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Did Dirk or Giannis have the better playoff run 6:29 am Wed Jul 21 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Deleted


Rate my all time top 107:19 pm Wed Feb 24 EDTDeleted

Clearly you like whites/white Europeans. 1

Is the 3 Pointer ruining basketball 10:14 am Mon Mar 8 EDTDeleted

as a European, who just started watching basketball around a year ago, I can say that the current playstyle NBA can get a bit boring sometimes. The playstyle is very predictable. I just know most of the time on offense, the team is gonna pass the ball aro 1

Who s the best player who wouldn t start on your team 9:32 am Tue Apr 6 EDTDeleted

for the mavs i would say probably Trae Young. Not even taking a shot at him, I just think it would be too much of a negative to have him and Luka out there together on defense. 1

Kevin Durant is having one of the greatest shooting seasons in NBA history Yet this has completely gone under the radar 8:45 am Tue May 4 EDTDeleted

maybe because hes barely played this season 21