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Of the many topics on the Chinese sports forum giant Hupu almost every thread and posts are anti-NBA except they still love Harden and Westbrook 10:41 am Tue Oct 8 EDT 1 ups @ 0.67 Removed

A popular argument being made by Chinese netizens in regards to Silvers defense of Freedom of Expression Donald Sterling was wronged then for being punished when he used Freedom of Expression to be a racist9:17 pm Tue Oct 8 EDT 11 ups @ 0.79 Removed

Chinese largest sports fan forum hupu allow and even encourage everyone to make their POSITIVE PATRIOTIC FREE speech on their forum10:48 am Wed Oct 9 EDT 0 ups @ 0.25 Removed

ESPN Silver was directly asked whether anything would happen to Morey as several players said they believed that if a player had cost the NBA millions of dollars because of a tweet there would be repercussions 4:53 pm Mon Oct 14 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Deleted

Duncd On Evil Genius of China is that people are now afraid to speak out of fear of their colleagues being hurt Collective Punishment theyre good at that10:22 am Tue Oct 15 EDT 12 ups @ 0.83 Removed

Opinion Forget morality forget China forget American values just from a self-preservation standpoint LeBron and SAS and other athletes should not want to see Morey punished or speak out 11:47 pm Tue Oct 15 EDT 5 ups @ 0.59 Removed


Unpopular Opinion I think we should get rid of free throws5:17 pm Mon Nov 18 EDTRemoved

A great NBA offense generally hover in the area of slightly over 1.1 point per possession. If getting a shooting foul is worth 1 point and a free possession, man if you think people hate Harden now... 2

The Rockets Would Have Lost If Steph Curry Was On The Court11:19 pm Thu Nov 21 EDTRemoved

Playing with 3 all-stars is already such a hard road, how do you expect me to win with just 2 all-stars? Durant, probably 3

SERIOUS Would you take this trade11:17 am Tue Mar 5 EDTRemoved

You cannot trade 1st round picks in consecutive drafts. Theres nothing regarding protection or team future prospects (i.e. Warriors and Knicks 1sts are kinda different). And prospects havent had their pre-draft workouts done yet. 1

Utah sacrificed itself to gift Golden State the perfect blueprint of defeating Harden 1:20 am Sun Apr 21 EDTRemoved

Game 3 in a series is almost always the best shot by the underdog, as its their first game at home. Utah was actually favored by 3 points by Vegas tonight. That the Rockets actually won tonight was quite a feat especially the way refs always call the gam 5

What would happen if LeBron went 0-15 in the 2018 playoffs 1:44 am Sun Apr 21 EDTRemoved

Maybe he should make the playoffs first and then we can try out this hypothetical. 2

If the Suns get unlucky and they end up with the 3rd 4th or 5th pick would trading for Westbrook seem plausible 1:36 am Thu Apr 25 EDTRemoved

Its funny how you see posts like these while listening to Zach Lowe talk about how Westbrook may have the 2nd worst contract in the league after John Wall. The discrepancy between how teams value players (Lowe is very connected with executives and FO peo 1

RUSS Do we love him or love to hate him 2:18 pm Fri Apr 26 EDTRemoved

R/NBA is not a singular entity. There are people who posts on his hate threads when hes sucking, and a different group of people who posts on his love threads when hes triple doubling. The reason why youre seeing hate now is because hes been sucking rea 2

Unpopular opinion Pop is just as much of a douche bag to media as Westbrook12:48 am Sun Apr 28 EDTRemoved

Pop gets idolized cause he has ringz. If Westbrook has multiple ringz no one would talk any shit about him. 2

Was the 2002 WCF really rigged 9:53 pm Tue Jul 23 EDTRemoved

TIL that refs making bad calls is dependent on a teams shooting percentage. If only Webber made more FTs, refs wouldve called a foul on Kobes elbow instead of Bibbys face. 5

10 APG is equivalent to 30 2 PPG and 11 31 APG is equivalent to 32 95 PPG 3:42 pm Fri Sep 6 EDTRemoved

Rarity does not equate to value. Westbrook is the only player to have averaged multiple triple double seasons. He is not therefore the best player in NBA history even though Jordan, LeBron, Wilt, KAJ, etc. none of them have ever done it. 2

The most amazing part regarding the Morey Tweet Response is if the CBA and Chinese didnt say anything - this would be a total non issue for them 6:59 pm Mon Oct 7 EDTRemoved

If they didnt do anything it would be an issue for them domestically. Its hard to see that from America cause no one here truly gave a shit before this, but it wouldve made them look weak in front of their own people. The Chinese government dont really g 1

Stephen A Smith - Millions of dollars have been lost Jobs have been lost because a basketball executive wanted to send out a Tweet 6:49 pm Tue Oct 8 EDTRemoved

Whats weird is that while jobs are being lost, most of those jobs are by Chinese people, partners of the NBA doing business in China. So it really comes down to millions of dollars. But whose millions? Not the fans certainly. No owner has come out and sai 3

Fast forward 6 months Will the NBA s stance on free speech be a win akin to Nike supporting Kaepernick or will Silver and the players regret slaughtering a baby cashcow10:15 am Wed Oct 9 EDTRemoved

The difference is demographics. 60yr old white men arent the tennis shoes demographic. But NBA watchers more lean minority, international, younger audience and these people do care (or at least keyboard warrior level care) about human rights and democracy 4

Daryl Morey might cost the NBA billions over a simple tweet LeBron however is one of the most popular NBA and Nike athletes So what he says could put TWO corporations at risk 10:06 pm Wed Oct 9 EDTRemoved

Not really. The money china spends on the nba gets revenue shared so the Rockets dont make more than others beyond the local deals they make themselves. Les Alexander was the person who benefited the most since he invested in China and made money on the s 1

This needs to be said LeBron James and black NBA athletes have ZERO obligation to China Hong Kong7:54 am Tue Oct 15 EDTRemoved

He didnt need to speak. He CHOSE to speak... on behalf of a foreign government who you say he has no obligation to. If you say hes done well to help "his people," then you gotta include the Chinese government as his people. 5

This needs to be said LeBron James and black NBA athletes have ZERO obligation to China Hong Kong7:54 am Tue Oct 15 EDTRemoved

Which is why he couldve said nothing. Are you saying LeBron should be anti-democracy because some people fighting for democracy may be racists? 2

As a reminder Daryl made it clear in his apology that he was misinformed7:58 am Tue Oct 15 EDTRemoved

He never said he was misinformed. He said he only looked at it from one view (presumably the Hong Kong view) of a complicated topic with many views (mainland China view too). He said he may have caused a misunderstanding. But he never, ever said he was 5

Isnt Kanter being a hypocrite 8:16 am Tue Oct 15 EDTRemoved

There are millions of things in this world. No one ever speaks about any one of them because its impossible. However, the ones you do speak about, those define your values and beliefs. Lebrons belief: black lives matter, Asian monies matter 2

Ringer When asked to clarify in the presser how Morey was misinformed James said That s just my belief I don t know That s my belief that s all I can say I believe he was misinformed and not educated on the situation and if he was th2:24 pm Tue Oct 15 EDTRemoved

I know people say this but thats only because Morey was targeted, presumably as a show of warning from the Chinese government. Kerr sent out something that could just as easily be construed as an anti-China stance and was ignored the way people usually ig 1

About Shannon saying lebron must be misinformed lebron clarified that he meant misinformed about ramifications not about hong kong 9:03 pm Tue Oct 15 EDTRemoved

Misinformed from who? Did someone tell Morey that HK wasn’t a sensitive issue and nothing will happen when he sends the tweet? That interpretation makes no sense unless you believe Morey had a bunch of PR people telling him the benefit and costs of sen 1

Where the hell is Morey hiding 9:26 pm Tue Oct 15 EDTRemoved

So far the only people who want him to show up are media members being mouthpieces for players. Rockets dont want him around for more bad PR. Silver doesnt want him around for more bad PR. Who else can possibly want him around pissing off the Chinese gove 2

Opinion Forget morality forget China forget American values just from a self-preservation standpoint LeBron and SAS and other athletes should not want to see Morey punished or speak out 11:47 pm Tue Oct 15 EDTRemoved

I dont think he will. But just from a "I dont want to get crapped on without getting my 2 cents in" perspective, he probably will do it if he gets oustered. At the very least, hes gonna do a tell-all book cause you know that will be a number 1 best seller 2

Why this sub is overblowing the China-Lebron events9:00 am Wed Oct 16 EDTRemoved

Daryl Morey makes one tweet in support of a protest in a semi-autonomous region of China. China tells NBA apologize and fire Morey or no money to you NBA says ok we stop talking now you da boss LeBron says shut the fuck up Morey you took my money. Now 7

Why aren t steph curry and James harden getting the same amount of hate that lebron is getting right now 10:22 am Wed Oct 16 EDTRemoved

People shit on Harden for apologizing like 10 hours after Moreys tweet when he clearly had no idea whats going on. He later actually supported Silver. >“We all have freedom of speech, that is the world we live in,” said Harden, according to Reuter 2

If you were LeBron how would you address the China problem to appeal to fans China and Corporations 11:12 am Wed Oct 16 EDTRemoved

"I am not educated enough on the subject of China and therefore i would prefer to not comment on a complicated situation that is difficult for an American to understand" Regarding Morey "Moreys has the freedom of speech to say what he believes." People 1

What LeBrons activism means to me 6:12 pm Wed Oct 16 EDTRemoved

He didnt just have no comments on Hong Kong. He clearly told someone they should not speak up on a social issue because it would affect his and his teammates money. If he just no commented this whole thing it wouldnt be nearly as bad 8

What are the chances Lebrons comments are generally forgotten about by end of season 10:05 pm Wed Oct 16 EDTRemoved

Depends on China US relations. Ethan Sherwood Strauss had a good point that currently US has a 28% favorability rating towards China. If this trade war continues and hong kong issue escalates, then this story will continue. If everything is resolved and 1

Imagine being Morey right now and having a lot of the NBA frowning upon you for putting human rights over the NBAs financial interests11:35 pm Wed Oct 16 EDTRemoved

People who want Morey grilled over fire for starting this, while also want him to talk, make no sense. Imagine if Morey had actually come out and said, "Yeah, I meant every single word I tweeted and I aint apologizing for anything." Then wed really see C 1

If you were receiving a 10k from China every month would you speak up for Hong Kong 12:13 am Thu Oct 17 EDTRemoved

If my salary is $35mil, then I will tell China to fuck off. 4

If you were receiving a 10k from China every month would you speak up for Hong Kong 12:13 am Thu Oct 17 EDTRemoved

Well some people have more morality than you. I have turned down higher paying jobs in my life due to personal dislike of how a business is run. Not everyone chase every last dollar. 1

If you were receiving a 10k from China every month would you speak up for Hong Kong 12:13 am Thu Oct 17 EDTRemoved

I mean sure if the discrepancy is that much. I cant claim I would pass up that much either. But clearly lebron james has a lot more fuck you money than you or I 1