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iS MaRKELLE FulTz a BuSt8:09 pm Wed Nov 27 EDT 0 ups @ 0.25 Removed

This sub is ignoring the fact it clowned the USA team a few weeks ago and are getting exposed for it 11:17 am Mon Sep 9 EDT 0 ups @ 0.21 Removed


Write Your Best Analogy Of A Player 7:42 pm Mon Oct 28 EDTRemoved

JaVale McGee is like college food ​ Some nights theyre the best thing on earth, other nights you wish they never existed to begin with 4

LeBron James is 2015 Peyton Manning 11:50 pm Mon Oct 28 EDTRemoved

This is it chief 4

Are there any racist NBA players 10:31 pm Sun Nov 10 EDTRemoved

And how am I racist then. Humor me lmao 0

Is it accurate to say the Sixers are a Simmons Fultz jumpshot away from being champions 3:12 pm Sat Nov 16 EDTRemoved

Golden State has 2 top-5 players with KD and Curry and Klay as a debatable top-15/20 player Add that with the fact they have depth unlike Philly and GS is still a much better team. 1

Where does Fultz rank on the all-time busts list 5:17 pm Tue Nov 19 EDTRemoved

He hasnt even played 50 games. As well hes in the shadow of Simmons, Embiid, and now Jimmy Butler. Lets wait for his game to develop before we put him as a bust 1

Is it too early to place some blame on Boogie for this whole Warriors situation 7:54 pm Tue Nov 19 EDTRemoved

They were playing fine and then Curry (who is having an MVP season so far) got hurt 1

iS MaRKELLE FulTz a BuSt8:09 pm Wed Nov 27 EDTRemoved

I mean, say that to the other 100+ posts about Fultz tonight 1

Is Rui Hachimura already the 3rd best Asian born player of all time 7:55 pm Wed Nov 27 EDTRemoved

They destroyed each other multiple times 3

Whats all the Dwight Howard buzz about 2:09 am Sun Dec 1 EDTRemoved

Dwight likes long haired white men and it turns out a long haired white man is on his team 1

Kevin Durant is the best player in the NBA Change my mind 12:50 am Tue Dec 3 EDTRemoved

Javale McGee exists. Your resistance is futile against Tragic Bronson 1

The award for the Most overrated player in NBA HISTORY goes to DERRICK NO KNEES ROSE6:23 pm Wed Dec 4 EDTRemoved


SB Nation You can t have a hot woman in the NBA says one veteran NBA coach Guys will be trying to fuck her every day 1:20 am Fri Dec 6 EDTRemoved

*insert Dwight Howard/Surgery on a grape/Malone meme here* 11

The Utah Jazz 13-13 relegate the Houston Rockets 11-13 118 to 9112:56 am Fri Dec 13 EDTRemoved

“wItH a HeAlThY Cp3 wE cAN bEaT aNyBodY” 7

In case you didnt know the Mavericks are bringing JJ Barea Maxi Kleber and Scary Devin Harris OFF THE BENCH 10:52 pm Sat Dec 14 EDTRemoved

Warriors in maybe 5 0

You are overly delusional if you think LeBron is a top ten player of all time10:47 pm Mon Dec 30 EDTRemoved

So what do we call a nephew that doesn’t think they’re a nephew? 3

Rondo is a baaaaad man10:49 pm Tue Dec 31 EDTRemoved

Hey Warriors fans, this is all your fault 54

Rondo is a baaaaad man10:49 pm Tue Dec 31 EDTRemoved

During game 3* ;) 1

Why Mods keep deleting thread about Curry statline tonight against top teams this season 11:07 pm Tue Dec 31 EDTRemoved

Cause one was posted and they don’t want the same thing being spammed over and over... 2

With the current western conference standings in mind how do you think the nuggets and okc would do come playoff time5:16 pm Wed Jan 2 EDTRemoved

Warriors in maybe 5 and a half 2

If Lebrons son gets drafted by the Cavs and wins a championship against his father would this boost Lebrons legacy or hinder it 11:42 pm Sun Jan 13 EDTRemoved

Patrick McCaw would carry the team 0

Beal will be an All Star Starter and KD wont 10:40 am Wed Jan 23 EDTRemoved

I remember when Zaza was ahead of Kawhi a few years ago We just love to meme the votes 14

Austin Rivers just got an 8 second violation without being guarded 9:36 pm Wed Jan 23 EDTRemoved

Tragic Bronson 2

Kevin Durant against the Wizards 21 points 5 assists and 3 blocks10:21 pm Thu Jan 24 EDTRemoved

Nice. 1

The NBA is pointless10:29 pm Thu Jan 24 EDTRemoved

So what about the NFL Around five different teams have made the Super Bowl from the AFC since 2000..... 1

What is the biggest comeback after three quarters in NBA History 11:16 pm Fri Jan 25 EDTRemoved

Tracy McGrady with 13 points in 33 seconds was fucking insane 12

Worst starter in the NBA 8:10 pm Mon Mar 11 EDTRemoved

Literally the worst ever in the history of ever He’s getting old also 1

I think mods might need to do something about the Russell Westbrook Utah fan situation before it becomes a reverse Dwight Howard thing again3:09 am Tue Mar 12 EDTRemoved

That’s what Dwight wants you to think 1

Whats the funniest Le joke you have ever heard 4:04 pm Tue Mar 12 EDTRemoved

LeCantMakeThePlayoffs 0

A woman has accused NBA star Kristaps Porzingis of sexual assault11:25 am Sun Mar 31 EDTRemoved

God fucking dammit. 1

Steph Curry finishes 1-9 from 312:44 am Fri Apr 5 EDTRemoved

Only by 18?! Lakers seem playoff ready 0

Did Steph forget to wear his contacts today 12:45 am Fri Apr 5 EDTRemoved

So we just gonna ignore the cross court behind the back pass then? Bet. Lord forbid a NBA player not shoot lights out once in a while. 8


My mans blew a 5 country lead tho. 3

How are the warriors able to pay Curry Klay Dray KD Cousins all at the same time 8:34 am Mon Apr 15 EDTRemoved

They’re not keeping Boogie, which is why they gave him a single-year deal. They most definitely are going to try and keep Curry and KD, if KD leaves though then they’ll be flexible and able to pay the rest of they key roles on their team 5

It will be really fun to see Giannis destroy Kyrie and KD Knicks10:51 pm Fri May 3 EDTRemoved

Yep I’m done with r/nba tonight see you boys in the morning 3

Is giannis clearly the best player on earth 10:47 pm Fri May 3 EDTRemoved

When over 50% of your points are from free throws and the other just inside the paint, you’re kind of just a bigger version of Ben Simmons When he gets a better shot, then he’ll be very lethal. 0

Celtics shoot an abysmal 29 from the field and 17 from the field going into garbage time10:16 pm Wed May 8 EDTRemoved

Prime position to comeback from a 3-1 lead 8

On behalf of a die hard Celtics fan Milwaukee fans talk your shit 10:21 pm Wed May 8 EDTRemoved

This series is over... 1

Kyrie Irving 2018-19 Playoff Highlights11:53 pm Wed May 8 EDTRemoved

If you think Kyrie would leave Boston for the Knicks so that he goes from a top-4 team to the East to a team that didn’t even make the playoffs this year, please tell me what you’re drinking because I need to forget tonight happened. 2

Even if Warriors win series does that mean that the WCF will be even or possibly have GS as the underdogs 12:46 am Thu May 9 EDTRemoved

Go home 0

Kobe Bryant is a Haiku10:03 pm Sun Jul 21 EDTRemoved

I am shookethed to my core 2

This sub is ignoring the fact it clowned the USA team a few weeks ago and are getting exposed for it 11:17 am Mon Sep 9 EDTRemoved

When the top comments are clowning Team USA, it means a lot of people share that same opinion. 1