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What s with all the high scoring games 12:41 am Wed Jan 22 EDT 6 ups @ 0.88 Removed

Lakers potentially tanking to get Zion 1:51 am Sun Mar 8 EDT 0 ups @ 0.21 Removed

Fake nba fans 1:39 am Tue Mar 31 EDT 0 ups @ 0.14 Removed

Are players allowed to use the backboard on free throws 1:09 am Thu Jul 16 EDT 1 ups @ 0.57 Deleted

Nba player jersey question 7:21 pm Fri Dec 4 EDT 2 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Any way to watch Inside the nba full episode 4:45 am Wed Feb 5 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed


LeBron James should retire after this season4:45 am Wed Feb 19 EDTRemoved

Lol “ lebron legacy is being hurt “ 2

Denver is just an overrated team like last years Raptors5:31 am Wed Mar 4 EDTRemoved

Damn this guy is mad 2

Top 5 athlete ra ists 5 Derrick Rose 4 Jameis Winston 3 Darren Sharper 2 Ben Roethlisberger 1 Kobe Bryant2:44 am Thu Mar 5 EDTRemoved

Wtf 2

Lakers potentially tanking to get Zion 1:51 am Sun Mar 8 EDTRemoved

What if right now they know they suck and just decide to tank to get a high lottery pick and possible trade that pick ? -8

Lakers potentially tanking to get Zion 1:51 am Sun Mar 8 EDTRemoved

I’m basically saying what if they are in the lottery and actually get first pick, would we all say the nba is rigged 3

Which team has the best core of white guys 6:56 pm Thu Mar 12 EDTRemoved

Gucci 1

Why was so much expected of the Lakers this season 4:51 pm Thu Mar 19 EDTRemoved

He did with the cavs his first year back. Took them to the finals every season since he returned so ppl thought he could do the same for the lakers 1

Who is the worst player you can make look like an all-star with selective stars 2:23 am Tue Mar 31 EDTRemoved

Kwame Brown, put him on this warriors roster instead of boogie and I bet he avg 15 pts 7 reb. 2ast, 1.5 blk 3

Trae Young will be a top 3 PG in the next 2-3 years7:12 am Wed Apr 1 EDTRemoved

Kyrie curry Westbrook Lilard wall kemba ?? 2

DeMarcus Cousins is finished The Barkley Injury2:17 am Sun Apr 26 EDTRemoved

Dam man 0

Can The Sixers 76ers decide on one name 2:19 am Wed Apr 29 EDTRemoved

How about the Timberwolves / twolves/ wolves 10

How big of a hit does Currys legacy take if after KD leaves he never makes the finals again 3:38 am Mon May 4 EDTRemoved

You Better had deleted this 0

How many shots does Kyrie put up tonight 4:28 pm Wed May 13 EDTRemoved

20 1

Kawhi is a sell out5:23 am Mon May 18 EDTRemoved

What’s up skip 20

With Kawhi now officially leaving the Raptors what is next for Toronto 3:24 pm Sat May 23 EDTRemoved

Where did you hear this ? 6

is KDs legacy ruined 1:42 pm Sun May 24 EDTRemoved

Yes ( sarcasm ) 0

Why is nobody talking about how the Warriors are doing better without KD2:35 am Tue May 26 EDTRemoved

Everyone is talking about how the warriors are doing better without kd.. 1

Will Zion KD AD Kawhi and Kyrie all be on the same team next year 2:17 pm Tue May 26 EDTRemoved

No cmon man be realistic 7

why do you people even watch this filth 9:23 am Thu May 28 EDTRemoved

Ok 2

The Warriors will come back 3-1 the series is over7:36 am Mon Jun 15 EDTRemoved

I’m coming back to this post for when the warriors lose tonight 34

James Harden rap7:18 am Fri Jul 3 EDTRemoved

It’s a poem 1

The Five Biggest NBA Free Agents Names Start With the Letter K 6:54 pm Fri Jul 3 EDTRemoved

Kevon looney 1

Is there another pro basketball sub to follow 9:07 am Sun Jul 5 EDTRemoved

I agree 5

Joke What if the Wolves get D Angelo Russell by trading the Warriors Andrew Wiggins12:13 am Mon Jul 6 EDTRemoved

Honestly 3

What do you think Hardens beard smells like 4:38 am Mon Jul 6 EDTRemoved

Probably art of sports since James is sponsored by them https://www.slamonline.com/training/art-of-sport/ 0

Steph should demand a trade to the Lakers4:47 am Mon Jul 6 EDTRemoved

You know Steph is staying with the warriors forever. He’s gonna be like dirk and Kobe and Duncan to the franchise 5

Most overrated NBA players6:39 am Mon Jul 13 EDTRemoved

Literally Zion is overrated 1

Ladies of r nba Who is the player that you fantasize about the most 12:27 pm Thu Jul 16 EDTRemoved

Kelly Oubre 1


Ok 2

Lebron5:48 am Tue Aug 11 EDTRemoved

Guess what today is 0

Im waiting for Aaron Brooks to come out of the weed shop ama8:57 am Sat Nov 7 EDTRemoved

Bruh 4

Eric Paschall already showed more than Zion3:13 am Tue Nov 10 EDTRemoved

You seriously can tell someone’s potential over the nba pre season.. stop it 2

Any POC NBA fans interested in making a podcast 3:55 pm Tue Nov 17 EDTRemoved

Listen to Matt Barnes and stephen jackson podcast 1

Serious Reporter claims Charles Barkley threatened to hit her8:04 am Wed Nov 25 EDTRemoved

It’s literally Charles Barkley .. 6

Alex Carusos hair3:33 am Mon Jan 13 EDTRemoved

Michael Jordan was 26 when he shaves his head because he was going bald .. what’s the big deal. It’s genetics. 10

Pascal Siakam ends the 1st quarter with franchise record 25pts4:39 pm Sun Jan 26 EDTRemoved

He dropping 81 today for Kobe ! 9

Pascal Siakam with a franchise record 25 points in the first quarter shooting 5 7 from three on this very somber game in San Antonio4:45 pm Sun Jan 26 EDTRemoved

81!!!! 0

Can we all agree true Mamba Mentality would be stealing the ball during these honorary shot clock violations and getting a bucket 2:35 pm Wed Jan 29 EDTRemoved

No that’s just disrespectful and no sportsmanship 8

Any way to watch Inside the nba full episode 4:45 am Wed Feb 5 EDTRemoved

I’m at work when it’s on. 1

Would the NY Knicks most recent All-Decade Team make the playoffs this year 4:38 pm Wed Mar 4 EDTRemoved

I’d take amare over porzingis if we talking all decade knicks 10

Defense is ruining basketball9:35 pm Sun Mar 29 EDTRemoved

You Must be james harden number 1 fan 1

I got booty I got thickness6:15 am Mon Apr 13 EDTRemoved

Outta pocket for that shit . Way outta pocket 1

The Last Dance Post-Episode Discussion Thread11:01 pm Sun Apr 19 EDTRemoved

Wish I had cable tv to watch the episodes 1