I get it, your just tryna convince yourself that kyrie will be fine in a minimal role. Gotcha 1

Why are people overreacting to the Nets losses against the Cavs They literally just beat the Bucks who are the reigning 1 seed 3:52 pm Sat Jan 23 EDT

Ok nets fan. Apparently after 4 games after the harden trade the rebounding defense and depth is somehow gonna get better without the personnel? 0

Back To The Future Nets Vs Hawks 11:48 pm Wed Jan 27 EDT

What? The nets don’t have a switch they can flip when they VS good teams cuz they can’t stop a parked car. Idk what you talking about 1

The Nets should be everyones championship favorites12:52 pm Thu Jan 28 EDT

He’s just trolling lol 2

Even though the Nets have a bad defense they will win a lot of games because they will score more points than the other team4:58 pm Sat Jan 30 EDT

I mean it’ll prolly be shadowed during the regular season, but in the playoffs I can’t think of a series where a team 25th in def rating has won a championship 1

It s pretty sad that the moment the Jazz are outplayed in a half this sub is flooded with comments trashing them4:53 pm Sun Jan 31 EDT

You want validation or sum? 1

Nets defense is the worst in history post harden trade1:36 pm Mon Feb 1 EDT

Remind me how many teams win championships by just outscoring teams 1

Courtside Karen Going out sad 12:38 am Tue Feb 2 EDT

Can someone explain does barstool hate on lebron and why? And do they hate on the NBA in general? 1

Serious How many games should LeBron James be suspended for hurling sexist slurs at a fan 12:32 am Tue Feb 2 EDT

Your either a hater, a complete weirdo, or being sarcastic and I’m the idiot. 3

Fred VanVleet has 28 points with 8 threes at half against the Orlando Magic8:06 pm Tue Feb 2 EDT

I thought everyone was watching the other game 1

Why is there a narrative that AD was carried to a championship 4:56 pm Wed Feb 3 EDT

I think everyone acknowledged he was the 2nd best player in the playoffs. He didn’t get carried lol 3

Why does Lebron have nearly twice as many votes as AD 3:53 pm Thu Feb 4 EDT

Spoken like a true casual 1

The storm that no one saw coming2:35 am Sat Feb 6 EDT

What 1

3 of the NBA games today are the earliest games in NBA history12:05 pm Sun Feb 7 EDT

Helps that this gonna be an all time Super Bowl 1

GAME THREAD Kansas City Chiefs 16-2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14-5 - February 07 2021 Game6:15 pm Sun Feb 7 EDT


Since the Harden trade the Nets are 6-1 when shooting over 50 FG and 1-5 otherwise9:42 pm Tue Feb 9 EDT

So your saying they rely on their offence only ?! 10

Nets ELITE Defence hold the Pacers to just 30 points in the first half9:15 pm Wed Feb 10 EDT

Old Nate> this clown Nate 5

After giving up 38 and 34 in the first quarter to the Pistons and 76ers in their last 2 games the Brooklyn Nets hold the Indiana Pacers to 30 points at the half9:17 pm Wed Feb 10 EDT

My lord Indiana is playing the worst and weirdest offence ever lol. Idek what they’re trying to do besides jack up shots when there’s 4 seconds left in the shot clock 5

The Philadelphia 76ers still dont have any quality win2:23 am Sun Feb 14 EDT

Shh don’t let the philly fans find this. They have the unanimous MVP(in their eyes) and the best record in the east, their going to the finals! 6

What has happened to Anthony Davis this year statistically 6:56 pm Wed Feb 17 EDT

Insanely passive, and the short off season caused his ft percentage and attempts to drop 1

Will Steph Curry be in the top 5 all time after he retires 1:42 pm Thu Feb 18 EDT

Not a chance 17

Not sure if this is gonna be deleted but today is the day a fan said that he would sneak into the Nets-Lakers and game and shoot Lebron2:23 pm Thu Feb 18 EDT

It’s that virgin KD super fan 8

Can we stop with the Stephen Curry spam 2:56 pm Thu Feb 18 EDT

Almost like curry has unlimited 12 year old fanboys -2

When players are on minutes restrictions why do teams not stagger the minutes so that the player can finish the game 10:39 pm Sun Feb 21 EDT

Cuz Ty Lue thinks he’s woke and the 2 minutes PG didn’t play will help him he fresh for the playoffs -3

So we can expect Harden to get a warning for flopping tomorrow right 10:43 pm Sun Feb 21 EDT

Will prolly never happen for harden 5

Lebron gets brutally fouled by Royce ONeale video request 10:27 pm Wed Feb 24 EDT

Why you so angry and defensive lol 1

Lebron gets brutally fouled by Royce ONeale video request 10:27 pm Wed Feb 24 EDT

Making fun of dangerous plays, real classy move. PS at least try to make the description a lil funny instead of cringe. 7

Whats the sudden panic with the media about the Lakers losing streak I thought it was common knowledge without AD this team is basically Cavs 201810:21 am Thu Feb 25 EDT

Tbf this happens to basically EVERY lebron led team just before the ASB 3

In the 3 games since claiming to be unguardable Joel Embiid has shot 14 53 from the field 11:04 am Sat Feb 27 EDT

“MVP” -3

Uggetti Donovan Mitchell just went off on the officials We won this game in my opinion It s getting fucking ridiculous Says the Jazz continually get screwed and that the league needs to do something about this 10:01 pm Wed Mar 3 EDT

Yikes 1

Out of 18 seasons LeBron James has played 1 season without missing a game What does this mean to you 10:19 pm Wed Mar 3 EDT

No 2

Was the Lakers vs Kings game indicative of anything to you 1:38 am Fri Mar 5 EDT

Uh, well then 0

The Nets are the perfect landing spot for Blake Griffin12:24 pm Fri Mar 5 EDT

Any team that struggles defensively, like the Nets or Blazers, should firmly stay away from him 1

The Lakers will be able to trade up to 4 draft picks on Draft Night do you see them bringing in a 3rd star 3:18 pm Sat Mar 6 EDT

Cringe -1

Kia MVP ladder bs10:28 pm Sat Mar 6 EDT

He’s like third behind Embiid and Lebron 3

The Heat Spurs Celtics and Hornets have each expressed significant interest in Vucevic sources tell Kevin OConnor of The Ringer The Hornets have also shown interest in Evan Fournier 12:49 pm Mon Mar 8 EDT

Is this guy reliable source in terms of trade rumours and such 1

Jayson Tatum for Brandon Ingram Lonzo Ball Which team improves the Celtics or Pelicans 7:54 pm Mon Mar 8 EDT

Pelicans 7


I mean it’s just trolling lol. This is equivalent to taking Stephen A. or Skip Bayless seriously tbh 1

Baron Davis I remember Dan Gilbert sent a message to me he wouldn t let me out my deal if I went to play with LEBRON Facts He knew that where I was going so they played hardball he said if I went to play with LeBron he would win a title I told h12:09 pm Tue Mar 9 EDT

If anyone believes the NFL player on this idek what to say to you rn 1

Meyers Leonard saying racial slurs on Twitch 1:21 pm Tue Mar 9 EDT

He getting cut 1

Would cavs fans and warriors fans trade each others championships if given the chancr 10:01 pm Wed Mar 10 EDT

Thought you were gonna ask for a 2015 and 2016 chip exchange 4

Marc Gasol has been the same since 2019 playoffs12:50 pm Thu Mar 11 EDT

Because he doesn’t have cool looking block shots he’s a liability on defense? 1

Is there a realistic chance that Steph Curry leaves the Warriors 12:07 am Fri Mar 12 EDT

LeCurry OTW /s 1

Here is why I think KD is probably confident that he will be fully healthy in the near future4:56 pm Fri Mar 12 EDT

Lol he’s obviously injured still. You don’t go from 2 games out to 5 weeks minimum. Sure there gonna be playing it safe, but he hasn’t even done any 5v5 activities. Your just lying to yourself if your not concerned about his injury 1

Is it fair to say jimmy butler is on par with kawhi at this point 5:13 pm Mon Mar 15 EDT

His defense is better but kawhis better offensively 2

Tonight s Triple Double from Lebron James helps him equalize Wilt Chamberlain for Triple Doubles when in 30 s at 61 1:16 am Tue Mar 16 EDT

Bruh. Pls tell me this is copypasta 2

What are your expectations for Blake Griffin 6:48 pm Tue Mar 16 EDT

Ah it’s this delusional nets fan again, you are very cringe sir 0

Greed Lebron wants to own an NBA Team3:04 pm Wed Mar 17 EDT

Your right. Him destroying your franchise is less important than 2 regular season games. High IQ bud 4

Greed Lebron wants to own an NBA Team3:04 pm Wed Mar 17 EDT

Lmao guy has no comeback at all, good luck in next years play in game if you can make it there 2

Lebron with 22 pts on 8 9 shooting at the half Lamelo with 6 pts on 2 8 shooting Do you reckon LaMelo knows who Lebron James is now 11:44 pm Thu Mar 18 EDT

Lamelo shouldn’t of said anything....Even tho he said absolutely nothing wrong and media turned it into him being “disrespectful”. 1

The Lakers next 10 games if LeBron was out for that long6:24 pm Sat Mar 20 EDT

Your forgot were getting Gasol back ! 1

Lebron is averaging 25 8 and 8 and 50 percent from the field and 37 percent from three while anchoring the best defense in the NBA without AD and the second-best team in the West How is he not the MVP Im genuinely curious how anyone can vote otherwise 9:15 pm Sat Mar 20 EDT

He’s prolly out the discussion now sadly. So is Embiid. It’s a Jokic vs Harden vs Giannis race now 1

Do you think Lonzo going back home to Lakers is the right move 3:11 pm Mon Mar 22 EDT

Didn’t realize lonzo was worth that much lol 1

Since the Market is dry for John Collins very little offers terrible offers Should the Lakers offer Kuzma THT Draft picks 7:12 pm Mon Mar 22 EDT

They laugh at us and hang up 2

Since the Market is dry for John Collins very little offers terrible offers Should the Lakers offer Kuzma THT Draft picks 7:12 pm Mon Mar 22 EDT

That’s funny 0

Lebron needs to come back ASAP or the Lakers may miss the playoffs11:02 pm Tue Mar 23 EDT

We’re not rushing back Lebron or AD lmao 9

Denver Nuggets SF PF C Bol Bol has unfollowed the team on Instagram 11:21 am Wed Mar 24 EDT

See ya in NEW ORLEANS 0

Clip Request Kyle Lowry throws up the deuces as he walks off the court for the Raptors for possibly the last time 9:52 pm Wed Mar 24 EDT

Wtf really?!? 2

Who is more likely to be traded today Lowry or Oladipo 1:44 pm Thu Mar 25 EDT

Their both gone 0

Which teams were the biggest losers and winners of this deadline 4:17 pm Thu Mar 25 EDT

I mean Lou has looked bad but rondos looked ridiculously bad 3

This was one of the most boring trade deadlines 10:46 pm Thu Mar 25 EDT

Huh this was amazing 5

Why Are People Blaming KD For All These Moves7:05 pm Sat Mar 27 EDT

Because Lebron gets blamed when players come to his teams. It happens to every superstar that people don’t like 2

Are LaMarcus Aldridge amp Blake Griffin the Nets equivalent of Dwight Howard amp Rajon Rondo on Lakers 9:54 pm Sat Mar 27 EDT

Now the last year lakers were “stacked” lmao. Do you even read this twice before posting this lie 1

Post Game Thread The Sacramento Kings 21-25 defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers 17-29 97 - 9612:22 am Sun Mar 28 EDT

Huh 1

Why aren t the Lakers considered a super team 12:11 pm Mon Mar 29 EDT

You definitely a nets fan lol 6

My thoughts and complaints about Kevin Durant1:50 pm Mon Mar 29 EDT

You could’ve just said he’s a weirdo and leave it at that 1

Blake Griffin checks out of the first quarter with 4 personal fouls in 6 minutes 8:07 pm Mon Mar 29 EDT

And how the hell is that even possible lmao 1

Is there any chance KD s Achilles injury catches up to him and we see his play fall off in the latter half of this year Similar to what s happening with John Wall1:26 am Tue Mar 30 EDT

Maybe. He couldn’t even play 19 games in the light regular season and we still don’t know when he’s going to be back. Achilles injuries are tough 4

Skips HOT takes today 3:42 pm Tue Mar 30 EDT

Idk if people still take his takes seriously I feel bad for anyone who does 9

How is this Durant and Rapaport convo not a bigger story 5:23 pm Tue Mar 30 EDT

2 soft cupcakes going after each other, nothing more 3

The Nets can go 1st seed tomorrow with a win against the Houston Rockets Will this strengthen James Harden s MVP case 11:21 pm Tue Mar 30 EDT

Well philly is just gonna retake the first seed after a win (most likely) against the cavs on Thursday. The season literally isn’t over lol 1

Who came up with the whole Lemickey thing 6:03 pm Wed Mar 31 EDT

Skip bayless worshippers 5

Since Joel Embiid has been sidelined Ben Simmons has averaged 13 4 PPG 8 0 REB 6 4 AST on 48 1 TS with 4 4 turnovers per game 2:35 pm Fri Apr 2 EDT

Yikes 2


Going number 1 0

Clippers Got Boogie and Rondo4:48 pm Sun Apr 4 EDT

Lol 1

Ben Simmons is the most overrated player in the league9:01 pm Sun Apr 4 EDT

We know, most of this sub has more offensive skill than Ben Simmons -4

Julius Randle I m not worrying about a guy like TLC 11:24 pm Mon Apr 5 EDT

Yes and that warrants “rent free” ? 8

Is Stephs 2021 season the greatest carry-job of all-time 1:41 pm Wed Apr 7 EDT

Got a comedian up in here 2

Pelicans vs Nets tonight should be the most exciting game of the regular season 5:14 pm Wed Apr 7 EDT

Guess you don’t know Hardens out at least 10 days huh 3

serious 16-1 warriors v current nets 10:40 pm Wed Apr 7 EDT

Warriors in 5 4

It s crazy that some Stephews act like Steph invented 3pt shooting11:39 pm Tue Apr 13 EDT

I mean them being in the range of 10-16 year olds, it makes sense 1