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Booker vs Mitchell Who s Better 9:17 pm Wed Apr 7 EDT 0 ups @ 0.29 Removed


Discussion In 5 years who will be the more decorated player Simmons or Booker 11:56 pm Mon Nov 8 EDTRemoved

Not gonna lie I didn’t either the top comment threw me off lol 4

Yes the suns are 5-2 but 1:05 am Tue Nov 9 EDTRemoved

Kawhi played in the Clippers lost what are you talking about 1

This is the first time in 2775 days the Los Angeles Lakers are facing the Phoenix Suns in a game where both teams are over 5003:05 pm Tue Nov 16 EDTRemoved

Jesus I forgot Michael Redd was a Sun 7

Any POC NBA fans interested in making a podcast 3:55 pm Tue Nov 16 EDTRemoved

What the hell lol? How on earth is that implied ? lol 3

Lonzo Ball12:09 am Sat Jan 9 EDTRemoved

Found Alan Fosters reddit account 2

The Grizzlies have clinched a spot in the Western Conference play-in game6:20 pm Thu Aug 19 EDTRemoved

How dare they 1

With that haul couldnt the Bucks just take a punt for Harden Even if Middleton had to be involved it still makes them way better 11:59 pm Mon Nov 22 EDTRemoved

Ain’t no strip clubs in Milwaukee 1

Who would have had a better career if they did not play for the Warriors Klay Thompson or Steph Curry 2:59 pm Wed Jan 6 EDTRemoved

Steph is a good iso player when he wants to be he’s just not that type of player. Partly to blame is Kerr. I can make the argument that Kerr in a way could be limiting what Steph is truly capable of 1

Post Game Thread The Phoenix Suns 10-8 defeat the Dallas Mavericks 8-12 111 - 10511:28 pm Sat Jan 30 EDTRemoved

Antoine Tyler wouldn’t let them score in the 4th 1

Post Game Thread The Phoenix Suns 36-14 defeat the Utah Jazz 38-13 in OT 117 - 11312:41 am Thu Apr 8 EDTRemoved

This was a great game credit to the Jazz they’re a legit team this year 2

Most games with 10 3-PT field goals made 1 Curry 18 2 Klay 5 3 Harden 3 3 Lillard 3 3 JR Smith 3 12:19 am Tue Apr 13 EDTRemoved

I feel like after Steph retires we’re gonna see all these crazy random 3 point stats highlighting his greatness like how ppl are still finding stats for Jordan til this day. 20