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Should a guy currently not in the playoffs really be selecting the all star roster12:34 am Fri Feb 14 EDT

> You seem to be active in /r/~~toronto~~lebrontoraptors > YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER FTFY 1

NBA Draft Rigged ESPN showing results before they were announced9:29 pm Tue May 19 EDT

Overseen by Ernst & Young. One of the Big Four accounting firms. $30+ Billion in revenue every year. They can buy the NBA. Think they would risk of off that to rig a basketball draft? 2

The name Basketball is lazy what would you call the sport if you could rename it 9:42 pm Wed Jun 17 EDT

Tall Black Guy Sport 1

Why did Kalyb Champion think Kawhi doesn t elevate a team 11:35 am Thu Jun 18 EDT

Because Kalyb Champion is a nephew 1

Kevin Durant had a brother a twin rather could that twin brother have played during the game with his friend Achilles 8:17 pm Sat Jun 20 EDT

Read the title or deal with it 9

AD is gonna hate the Lakers2:19 am Sun Jun 21 EDT

K 9

Hypothetically if Kawhi decided to break Raptors fan s hearts and sign with the Lakers are they now championship favorites 11:20 am Sun Jun 21 EDT

I’m good for 6 fouls + maybe one steal a game. Sign me up! 17

Raptors didnt deserve this1:47 pm Sun Jun 21 EDT

K 1

Lakers are going to have a superteam by the end of the summer - good or bad for the league 5:06 pm Sun Jun 21 EDT

Good for the league. Lakers are the team everyone loves to hate. People will tune in to hope to seem them lose. 1

The Pistons have 13 retired jerseys this is more than the Lakers 12 1:39 am Sun Jun 28 EDT

Pistons have lower standards. 1

Why doesnt r nba allow posts from RDAmbition when we allow posts from far more unreliable Twitter sources 4:06 pm Fri Jul 3 EDT

I knew something was up when all the mods were using Zunes!!! 4

Wojnarwoski 2012 In addition to Rockets owner Les Alexander GM Daryl Morey and coach McHale the team also brought former greats Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler to vouch for the franchise Yao Ming was involved in the presentation as he checked into6:24 pm Fri Jul 3 EDT

Ballmer money runs deep. 6

Knicks fans how do you feel right now 5:03 pm Sun Jul 5 EDT

Not a Knick fan but probably below average. -2

Unpopular Opinion The Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers will headline the next 3-4 NBA Finals series after the 2019-20 season 5:31 pm Sun Jul 5 EDT

Subscribe! 1

Why Im switching teams5:35 pm Sun Jul 5 EDT

Come to the dark side! You can go back when Seattle gets a team. 2

James Dolan needs to sell the Knicks6:26 pm Sun Jul 5 EDT

Dolan: Do you want to get banned? 1

How is Kawhi going to the Lakers any different than Durant going to the Warriors12:48 pm Mon Jul 6 EDT

Warriors were in the finals the previous year. Lakers have been trash. 18

Should tampering charges be filed against the NJ Nets 1:52 pm Mon Jul 6 EDT

Yes. Thats why the Knicks didnt get KD. 1

Proposal to call people like LeBron or MJ the GOTE instead of the GOAT 3:26 pm Mon Jul 6 EDT

Proposal to call OP cjmcnephew instead of cjmccarley. 2

RDAmbition In a brief conference call with Lawrence Frank and Jerry West Mitch Frankel informed the team that Leonard has formally ruled out the Clippers as a possible destination narrowing his options to the Lakers and Raptors 6:21 pm Mon Jul 6 EDT

Stop 2

Can we just admit that Kawhi is signing with the Lakers and begin the grieving process 6:52 pm Mon Jul 6 EDT

I would like it to be over with so I can get back to work on all stuff I slacked off on today. 0

The supposed laker insider RDA has deleted his reddit account9:02 pm Mon Jul 6 EDT

Gotta hide the MAGA history 165


I think theyll be better than the Hornets. 1

The Kawhi-Gate saga is probably my favorite in r nba history 2:49 pm Tue Jul 7 EDT

Brian Colangelos Twitter alts being exposed has be up there as well. 20

Stephen A Smith just said that hes getting a bunch of Kawhi to lakers texts from sources Reliable and unreliable 2:28 pm Wed Jul 8 EDT

No one knows what the fuck is going on......and that includes Kawhi! 1

META Those annoying low-effort comments that just say Ok shouldnt be allowed5:36 pm Wed Jul 8 EDT

Ok 3

Can we calculate the number of people on that airplane by how long it took to get to San Diego 12:51 pm Fri Jul 10 EDT

https://np.reddit.com/r/aviation/comments/c9hbhh/hey_guys_quick_question_does_the_amount_of/ 1

GAME THREAD Kawhi Watch Day 5 Revenge of the Klaw3:34 pm Fri Jul 10 EDT

Tonight at Clippers headquarters: https://i.imgur.com/cj5v97B.jpg 1

What if Kawhi was always planning on signing with the Clippers and waited to announce his decision in order to weaken the Lakers 4:11 pm Fri Jul 10 EDT

Wow. Never heard that suggested before. Especially not in the past 4 days. 3

Theory Kawhi is waiting on the Clippers to trade for a second star4:21 pm Fri Jul 10 EDT

Blake Griffin 21

A genuine question about the general race of the board5:09 pm Fri Jul 10 EDT

99% nephew 1

Kawhi Leonard has been spotted at an AM PM in San Deigo 5:15 pm Fri Jul 10 EDT

AM/PM is not a restaurant. Its mini mart like 7/11. 18


Lol. Respect. 15

Im a Laker fan admitting we got played Hard 2:10 am Sat Jul 11 EDT

Kawhi and PG3, prepare to get booed hard when you show up to Dodger games. We salty. 1

Kawhi wasnt conning the Lakers A rundown of the Kawhi decision related news from various sources tonight 2:51 am Sat Jul 11 EDT

So the tweet that woj just put out? 1

I think the best way Lakers fans can get revenge on Kawhi is if they convince and make sure all their friends from LA will not buy any Kawhi or New Balance merch Ensure that his jersey wont be in the Top 10 10:51 am Sat Jul 11 EDT

Delete this nephew 0

Fucking lakers fans11:35 am Sat Jul 11 EDT

K 2

Kawhi is a legend12:27 pm Sat Jul 11 EDT

> Unless youre a lakers fan, how can you hate this man? Be a Spurs fan. 8

Marcus Morris is the key missing piece for this Lakers team 4:12 pm Sat Jul 11 EDT

Rather have his brother anyways. /S 7

People who watch Baseball and Basketball In LA Is the Lakers vs Clippers popularity issue similar to the Dodgers vs Angels 1:33 pm Mon Jul 13 EDT

Worst. Angels actually have a fan base in the OC. You can wear Angel gear in public without getting laughed at. 8

How screwed are the Lakers if Anthony Davis leaves next year 5:14 pm Tue Jul 14 EDT

Id probably stop watching basketball for a decade. 6

Celtics fans whos your favorite Laker of all time Lakers fans whos your favorite Celtic of all time 5:22 pm Thu Jul 16 EDT

Rick Fox 3

This sub asking about a CP3 buyout clearly can t tell the difference between 10 million and 120 million when both amounts are incomprehensible compared to their 15 per week allowance10:29 pm Thu Jul 16 EDT

Jokes on you! I get $30 if I help my mom with the dishes. 1

What will happen if LAC and LAL meet at the playoffs3:04 pm Wed Jul 22 EDT

Not if he spends a billion on a new arena in Inglewood. 7

Serious Why dont players ever sneeze on the court 4:58 pm Wed Jul 22 EDT

Paul Pierce sneezed out of his asshole that one time. 6

My all time top 105:30 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT

FYI, Steven Adams mom is Tongan. 2

Tim Duncans mother died one day before he turned 14 During a playoff game in 1999 Kevin Garnett allegedly said to Duncan Happy Mother s Day Mother as the Spurs legend lined up for a free throw6:47 pm Mon Aug 17 EDT

KG knows who he can and cant talk shit to....except that one time with Anthony Peeler. -2

Lets pass out Free Hong Kong T-Shirts at Staples Center on Opening Night and make Chinese TV censor the whole audience2:56 am Mon Oct 12 EDT

If y’all buy me a courtside seat and I’ll volunteer to do this. 1

LeBron has pushed the more than an athlete campaign more than anyone yet he has been silent 12:25 pm Mon Oct 12 EDT

Lebron should only benign statements like "I support civil liberties for everyone." Are the Chinese really going to say "NO, WE DO NOT WANT CIVIL LIBERTIES!!! WE DEMAND TO BE OPPRESSED!!!" 1

NBA banned in CCTV Chinese netizens We will just watch pirate streaming NBA wont receive even a cent 10:28 am Tue Oct 13 EDT

Hey Chinese Netizens, you wanna share these pirate links you have? 0

Stop commenting on thing you dont understand and stop using double standard Sports should be free from politics 12:16 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

Must be nice to be able to have the freedom to use Reddit. 1

Not enough attention has been made on the fact that Nets Owner Joe Tsai had been straight up spewing out lies in his Facebook open letter12:17 pm Wed Oct 14 EDT

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_country,_two_systems 5

For the people saying how unfair it is to criticize Steve Kerr Gregg Popovich or Lebron James for not commenting on a non-domestic issue2:25 pm Wed Oct 14 EDT

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whataboutism -2

Donald Trump just called Warriors head coach Steve Kerr a little boy for not calling out China4:56 pm Wed Oct 14 EDT

"I like people who werent assassinated." 5

Dear Lakers fans 3:01 pm Tue Oct 27 EDT

Sir, the question was is this your handwriting? 4

The Clippers added two superstars to a 48 win team The lakers added one superstar to a 35 win team 8:53 pm Tue Oct 27 EDT

Lakers in 4! 1

Allegedly Rajon Rondo owes nearly 5 million dollars to an LA gang from a high stakes craps game he claims was rigged5:36 pm Fri Oct 30 EDT

Would make a great movie. Half the spec script is practically written here. 1

Is it possible for Reddit to help Pat Beverly get a shoe deal 4:49 pm Mon Nov 2 EDT

Have him play for the Clippers. 2

How good is Michael Yordan at baseball 12:57 pm Fri Nov 6 EDT

[Pretty good](https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/a/alvaryo01.shtml) 1

Clippers setting a nice precedent for the Lakers 11:15 am Thu Nov 12 EDT

Sir, the question was is this your handwriting? 1

Am I allowed to bring a Waifu Pillow with me to an NBA game 12:42 pm Thu Jan 2 EDT

Call STAPLES Center Guest Services at (213) 742-7326 and ask. Please let us know what they say. 2

Is the Lakers schedule a joke or what 4:52 pm Tue Jan 7 EDT

http://powerrankingsguru.com/nba/strength-of-schedule.php 2

Who is the best player in your franchise history to never win a ring 1:09 pm Wed Feb 19 EDT

Karl Malone 1

Help me pick a sign reddit2:46 pm Sat Feb 29 EDT

"Epstein didnt kill the center position!" 8

What franchises have an obvious GOT Player and what ones are debateable 2:55 pm Mon Aug 3 EDT

Chicago should have an obvious GOAT but people keep forgeting Scalabrine only played two seasons there. 1

Paul George tonight 9-8-3 on 3-14 shooting and 1-7 from 3 in 45 minutes 6:45 pm Sun Aug 23 EDT

Unfinished business for game 5 1

The warriors will likely be front runners for any star who decides to leave their franchise this year Which star are they most likely to get 11:51 pm Mon Aug 24 EDT

Andrew Wiggins 13

Why are Lakers fans so mean 12:25 am Tue Aug 25 EDT

You forgot to switch to your purelyashitpostingaccount. 0

Kawhi thinking3:41 pm Sun Sep 13 EDT

“That house Ballmer buying me under the table better be nice.” 2

If the Clippers lose Game 7 Doc Rivers will be the first head coach to blow a 3-1 series lead THREE TIMES 4:07 pm Sun Sep 13 EDT

How bad is Russell Westbrook praying for the Clippers to blow this series so everyone forgets about him? 2

Should the Clippers bring Doc Rovers off the bench for Game 7 4:10 pm Sun Sep 13 EDT

Woof 3

Duncan Robinson9:14 pm Thu Sep 17 EDT

He belongs on the Spurs 0