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Post Game Threads The New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-310:07 pm Sun Feb 9 EDT

LMAO imagine watching a sport where one team has won most of the recent titles. Couldnt be me 4

Which team is most likely going to break the Cubs title drought record 4:36 pm Sat Mar 28 EDT

Come on man 1

ESPNs coverage of the draft was terrible and disrespectful 10:00 pm Tue May 19 EDT

They might as well not have let players show up if this was going to happen. 1

What has lebron done currently do better than giannis that justifys people putting lebron over him 3:25 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

I think him not making the playoff has made ranking him much harder. 1

Is it too premature to say Ben Simmons is better than Michael Jordan 8:23 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

A well overdue fact imo 1

Who s the NBA All-Social Justice lineup 9:53 pm Wed Oct 14 EDT

Joe 1

Just FED UP10:11 pm Thu Oct 15 EDT

Wendys 3

Basketball TV shows10:20 pm Sat Oct 17 EDT

Watch Slam Dunk 1

Basketball TV shows10:20 pm Sat Oct 17 EDT

A pretty dope basketball anime 1

The next kawhi Leonard11:02 pm Sat Oct 17 EDT

I -1

NBA will have a lock out within 2 years GURANTEED 1:12 am Sun Oct 18 EDT

Wendys how may I help you 21

So Hong Kong was forgotten or is it heavily censored in this sub 7:07 pm Sun Oct 18 EDT

nice 1

Why Zion Williamson will be better than Lebron James7:09 pm Sun Oct 18 EDT

We are really scraping the bottom of the barrel 1

how does it feel USA haha10:51 pm Mon Oct 19 EDT

Why pretend to be Chinese dude? 1

On opening night lets make free speech viral on the internet Tweet at your teams players and ask them to support free speech If we do it together China cant bully the NBA 4:46 pm Tue Oct 27 EDT

Pizza pizza 3

Why aren t posts about Jaylen Browns statline allowed 10:30 pm Wed Oct 28 EDT

Mods are Celtic fans 3

Enjoyable games 11:53 pm Tue Nov 3 EDT

That sucks 0

Anthony Davis is going to be a free gent the year LeBron turns 36 Knowing that LeBron is probably done as an lite player I wouldn t be surprised if he jumps ship 12:56 am Sun Nov 29 EDT

Lebron does not age 3

Jarrett Allens performance tonight 22 points on 9-of-10 FG and 4-of-5 FT 21 rebounds 9 offensive boards career-high 3 assists 2 steals 2 blocks 0 turnovers 9:44 pm Mon Nov 30 EDT

Overreactions against Allen was insane earlier this season. Glad he is doing his thing. 2

Just Found a Small YouTube Channel That Uploads Really Complete Highlights of Individual Players10:45 pm Mon Dec 7 EDT

And now it will be deleted I hope you are happy 0

Post Game Thread The Brooklyn Nets defeat the Denver Nuggets 105-102 led by 24 4 8 by Spencer Dinwiddie5:29 pm Sun Dec 13 EDT

Tech guy with a jumper 1

Whos better Giannis or Lebron 9:42 pm Thu Dec 24 EDT

Had to take a double take 1

Should Trae Young request a trade from the Hawks 11:05 pm Sat Dec 26 EDT

The things I read on this sub... 2

Kawhi quote from 2017 Everybody plays back-to-backs 11:02 pm Tue Dec 29 EDT

I mean this was like a couple months before his injury 9

LeBron looks lifeless to start the game8:46 pm Wed Dec 30 EDT

Ok 1

Please do not post the replay of AD and or LeBron falling onto Kevin Heart 9:12 pm Wed Dec 30 EDT

Ill have a word with the mods dont worry 1

If the Clippers win the title is Kawhi the GOAT 11:50 pm Wed Jan 1 EDT

Maybe if he wins 6 rings on 6 different teams. I call next! 1

If the Clippers win the title is Kawhi the GOAT 11:50 pm Wed Jan 1 EDT

The black Alex Jones 1

Trade idea FVV Patrick McCaw and Ibaka for Devin Booker8:51 pm Thu Jan 2 EDT

>Championship experience in McCaw 3

Post Game Thread The Denver Nuggets 23-10 defeat the Indiana Pacers 22-12 124-116 behind M Porter Jr s 25-5 performance9:29 pm Thu Jan 2 EDT

Man slowly integrating MPJ has worked wonders. 7

After the cortisone shot Do you think a Mid-January return for Kyrie is possible 9:01 pm Sat Jan 4 EDT

Levert is finally back at least so I think making the playoffs in the East shouldnt be too much to ask for... I hope 1

Kuzma is 24 Hes not some prospect fresh out of college 9:47 pm Sun Jan 5 EDT

Did you see that he dyed his hair blonde? What are your thoughts on that 1

Post Game Thread Wolves beat Cavs 118-1039:48 pm Sun Jan 5 EDT

Quality 1

After Kemba Walker is ejected during Spurs-Celtics game Boston Fans apparently have thrown bottles directed at the at the San Antonio bench and may have hit someone with it8:38 pm Wed Jan 8 EDT

Boston fans am i rite? Upvotes to the left 17

Ben Simmons forced 3 steals on Luka and Luka was pulled after 5 mins9:00 pm Sat Jan 11 EDT

Hamburglar 1

If Kawhis contract when signing with the Clippers said I want Doc Rivers to fellatio me once a month do the Clippers still sign him 9:07 pm Sun Jan 12 EDT

Philosophy 2

Is there any chance KD returns this season 7:50 pm Mon Jan 13 EDT

The only clue people have gotten regarding his injury have been from the photos he posts on ig like from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O38nofElndU Even if he is "ready" this season its not a risk KD or the Nets are going to take. Besides 1

META I think posting full articles from the Athletic is fucked up and it should not belong on r nba7:03 pm Tue Jan 14 EDT

Let me guess you have an Athletic subscription 3

If you were the Sixers GM and had to choose to keep only one of Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid and trade the other who are you keeping 5:37 pm Mon Jan 20 EDT

I thought we agreed to only post these after they lose 1

What does Lebron do if it comes down to Bernie vs Trump 6:15 pm Tue Jan 21 EDT

Harambe 2

Rest in Peace 5:45 pm Mon Jan 27 EDT

Dude... 2

How do you guys feel about people trying to make a profit off of Kobes death 5:34 pm Mon Jan 27 EDT

Dude so many of those type of priced jerseys were actually sold too... 1

Kobe should be the new logo 9:35 pm Mon Jan 27 EDT

What a unique thought 1

In light of Vanessa Bryants request for privacy I propose we ban posts about the Bryants personal matters going forward8:52 pm Wed Jan 29 EDT

Are you missing the "quality content" that was being posted before or something? 1

Where can I buy jerseys like the ones the heat are wearing rn 8:22 pm Mon Feb 3 EDT

Miami City Edition 2

I m Sick and Tired it the Kyle Kuzma disrespects on this sub6:05 pm Wed Feb 5 EDT

fuckers in school telling me, always in the barber shop Kuzma ain’t bout this, Kuzma ain’t bout that 1

The starters for the All Star Game are literally just East vs West 7:18 pm Thu Feb 6 EDT

Giannis said something before picking with Kemba, Trae, and James as options, "I want someone who can pass the ball" *Giannis chuckles and picks Kemba*. 3

How long does 2 K roster changes take effect 8:50 pm Thu Feb 6 EDT

I dont think I have seen someone type it as 2.K. till now 17

Retro Jersey Shop9:45 pm Sun Feb 9 EDT

Why would you pay that much for a fake 1

2020 Midseason All Cute Team9:45 pm Sun Feb 9 EDT

Nic Claxton > Jarrett Allen TBH 5

Meta Do mods read new posts before deleting them during high traffic hours 11:49 pm Sat Feb 15 EDT

[removed] 1

Are the Celtics recent star PG woes karma from the basketball gods because of the way that treated Isaiah Thomas 10:06 pm Tue Mar 10 EDT

I think a lot of teams would still rather be in the Celtics position. 1

Who is Rudy Gobert10:20 pm Tue Mar 10 EDT

Best friend of OG 0

I have 3500 Reddit coins I want to unload Give your best personal NBA story and I ll guild you5:23 pm Wed Mar 11 EDT

There was this guy who bought reddits virtual currency 3

BREAKING NBA to announce plan to re-open league as early as next week 1:59 pm Mon Apr 27 EDT

So you would in fact agree that you are a nephew 1

If You Like NBA3:34 am Sat May 23 EDT

This an overall bad video I am sorry. Highlights are nice but the filter and effects just make the video even harder to watch on top of the older video quality. The editing is just kind of repetitive as well. Dope song. 1

Yo guys im selling my 262k Youtube NBA Highlight channel if anyone is interested 11:24 pm Mon Jun 8 EDT

treefiddy 1

In 2018 Kyrie was absent from the Celtics bench while his team was playing in a game 7 at home in the ECF12:41 am Wed Jun 17 EDT

This sub is just insane 6

In 2018 Kyrie was absent from the Celtics bench while his team was playing in a game 7 at home in the ECF12:41 am Wed Jun 17 EDT

Dont see how a surgery related to an injury he had that year is purely cosmetic. My point is that its insane we are really pulling material like this after an exaggerated report against him today. All so we can keep this hate boner going, undeserving or n 0

In 2018 Kyrie was absent from the Celtics bench while his team was playing in a game 7 at home in the ECF12:41 am Wed Jun 17 EDT

He had to wait for the surgery according to his agent but I dont know how useful this information is to you considering how you already feel about him. Good luck ig 1

LeBron Up watching a lil Tom amp Jerry before we head to school3:03 pm Thu Jun 18 EDT

Simpler times 1

Zion as cover 1:48 pm Wed Jul 1 EDT

Money 1