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Would the narrative about Warriors not needing KD be the same right now if Lebron was waiting for them in the finals 9:39 pm Mon May 20 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Deleted

Did you guys just see Kyrie Irving in the crowd waving at all of us Great guy9:54 pm Fri Jun 7 EDT 3 ups @ 1.00 Deleted

Just realized why Lebron James gave away his 23 and is going back to 612:17 am Sat Jun 29 EDT 0 ups @ 0.35 Removed

There is so much parity in the league now its been so much fun everyone is excited for next season and it can all be ruined tomorrow if we get that one tweet10:09 pm Sun Jun 30 EDT 49 ups @ 0.68 Removed

Kawhis master plan10:05 pm Mon Jul 1 EDT 0 ups @ 0.44 Removed

Dwyane Wade or Kawhi Leonard 2:16 pm Thu Jul 11 EDT 0 ups @ 0.40 Deleted

Kobe You can t play poker no more you ain t got no chips Marbury You re dead Kobe So now you know you can t guard me You openly admit you can t guard me Now I guard you and lock you up now what Now how you feelin 11:30 pm Mon Aug 12 EDT 2 ups @ 0.67 Deleted

Kobe So that s the psychology of it Growing up I used to hear kids say all the time I can t guard you but you can t guard me And when I hear somebody say that I see it as an opportunity OK So you re conceding the fact that you 11:37 pm Mon Aug 12 EDT 1 ups @ 0.57 Deleted


Prime D-Will vs D-Lil5:32 pm Mon May 13 EDTDeleted

Derons prime was very short. 8

Pelicans next Kings 11:31 pm Tue May 14 EDTDeleted

Lakers package seems more appealing at this point. 2

When I go to the barber how do I ask for Zach Collins haircut 9:49 pm Sat May 18 EDTDeleted

Hey, i would like to get a Zach Collins 7

I m actually getting sick of steph 9:29 pm Mon May 20 EDTDeleted

The sad part about this pasta, is that OP wrote all that out in his thread just to get it deleted by a mod 3 minutes later. 7

LeBron has never played less than 3000 minutes in a season RS amp PS combined until this year when he played exactly 1937 minutes 1:21 am Mon May 27 EDTDeleted

Now they do what they want 12

Kevin Durant resigning with the Golden State Warriors Confirmed 11:19 pm Tue Jun 4 EDTDeleted

Its re-signing*. Resigning would mean he’s out. 4

Kawhi to Milwaukee12:25 am Thu Jun 20 EDTDeleted

Ha 6

Happy LeBron Day 6 235:29 pm Sun Jun 23 EDTDeleted

Bron stans wanna have a day like Kobe stans do. Nah fam, not today 2

NBA Awards7:19 pm Mon Jun 24 EDTDeleted

You still gonna watch it tho 4

Can Kevin Durant sign a 1 year deal What s stopping him 9:27 pm Fri Jun 28 EDTDeleted

Him having an achilles injury and wanting a 4 or 5 year deal for insurance? Do yall think before you post 1

Why do people say LeBron created a superteam i Miami Heat when its not true 2:33 pm Sat Jun 29 EDTDeleted

Lebron Wade Bosh teamed up in Miami. Thats creating a superteam 28

Russell Westbrook vs DAME - Who would you rather 6:06 pm Sat Jun 29 EDTDeleted

Westbrook 6

If the Nets win the 2020 title without KD does he demand a trade 7:57 pm Sun Jun 30 EDTDeleted

Ahh shit here we go again 5

F5 bros6:07 am Mon Jul 1 EDTDeleted

Username does not match 6

5 weakest mvp seasons of the past 20 years 2:41 pm Tue Jul 2 EDTDeleted

Giannis -5

Shut the Front Door People on this Reddit actually believe Lebrons 2007 team was a good Finals team 4:40 pm Tue Jul 2 EDTDeleted

People simply didnt watch basketball back then. Guys like Gooden, Varejao, Boobie, Damon Jones were a good ass supporting cast. Their careers arent flashy, but anyone who watched basketball back then knows 2

Kawhi Leonard joining the lakers wouldn t ruin the nba 7:33 pm Wed Jul 3 EDTDeleted

Id rather not find out 23

How can the Lakers afford to sign Kawhii if he decides to go to LA 11:02 pm Fri Jul 5 EDTDeleted

They cleared cap for him, where you been homie 34

Whats wrong with Bandwagon fans 1:30 pm Wed Jul 10 EDTDeleted

I just always say let people enjoy basketball and root for whoever they enjoy rooting for. 1

OC Discovering the Daddy and the Bitch of every team in the NBA8:00 pm Thu Jul 11 EDTDeleted

Ahh! thats pretty interesting 1

No Nicks have ever played for the New York Knicks 12:17 am Tue Jul 16 EDTDeleted

Thats not true. Try to figure it out for another hour. 2