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This his why ratings are down Season MVP 611 tall Finals MVP 69 tall Los Angeles Lakers the champions average height 67 The average male American is 5710:52 pm Fri Oct 16 EDT 0 ups @ 0.07 Removed


MJ gives me different vibe than any other NBA Legends 2:26 am Fri Oct 9 EDTRemoved

The second best player during Jordans era was Hakeem Olajuwon, an African Soccer reject who started to play Basketball at the age of 17 after quitting Soccer because the competition was too tough. Nothing special about him in the big scheme of sports. 1

NBA Finals did worse in the 18-49 age bracket than the NFL 11:00 pm Mon Oct 12 EDTRemoved

People are tired of watching lazy very tall people making millions just for being tall as fuck and not because of hard work. People are tired of inequality of opportunities so Basketball will only go down if it keeps being an elitist sport for very tall -5