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Chris Paul or Allen Iverson Who s Better 11:14 pm Wed Feb 13 EDT 1 ups @ 0.60 Removed

People Need to Realize That LeBron James Doesnt Care About His Team9:12 pm Thu Mar 14 EDT 0 ups @ 0.47 Removed

What is the problem with Andrew Wiggins 6:09 pm Tue Mar 19 EDT 0 ups @ Removed


What type of snake is Kevin Durant 8:23 am Wed Feb 6 EDTRemoved

He is a spineless snake. 2

People that are worried about the warriors dominating forever need to realize Steph is 31 in a few days11:23 pm Fri Mar 8 EDTRemoved

The Warriors are going to suck in a few more years. They’re going to have bum Looney as their best player lol 1

What would it take for you to consider a player the GOAT after just one year in the NBA1:04 pm Wed Mar 13 EDTRemoved

No player is GOAT after the first year unless they win DPOY, ROTY, All-Star, breaks a bunch of records in the stat book, MVP, etc. 3